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Keymon Ends Government Transportation

December 4433-The Keymon Senate has voted on some major infrastructural changes throughout the country. These changes included the ending of the government owned Train Operating Company (T.O.C) Ethnikós sidiródromos Keymon (Keymon National Railways). The bill also ended the government’s ownership of any airports in Keymon. These formerly government airports will, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure, be sold to private enterprises that wishes to maintain and operate airports within Keymon.

However this bill and the laws it has changed, has some exceptions to it.
Below is the exceptions to these laws:

1)The government shall continue to operate military airports and railways that are completely separate from civilian usage

2)Local governments, since Keymon has no other states within Keymon itself, mean cities and village councils and elected officials.

3)”Poor” as defined by the Keymon Ministry of Finance is someone who earns 0 to 400 KED per year.

These exceptions are mainly to defend Keymon Armed Forces ability to deploy and react to external and internal threats.

Keymon Government Establishes New Immigration enforcement agency

May 4434-Recently the Keymon Minister of Interior has announced it has established a new branch of the Keymon Police Department. This new branch, called Immigrations and Law Enforcement (ILE), will focus on finding and deporting illegal immigrants from Keymon.

Originally, the law stated that illegal immigrants would be put into re-integration centers when/if found, however the New Conservative Party has stated they will be taking a harder stance on immigration, after a number of crimes were committed by illegal immigrants in Turtle Bay.

The new law states-“If any illegal alien is found within the borders of Keymon, they shall be deported to the nations they originally came from. However illegal aliens may apply for asylum and for legal immigration status. Children of illegal aliens may not be deported as they are considered Keymon citizens. However if a child came here illegally, there guardian must take them back to there country of origin or apply the child for asylum or legal immigration status. Children will be detained alongside there parents for questioning and running of DNA tests, as smugglers can use children to get past border security.” [/quote]

Below are the terms for this new changes:
(1) A new branch of Keymon law enforcement shall be established known as Immigration and Law Enforcement (ILE)

(2) Keymon will begin removing all illegal aliens from Keymon, however children of illegal aliens are given protection under law from deportation

(3) Illegal aliens may apply for legal citizenship, by contacting the Ministry of Interior and filing an application

(4) Illegal aliens can also apply for asylum were they will receive temporary citizenship and then they can decide whether to stay in Keymon or go back to there country of origin

(5) All illegal immigrants shall be deported if they have not applied for legal citizenship or asylum within three years of this bills passing

(6) Children brought here illegally will have to be signed up for asylum or legal immigration by a guardian. If no guardian is present in there life, children can be signed up by adults who wish to sign them up

(7) Individuals who currently serve in the Keymon Armed Forces that are illegal shall be immediately considered legal immigrants due to there service to the nation

(8) Individuals who currently serve in the police,fire-department, or border patrol that are illegal shall be immediately considered legal immigrants due to there service to the nation
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Keymon News Network
Keymon Ministry of Finance Releases Ten Year GDP Growth Chart

May 4434-The Keymon Ministry of Finance has recently released a chart showing the Keymon GDP from 4423 to 4433

Chart showing GDP growth

According to this chart, the Keymon GDP has increased from 158.7 billion to 227.4 billion. This increase, according to several economic experts, has four main causes.
1)Legalization of All Drugs
2)Deregulation of major industries
3)Decreases of taxes,especially the business tax
4)New Trade Routes with Vanuku

These four causes,most of which are recent, have caused a massive increase in the Keymon economy as more and more businesses and trading companies are setting up locations in Keymon and more mining companies are taking advantage of the huge deposits of coal and bauxite in Keymon.

However many opponents have claimed these changes have negatively effected taxpayers and the general population. These claimants have pointed out the fact that foreign companies, not local ones, are investing into Keymon. However according to a census by the Ministry of Finance, 70% of the companies investing in Keymon are local companies. But according to the same census, 80% of these businesses, so far, have failed.

Many former Bolshevik supporters claimed that taxpayers were paying more due to the recent tax breaks granted in Keymon. However this is incorrect as all tax groups received cuts to there tax rates. But this hasn’t stopped certain individuals from claiming the Ministry of Finance and the government itself was being payed off by “big corporations and big business”. However there is little to no evidence to support any of these claims and in fact many of these claimants were former government officials, some of which were sacked for corruption.

However this still hasn’t stopped anti-capitalist sentiment in Keymon, as many people have begun a protest in front of the Leighstown Stock Exchange. However these protests have, being very kind to the protesters, failed completely. Only an estimated 500 to 2,500 individuals participated and it ended after 2 to 3 days.

Many Bolshevik supporters have also claimed, due to recent legislation changing the minimum wage, that wages have gone down. However, according to a Ministry of Health and Social Services census, wages have actually increased. This has occurred because many business owners are capable, due of both the lowering of the minimum wage and the lowering of the business tax rate to 0 percent, of paying there workers and staff more than originally capable of.

However the Bolsheviks have claimed, due to recent healthcare legislation, that “conservatives hate the poor”. However, a recent study has shown that unemployment and poverty have decreased by 7% and 12% , respectively. Another reason for the Bolsheviks claims was due to the ending of government funded and run homeless shelters. However the same study mentioned above also stated that-“Due to the government ending its running of homeless shelters, we’ve seen increases of quality of care for homeless individuals”.

It seems as though the Bolsheviks can’t stop lying or coming up with lies to bash capitalism and the current government.

Keymon Signs Cildanian Commonwealth Company Treaty

October 4434-The Keymon Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced it has signed the Cildania Commonwealth Company (CCC): Commonwealth Contract Terms Treaty and has agreed to the terms brought by the treaty.

Below are the treaties terms and conditions:
Cildania Commonwealth Company (CCC)
The Republic of Cilnadia,
The Commonwealth of Cildania wasn’t a territory but commonwealth of Cildania is an intergovernmental organisation a group of nations that Cildania give a protection and advise to other country in sport, culture, education, law and charity.

1.Head of the Commonwealth
Every country will become a Head of the Commonwealth in 2 years term in Alphabetical order.
2.Commonwealth Secretariat
is the main intergovernmental agency of the Commonwealth, facilitating consultation and co-operation among member governments and countries. The secretariat is headed by the Commonwealth Secretary-General who is elected by Commonwealth heads of government for no more than 4 years terms.
3.Commonwealth citizenship
In recognition of their shared heritage and culture, Commonwealth countries are not considered to be "foreign" to each other,although the technical extent of this concept varies in different countries.

1.The Cildania Commonwealth Company is a voluntary association of independent sovereign states, each responsible for its own policies, consulting and co-operating in the common interests of their peoples and in the promotion of international understanding and terran peace.
2.Without any distinction or exclusion based on race, colour, sex, descent, or national or ethnic origin.
3.Support the development of an international sustainable development funding mechanism.
4.Support the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and recommend the Commonwealth's own report on climate change.
5.Promote energy efficiency.
6.Promote afforestation and sustainable forest management in developing countries, and the conservation of virgin forest to protect biodiversity.
7.Restrict non-sustainable fisheries, including banning tangle nets and pelagic driftnet fishing, as part of a general trend amongst international organisations.
8.Prevent dumping of toxic or hazardous materials in the oceans or in developing countries.

1.All country that sign in Commonwealth Contract Terms can travel across the country in this contract at any time without restrictions on immigration.
2.All country that sign in Commonwealth Contract have the right to move, including the right to a nationality.
3.All country that sign in Commonwealth Contract get free trade without tax and customs restrictions.
4.All country that sign in Commonwealth Contract can sent the instructor to training and Educate all of people in CCC with no restrictions.
5.To cooperate in the implementation of mutual benefits in both civil and military.
6.All of nation in CCC can choose to have their head of state indepedently or can choose the head of state from Cildania represent by their elect leader or choose the head of state from Cildania automatically.

Commonwealth Family:
1.Cildania Commonwealth Games
2.Cildania Commonwealth War Graves Commission
3.Cildania Commonwealth Foundation
4.Cildania Commonwealth of Learning

"These relationships we intend to foster and extend, for we believe that our multi-national association can expand human understanding and understanding among nations, assist in the elimination of discrimination based on differences of race, colour or creed, maintain and strengthen personal liberty, contribute to the enrichment of life for all, and provide a powerful influence for peace among nations"

Thomas Linsyle,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cildania
June 4389

With the signing of this treaty, it is possible that we could see even more increases to the Keymon GDP, which has skyrocketed over the last few years.

We will continue to update you
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Keymon News Network
Ministry of Infrastructure Announces Plan To Connect Keymon Via Road and Rail

October 4435-Recently the Ministry of Infrastructure has announced it will soon begin construction of a nation wide highway and railroad system.

The Keymon Ministry of Infrastructure has hired the Kazulian based construction company, Daxton, to construct both the the highway system and railroad system.

Map Key:
Yellow:Current Highway System
Blue:New Railway System
Red:Highway Expansion
Red Circles:Major Cities
Orange Circles:Minor cities

The Keymon based railroad company, Leighstown Railway, will take control of he railroad system once it is finished , as they have payed 300 million Keymon Dollars for the right to conduct and operate this railway.

This new rail and road systems can finally connect Keymon, as Keymon has been disconnected and the only way to travel across the entire nation was to take back-roads or use sea ports to travel.

Now however, this would allow citizens to travel across the entire nation on the highway system of Keymon, and this could allow even more economic expansion throughout Keymon.

The railway and highway will be completed by April 4438, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

We will continue to update you
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Keymon News Network
Obelisk Financial Inc. Buys Out Leighstown Financing Inc.

September 4436-Obelisk Financial Inc., the main Turtle Bay Banking Company, has bought out Leighstown Financing Inc., the main Leighstown Banking Company. This could see a major Keymon-wide banking company, something that hasn’t occurred in decades. If Obelisk Financial Inc. were able to get a huge presence in every Keymon city, that could be the precedent for a Terran-wide expansion from this banking corporation.

However for now Obelisk Financial Inc. is still in only two cities in Keymon, Turtle Bay and Leighstown. Yet with this expansion into Leighstown could see a nation-wide expansion
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Keymon News Network
Mysterious Disease Found in Suburb!

The best image we could retrieve of the quarantined house

March 4437-Recently the Bureau of Disease Control has announced it has found a new mysterious disease in the suburban town of Emerita.

The disease was first reported in a 12 year old in the suburb, and after being sent to a hospital, was immediately put into quarantine. However the disease had already spread and soon the child died.

The second reported incident was with the child’s mother, as later that week she fell extremely ill and later died in the hospital.

Now the families house has been quarantined and locally elected officials have begun to implement new disease preventative laws. Now all residents of Emerita are required to wear face masks under law. The local Emerita government has also requested federal aid, which has been granted.

However the disease is not guaranteed to stay in one place. If this disease occurred in Emerita it can happen anywhere is Keymon.

So local governments around Keymon have put there health boards on full alert status for anyone who is sick. Local hospitals, must now across Keymon, give all medical information related to persons who seem to infected by the disease.

The disease has several symptoms and by the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we shall lay out a list of the symptoms of the infected-

Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, which can be as large as chicken eggs, in the groin, armpit, or neck. They may be tender and warm. Others include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.

People May Also Experience

Pain Areas: in the abdomen or groin

Cough: can be with blood

Whole Body: fever, chills, fatigue, or malaise

Gastrointestinal: diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting

Also Common: bleeding, delirium, headache, phlegm, shortness of breath, or swollen and tender lymph node

Please stay safe and if you experience any of these symptoms immediately go to a nearby hospital.
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Keymon News Network
New Minimum Wage Bill Upsets Many

Protestors Strike Against the Decreasing Minimum Wage

November 4440-A new bill that has recently passed in the Senate has upset many throughout Keymon.

The bill has limited the minimum wage from 4.5 KED to 2 KED. This, according to the New Conservative Party, is to-
“Expand economic growth by allowing workers who’s labour is not worth 4 KED to get a job while preventing companies from paying there workers ridiculous and unlivable wages.”

However many former Bolshevik Party members have begun a protest against the government and any corporation that lowers workers payments.

They’ve begun to protest several food chains across Keymon and they’ve also begun a boycott of many railroad companies including Leighstown Railroad Company, who just recently begun operating the new eastern railroad line connecting Leighstown to the southern portions of Keymon.

The President of Keymon, Marcus Tiberius the III, stated his disapproval over the protests. In a live television address, Marcus Tiberius not only condemned the protests and protestors, he also gave police the right to disperse the crowd using force if necessary-
These protests have shown how privileged many modern day adults have become. They wish for the government to hold there hand and help them in every single aspect of there life. Well guess what? The government shouldn’t be holding your hand and be helping you with simply things. If you don’t like how much your employer pays you, then find another job or negotiate a higher wage.

Instead these petulant children have decided that instead of getting better at there job and negotiating a higher wage, they want the government to demand employers pay high minimum wages regardless of how well they work. This causes businesses to hire less people and causes unemployment to increase. Yet these economically illiterate children don’t understand that. Instead they want the government to hold there hand everyday of there life. Well I’ve had enough of this reliance on the government for every little thing. It ends now!

I’ve officially given the police permission to disperse these protesters should they become violent or begin to destroy private property. If anyone refuses to disperse they will be arrested. If anyone refuses to cooperate with police and they are deemed a potentially violent threat to either the officers or other people, they will be shot without hesitation.

This address has been met with both praise and criticism. Many praised the address for “speaking sense to petulant children that are spoiled beyond belief”. However many have also criticized the address as being “too violent and more like a threat than an address”.
Many have also criticized his allowance of police to use lethal force believing it could cause unrest and violence among protesters, however this is yet to be seen.
Railroads and Roads Connecting Keymon has been Finished

First Train on the new Railway Departs From Leighstown

March 4439-The new railroad and road connections that began construction a couple years ago have officially been finished.

The construction began under the watch of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the actual construction was done by the Kazulian construction company Daxton. While making good time, several incidents hindered the construction. One was the flooding of areas under construction and areas that were going to be under construction.

Another was the stoppage of working by the Ministry of Infrastructure over bureaucratic and financial pressures. Work stopped for over 7 months due to either lack of funds to continue to pay the company or due to bureaucratic disputes.

However construction eventually restarted after an investigation into the Ministry of Infrastructure revealed corruption had seeped funds away from the project. The corrupt officials were fired and replaced and funds began to reach the project.

After that lawl, construction was restarted and the railroad and highway were both completed within the year.

The Leighstown Railway Company increased there original asking price to operate the railway from 300 million KED to 600 million KED which means the Ministry of Infrastructure not only made a profit(they paid the Daxton construction company 500 million to construct the road and railway) but they could also increase trade in Keymon by opening up these road and railways making the Keymon government, and by extension the nation and there own ministry, wealthier.

We will continue to update you
Ministry of Heath and Social Services Begins Sending Medical Aid to Jelbania while Ministry of Interior Announces New Restrictions on Immigration From Jelbania

March 4440-Keymon Interior Minister Typhoeus Agnes has announced that the Department of Immigration will be imposing new health requirements for immigrants hailing from the central Majatran nation of Jelbania. The country has been hit with a major syphilis health crisis. Jelbeks will now be required to present "certificates of health" in their visa applications for travel or emigration to Keymon.

Keymon's a fairly popular destination for Jelbeks, attracted by the the tourist locations and its distance from other fairly nice nations.

A Keymon Bolshevik Movement group leader Anegis Phyoenus condemned the move forcefully and said it was "racist,xenophobic and a move to harm all immigrants by the conservative government of Keymon"

However the Ministry of Health and Social Services, under the direct order of president Marcus Tiberius the III, has begun to send medical professionals to Jelbania to assist persons afflicted by syphilis with drugs and emotional and psychological assistance. The ships heading to Jelbania have also been armed with guards to ensure that the shipments of drugs make it to affected individuals instead of drug addicts looking for a high.

Keymon joins several other nations including Aldegar in putting restrictions on Jelbanian immigration and travel, as a syphilis outbreak has begun to spread throughout the many dispersed people of Jelbania.

We will continue to update you
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Keymon News Network
Keymon Ministry of Defense Announces New Policy Concerning WMD’s

January 4442-A new bill has been passed by the Keymon Senate, officially changing the law concerning WMD’s and there production.

The law bans the production of all WMD’s and changes the law on where and how a WMD can be used.

According to the Ministry of Defense however, Keymon has never possessed WMD’s however the Ministry of Defense has stated it will continue to allow all Keymon allies to store WMD’s on the island, with permission from the Ministry of Defense. No nations, as of now, have WMD’s stationed in Keymon. Yet due to several treaties, nations like Istalia and nations within the Northern Council could store WMD’s on Keymon territory.
Elections End Nearly 20 Years of One Party Rule

January 4442-Recent elections in Keymon have ended nearly 20 years of one party rule.

Chart Showing Election Results

The newly formed Royal Socialist Party (RSP) has won 48% of the seats in the Keymon Senate. Although the New Conservative Party still maintains a 50% majority, this has ended any capability of passing constitutional amendments.

The RSP is a party that wishes to bring about a strong federal government with a monarch while having a socialist economic system.

Marcus Tiberius the III

This election result was met with anger on the NCP side. President of the NCP and of Keymon, Marcus Tiberius the III released the following press release:
This election result was shocking, yet we respect the people decision. However we will continue to politically fight the Royal Socialist Party and there idiotic ideals surrounding government and economics. The fact that a Socialist Party would even dare state how there policies would “bring about economic prosperity” is beyond me, as continuously our ministry of finance has stated that the GDP of Keymon has increased as business regulations are repealed and taxes are lowered. Yet the RSP has proposed that we increase the business tax to 15%. Ever since we cut the business tax, hundreds of thousands of businesses have opened up in Keymon and even more of them have succeeded due to these tax policies. I entrust the people to make the logical choice and choose a government that will continue to guarantee your economic prosperity.

Major Devolution Bills Pass In the Senate

January 4442-Recently the Keymon Senate has passed two bills decentralizing the countries government. The first bill was called the ‘Decentralization of The Government Act of 4440’. This bill was then followed by the ’Ecology Act of 4440’.

Both of these bills took power from the federal government and gave it to local governments, including local city councils and village leaders. Due to this, certain cities have declared themselves in favor or against many legislative ideas like abortion.

And due to the recent election more and more cities have become pro-socialist and pro-choice. According to political analysts, we have already begun to see major cities turn against the New Conservative Party and turn towards the newest party to form in Keymon, the Royal Socialist Party. Leighstown, a notoriously socialist city, voted overwhelmingly for the RSP with 81% of all votes in the 4442 election going to the RSP.

Many cities have also begun to see more and more socialist victories, with Turtle Bay and Jamestown support for the New Conservative Party going from 71% to 59%. Those numbers mean that this would be the largest drop in public opinion for the New Conservative Party in over 20 years, when the party had to face off against 4 separate parties.

Yet, as pointed out by many political professors, the New Conservative Party maintains a majority of the seats within the Senate. However with the loss of so many seats, we will just have to wait to see what else happens.
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Keymon News Network
New Coalition Government Announced

November 4442-A new Cabinet proposal has created a new coalition government between the Royal Socialist Party and New Conservative Party. The RSP, making up around 46% of the seats in the Keymon legislature, was given the positions of: Minister of Environment and Tourism, Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Food and Agriculture.

The NCP released a press statement concerning the new government cabinet:
Due to public support and obviously having gained the support of the people of Keymon, we’ve decided to allow the Royal Socialist Party into the Keymon Cabinet. While we maintain that there ideals are wrong and ours are the best for the nation, we cannot deny them the cabinet positions they’ve earned from public support.

However let it be known that we still oppose the RSP and it’s ideas about government and economics. However we have to admit them to the government and we’ll allow them into the cabinet.

Keymon Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ends Military Alliance with Istalia

July 4444-The Keymon Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it has ended the [url]military treaty[/url] between Keymon and Istalia.

The reason for the ending of this military treaty,that has stood for almost 150 years, was due to “Isaltian morals,ideals and government has been corroded and it is no longer a nation we want as a partner”. This was according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However our Political Analyst,*insert Greek name*, has a different idea on why the Foreign Ministry decides to now end its military treaty with Istalia-
It’s very obvious that this is an attempt to gain favor with the Northern Council. The Keymon government has either been pressured by the Northern Council to leave the treaty or it’s an attempt to gain sympathy from pro-Northern Council to establish Keymon friendly trade agreements. Either way, this wasn’t a decision that was done with “morals” in mind. It was done with profits and foreign policies with mind.
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