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Postby Reddy » Fri Mar 29, 2019 1:09 pm

Progress In Foreign Trade and Banking Sector
June 4552

The Chairman of the Council of Magisters, Hayk Valerian Gorinius has announced that his personal Department, Foreign Affairs has concluded twenty new free trade deals in the past three years. Gorinius said the country now had free trade access to markets on each continent and is fast developing into a so-called "re-exporting' hub. Goods imported from free trade partners are being re-exported to countries which have no free trade or low tariff agreements with the original exporter nation. Gorinius said that he hoped to see the country's export earnings double over the next decade - a not too ambitious target as the country's strong economic growth appears likely to support that.

Special effort has also been applied to the country's financial sector, with the recent passing of Banking Confidentiality Act The Act outlaws any violation of confidentiality - a very welcome law for the billions in money of mostly dodgy origin, flooding into the ultra low tax country. It has also been speculated that the Council of Magisters have declared permanent neutrality to take advantage of the high tensions in Terra and receive ever more deposits from other countries if these tensions escalated to outright warfare.
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Postby Govenor12 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:59 pm

Pontesian government welcomes Istalian guest: Prepares world for stiff changes

We are obviously deleighted by the honour of the Istalian state visit and welcome the leader of Istalia.I, as the new leader of the Selucian National Yeudish Party and highest military of this country intend to lead this country ever closer into the international community and would welcome a close cooperation with the Istalians. In due course we will pass a constitutional amendment which will make the ever closer union between Selucia and Pontesi under one emporer our main state goal.

As the soon new leader of government and soon head of state and party leader and high military Hostus Floridius Acilianus speaks the new cabinet will soon be inaugurated under the intense pressure of the old yeudish and Solentian nobility in Pontesi which are expected to give the SNYP a resounding majority at the next election. The old parties of the elite vanished as the feelings of fear and contempt for the Pontean majority gripped the yeudis and Selucians. The nobility holds virtually all important posts in Pontesian public life and is extremly influential as the Voting Priviliges Act only allows the Patricians to vote. The majority of patricians are either from pure yeudish or Selucian descent and fear for their priviliges as the Pontean majority becomes increasingly fed up with the system of voting discrimination. The yeudis massivly profited from the liberalization of the baking sector allowing them to become generally very rich.

The resentment from yeudis and Selucian prevented the development of a Pontean upper class so far, however the recently passed banking secrecy act allowed them to gain some foothold into the middle class, creating more self-confidence and a more clearly defined identity with a heavy left wing influence. The radical revolutionary Pontean front is the most popular among the Ponteans:

Series of bomb attacks fuel fears among the electorate: Military and police to guard early election

Hostus Floridius Acilianus

Due to increasing internal resistance and pressure from the electorate in the face of Pontean resistance the ranks among yeudish and Selucians close and they unite themselves behind one party and their leader general Hostus Floridius Acilianus which is as yeudish as Selucian. The party intends to liberalize the voting rights further to close the ranks among yeudis and Selucians, meaning that all yeudish and pure Selucian people will be allowed to vote while all Pontean people will be denied their right to vote regardless whether they qualifie for the patrician status.
While the old government were tinkering with the old system of discimination by liberalizing the requierments of attaining the partician status the new influential force intends to completly sperate Ponteans and the rest while using them as cheap labour for the many new companies which invest into Pontesi. This argument convinced many Selucian and yeudish Partricians to support the new party because it promises to do away with Pontean competition and provide higher profits. It also intends to stopp the liberaliation of the countries economy in the fields of military and police to provide the yeudish and Selucian minorities with suifficent jobs.

Finally the swing of the influential trade unionist Efraim Friedman to the new party convinced many workers to support the new party as they welcome their inclusion into the new joint front of Selucian and Yeudis. The new party promised voting rights to them.

Efraim Friedman
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Postby Govenor12 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:36 pm

Government actions spark strong opposition: Parts of the country descent into anarchy: Unofficial state of emergency
With the intended passage of racial laws the Pontean and non-pure Selucians take the matters to the streets

Reports from across the country confirm the ongoing violence in all but one administrative district. All Pontean trade unions together with several political associations formed the new Revolutionary Pontean Front which also includes the old Revolutionary Pontean Front. Their illegal armed wing formed rebel groups as soon as news came in that the new government of Pontesi not only arrests people but shoots them on the spot. The rebel groups control Caespasia and parts and many smaller section across the country (20% of the country). For now the death toll exceeds 3,500 people on both sides.
The mass strikes continue and keep essential services disrupted. Overall there is no shortage of food but blackouts have been reported as well as the disruption of communication services.

As the general call up of all able-bodies a-citizens is on the table the police and army quell the Pontean resistance.

On the other hand paid armed unites of the Yeudish and Selucians take positions together with the weak police and military units of the government. The last decade of privitaization and the reduction of government share of the GDP left its mark on the security forces. The government hastily passed several laws providing virtually unlimited resources to the now pure yeudish and Selucian police and military units. The sacking of all non yeudish and Selucian people from the public sector and the security forces hit the quantative and qualitative capabilities severely. However the close connections of big business and families to Selucia and Beiteynu ensure a constant supply of money and volunteers to the help of the Pontesian government. Moreover the old military regime left considerable stocks of conventional and non-conventional arms in secret hiding places across the country.Most of these weapons are now in the hand of the government. They are being used with the utmost violence and without any consideration. Every c-subject and b-citizen is brought to its part of the country and city if caught without permission.

A state of emergency has not been declared yet but the police and units of military act like there is one. The suppression of the majority has already resulted in the arrest of more than 13,000 people and countless numbers of torture cases. The recent use of gas and and heavy artillery sent shockwaves through Pontesi.
The recent developments caused the government to draft several pieces of legislation which form the framework of suppression of the majority, including a law about a state of emergency and the outlawing of Pontean trade unions and parties as well as the severe restriction of civil rights. After all the yeudis and Selucians demand the rule of law to reassure investors from abroad. The legislative term was just increased to 72 months for security reasons.
The strong governmental actions show some effect: The strike seems to crack for fear of arrest and the immidiate death penalty. However at the moment the government is riding the Pontean tiger and its unsure how it will end.

We will lead this country into unity with Selucia. We will not be led by Ponteans because we are a Selucian nation. We will not allow chaos like in Barmenia and Beiteynu which hardly have a government. Thats why we will also seal of off the border to Barmenia to ensure the Ponteans do not receive any support form outside.
We need total control over the country and to do away with all this nonsens of civil rights and fair trails. We need a total state of the emergency to deal with this attempt to destroy the way we live. This new government has not conscious, because we cannot afford it in the final fight of civilisation against barbarism.
said a military spokesman.
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Postby Govenor12 » Sat May 04, 2019 1:05 pm

End of the endless civil war moves comes closer as the government is becoming more stable and the rebels seem to crack

The civil war between the Ponteans and the Selucian-Yeudi minority government seems to loose some of its intensity: The constant state of emergency as well as the private support from Selucian and Yeudish individuals abroad increases the advantage of the government day by day. At the beginning of the war the unorganised, chaotic and underfunded government troops were equal to the Pontean rebels which supported by strikes and terrorist attacks were a formidable enemy to the central government. It is estimated theat the central government reassumed contro, over 98% of the total Pontesian territory after the use of gas and three successive military successes of the central government over the Pontean rebels.
The Pontesian police is well known for using lethal weapons against Pontean demonstrators everywhere across the country. This depicts a daily scene within the cities of Pontesi: A group of Ponteans was caught without having a visa.

The errection of preliminary border fences and the massive allocation of resources towards the police and military contributes to the increasing advantage of the government. The aggressive behaviour of the central government resulted in the hostage of more than 1.2 million Pontean women and children to force their men to surrender. Experts estimate that close to 200,000 Pontean leaders were executed immidiately for organising strikes and disorder. Meanwhile the near total power of the dictator during the over ten year state of emergency crakcs down heavily on all opposition opinion even among the yeudish-Selucian minority. Nevertheless the support for the Selucian-Yeudish National Party remains high as it is widely seen as the only alternative to total chaos.
The system of segregation is becoming harsher every day with the c-citizens having to carry an identity card outside their designated region and the duty to apply for visas if they want to be in other regions longer than a few days. The mass-voiding of all land ownership titles of c-citizens outside the designated region also begun. The rich a-citizens quickly used this opportunity as well as in the job world where all c-citizens lost their jobs they need a qualifiaction for: All their qualifications were declared void, leaving them only the hot and noisy jobs under the command of the a and b citizens.

The total number of working days lost through strikes declined to an absolut minimum due to the restrictive practices of firing Pontean workers if they strike. The abscence of any social benefit to this group economically forces people to work. The number of terrorist attacks is however not declining with more than 300 incidents last year across the country.

Military parade in the capital to celebrate the victory over the Pontean rebels near Isininga. The soliders wear their representation uniform.
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