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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Augustus Germanus » Tue Apr 07, 2020 4:57 pm

Sollecito calls for all parties to unite against Republicanism
Prime Minister Sollecito has called for the three government parties in the National Assembly to unite against Republicanism

Prime Minister Messalina Sollecito

During a party speech in Milona, Padagna, Prime Minister Sollecito called out to the parties of the the National Alliance for the Empire and Order, Faith and Family to unite against the rising republicanism in Istalia. She stated her desire to form a sort of electoral bloc between the three with her as the bloc's face. Her full speech goes like this:
I want a united Istalia, not a divided one, and I know that all of you want the same thing as me. The third Tranchina cabinet did unfortunately not accomplish anything but to negotiate the best way to fragment the nation into a "Federation". Four years went to waste trying to please every party in the Assembly, to no prevail. We could have used those four years to something better, to something more wiser... to take care of the nation, of the people. The question is why we even wasted these four years on the federation project. I can answer that question by saying "republicanism", yes. Republicanism, unfortunately have divided our nation and made the government less efficient, which an extremely dangerous thing. But I can tell you that I seek a more efficient government, a government that focuses on the economy, the social services, the welfare of the people. And I can promise, as long as I stay in government, that will be may task in service to the people of Istalia. Therefore I propose a bloc, alliance, coalition, call whatever you want, between the Populists and those parties in the National Assembly who believes that we have to combat republicanism to make sure they don't remove the government's ability to work by removing the government's attention from important matters. This might come out as selfish, but at this point I do not care, I am prepared to be this bloc's face and mind, to lead it towards unity in Istalia, and I know that with the cooperation of the other parties, that it will work. Let us unite Istalia, not fragment it. Thank you.

So far there has not been any response from the Order, Faith and Family wether they wish to join such a bloc. However, there are unverified reports claiming the National Alliance's interest in it, nothing has yet been confirmed. A bloc united around not only a goal, but a person, would be a strong force in the nation, as have shown in history. There have also been no response on the matter from the Left Bloc, yet. There are also reports stating that Sollecito has shown interest in inviting the Socialists & Democrats in the bloc because of their fierce opposition towards the federation project, this has as well not been confirmed.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Aethan » Tue Apr 07, 2020 7:15 pm

Total government-opposition rupture
Blocist sources confirm that the opposition leader and the prime minister do not speak to each other, and it is confirmed that the President of the National Assembly was about to resign from her post due to the constant tension of the Assembly

Leader of the opposition and General Secretary of the Left Bloc, Leandro Bisso, in a press conference

"There is no type of contact."
This is how Left Bloc sources describe the relationship between the opposition leader, the blocist Leandro Bisso, and the Prime Minister of Istalia, the populist Messalina Sollecito.

Mr. Bisso, who came to the General Secretariat of the Left Bloc with the explicit intention of re-building bridges with all the political forces in the country, has denied a word to this newspaper, but sources around him confirm that he is "enormously disappointed" with the attitude presented by the current government, and more specifically, by the Populists.

"Communication between the government and the opposition is absolutely nil,"
says a veteran deputy from the Left Bloc.
"Mr. Bisso reached the general secretariat with the promise of returning to the path of dialogue as a constructive form of collaboration between the different political forces of Istalia, but the combative attitude of the Populists has brought him back to reality."
. From the party, they even consider the OFF more responsible and dialogant than the Populists.

Samples of this tension were experienced the other day in the National Assembly, after a discussion in which even some deputies confirm that
"the president of the National Assembly - also blocist Nina Fantini, in her position since 4727 - considered leaving her post in the face of continued disrespect and lack of manners that are lived daily in the seat of popular sovereignty. "

The Left Bloc, which achieved its best historical result after the last elections, obtaining more than 17 million votes (more than 37%), 265 seats out of 681 and the governments of 3 of the five regions of Istalia, was however sent to the opposition after a government pact between Populists, the ANI and OFF. From the party they complain that, despite having been the most voted party by far, and representing by itself almost 40% of all those who came to vote, the party that holds the head of government with almost 6 million fewer votes and 100 fewer seats try to teach them lessons about popular representation.

"The Populists say they want to represent everyone, and yet all their political activity is based on constantly attacking the rest of the parties, including those that far surpassed them in the previous elections. With this situation, it is impossible to make a good opposition. With childish behaviors you cannot dialogue. "
They sentence.

Party spokeswoman Beatrice Nese has also announced that the coalition proposed by the Populists to group all the "anti-republican" forces is meaningless, and they will propose a modification of the current electoral law.

"Mrs. Sollecito wants to build a social majority against republicanism in our nation. However, then she talks about what she wants to fight is the federalization of Istalia. I think that first we should have clear concepts well and then launch into talks about coalitions In any case, she talks about offering herself as head of that coalition as if it were any kind of sacrifice, while her clear intention is to remain in power. Again our party has not been contacted with this idea, although in this case we understand it, the Left Bloc does not support either of those ideas, and we will continue to defend both the need to federalize our nation and the need to build a good social republic for all our citizens. In any case, for either project you will find us in opposition, and believe me, we will not be alone. If you want to recentralize Istalia, OFF will be on our side. And if you want to apply your conservative policies masking them in any other way, we doubt that the the Social Democrats would want to join that project. "

Despite this, Mrs. Nese has defended the need to reform the electoral law of victory of the coalitions since, in her opinion, "the current electoral law that allows the Presidency of the Assembly and regional governments is designed for two-party coalitions ( ... lid=612769), and not for coalitions with more parties involved.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Hakon » Wed Apr 08, 2020 6:35 am


ROMULA, October 4737

From our own correspondence.
Today, the current Finance Minister, Mariana Vranetta (OFF), was asked about the " monarchy vs republic " issue, raised by Prime Minister Sollecito (FP) . The Minister appeared to be quite reluctant to respond. She talked about that this was a solid and responsible coalition and that the PM was a pleasant person to work with. "A real leader of compromise", as she characterized Sollecito. It looks like that the Finance Minister will have her first budget pass the House. When is happens, it will be seen as an quite an achievement. Sources close to the cabinet, told your newspaper that if this happens it will be considered as a personal success for her. One source said that she fought hard for this budget with her colleague ministers but that with the help of the PM she problably managed to gain sufficient support. OFF watchers believe that Vranetta is a rising start within her party. She represents the moderate and pragmatic wing of the OFF . It is not a secret that she is ambitious and is after the position of partyleader. The current partyleader, Victor Martello (MP), was heard saying that he has a good working relationship with Mariana. Martello is trying to negotiate a compromise about the constitution within the coalition and the opposition, the Left Bloc. But......with the statement of the PM about forming a 'Anti Republic Bloc" it looks like that the OFF partyleader experience an important setback which makes his effort a "mission impossible".
Martello could not be reached to comment on this development. OFF Partyspokesman, Bruno Graziani, stated that officially having a Royal or a President as Head of State is not an issue in the party. "We consider the Patriarch as our leader", he said. OFF watchers think that with Mariana Vranetta the OFF won't be dogmatic about this and listen carefully to what coalition parties have to say on this. Between the lines one can read that the OFF will support this coalition on the constitutional matter but that the OFF position might change when joining the opposition or a coalition of republican nature. Both Vranetta and the current partyleader Martello are known not to exclude working together with the opposition on social and federal issues.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Augustus Germanus » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:07 pm

Populists reaches the highest numbers ever
Sollecito has proposed to the Assembly, the continuation of the current government, after the recent election

The election of February 4739, resulted in the Populists gaining their highest numbers ever. Despite loosing to the Left Bloc on size in the National Assembly by two seats, the Populists was able to gain the popular vote by 34 thousand votes. With 178 seats the Populists has motioned to the Assembly the proposal to continue the current government led by Messalina Sollecito and to have all the ministers remaining. The proposed Sollecito bloc has also been one of the Populists key points in the recent elections and it is rumored that the bloc is to be officially formed in a month or two. The Populists have since their formation been at the bottom of the National Assembly and have many times through out the years had the decisive role in the formation of different governments, and finally, the Populists can rejoice over the fact of being a major party.

Sollecito said this is in a recent press conference:
I am truly glad over the results of the election, it seems that the people have chosen their parties and this is the outcome, I as so many others is, and I say it again, truly glad. We have finally become the largest party in terms of votes, and I believe that is because the people hope and want a more efficient and cable government. Thank you.

Estella Belli, the Chamber leader of the Populists said this after being asked what their goal was during the coming term:
Well, we hope to continue the work in making the government more efficient, but also, we aim to work closer this time with the opposition and to avoid the hostility that has been in the air the recent years. We are also looking in to the Economy Liberation Act proposed by Minister Benito Baluchvani from the OFF, which as we know, was defeated in December. We could not unfortunately support it has it inhabited articles which we could not support, however, we have now contacted the OFF in good faith to revisit the bill and hopefully find a compromise which would benefit both parties. Thank you.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Hakon » Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:22 am


ROMULA, May 4739

From our own correspondence.
After thanking the electorate for supporting the OFF, there were some tough questions for partyleader Martello to answer about the somewhat dissapointing election results and his failure to have the economic agenda accepted in the Assembly. Victor Martello responded that in a difficult time with having another socialist party taking part in the election, he was pleased with this outcome. The OFF won nor lost a single seat. Although, the party lost Trivendito to the Left Bloc. Something, the partyleadership did not believe that could happen as it was in power for 9 years. "I congratulate the BdS with their victory but we will do everything possible to regain control of that beautiful region!", Martelli stated. A hopeful result of the evening was that after almost 20 years the OFF regained control of the Mezzodiurno region by a large margin. Among partymembers there is a much heard rumour that highly ranked partyofficials want to sack Martello because of the rather poor results and his inability to reform the economy. The ambitious and succesfull Minister of Finance, Mariana Vranetta, is named as his possible successor as partyleader. Officials are heard saying: "What's the point to keep staying in the Sollecito (FP) lead coalition Government. Martello commented that indeed we need to talk to the PM about the economy and the way the Economy Liberation Act ( ... lid=620367 ) was handled by Prime Minister Sollecito's Fazione Populista. This defeat is remembered by partymembers as a political disaster and a shameful display of neglecting our interest by the FP. Analists say that this might be the real reason why the electorate did not rewarded the OFF for taking part in the Government. Vranetta was not available to comment on the situation.

Currently, Martello is negotiating the OFF's participation in a Sollecito II Cabinet as proposed by the PM. The partyleader admitted that talks are taking place but that he put the economy high on the agenda. "It was quite clear to us that the PM and her party disagreed with our proposal to reform the economy. But our bill was in the debate phase for more than 12 months without receiving any comment of the PM. So, I wonder why the FP didn't discuss that reform bill with minister Baluchvani ( OFF, Minister of Trade and Industry) during the debate period ? Reading FP's recent statement in this newspaper, it seems that teh FP is blaming the OFF themselves for not wanting to compromise while in reality it is the FP who lacks discipline and apparently, was not interested in a deal at all", Martello said. He continued with: "This being said, the OFF is still willing to stay in this coalition but something has to change. Recently, OFF partymembers questioned Sollecito's party's loyality towards their coalition partners. As Chief Negotiatior of my party, I asked Messalina Sollecito to guarantee a constructive attitude towards reforming the economy. Her answer will be decisive if the OFF will continue governing this nation with the FP and ANI under Sollecito's leadership".
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Augustus Germanus » Sun Apr 12, 2020 3:45 pm

The Sollecito Bloc formed!
Prime Minister Sollecito has announced the official formation of the Sollecito Bloc


Now in January 4740, the bloc that the Prime Minister Sollecito had spoken about for years have finally become a reality. It will simply be dubbed the "Sollecito Bloc" or just "SB", to symbolize the Prime Minister's central role in fighting for the idea of more government efficiency, and to rival the republicanism that have plagued the nation of Istalia. The idea of a bloc had already been mentioned in 4732, when the then National Liberal Democratic Party suggested the formation of an Imperial Federation of Istalia. This Imperial Federation can be seen as the cause of the creation of the Bloc to make sure that the government doesn't halt important work to please republican and devolutionary sentiment.

The member parties of the Bloc is of course the Populist Faction and also the National Alliance for the Empire, the third government partner, the Order, Faith and Family, was invited but politely rejected the offer, because they have different opinions on the matter of devolution, but that the OFF would remain loyal to the Bloc if they were in the same government coalition. The next Sollecito Cabinet will then compose of the Bloc for the first time, together with the OFF. On other matter, there has been no official symbol decided yet, however, we do know that it is a work in progress.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Augustus Germanus » Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:25 pm

Prime Minister Sollecito praises the recent government work
Madam Prime Minister exclaims: This is government efficiency!

Prime Minister Messalina Sollecito at a public arts forum

Prime Minister Messalina Sollecito proudly and triumphantly praises the recent government works that have been carried out. Sollecito has ever since she began her campaign for the governorship of Silicia, demanded more efficiency from the government on both national and regional levels. Her message has come out even stronger since she became the Head of Party of the Populists, which is the likely cause for the Populists success in the recent elections. Her first cabinet went under criticism because of the hostility between her party and the opposition, however, this has seemingly ended with her apology in the National Assembly. In her recently formed second cabinet she has tirelessly worked to maintain her government efficiency, which analysts and experts have confirmed. This is her statement on the matter in an interview yesterday:
It all comes down to making the government work and I believe I have been able to make it work, we have been able to ratify a treaty establishing closer international and diplomatic relations with Kanjor, we are also currently negotiating to redraft a treaty with Jakania which will establish a greater diplomatic, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation and we have come forward with the OFF's new economic reforms which will at any moment pass the Assembly. This is government efficiency! Not only that, I and the Foreign Minister are also drawing up plans for better diplomatic and defensive relations with Likatonia. Compare this to the talks of federalization years ago which entirely halted government work, and the underlying factor of these talks was of course republicanism, which never gave a real concrete answer to the population and as said just stopped the work on what is really important.

With this statement it seems that more work, treaties and reforms will be seen in the near future. Later on the Prime Minister was also asked of her opinion on the Left Bloc's constitutional change of the Presidency of the National Assembly, however, Sollecito said that she has yet to form an opinion on the matter.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:39 pm

National Association of Directors promote a world-class film festival in Istalia
Backed up by our film industry, contact have been established with the International Motion Picture Academy and the Government as well as the Crown are ready to accord their Patronages
Red Carpet incoming

27 December 4740

ROMULA - "That's a dream come true", with these words the President of the National Association of Istalian Directors, Aldo Ciancimino, announced yesterday the beginning of the dialogue with the International Motion Picture Accademy (IMPA), which after a recent reorganization is getting in touch with several film industries around the world to promote this cultural as well as economic sector.

Istalian film industry since centuries gained a solid and respectable position worldwide, producing high-quality movies as well as high-budget tv and online series released in most of the nations of Terra, but actually all the attempts to organize a world-class film festival in the country have always failed.
The last time there was an attempt in this sense was when TerraMedia Studios, the cinematographic subsidiary of TerraMedia, the well known Istalian multinational media company, returned powerfully into the spotlight in the wake of the imperial renaissance with several blockbuster film saga and movie cycles widely acclaimed worldwide.

That time Istalia was upset by the conspiration organized by the Istalian National Party to destabilize the recently established Imperial System which created so much troubles and even international tensions that public opinion and government were not able to give proper attention to other matters.

Today, however, it seems that the interest showed by the IMPA gave new impetus to such attempts and even the Governemnt showed to be quite excited by this opportunity.
Actually, the Minister of Culture Marco Lianno already announced that the Ministry is ready to accord its Patronage to the Festival, which probably will be called Romula International Film Festival, declaring to the press:

Due to the long film tradition our country boasted for centuries, cannot but be natural for our country to host what will be the most important film festival of our continent, a film festival which will be charaterized by the very nature of our continent as cradle of civilizations and of the major religions of the world.

The Ministry will be more than pleased to accord this sponsorship to the festival and although its organization and management will remain indipendent, we will work with the organization to establish a special section of the festival dedicated to religion related movies in order to honor this very important aspect of this continent as well as of our nation were the two largest religions of the world are both represented, something that will assure a uniqueness to this festival.

Prime Minister Sollecito too expressed her fully support for the Film Festival saying to the journalists:

I think it is a great initiative and that my government through the interested Ministry cannot avoid to support it, because, despite what somebody out there might think, this Government does not only care about "boring" bureaucratic work but also about culture, which is a veritable pillar of our national identity as well as of our economy.

Finally, another very enthusiast showed to be His Majesty the Emperor Tommaso Hassan, who wished to make knwon through the Press Office of the Crown His intention to accord to the Festival the High Patronage of the Crown, whishing the best for a successful outcome of the initiative.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby jamescfm » Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:18 pm

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