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Re: Quanzar

Postby Aethan » Mon Jan 03, 2022 2:47 pm

The Front recovers the government of the Union and Alaria
The two nationalist parties - the Front and the League - will rule in the first coalition executive since the dissolution of Istalia

Alano Giaccone shelving his government program for the next legislature in the Federal Assembly

In a few hours, if everything goes as agreed by both groups, the Popular Front of Alaria and the Quanzarian League will elect the new Federal Council of the Union, which will be headed by the Federal Secretary of the Front, Alano Giaccone. Both parties have agreed to a division of the Ministries in what will be the first coalition government between both nationalist forces since the dissolution of Istalia.

After the electoral results, which returned the FPdA to the position of the most voted political party with more than 45% of support after falling to the second position following the anticipated convocation of 5049, some political analysts suggested that perhaps, given that the FPdA had not achieved an absolute majority in the Federal Assembly - with a result of 275 seats of the 575 that comprise it - perhaps there was a possibility that the League and Identity and Unity reached an agreement that would allow the latter to continue to lead the government. However, this does not appear to have been the case, and after a series of conversations, both nationalist forces have agreed to the League's entry into the Federal Council, occupying the portfolios of Internal Affairs, Infrastructure and Transport, and Education and Culture.

"It is clear that the Identity and Unity speech has not managed to retain all its voters"
declared a plethoric Alano Giaccone on victory night
"voters have decided to once again place their trust in a party that they know delivers what it promises , the maintenance of the independence of our two nations, without tricks or empty words. As much as it may be to some, Quanzar and Alaria have come to stay. It is also clear that the fear and distrust encouraged towards our party after the chaos that originated the last elections was promoted with the purpose of destabilizing us, but now we have recovered, and together with the League, we are going to truly govern for all, but taking into account the inherent and existing differences between our nations, because there is no problem in recognizing it ".

Among the measures to carry out this mandate, Mr. Giaccone has recognized that he intends to repeal some of the laws approved by the previous executive, as well as review the "Recovery Plan for the Country" which, in his eyes, "is nothing more than a subliminal attempt to try to unify our nations again, and that was approved only with the vote in favor of the ruling party without much consensus. "

In addition, Mia Di Giacomo's electoral campaign seems to have worked perfectly: she has once again been elected as President of Alaria by a renewed absolute majority, and has managed to go back from 300,000 votes in Nicoma in the previous elections to more than 3 million in these. In this way, Mrs. Di Giacomo silences critical voices with her leadership in the Alarian Republic and ensures a new mandate, after a campaign where the young voters seem to have been the key of her victory and in which she has not ceased to lash out harshly against the Identity and Unity government.

"We have not come here to divide or confront, as we pretend to make some believe. We have come here to make respect for our own identity and our right to constitute ourselves as the nation that we are, and that we will do and for that we have the confidence of So many people. We are going to review everything approved during the previous government because we believe that many things that were done were at the cost of giving part of our autonomy to the central government in a veiled way, and we are not going to allow it. Mrs. [Elisabetta] Carillese pretended to show us the good things of being identified as "Istalians", but it seems like the people hasn't agreed with her ideas "

After these elections, Identity and Unity has the consolation of having preserved the Quanzarian government - by a difference of 2 seats compared to the Popular Front of Alaria - from which they will surely oppose this new coalition government.
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Re: Quanzar

Postby Polites » Mon Jan 03, 2022 4:09 pm


League Joins Government
August 5053


Over the last few years it has become clear that the only relevant political cleavage in Quanzar and Alaria is not between the left and the right, between city and country, between conservatives and progressives, or even between the two nations that form the federation. Instead the sole political conflict that matters is between unionism and nationalism. The former, espousing the cause of Istalian nationalism, sees the dissolution of Istalia as an act to be reversed and believes that the Sarrentina Peninsula and Alaria constitute a single nation known as Istalia. The latter, divided into Quanzarism and Alarianism, believes that the two halves of the country are nations in their own right, and supports their distinctive identities. This cleavage has gained center stage with the establishment of the unionist Identity and Unity party, and has dominated the politics of the Union ever since.

The elections last month could not have made this any clearer. The unionist party lost the election after one term in power, while The Popular Front of Alaria, the most vocal and articulated nationalist force in Quanzar and Alaria, has won and proceeded to form a government with the other nationalist force, the Quanzarian League. Whatever distance the League has tried to gain from its Alarian counterpart, however much it tried to establish itself as a distinct and moderate political force, the fact is that for voters the choice was clear and did not include the League. They were faced with a choice between nationalism and unionism, and a majority chose the former, embodied by the Popular Front. The League, in spite of its attempt at ideological rebranding, with its vote share declining from less than 13% to a measly 9.14% remained nothing but an afterthought.


Regardless, the League's leadership enthusiastically embraced the possibility of returning to the Federal Council in a coalition with the Popular Front, after briefly flirting with the possibility of an alliance with Identity and Unity. Three of the League's members have become Federal Councilors and were granted the Departments of Internal Affairs, Infrastructure and Transport, and the symbolically powerful Department of Education and Culture. The three Councilors swore loyalty to the Union and its two constituent nations together with their colleagues, starting the first coalition government in the Union's history.

In spite of its coalition with the Front, the League declared that it would continue to maintain its ideological and political independence and that it would seek to move towards the center, adopting a center-right platform and shedding the last vestiges of its origins within the radical left. Highlighting the League's departure from the strongly anti-clerical positions of its founders, its chairperson Addolorata De Vitto paid a visit to the sisters of a Justine monastery in Fidelia, signaling the League's openness to religious interests and a possible adoption of a more Hosian-Democratic platform. However Ms. De Vitto insisted that the League will be a reliable coalition partner to the Front and that the Federal Council will maintain a united policy.

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Re: Quanzar

Postby XanderOne » Tue Jan 04, 2022 7:59 pm

Brunori della Scala heavily criticizes the government: "This federal Union is a prank!"
According to Identity and Unity the indipendentists are just trying to build even more walls within the country: "you want to make feel are citizens as foreigners in their own country"
Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala, leader of Identity and Unity

9 February 5054

COLSAMIA - The opposition of Identity and Unity is hurling fiercely these days against the government's majority and the measures presented before the Federal Assembly, namely the Constitutional Law on the President of the Federal Assembly and the law on the Expansion of the Language Rights.

The first bill was strongly criticized by the opposition due to clear problems of a constitutional nature and for measures such that Identity and Unity has judged as absolutely undemocratic and indeed aimed at even favoring some political forces over others. The major problems involve the role of the Presidents of the Community of Quanzar and of the Republic of Alaria, who automatically should be Vice-Presidents of the Federal Assembly, a dangerous mixture of executive and legislative power and between powers placed at different levels as envisaged by a federal state like the Union. Instead, as regards the rules relating to the affiliation of parties and the possibility of forming coalitions, the Hon. Salvo Cutenna has clearly expressed in no uncertain terms that these provisions are biased measures and clearly aimed at favoring independentist parties. Fortunately, the "strange" irregularities pointed out by the IeU have also been recognized by the Quanzarian League and the opposition now hopes the Government will review, if not withdraw, the law in favor of a new proposal.

Hon. Cutenna also expressed himself in this way in front of journalists:

the Government should take a step back now and leave to the Federal Assembly and a dedicated commission the task of defining and finalizing all those constitutional issues that are still being discussed, issues that should have been fully addressed since the creation of the Union. For decades, institutions of the past Istalian regimes have been working alongside the new institutions awaiting interventions in those areas and in the meantime the problems of responsibility and power overlapping are practically blocking the work.

But perhaps it is better for someone to voluntarily leave legislative loopholes and gaps. And probably there is someone that seems to be taking advantage of it. Am I being untrustworthy or suspicious? Well... why wouldn't I be seeing such state of affairs?

The most heated clashes, however, were triggered by the bill presented by the Quanzarian League regarding the expansion of linguistic rights and the leader of IeU Brunori della Scala was the one to intervene in front of the cameras:

"nationalists? They are separatist! All what they are doing is to move toward the definitive division of this country! You have just to look on the replies by the exponents of the Quanzarian League to clearly see this! They want to make feel are citizens foreigners in their own country! Let's see to one of the explanatory examples used by Hon. De Rubeis: what should we think? That actually he treats and considers a citizen from Alaria who wishes to move in the Peninsula, for work or study, as a foreigners. And not satisfied, he said that we want stigmatize vernacular local languages which it's not at all what we said.

We simply think that it would be more reasonable and more convenient also from a practical point of view the use of an official language on the higher level of education, in order to maintain a certain scientifical and technical vocabulary, in order to avoid the building of linguistic barriers which could affect the choice of our citizens, in order not to create issues on the pursuing of activities all over the federation by part of cultural, scientific, economical, etc... activities.
We are not against the use of vernacular languages within the education, what we proposed is not to consider Fidelian as a foreign language to add within the school curricula but to use Fidelian ALONGSIDE vernacular languages as a learning language, not as a foreign language to be studied and just added to the curricula of the students, and then we proposed the use of Fidelian at the university level of education in order to assures equal possibilities to every citizens of the Union and to avoid the rising, as said, of linguistic barriers which could condition the choices of our citizens.

Hon. De Rubeis, moving from Quanzar to Alaria and viceversa, from the Peninsula and Island, should not be like moving in Dorvik or Indrala, people from the island and the peninsula, our fellow citizens, should not feel to be in "someone else's country".

If this is what you and all the independentists wants, once again, I ask you all: what the point to have this Union? Why Alaria and Quanzar should be still united in a federation when people like Hon. De Rubeis are the first to consider Alaria and Quanzar as two distant country? The same question could be extended on the issue about the Constitutional law: there are clear attempts to trasmutate and reduce the federal government in a kind of join committee of the two costituent republics. So, what is the point to maintain this federal Union? It is sad to say this but... this federal Union is a prank!

Even us from Identity and Unity at this point we are loosing the point to still fight, dialogue, and find compromises for something like such a tiny and useless federation when there is the will to make it ineffective. And we are pushed by a vital question in saying this: what are the advantages of this federation for our citizens?
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Re: Quanzar

Postby XanderOne » Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:20 pm

IeU ready for next elections: "great job at the opposition, ready to come back to lead the country"
Brunori della Scala praises the party: "We have shown that we are not just a bunch of nostalgic fanatics but a serious political force respectful of democracy"
Brunori greets IeU supporters

25 Jenuary 5057

COLSAMIA - The electoral campaign for the July's next general elections has now officially begun and Identity and Unity is ready to deploy its forces throughout the national territory. Rallies, conferences and meetings with the public are planned in large cities as well as in the countryside.

It was party leader Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala who opened the dances with a rally organized in Colsamia, in Piazza del Palazzo (Palace Square), right under the windows of the former presidential and imperial residence "Quattroregni Palace".
During the meeting, which was attended by thousands of people gathered in the large square, Brunori della Scala profusely praised the work carried out by Unity and Identity at the opposition during this legislature and when it was at the government during the previous one and there was no lack of criticism against the majority forces.

These are the salient points of his rally:

[...]Friends, no one will be able to say and accuse us again of being a handful of riotous accomplices of military coup leaders and enemies of democracy. We have shown that we are not just a bunch of nostalgic fanatics but a serious political force respectful of democracy.
We have shown this when we were at the government and in the last four years of opposition. We first tried to make this Union work, seeking dialogue and compromise, trying to ensure a future of cultural, identity, economic and social recovery; once at the opposition, however, we have shown that we are a serious and pragmatic political force that wants to work for the good of the country but above all a political force that wants to fight for democracy and defend it from populism and demagogy.[...]

[...]We have been accused of wanting to repress, suppress or ridicule our citizens when instead we fought for a policy on linguistic rights that was not merely aimed at dividing and raising barriers in defense of particular interests but instead could reconcile local claims with the interests of the whole Union. Despite the criticisms directed against us, we have always sought compromise while from the majority we received only angry replies filled with very unhappy examples too.[...]

[...]We are also proud to have blocked the irresponsible constitutional reform of the Federal Assembly's officers, we are proud to have done so by bringing solid evidence and blocking what could have represented a serious blow to democracy in this country and I cannot but to praise the Honorable Cutenna for the preparation and passion with which he opposed this reform.[...]

[...]After four years of a quite government in hidding, after we have seen what these populists have done, or have not done, more interested in focusing on their particular interests, almost disinterested in a central government that they have always despised and they have tried to further weaken, the Union has the right and needs of a solid, capable and serious government that can and wants to work for the good of the WHOLE country and all citizens. A government that respects local claims but also favors general well-being.[...]
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Re: Quanzar

Postby XanderOne » Tue Jan 11, 2022 3:26 pm

Identity and Unity wins the elections
Although coming only close to the absolute majority, Brunori asks that such a popular endorsement be taken into account
Brunori della Scala celebrates the victory with newly elected President of Comunity of Quanzar Arrigo Perin

14 July 5057

COLSAMIA- The victory predicted by Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala took shape in these last general elections in the Union and Identity and Unity returned to being the first party after four years of nationalist government.

The absolute majority, however, was not achieved just for few votes: despite the decrease experienced by the Popular Front of Alaria, which still remains the second party, the Quanzarian League managed instead to increase its seats in the Federal Assembly, probably attracting the more conservative vote due to the Hosian-democratic turn taken by the party.

The relative majority was also won in the Community of Quanzar, where once again an exponent of IeU, the former mayor of Villaneddìa Arrigo Perin, was elected as President, while in the Republic of Alaria Elisabetta Carillese, who had already led the local administration between 5049 and 5053, was re-elected to the Presidency and here she can instead count on an absolute majority.

Brunori, in the aftermath of the electoral results, presenting himself to journalists claimed victory and thanked the voters and applauded the efforts made by all members and supporters of the party.
Obviously, the tones would have been much more euphoric if the party had repeated the exploit of eight years ago but despite this the party leader still wanted to emphasize how this does not make any less remarkable the results.

Our efforts paid off once again and the Union recognized this and our seriousness. We are not here to repress and deny rights, we are here because this federation wants to be and remain such, a union that has no intention to be divided.

By a few votes we have not won an absolute victory, but both on the continent and on the island we have won the most important positions and our weight in the Assembly and in the local parliaments certainly cannot be ignored.

We are aware that the Front and the League have the possibility of continuing to govern the Union in coalition, but I hope that both will seriously recognize the rejection of the previous government and respect what we consider an important popular endorsement.

This is why we would like to extend a hand to the Quanzarian League with which I believe we can find interesting points of dialogue and confrontation, issues on which we can converge to find compromises that are satisfactory but above all bring benefits for the Union.

Despite the electoral result, however, there was no lack of criticism and discontent from within the party for the leadership of Brunori della Scala who was accused by the more radical fringes of having accepted too many compromises and of having excessively softened his positions.
Several party exponents have come out of it in recent months and many IeU voters do not seem to have gone to the polls or have given their vote to more radical exponents and demonstrations of supporters of the most radical Istalianism have expressed their discontent in the squares and in front of the party offices located throughout the territory.

Among the most important defections was that of Lucrezia Corlione, daughter of the former two-time President of the Community of Quanzar Alfio Corlione, who passed away last year due to an incurable disease, who presented herself as an independent at these last elections at the head of an autonomous list called "Risorgimento Istaliano" (Istalian Resurgence) which was joined by several former exponents of the dissolved Istalian Armed Forces. Although the votes collected were not sufficient to elect any member of the party in any position, neither at the Federal nor at the local level, the rhetoric used was rather incisive and pounding.

Lucrezia Corlione during a rally in Neapulia fiercely displaying the Istalian colors

Interviewed by journalists, Lucrezia Corlione spoke about Identity and Unity as follows:

The promises made by the party were simply rejected! We have filled the squares and streets with green, white and red tricolors already twice and in the previous elections Identity and Unity remained the second party anyway, and what has been done so far? Nothing!

The party and Brunori have reached compromises with this Union, they have sought too complacent solutions and the decline in the general electorate can be explained by the general disappointment for all this.

This union of Quanzar and Alaria is a joke! Words already spoken by Brunori but which have not seen concrete actions follow. This artificial state, truly artificial, forcibly imposed on a population tired and weakened by the social and economic abyss in which we have ended up, is shaky, without real powers, has no vision and solutions for the future.

We are tired, disappointed and angry and personally, at this point, I can only warn the government and other political forces: the rope is so close to breaking and sooner or later someone will have to answer for your reckless decisions!

Really harsh words which were echoed by demonstrations by radicals and extremists, among which numerous were former members of the armed forces, former soldiers as well as former officers. During the demonstrations numerous Union flags were seen being set on fire and tensions arose with the police forces sent to manage the security service during the demonstrations. Several were arrested in Quanzar accused of having desecrated the national flag while in Alaria in several cases the police forces have ignored such behavior with the support for the "Istalian" positions that have been growing on the island over the years.

Tensions between police forces and radical Istalian supporters

In this regard, the newly re-elected President of Alaria Elisabetta Carillese intervened personally by summoning the exponents of the protests to try to restore serenity. Carillese has never stopped working in recent years in her campaign of "rediscovery" of the Istalian roots on the island and a rapprochement of the Alarianist and Istalianist positions, a focus concentrated on the island and not on the whole territory of the Union and that was one of the strengths of the support found by Carillese.
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Re: Quanzar

Postby XanderOne » Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:52 am

Protests across the country against the Government and the nationalists
Identity and Unity still continues to ask to the other political forces to find a government agreement to reflect the electoral outcomes

28 March 5058

COLSAMIA - Despite more than 8 months have passed since the general elections which saw Identità ed Unità become the first party, the coalition government between the nationalist parties led by Alano Giaccone is still in office supported by a narrow majority that has lost votes and support and which, Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala said, should now take into account the electoral results.

Identity and Unity with a loud voice continues to ask other political forces to find a government agreement that reflects the electoral result but for the moment there has been no feedback and indeed the leader of the current relative majority party has declared that he is beginning to suspect that silence is a tactic to continue to exclude IeU from the government and stay in power as much as possible.

Since the day after the elections, Brunori della Scala has tried to establish a dialogue with the Quanzarian League, remained junior partner of the Giacone government after the elections, judged as a possible partner for the new relative majority party and with which Brunori has declared being able to find points on which to work together, but in 8 months the League does not seem to have responded and no statements have been made in this regard by the government in office either.


Disappointment and suspicion, however, did not remain within the walls of the palaces of power and if already since October sit-ins and demonstrations began to shore up the squares and streets of the major cities of the Union, especially in Alaria, now for at least five weeks the demonstrations have begun to swell and the tones have become increasingly angry.

Brunori, addressing this time to the tv cameras from the IeU headquarters, in the light of the growing tension in the country, wanted to reiterate his invitation to the nationalist forces:

I believe it is only right that the Government of the previous legislature recognize the changed conditions and the different composition of the Federal Assembly and take adequate account of the electoral result.

As party with a relative majority, as party that has been chosen to lead both the governments of the Community of Quanzar and the Republic of Alaria and which holds the majority in both local legislatures, I firmly believe that it is now up to Identity and Unity to take the lead in the country.

The condition of relative majority places us in the position of having to establish an agreement with another political force, we are aware of this, but I am sure that the other political forces must also recognize this need.

Continuing with the current government experience would be a serious form of disrespect for the popular will expressed through the last elections and now the population is making its voice heard even in the squares and on the streets of the country.

The anger of our citizens is the result of the same disappointment that I have been feeling for many months now and I want to make a further appeal to President Giacone and the nationalist parties: it is time to listen to our citizens, do not make the mistake of ignoring them, not like you seem to be ignoring the election results. In conscience you cannot deny what happened, otherwise it will be clear that the only thing that guides you is the greed for power.

The masses of IeU supporters are increasingly flanked by many exponents and supporters of the more radical pro-istalian fringes, protests are starting to spread like wildfire throughout the country and they are becoming increasingly chaotic and violent.
Reports of clashes with the police forces are gradually multiplying as well as damages to things and property.


Increasingly numerous groups of angry and violent people are invading the streets advancing under green, white and red banners waving posters and shouting slogans of the "Istalian Resurgence" movement, whose leader Lucrezia Corlione after the criticisms launched against IeU in recent months has put aside the differences and gave full support to Brunori by lashing out against the nationalists and fomenting the most radical groups of demonstrators.

Lucrezia Corlione leading protesters in Sàxera

Meeting the journalists Istalian Resurgence's leader said:

The people are making their voices heard, the people are angry and embittered and the government can no longer continue to ignore this. If anyone is surprised by all this, they are deluded or foolish.

This anger is not only the result of the unfulfilled hopes of this election but it is a situation that has been smoldering for years.
These nationalists have carried forward the claims of extremist and radical minorities by suppressing centuries of history and culture.

You cannot erase the memory of 3000 years of history in a decade and now the people are tired and have decided to say enough! We are Istalians, with all our nouances, with all our variegated characteristics, but we are always all Istalians.
We are the same ones who fell under the yoke of the Grand Emirate of Quanzar, those who fought together side by side to regain freedom for us and our homeland.
We are the same ones who, despite the persecutions and the attempts of cultural eradication, three times we fought and triumphed against absolutist regimes for our freedom and our right to exist.
We are the same people and the same nation who have become beacons of democracy and justice, who selflessly have lavished themselves to keep those values ​​high and who have left dead on the ground, martyrs for those values, admired but also hated by the world and by history, in any case because we were Istalians.
We are the Istalians who fiercely raised cultural and sport trophies to the heavens, who contributed for millennia to enrich the culture and the arts and for which we have been greatly recognized and praised.
We are the same people who fought first abroad and then in the heart of our homeland against the Thallers until we defeated them and proudly raised our heads again.
We are the nation where, despite the criticisim and the too many cases and episodes throughout history, even a great and glorious Empire remained a beacon of democracy and liberty, the end of which, wanted by communists and radicals, indeed signed the decline into the vortex of obscurantism, isolationism, decline and authoritarianism.

And now the people, as said, are making their voices heard, against this government, against these nationalists, against this cultural destruction. Do you want to know who the real nationalists are? We are! Because Quanzar and Alaria are not real nations, there are no such peoples, they are nothing but ridiculous and empty flags under which destructive interest groups of a few minority elites have come together to destroy this country just to further their interests.

The time has come to say enough and if this government of hypocrites continues to ignore all this, it will be the people who will restore the right order of things, peacefully or not, and unfortunately we all know to what can lead the anger of those who are not listened, of those who are ignored and those who are despised! And we no longer want to be ignored and despised!
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Re: Quanzar

Postby Aethan » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:40 am

Continuation of the Giaccone Council
The FPdA and the LQ have agreed to a government for the entire legislature, with the LQ holding the Presidency for the past year

Meeting of Alano Giaccone and his negotiator team with the Quanzarian League

After months of negotiations, the Alano Giaccone Council will remain in power. The Quanzarian League and the Popular Front of Alaria have reached an agreement whereby the latter will lead the government during the first 3 years of the legislature, while the former will occupy the Presidency of the Federal Council during the last year of the legislature.

The President of the Council, Alano Giaccone, announced this agreement at a press conference, which he said is a "good agreement" that will allow for further progress in the independence of both nations. He has also taken the opportunity to criticize IDentity and Unity and its supporters, whom he has accused of being "anti-democratic" and "fascist."

"It seems incredible to have to explain to Identity and Unity how democracy works here: it is not the most voted list that governs, but those who manage to reach an agreement and therefore have an absolute majority of representatives in the Federal Assembly. All the rest are fallacies. We congratulate Identity and Unity for its result and its regional governments, but they will not access the government of the Union, at least not during this term, because the FPdA and the LQ have reached the government agreement that our Union needs. "

In relation to the protests, Mr. Giaccone has downplayed the influx of protesters, and accused regional governments and IDentity and Unity of encouraging them

"To be a party that advocates for law and order, it seems that this only has to be fulfilled when they occupy power. We already saw it with the military drama we had a few legislatures ago, and we see it again now. Identity and Unity are only democrats when the conditions of democracy favor them, and they become antidemocrats and even fascists, like Mrs. Corlioni, who publicly encourages the masses to carry out a coup d'etat because her party has not obtained a majority. absolute that they would have wanted. Be careful with the words you use. "

Thus, Mr. Giaccone has completely ruled out any possibility of handing over power to Identity and Unity, and has opted for a battery of reforms that will be proposed in the Federal Assembly soon.
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Re: Quanzar

Postby XanderOne » Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:34 pm

Government's decision further triggers the protests
Brunori respondes to Giacone's criticism: "What hypocrisy! When people support your ideas they are freedom fighters, when they criticize you instead they are fascists!"

4 July 5058

COLSAMIA- Finally the nationalists have revealed their intentions and a year after the last elections they have decided to continue to move forward in coalition and support the government of Alano Giacone.

By announcing the decision, Giacone also lashed out at the protests that are inflaming the peninsula and did so with very harsh words that further inflamed the demonstrators and the clashes between the most extremist fringes of the demonstrators with the police have multiplied.
A permanent sit-in occupied two days ago the gardens in front of the public entrance of the Palace of the Res Publica, seat of the Federal Assembly in Colsamia and a similar sit-in took place in Pontolash in front of the government buildings, with demonstrators continually throwing shouts and chants against the government.

Sit-in in Colsamia

The decision was obviously welcomed with great disappointment by Identità ed Unità and Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala did not wait for the response to the statements by President Giacone:

The President of the Federal Council and his allies finally dropped their masks and showed their true faces. Despite the election results, a clear call for change, a call of change that we advocate from a decade by now, the nationalist forces have decided to continue on their way, hitched to their armchairs and led only by a blind greed of power.

Furthermore, we consider very serious the words that President Giacone addressed against the demonstrators and the protests that are inflaming the country and against our party.

The right to demonstrate and express its dissent is one of the fundamental rights of a people in a democracy and in a democracy rulers and politicians should take the results of the elections to the utmost account and draw the necessary conclusions.

When a few years ago people took to the streets to protest against the military dictatorship, during which damage to property and property as well as clashes with the police were equally numerous, those people were indicated as heroes of freedom who fought for their rights and for democracy.
Today, however, if people take to the streets to defend their rights, to defend their identity and to defend a democracy that is being progressively eroded and elections are so lightly ignored, they are branded as thugs and criminals.

Are you telling us that protests and demonstrations are only legitimate facing dictatorships and authoritarian states? But I rather think that Giacone and his companions simply do not like criticism.
What hypocrisy! When people support your ideas they are freedom fighters, when they criticize you instead they are fascists!

Demonstrations in Argintera

Heavy criticisms came also by the Presidents of Quanzar and Alaria Arrigo Perin and Elisabetta Carillese, who wanted to release a joint statement that heavily criticized the President of the Union:

Presidents of Quanzar and Alaria Perin and Carillese

It is with the most deep bitterness and disappointment that the governments of Quanzar and Alaria take note of the decision taken by President Giacone, the Popular Front of Alaria and the Quanzarian League.

Although ousted from the leadership of the two constituent republics of the Union and rejected at the polls with a profound haemorrhage of votes at local and federal level, despite the words and declarations, especially by the FPA, on the importance and the weight of the population of Alaria and Quanzar and of their sovereignty and autonomy, today those words seem empty and distant.

For these reasons a joint decisions by both the governments of Quanzar and Alaria were taken to deploy the available forces of their respective National Guards to ensure the safety of the demonstrators and defend their right to demonstrate, seriously fearing the use of force and other coercive methods by part of the Government of President Giacone following the recent declarations.

Both Governments, as well as the party to which we belong, condemn the most extreme manifestations of violence, assaults and damage to things and property and the National Guard will also be on the field to deal with similar sporadic episodes and not allow limited fringes of extremists to undermined the efforts of the other protesters to whom goes our unconditional supports.

The harshest words, as was to be expected, came from the leader of "Istalian Resurgence" Lucrezia Corlione who, leading a demonstration in Terebbia, near the former most important naval base of the Istalian Navy, met the journalists in front of whom she appeared flanked by the former Chief of Staff of the Navy Manwar Khashoggi and by the former Commander General of the National Gendarmerie Eugenio Tarquini.

Giacone's words are unworthy and offensive! Is this the value they place on protests and dissent? We have been branded as fascists because we dare to make our voices heard! Because we refuse to bow our heads to the wishes of these extremist communists who fill their mouths with words like democracy and rights.
And our rights? Our right to defend our identity and our culture from those who have taken decisions at the drawing board like erasing a pencil line from a sheet of paper?

They have fingered and labelled these valiant former members of the armed forces as fascists just because they were part of the Armed Forces, because they are daring to protest because for years they have been vilified, insulted, despised and therefore driven out from their positions and their careers because they were pointed out as traitors and putschists "in potential", because they "dared" to hold high the flag of their identity and their culture, because now they "dare" to take to the streets alongside other men and women who want to defend their right to exist.

And if they think that we will stop or that we will passively return to our homes to continue to look motionless at the destruction of our identity... well they are very wrong!
We are here and we intend to stay there! We will remain united and cohesive to defend what remains of this country tormented by traitors who have thought only of themselves and of the interests of a few extremists and some minoritarians groups.
And they dare accuse us of being extremists and fascists, they accuse us to want to destroy democracy and take away people's identity and rights.
Now the Istalians have reorganized, now the Istalians want to make their voices heard and they want to stop the madness of recent years!
We exist and will continue to exist and if these sinister agents doomed to destruction continue on their way blindly and indifferent to all this, they will have to deal with the consequences!
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Re: Quanzar

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Opposition further critics the so called "Farce Government"
Brunori: "an idle executive and the voting behavior are proving this ruling coalition is a travesty, aimed only to keep in power these power hungry individuals and their iron-clad agenda opposed to any compromise"

8 September 5059

COLSAMIA - For more than two years now the country has been crossed by tensions, demonstrations and clashes, although these have decreased following the deployment of the National Guards in Quanzar and Alaria already in July of last year.

For several months from February to July, on the other hand, there were numerous reports of acts of vandalism against public administration offices, tax offices, peripheral barracks of the federal police left almost unguarded due to the demonstrations, but also small military installations such as warehouses, depots and garages.
The assaults were carried out especially in the big cities during the demonstrations taking advantage of the chaos and confusion but there were acts of vandalism even in more peripheral areas and the witnesses of the latter spoke of very small groups that carried out hit and run actions, conducted during particularly dark nights.
Among the most common damages the destruction of computer equipment, various documentation of all kinds, but destruction of law enforcement vehicles and the devastation within a couple of deposits of dismised material of the armed forces were also recorded.
The police forces, with the crucial assistance of the National Guards, arrested at least 600 people across the Union who turned out to be common thugs and criminals and several sympathizers of Istalian Resurgence, including numerous former troop soldiers.
In the last two months, similar episodes have practically ceased, largely thanks to the deployment of more men of the National Guard to sensitive places, but it was also noted that attempts at night raids were no longer registered and even during the demonstrations there were no longer any attempts at vandal attacks to public offices as in the previous months, not with the same intensity at least.

A military deposits put to the flame and violent demonstrators assaulting a public office

At the head of the peaceful, regular and authorized demonstrations and sit-ins, on the other hand, the leader of Identity and Unity Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala, dissociating himself from the most violent actions, which he attributed mostly to thugs and criminals, often more interested to make chaos or to make "common" data and documentation disappear (land registers, tax records and documents, criminal records, etc...), he once again attacked the Government and during the last speech, held right in front of the seat of the Federal Assembly in Colsamia, he unleashed against what he called a "Farce Government":

After more than two years, no one can now deny the reality of the facts! An idle executive and the voting behavior are proving this ruling coalition is a travesty, aimed only to keep in power these power hungry individuals and their iron-clad agenda opposed to any compromise!

What did this government do until now? Nothing! What did this coalition do together? Nothing! What they did to ease the tensions in country? Nothing! They are ignoring the people like they ignored the results of the last elections, during which, I want remember again to the government, we achieved more than 50% of the total votes, and then the demands for a changement.

Even their plans and promises at the date have been disregarded! Identity and Unity is the only political forces that for years was able to present and approve proposals aimed to pursue coherent, thought-out and reasoned programs to promote economic growth, to provide the country of an effective Defense, to try to adequately build a functioning state.

And, as mentioned, let's look at the voting behavior of part of the ruling coalition: most if not all our proposals have been approved with the support of the Quanzarian League and we are sure that together we and the League could have the opportunity to do something of good for this country. We were ready and available to work to find some crompromises but evidently this was not true for the League.

Looking at all this situation can only push us to think and to say that this is the proof of the fact that the only thing these people cares is their will to keep the power, in order to bar any sort of dialogue, to halt any sort of democratic dialectic, because... because they fear what is happening! They want to defend what they achieved favored by instability and anger, by leveraging on fear and the mobilitation of extremists, those who they call "patriots" when they support them, but who are called "extremists" and "fascists" when they are against them.

Once again we call for a changement, once again we call for the end of this farce, of this government that is holding an entire country in check! We demand to be heard and respected!

The Governments of Quanzar and Alaria follow up the Recovery Plan approved by the Brunori Government: Railways, Energy, Mobile phone and Internet Networks

Meanwhile, in the last two years, in Alaria and Quanzar, in the peninsula with the support of the League like at federal level, both Governments have implemented programs and started initiatives following the guidelines and using the funds of the Recovery Plan approved by the Brunori government.

After the obstruction of the nationalist-indipendence forces at the local and federal level during the last legislature, with the victory in both the constituent republics in the last elections, the two administrations led by Identity and Unity managed to get their respective legislative assemblies to approve the programs developed on the basis of the Recovery Plan to revive the economy of the Union.

The first projects approved and already started in the last year concern the recovery and development of infrastructures and focused on three sectors: railways, energy and mobile phone and internet networks.
In both countries, rail transport has been favored over road infrastructure and they will focus on expanding the capacity to transport goods and people, working in cooperation with the various private companies operating TOCs in the two countries.
In Quanzar, the projects envisage the creation of hubs in intermediate positions between the major cities of the various regions, focused on industrial areas and airports, which are usually located on the outskirts of large cities, from which dedicated transport systems for goods and light for people will depart, the latter aimed to expande in the countryside as well to connect cities with rural areas.
In Alaria, on the other hand, the approach has been more traditional, the existing infrastructure will be modernized and the capacity of the stations in the major cities will be expanded, while in the province and in rural areas the focus will be on the creation of railway rings that can affect large integrated areas of the territory with a road transport network that can connect towns and little cities extensively, using electric, hydrogen or low ecological impact vehicles (methane or LPG).

Renderings of the proposed freight rail hub in the countryside between Magliano and Torre d''o Sulento and of the new central rail station of Saragnel

The approach adopted in the energy sector was also different although in both the costituent republics investments in this sector are considered crucial: with the economic crisis and political decline of the last century, the need for energy was greatly reduced and many power plants, especially nuclear plants and based on renewables, have been closed due to both lack of profitability and a gradual loss of maintenance skills, with generations of technicians and scientists forced to emigrate abroad to find opportunities. This has led to the maintenance and construction of power plants that use coal and oil which are cheaper than fissile materials or natural gas although they need to be imported.
To overcome this situation, the Community of Quanzar has opted for a conversion of coal and oil plants so that they can exploit the natural gas for which new extraction concessions in the Perarctic Ocean will be guaranteed to operators in the sector, an option that will restore momentum also to the hydrocarbon production sector, once flourishing thanks to the country's position overlooking and projected into the southernmost ocean of the planet and where for centuries actually only Istalia has conducted prospective and extraction operations, mainly through the oil and gas giant ENIST. Natural gas, said Ramona Chiummariello, Quanzar's energy minister, " will be the bridge to the future and will allow for a gradual and economically sustainable transition to sustainable and renewable energy".

An archive photo of two of the most southern gas platform built on the Perarctic Ocean by ENIST many years ago

In Alaria, on the other hand, the government of Elisabetta Carillese, supported by the IeU's single-party majority, has chosen to focus on nuclear energy and precisely on the development and construction of the "MNMR", or "modular nuclear mini-reactors", a daring latest generation technology strongly promoted and desired by Casimiro Ferrero, one of the most influential member of the federal assembly of Alaria, president of the energetic commission of the assembly, and well-known industrialist and businessman of the island. This new technology provides for the construction of small size and small power reactors, that will occupy 10% of the space of a traditional power plant and will produce about 300 megawatts of power. The tecnology will be developed from the technologies used for the construction of nuclear reactors exploited in submarines and atomic ships, a technology well known in a country like Istalia that for centuries it has boasted one of the largest and most advanced nuclear naval fleets in the world.
The modules, explained Ferrero, can be assembled at production sites and then easily transported even on trucks and installed virtually anywhere, even in remote locations, clearly reducing costs. The modular architecture will allow the rapid installation of several modules in series when there will be the need to increase the power. The small size of the modules will allow the water and steam to circulate in the reactor circuit autonomously thanks to heat alone without the need for pumps which instead could be subject to failures and which, in traditional power plants, would lead to disastrous results. The reduced size will allow the use of passive security system which won't need human intervention too. The costs and the environmental impact will be enormously lower than the traditional plants but another strong point of the project is that they will allow the use of non-conventional fuels that will last longer. Finally, a further strong point of these mini nuclear reactors is that this technology can be used effectively for the production of huge amount of "clean" hydrogen, which means that it will not be produced from fossil fuels with processes that generate polluting atmospheric emissions, hydrogen that will be able to be exploited to power cars and especially road transport. Thanks to the experience acquired in the past and with the opportunity to use for research process several reactors dismissed from old retired naval units, the first prototype it is expected to be built and activated within six or eight years.
(Several sources: http://www.world-nuclear.org/informatio ... ctors.aspx
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_mod ... astructure
https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/ ... -reactors/)

Schemes of a MNMR power plant and rendering of a truck easily carrying a MNMR

As regards the telematic infrastructures, the two Governments have presented a joint project called "1 Giga Union" and which, through a series of financing agreements with internet and telephone providers, will aim to extend the mobile telephone network so that it can offer services of high quality and to deliver broadband to every single house in the country, reaching even the most remote areas, and which can guarantee a uniform connection speed throughout the Union of at least 1 Gbit/s.
The installation of repeaters and antennas to increase the coverage and speed of mobile telephony has already begun in the major urban centers where, at the same time, at least since April, work has begun to lay the optical fiber. In a few months the machines for the excavation of the traces and the laying of the fiber cables will begin to advance in the suburbs and then will gradually extend towards the rural areas until reach even the most isolated territories, leaving no one behind, such as for example remote service stations in the middle of the Pheykran Desert, mountain communities lost amidst the valleys of the Nayar or the rocky plateaus in the depths of Cisavugli.
"The restructuring and development of a telematic infrastructure of excellence", declared both the Governments of Quanzar and Alaria, "it's a fundamental step to revive the country, to offer our activities new competitiveness, to create new jobs and create new opportunities".

Workers installing and laying new broad band mobile phone antennas and optical fiber
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BREAKING: Giaccone ousted as Federal Secretary!
Current President of the Federal Council of the Union loses his post at the head of the FPdA amid criticism for letting the League achieve the Premiership of the Union despite voting in bloc with Identity and Unity

Alessandra Borgose, favorite to replace Alano Giaccone as Federal Secretary of the Popular Front of Alaria

The recent and continuous positions of the League in favor of the laws proposed by Identity and Unity have contributed to an ever-increasing growth in the Front's discomfort with its government partners. The straw that broke the camel's back for many of the parliamentarians has been the crystallization of the government pact between the Front and the League, according to which during the last year of the legislature, the latter would occupy the Presidency of the Federal Council of the Union. While Alano Giaccone, the current President of the Council, defends himself against the accusations by arguing that he is "a man of his word", his explanations have not contributed to calming the spirits of the FPdA deputies, who have activated the expulsion mechanism as Federal Secretary of the party.

This mechanism, established at the foundation of the party, had not been activated until now. It comes into operation when the party's spokesperson in the Federal Assembly, in this case Elisea Di Vito, receives a written request from at least 25% of the party's parliamentarians to convene an Emergency Committee. With the current parliamentary composition, this number is equivalent to 56 deputies from the Front, and although the names of those who have sent their writings are not made public, there are 12 deputies who have published on their social network profiles that they have sent their writing to Mrs Di Vito. Once the Committee has been convened, the fate of the federal secretary remains in the hands of three people: the regional secretaries (from Quanzar and Alaria) and the party's own spokeswoman, who, acting as judges, will listen to the petitioners' allegations, of the rest of the parliamentarians, and in the event that more than 50% of these are in favor of withdrawing the position of the federal secretary, they must issue a verdict by secret ballot.

That poll was carried out yesterday, and the party's spokeswoman announced it: more than 50% of parliamentarians from the Front had been in favor of removing Mr. Giaccone from office. So, in an emergency meeting of the three jurors with Alano Giaccone, they let him know his decision: Mr. Giaccone had just lost his post. Among the reasons given in the communiqué, the "loss of confidence of its parliamentary group in its federal secretary", the "lack of parliamentary initiative" and the "inability to negotiate with government partners to prevent processing parliamentary initiatives of the harmful opposition to the Union as a whole". Thus, after 11 years in office, Mr. Giaccone automatically ceases to lead the party, just over a year before the next elections. Mr. Giaccone has stated that he is "disappointed" with this decision, but has made it clear that he will comply with it and will retire from political life "soon".

"I believe that I have not been able to make my own parliamentary group understand the government agreement, and if that has been the case, I apologize for all the misunderstanding. I believe that these years of government have been good for our Union, and I only hope that my successor in office do his best to defend the freedom of our two nations.

One of the party's most belligerent MPs and the favorite in all internal polls to head the party's federal secretariat is Alessandra Borgese, a rising star within the party who is considered by many to be a counterpart to Identity and Unity member Lucrezia Corlione. .

As soon as the decision was known, Mrs. Borgese, who has been one of the voices most discordant with the direction of the pro-independence coalition during this legislature, has declared that it has been "a tough decision" but that it had to be done if the party wanted to continue being useful to society.

"It is unacceptable that after the League has propitiated with its votes the approval of practically each and every one of the Identity and Unity proposals, we come and also give them the Presidency of the Federal Council. When one forms a government, the least that What can be demanded is loyalty to your own members, and that is something that the League has not complied with, supporting the retrograde proposals of Identity and Unity, a party resentful of the power that, as soon as they see themselves outside of it, wave their dogs to provoke riots and selling themselves as the only legitimate force in our nation, when we have all been elected as representatives by our citizens, whether you like it more or less. The opposite is fascism".

This latest debate makes it increasingly clear that relations between the two pro-independence parties are cracking at times, while some members of the Front speak of "stabbing in the back" of the League's latest actions.

Some deputies fear this would be reflected in the next elections, but many feel this had to be done before having greater damage to the party.
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