Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Maxington » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:32 pm

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Kubrick » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:42 am

OOC: The NC intervention in Jelbania is not recognized by the players in Vanuku.

Young Queen honours Vanukean citizens, scorns Hutorian Empress
Her Majesty refuses to acknowledge Empress Mary's claims, raises Prefect into nobility.

Queen Mrjmai at a fundraiser for the victims of the Jelbanian War, shortly after attending a session in the Grand Council.

April 4421 - The Queen has honoured many prominent Vanukeans today in the Grand Council. Almost 190 people were given titles and awards by the Queen who stated that "..even in the direst times there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. Even in the most hopeless hour one must keep hope. I find that a little recognition can do much for the morale of the people". Amongst those honoured were the Prefect, Deputy Prefect and the Minister of Foreign Affairs for their vital parts in overthrowing the previous Prefect.

When asked if the Queen would meet with the Hutorian Empress Mary she did not respond positively. "Her government threatens war to my Kingdom, why would I meet her? She is a distant relative, to me she is no kin, she is no Princess of Vanuku and she holds no lands inside our nation. Whatever titles she presents herself with about Vanuku are empty claims."

Not many expected such a fierce reaction from the Queen, though it clearly shows her belief that monarchs represent their governments. This is already a striking difference between the Queen and her father, who always shielded himself with his defined role as constitutional monarch.

Tanhrists and Zollists unite to make sacrifices
Jelbic pagans of Vanuku pledge to "temper the Sky God"

May 4421 - The pagans of Vanuku that adhere to the ancient ways of Tanhrism and Zollism have heeded the call of Caius Curtius Lentulus, the Flamen Setlanalis. The two principle Shamans of Tanhrism and Zollism in Vanuku, Shaman Jla Jlasme Shtén and Shaman Otz Mrthotrjrzajad have met together in the treacherous western desert of Vanuku. The two spent four hours meditating together before commencing their meeting. For the time being both Shamans have decided that it is the will of the Sky and Sun that they cooperate and lay aside their differences.

The Shamans could not agree on whether the Selucian priest was correct, the Zollist Shaman Mrthotrjrzajad claimed he was while the Tanhrist Shaman disagreed, but both decided that the Sky God must be tempered by the only language he and the Sun understand: sacrifice. The Shamans have called upon all communities inside Vanuku to send donations to Jelbanian relief organizations and to sacrifice at least one small animal (a hare or even a goat) every two weeks until the sacred volcano in Jelbania calms down. The Shamans themselves will sacrifice together at two dormant volcanoes that Vanuku knows on a weekly basis.

Government kickstarts aid program as peace talks open
Prefect and Ministers in open dialogue with Deltaria regarding a summit.

Minister of Internal Affairs Prince Wrntukai Banmek-Sntazed, now almost 88, conversing with other Vanukean diplomats.

May 4421 - On behalf of the Prefect the Minister of Internal Affairs has sought contact with the Deltarian government. The elderly statesman took up the international discourse as his colleague the Foreign Minister is still at the World Congress defending Vanukean and Majatran interests. The Prince reported that the talks he has had, on a distance, with the Deltarian leadership have been "extremely fruitful". "They want peace too, they realize this conflict is senseless. Deltaria has a new government and it clearly shows, my father was never keen on Thallers but this one is a right reasonable chap" said the now 87-year old Minister.

The Ministry reported that negotiations are being made to have a peace summit inside Jelbania with all the leaders of the Jelbanian states, Vanuku and Deltaria. The only outsiders that are welcome are fellow involved Majatrans, that being Istalia. The government maintains that any non-Majatran participation would be "damaging", referencing to the Majatran Alliance summit where "Kazulia was a disruptance rather than a contributing factor".

The Prefect has meanwhile instructed the Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Finances ministries to draft a plan for economic revitalization of Jelbania. Another project, that of a massive reparations programma, is already in development. The plan is that any Jelbanian government and organization can apply for funds, supplies and resources for the rebuild and care of their population. The project would be free of charge for Jelbania as the Prefect believes that "Vanuku has an immense debt to the Jelbanian people".

The Vanukean government is currently awaiting responses from Deltaria and all the various Jelbanian leaders. It is rumoured that Vanuku also proposed a unit of volunteers from their army to enter the blast zone to further search for survivors and help the disposal of radioactive material. The troops would be unarmed and unlikely to return safely or even live long after the mission. Insiders have said that the Prince requested Deltarian volunteers to join them to show the world that Majatra can stand united for peace and progress.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:06 am

Finance Minister Allays Any Fears Over Vanuku's Economy
Strong Domestic Market and Plethora of International Trade Opportunities Means Finances In Good Shape

Minister of Finance Dr Ershébef Trmékez.

August 4421 - The Finance Minister has painted an optimistic picture of the Vanukean economy despite the continued fall out from the nuclear strike in Jelbania. Dr Ershébef Juhnsme Trmékez said the historically domestic-centric, self-perpetuating nature of the Vanukuean economy meant it was in no danger of imploding and that numerous export channels and other means of income were available to the nation, which remains one of Terra's financial powerhouses.

Looking to allay fears of a possible economic downturn, Dr Trmékez said: "There are a number of factors we need to look at that help me draw the conclusion that Vanuku is in no danger fiscally.

"We have a high employment rate and a high earning population meaning income tax, corporation tax and other rates ensure a multi-trillion VAN GDP and that the state receives significant VAN revenue every year. This means we can continue to pump the likes of 300 billion into defence annually, 275 billion into health and social services and large quantities on the likes of infrastructure, transport, agriculture and science and tech.

"Furthermore, because subsequent governments have always encouraged an economic framework based on supporting and encouraging domestic manufacturing and goods first, it means that our reliance on imports or revenues from net exports is minimal.

"That said more than 90 per cent of nations are currently trading with us and those who are not, remain trading with the Majatran Alliance and through our other trade partners - including our former colonies - which means we are able to obtain any export goods we require.

"This all means that Interests rates remain competitive and business friendly, and the level of inflation due to the requisite of goods being available is not fluctuating.

"Financial services remains the highest cause for concern given the international nature of trading and speculating but it is our belief that if Vanuku was suspended from certain global financial institutions, or nations barred us from investing in their companies or foreign investors pulled out of our companies, that this would have a detrimental effect for all parties involved.

"In terms of a national deficit, there isn't one. Prudent spending and sales over that last 10 years through government-subsided or controlled industries - including the 50 billion in revenue received from the Kalistani government for military equipment - has ensured the government has a substantial fall-back fund that can be used for priority or emergency situations.

"In fact, I am announcing today that a multi-billion fund is being set up to help with the economic revitalisation of Jelbania, as per the programme set out by Prefect Nasir. This fund, in tandem with services, goods, equipment and specialist advise provided through the departments of ForeignAffairs and Trade and Industry will be available to all governments and organisations in Jelbania. This is yet another example that this new government administration stands for peace and prosperity.

"In conclusion, the economy is stable and strong; the fiscal model we have in place is self-sustaining and shielded against outside influence; taxes remain as they are and Vanukean people will continue to receive all the goods and services they need. I encourage people to go about their business and continue to support the economy."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Kubrick » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:12 pm

Rklemjistad Summit opened: Prefect Nasir first to arrive
Vanukean-Deltarian peace summit focused on Jelbanian peoples.

Prefect Nasir was the first of his delegation to arrive, he will be joined by Ministers Banmek-Sntazed and Ashur, the latter is flying over from the World Congress.

October 4421 - Despite rising international threat levels from the Northern Council the Prefect has pressed on with the negotiations. After the hard work of Minister of Internal Affairs Prince Wrntukai Banmek-Sntazed, who firmly stated that "peace for the Kingdom quite an internal affair", the Deltarians were willing to meet with their Vanukean counterparts in Jelbania. Further talks from Prefect Nasir with all the heads of the Jelbanian factions has led them all to agree to meet in the unoccupied capital of the Free Republic. The city of Rklemjistad will host the peace summit until all participants are content with the result. The government is keen to see success as foreign powers are threatening war at every moment. Prefect Nasir however stands firm. "Last I am aware the Deputy Prefect is keeping an extra keen eye on the national security of Vanuku, I believe Colonel Anzlék was drafting a proposal to assure no foreign powers could ruin this peace summit for the world."

However the Prefect also implored that this peace summit was not about Deltaria and Vanuku. "Yes, there was an open conflict between our nation but no, this is not about us. This is about the Jelbanian peoples, their suffering and how to go on from here. The peace between Deltaria and the Kingdom will be an easy one to achieve, as far as I could tell from communications with mister Thaller he seemed as willing as we are to unilaterally withdraw from Jelbania and sign a full peace deal between our nations." While the Prefect and Minister Banmek-Sntazed are already present they will be further joined by the seasoned Foreign Affairs Minister Ashur who is flying back hastily after attending several sessions of the World Congress. Here Ashur worked together with Prince Léopold-Eksandr d'Orléans-Vasser, the new Ambassador to the World Congress. Prince d'Orléans-Vasser is a descendant of the controversial Rildanorian politician Léopold d'Orléans-Vasser who emigrated to Vanuku after finding little success in Rildanorian politics. The 'exiled' Canrillaise royal was then given the honorary title of Prince and even served a short term as Foreign Affairs minister.

It is believed the spearpoint of Nasir will be the establishment of a confederal Jelbania and the financing of reparations towards the Jelbanian peoples. It is unsure what kind of general government the Prefect envisions. An insider has confirmed to Wrntu Wrnuke! that another point the Prefect will raise is what to do with those responsible for the nuclear strike. No explicit pledges were made but it seems the GNP is lobbying to put Duke Zhtál on trial within Vanukean borders with some even calling to hold the abdicated King Juhn accountable as well for not utilizing his Royal Veto.

Fourth Fleet returns to Anantonese Ocean
"We heeded the call, the Northern Council did not."

Retired Brigadier General and Minister Heijkai Megàmotojokai, son of Commander-General Megàmotojokai of the Military Junta.

October 4421 - Minister Megàmotojokai has seen himself forced to make a controversial but rational decision regarding the Fourth Fleet. In earlier negotiations with the Northern Council it was agreed that the NC member states would withdraw their nuclear warheads from the area of Majatra if Vanuku would withdraw their nuclear deterrent submarines from the Anantonese Ocean. In a gesture of goodwill the Deputy Prefect Zhtál, in close coordination with Prefect Nasir, saw it fit to redeploy the Fourth Fleet towards the Majatran Sea. When however the turn for Kazulia and the other Northern Council states came to deliver on their part no move was made: all nuclear missiles of the expeditionary force and Kazulia remain within the Majatran Sea or even within Majatra itself. When first asked of this development the Minister of Defence remained patient. "I understand their reluctance after the entire situation and will grant them the benefit of the doubt and give them another week" he said in the last week of September.

In the start of October pressure mounted on the Minister after the GNP spokesperson for Defence Matters, the famed Eksandr G. Anzlék, filed an immense proposal in the Grand Council regarding the national security of Vanuku. A member of the Zhtál Party, Sagzi Obbéz, as spokesperson regarding the same subject for the ZMJP raised the issue again that the Northern Council had not heeded the call. Anzlék then firmly called upon the Minister to act. Megàmotojokai was quick to budge and pledged things would change.

In a press conference today he confirmed that the Fourth Fleet would return to the Anantonese Ocean. "We heeded the call, the Northern Council did not. We gave them the benefit of the doubt, they betrayed the little trust we gave them. They cite the reason is Istalia's presence in the area with nuclear submarines. I myself find this a questionable reason as Istalia has the means and range to destroy everything within Majatra from a button in Romula, their submarines are only a symbolic gesture to put some pepper in their words. It saddens me that nations like Kazulia pretend to seek for peace but can only be accountable for worsening international tensions." The cabinet fears that the presence of the Fourth Fleet may agitate Kalistan, a nation which Prefect Nasir would prefer to see diplomatic relations restored with. The Minister of Defence implored to the press that the Fourth Fleet was under strict orders to maintain distance from Kalistani waters and that by all means the Kingdom respects every inch of Kalistani sovereignty and will not enter their Strait.

Enemies bury hatchet for 'Queen's Mission'
Unarmed volunteers under Major Harif include abdicated King Juhn.

The mechanized company of Major Harif preparing to enter the blast zone, this is the last known picture of the heroic unit.

November 4421 - Several months ago a veteran officer of the Jelbanian War, Major Temrkai Harif, sent a petition to Queen Mrjmai to be entered to allow the blast zone and help any survivors and stragglers as well as clean up as much radioactive material that they could. The Major insisted they would do this unarmed in NBC gear with only softskinned vehicles to assist them in their travels. The Queen, and Prefect for that matter, gave permission to gather volunteers but the Major and his men were forbidden to enter the blast zone. The reason for this is that the Queen was thinking bigger and on her request the Minister of Internal Affairs Prince Wnrtukai Banmek-Sntazed petitioned to the Deltarian leader Sigeric Thaller to also gather Deltarian volunteers. The reasoning behind this is to show the world that two former enemies can stand together after a conflict and rectify the wrongs done to the Jelbanian people.

It is said that the Deltarian government was immensely enthusiastic about the proposal and immediately agreed, going as far as to propose to name the mission after Queen Mrjmai. As of the 1st of November 121 Vanukean soldiers have volunteered and have left with Major Harif into the blast zone as an improvised unarmed company. The company is expected to meet their Deltarian counterparts in the middle, after which the clean up and rescue operations will commence. The Ministry of Defence estimates that more volunteers from Vanuku will join now that the mission is officially condoned by the entire government, including the Queen, as well as the Deltarian state. Estimates are that the Deltarians will also bring over a hundred volunteers. The risks for these men and women are immensely high, with NBC suits only offering limited protection against radiation especially in the direct blast zone. It is expected that forward medical outposts will circulate the volunteers. Survival rates are set at 25% for the volunteers, with even the survivors immensely likely to contact cancer later in their already shortened lives.

The most surprising volunteer for many was the abdicated King. Prince Juhn, as he has been known ever since his abdication, is now 60 years old and served in the Armed Forces as a Captain in the Land Forces until the succession crisis. During his tenure as King he was Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and even as abdicated monarch he retains the right to wear the uniform of a Commander-General, the highest rank in Vanuku's Armed Forces. Instead however the ex-monarch has donned his Captain's uniform stating that he would only "serve with the rank [he] earned". The Prince refused an interview before deploying himself under the command of Major Harif but in a statement he has made it clear that it is his duty. Relatives of the abdicated King have stated that ever since the nuclear blast he has been guilt-ridden and depressed. The cynical amongst the Vanukeans have stated this to be the last attempt of a disgraced man to redeem himself.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby colonelvesica » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:18 am

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:02 pm

Shamed Duke Brnó Zhtál Under House Arrest
Prefect Stopped At Airport As He Tried To Flee the Country.

A forlorn looking Duke Brnó moments after being arrested. He had even shaved off his beard to avoid being recognised.

February 4422- Disgraced former Prefect Duke Brnó Zhtál has been put under house arrest after he was caught attempting to flee the country.

The Duke, who ordered the infamous nuclear strike on Deltarian troops in Jelbania was caught at the Skrovestes International airport complex. He was disguised in low key clothes and his trademark beard had been shaven off.

It is believed he was looking to travel to Vanuku's former colony of New Verham, where his family own substantial estates. It comes after more and more voices both domestically and overseas have called for him to stand trial for humanitarian crimes.

The house arrest was instigated by his cousin, Noh Zhtál - who is Deputy Prefect and has also been elevated to the noble rank of Duke by Queen Mrjmai in her first honours list.

Deputy Prefect Zhtál, who is currently overseeing government affairs after Prefect Nasir flew to Jelbania for the Rklemjistad Summit said: "My cousin has been placed under house arrest at his estate in Vrzkel for his own safety and while we await a decision on his fate. Justice must be done and Vanuku will not shirk its responsibilities. This is why it is imperative that Brnó remains in Vanuku and is prepared for forthcoming legal action.

The former Prefect's attempts to flee contrast vividly with the actions of former King Juhn X, who abdicated after failing to use his Royal Veto to prevent the nuclear strike.

Sixty-year-old Prince Juhn, as he is now known, is one of the brave volunteers who has entered the nuclear strike blast zone to search for survivors - a decision many believe will be a one-way journey.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Mr.God » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:45 am

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:13 pm

Fourth Fleet Arrives Back In Majatra As Part of Deal With Northern Council
Naval Stand-Off Finally Reaching Conclusion As All Parties Choose Peace Over Potential All-out War.

Elements of the Fourth Fleet approaching the Sea of Majatra.

February 4423 - Vanuku's Fourth Fleet has been pulled back from its position in the Anantonese Ocean as the cooling down in tensions with the Northern Council continues. The NC, which has withdrawn all its nuclear and nuclear-capable units in the Majatran theatre, has said it will also remove its conventional fleet and task force once Vanuku had recalled its significant carrier strike group positioned near to Dovani.

Minister of Defence General Heijkai Megàmotojokai confirmed the decision had been taken to pull back the carrier strike group from the Anantonese Ocean and now called on the Northern Council to honour its side of the bargain.

He said: "Clearly we are approaching the end game and it is a victory for peace and rationality. The Fourth Fleet is currently making progress towards Majatra and will soon enter the Sea of Majatra to take up a position alongside our other three CSGs deployed there. We now call on the Northern Council High Command to follow through with their promise and send its Joint Operations Fleet home."

In other news, the Vanukean Government has also responded to the decision by the new Zardic government to impose economic sanctions and deploy a large contingent of customs and border protection officers officers on its northern land border with the Kingdom.

Deputy Prefect Duke Noh Zhtál said: "This is very disappointing. We had a very good working relationship with the previous Zardic government who sensibly rejected the call for these unnecessary sanctions several months ago. To return to this position, when everyone else is looking to cool tensions and actively pursue a peace deal, seems a curious thing to do and will hurt Zardugal economically.

"Reciprocal sanctions are not currently in place; however, we are considering a measured response. Given that the Vanukean Grand Canal is Zardugal's main maritime trade and passenger route into the Majatran Sea, it would hurt their import and export economy significantly if this access was to be closed to them.

"In addition, we have already stated that through trade through the Majatran Alliance and other allies and former colonies overseas we can circumvent such economic sanctions."

Duke Zhtál added: "Frankly, the extra guards at the border are not necessary. We are not in the business of smuggling goods. If Zardugal does not want access to our products and wider economy, believe me, it is their loss."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:24 am

Completion Date for Next-Generation Fighter Pushed Back to 4440s
But Focus Is Back On The Multi-Trillion Van VX-44 Project Following End of Jelbanian Conflict  

The MoD-released image of a variable-cycle next generation jet fighter combat engine being tested at the Wrnukaék Tanhri aeronautical factory. 

March 4423 - The Ministry of Defence has revealed that the war with Deltaria has pushed back its multi-trillion VAN programme to develop a sixth-generation multi-purpose aircraft fighter by about 10 years.

The project to develop the new aircraft - given the working title of VX-44 - was now likely to be completed by the 4440s not the 4430s.

The MoD stated that due to the long lasting nature of the conflict, airforce investment and production had been re-prioritised to reinforce and replace existing units as required. One of the main priorities had been to ensure the stealth bomber squadrons that had seen constant action over Jelbania and Deltaria as part of a strategic bombing campaign remained in service.

Defence Minister General Heijkai Megàmotojokai confirmed that the research and build project for the VX-44 was now being stepped up again.

He said: "Back in 4394 the then Minister of Defence unveiled plans for the VX-44 - a truly next-generation multi-purpose fighter. At that point the estimated cost - taking into account inflation - was 2.5 trillion VAN to research, test, deliver and produce this aircraft in sufficient numbers by the early 4430s.

"As a result of the re-coordinating of financial and military production assets during the conflict with Deltaria, the estimated time of delivery of the VX-44 has been pushed back until the 4440s. The cost estimation has also risen to around 3 trillion VAN.

 "It is our every intention to push on with this fighter project, which will be delivered in two variations - a conventional take-off and landing version and a short take-off and vertical landing variant for use with Vanuku's world-leading Támnr-class aircraft carrier.

It is our belief that the investment and production enormity of this project is very much worth it, as it will produce the world's fastest, most manoeuvrable and most sophisticated fighter plane in existence, once again proving that Vanuku leads the world in military hardware."

The Minister would not reveal many precise details about the next-generation craft. But his briefing conveyed the same general details as had been reported before. The fighter is expected to feature extended mission range; an advanced human-system interface, a sophisticated weapons payload systems and post-present-tech sensor and avionics arrays as well as advanced stealth technology. The most advanced engine technology and aerodynamic design features will also be present.

An array of Vanuku's biggest defence companies - part subsidised by the government  - are involved in the project. They include aircraft manufacturer Wrnukaék Tanhri, Anz'k Defence, Royal Kremj and the Vanutech Corporation.

Further Focus on Defence Technology and Military Strategy  

In addition, the Ministry has announced that a full review and upgrade of AAW and Anti-Submarine Warfare systems on its range of cruisers and destroyers was being looked at over the next five years as part of a 5 billion VAN upgrade to frontline naval craft - carried out by Shipyard Havendam.

Also being carried out is a full root and branch review of military strategy and doctrine following the long attritional war with Deltaria. 

Minister Megàmotojokai said: "The Armed Forces High Command and I agree that we must use the first-hand experiences of the last decade to build on and improve our military strategies and doctrines. We will be looking to adapt both our defensive and offensive operational protocols, unifying the various branches of our armed forces to achieve objectives like never before.

"We have also developed a very seasoned group of officers, from NCO level up, as the result of the conflict. We will be capitalising on their expertise and experience to help improve tactics, command and control decisions and also utilise that knowledge in educating the next generation of leaders as they make their way through their training."
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