Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:51 pm

Vanukean Merchant Vessel Attacked Enroute to Selucia
Investigation Launched by Ministry of Defence Into Hostile Maritime Incident - Patrols Stepped Up to Keep Shipping Lanes Open.

Offshore patrol vessels will carry out around-the-clock patrols to ensure sea lanes in the northern Majatran Sea remain open.

February 4541 - The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that an investigation has been launched after a Vanukean merchant ship heading for Selucia was fired upon.

The attack, that occurred around 75 miles south west of the Selucian island state of Insularia, comes as economic sanctions imposed on Selucia by Deltaria and its puppet state Dundorf are set to continue.

After issuing a Ship in Distress signal, a Vanukean submarine carrying out observational patrols in the area, surfaced to help carry out emergency repairs to damage done to the rear starboard side of the surface vessel. The MoD said the ship had been struck by short range ordnance but would not confirm what weaponry was used due to the ongoing security investigation.

Speculation is now mounting over the origin of the attack. The waters around Selucia have become chaotic recently as the ongoing row over Malivia's claim on Selucia - known to them historically as the Malivy Islands - escalates.

Deltaria has just withdrawn a fleet patrolling the territorial waters of Selucia, while Malivian activists - known as the Satyagrahis - have been descending on Selucia calling for a return of the islands to Malivia, leading to confrontations with local security forces. High seas pirates have also been taking advantage of the fog of chaos and sanctions by raiding ships heading for Selucia, according to some reports.

Defence Minister Karatak Merlékam said: "The fact a Vanukean merchant ship has been attacked is intolerable. Fortunately there were no fatalities and at-sea repairs were carried out to the hull restoring its integrity. However, we are carrying out a full investigation into the root cause of this attack and will take appropriate action dependant on the outcome of that investigation.

"In the meantime, given the chaotic nature of the current dispute, Vanuku is moving elements of the newly-launched Sixth Fleet, spearheaded by the HVMS Krlmek to the theatre with offshore patrol vessels carrying out a perimeter patrol just beyond Selucian territorial waters. This will have a twofold effect: it will ensure illegal activity to prevent trade arriving and leaving in Selucia will be eradicated and will give the new fleet time to further test its systems and operational abilities in a live situation."
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Postby Sisyphus » Fri Mar 08, 2019 1:47 pm

Diplomatic Flurry As Vanuku Responds To Selucian-Malivian Crisis
Government Looks To Galvanise Security and Improve Strategic Relationships Across Terra

Vanukean and Barmenistani border guards exchange a handshake as a new era of entente cordiale between the nations dawns.

January 4542 - Increasing concerns over the Selucian-Malivian sovereignty crisis have led to Vanuku signing several key diplomatic deals with neighbours and overseas nations to enhance security.

The Kingdom has put pen to paper to ratify a new treaty of friendship, co-operation and development with neighbouring Barmenistan, strengthening its strategic position in northern Majatra. As part of this deal, Vanuku has agreed to inject $2 billion a year into Barmenistan from its Majatran Development Fund - which was set up earlier this century to assist economic growth on the continent - for the next decade. Similar projects have proved a success in enhancing political stability in Kafuristan and northern Jelbania.

A VIP contingent including leading politicians arrived in Wiel from Barmenistan to sign the treaty, which ends lingering friction that has existed since the Barmenistani social revolution in 4483.

Prefect Herlkai Vrhelmszo said: "We have long said that there is a natural strategic advantage in co-operation between Vanuku and Barmenistan. The diplomatic and economic benefits this treaty brings far outweigh the ideological differences we have encountered in the past. Both myself and Sophet Tawaryan wholeheartedly agree on this score."

Meanwhile, Vanuku is considering a tripartite security deal with existing key ally Keymon and Lourenne. The Terran Sovereignty Coalition Treaty is, again, based on the need for stronger bonds of security following the threats to Selucian sovereignty.

Foreign policy chiefs in Vanuku are concerned by the lack of bite and cohesion in the World Congress, which has allowed a blind eye to be turned to larger states attempting to bully smaller powers into submitting to their will. The sanctions and threats bestowed on Selucia over its unwillingness to discuss the Malivy Islands issue with Malivia being a example that is sited by the Foreign Ministry.

This has led to the strategic proposal that coalitions and grand alliances acting outside of the remit of World Congress must be sought in order to diplomatically deter future conflict issues.

Vanuku already has a close relationship with Keymon. Not only is its Third Carrier Strike Group Fleet based at Maddog Island but a large contingent of marines and other troops are also stationed there.

Despite historical issues with Lourenne over its membership of the now defunct Northern Council, more recently the two kingdoms have shared an ideological view on Terran affairs and the need to work ever closer together has been identified as a priority.

In addition, Vanuku has strengthened its arm on Dovani after extending new diplomatic relations with Hulstria and Gao-Soto. The Kingdom is already on good terms with Dankuk through its strong economic links and ties between the two royal families but is looking to expand its reach beyond the Dranian peninsular.

The Foreign Ministry also confirmed reports that it had reached out to a politically resurgent Zardugal in an attempt to end centuries-old historical enmity and made contact with the new government in Dorvik regarding forging closer ties with the Artanian power.
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Postby Reddy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:50 pm

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Postby Sisyphus » Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:58 pm

Vanukean Naval and Air Squadrons To Be Based In Hulstria and Gao-Soto
Defence Pact Will Spark Joint Military Exercises and Lead To Joined Up Approach to Security

Squadrons of Vanukean Z-35 multi-role fighters will soon be based in the airfields around Labsburg in Budenlar.

January 4544 - Vanuku has confirmed that a squadron of ships, which currently forms part of its powerful Fourth Carrier Strike Group Fleet, is set to be based in Gao-Soto and Hulstria following the signing of a Military Co-operation pact between the two nations.

The treaty was drafted following the state visit of His Majesty Oscar Verrückt, accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Manuel Streckerm, to Wiel where a mutually beneficial defence strategy was formulated.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hulstria and Gao-Soto is granted protection under Vanuku's conventional and nuclear security umbrella. In return, Vanuku is granted military land, naval and air bases in the Dovani nation.

In particular, the Kingdom is interested in basing several of its observational submarines, a capital ship (likely a heavy missile cruiser) and several escort and patrol craft in the deep water harbour associated with the existing naval base at Luthorische Bai in Budenlar. These vessels are currently attached to the Fourth Fleet, which carries out operations on the Anantonese Ocean and its marginal seas from a base in the Bozo River facility in Kalistan.

At least two squadrons of Z-35 multi-role fighters will be based in Hulstria too - and will soon be bound for airfields around the Labsburg area of Budenlar.

The Vanukean Ministry of Defence confirmed the arrival of the naval and air squadrons in Gao-Soto will instigate the commencement of ongoing military exercises between the two nations. The aim will be for both Vanuku and Hulstria and Gao-Soto to carry out joint tactical operations should conflict break out.

As with the current rapprochement with neighbouring Barmenistan, the pact with Hulstria and Gao-Soto is not so much based on ideological similarity but more to do with pragmatic co-operation in a bid to ensure Terran stability, maintain a balance of power and respect the values of national sovereignty.
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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:48 pm

Diplomatic Efforts Pay Dividends with Dorvik and Lourenne
Dorvish minister set to visit Wiel to strengthen relations as naval base agreement is reached with Lourennais government

New Prefect Prince Dytrik Zhtál says establishing a network of diplomatic arrangements is vital to maintaining Terran peace and stability.

June 4544 - Dorvish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Aleksandr Joachim von Bahr is due in Wiel next month to discuss improved ties between the two nations.

A conference has been arranged which will see Herr von Bahr sit down with new Vanukean Prefect Prince Dytrik Zhtál - the King's grandson – and Foreign Minister Baroness Jezklune Anzlék to discuss matters ranging from the economy and shared intelligence gathering to perceived global threats and joined up defence strategy and training exercises.

The Artanian nation's government has gone on the record in stating they are keen to attract Vanukean investment into their country and international trade will certainly be high on the agenda.

But the option to look at mutual security arrangements will also be discussed with the possibility of a formal defence and co-operation treaty being drafted if talks go well.

Meanwhile, the Vanukean Fifth Carrier Fleet is making preparations to move to its new base in Le Porte D'Artaine in the Lourennais city of Valois later this year. The arrangement was brokered as a direct result of increasing friendship and co-operation between the two world powers, which led to the signing of the Terran Sovereign Coalition Treaty, arguably Terra's most powerful defence alliance.

The Fifth Fleet is currently carrying out operations in the southern Anantonese ocean and its marginal seas. The base at Valois will provide the ongoing mission with more flexibility in terms of refuelling, resupplying and maintenance many thousands of miles from the homeland.

In return for the goodwill gesture, a Lourennais fleets has been offered a similar base at Vanuku's extensive naval facility on Stormkaap Island, off the north coast of Bomkalek in the Majatran Sea.

Prefect Prince Zhtál said: "Our recent dealings with both Lourenne and Dorvik, who have a like-minded view to us on Terra wide security issues, have been very fruitful and will stand us all in good stead. While we still hope the World Congress will re-emerge as the strong beacon for world stability and security - and act as the ultimate check against aggressive powers who attempt to undermine national sovereignty by show of force, we cannot rely on this happening anytime soon.

"Therefore we must continue to build a network of bilateral arrangements to ensure we can counter these aggressive overtones and defend against ongoing and future menaces."
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Postby ChengherRares1 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:02 pm

Military exercises between Vanuku, Keymon and Hulstria
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:47 am

A New World Order Is Emerging, Says Prefect
Prince Zhtál Outlines Future Opportunities and Threats in a Changing Terra

Prince Zhtál addresses the Grand Council about Vanuku's role on the international stage.

June 4545 - Prince Dytrik Zhtál has used his first State of the Nation speech as Prefect of Vanuku to highlight the changing geopolitical landscape.

Prefect Zhtál, who is the grandson of His Majesty King Juhn XI, took the reins at the head of government earlier this year. In his inaugural address to the Grand Council in Wiel he outlined the Kingdom's economic and diplomatic strategy on a global scale.

"Many of the old powers are on the wane while others scramble to take their place at the top," he said - referring to the latest figures set to be published by the Zardic Institute of International Relations. "But one thing remains constant... Vanuku!

"As citizens you can be proud of your nation, of the leading role we play around Terra and in our economic, scientific, political and cultural expansion and achievements.

"The last half a century has seen our one-time rivals fall into decline as global military powers, following the termination of the Northern Council; similarly, Istalia once our closest ally and peer has sunk further and further into isolationism leaving a vacuum that other have been quick to fill.

"Indrala, arguably once the global economic powerhouse, has lost ground to many of its rivals, while emerging economies in Valruzia, New Endralon and Lourenne are rising fast."

And in a lightly-veiled warning about Deltaria he added: "Then, of course, we must look to the military production capabilities of Terra's biggest dictatorships. Their totalitarian systems mean they are not beholden or accountable to the electorate – the usual consumer needs of the populace can be sacrificed so that massive armament can be prioritised.

"We see bigger ships with more planes, more tanks, more guns and more bullets as well as a rapid increase in the construction of nuclear weapons. These vast arsenals are far more than are required simply for defence. So, we must be ultra vigilant and recognise the potential threats these nations pose in terms of hostile expansionism and work with our international partners to contain these threats.

Prince Zhtál went on to say: "Still, in this new world order that is emerging there is much to embrace positively and we must seize opportunities where they exist. Our new alliance with Lourenne and continued trade and security partnerships with key allies around the globe give us the economic, military and diplomatic clout to ensure the balance of power remains intact. This is vital for peace and prosperity as we move forward."

The Prefect concluded his speech by informing the Grand Council that following the recent visit by representatives from Dorvik, the two countries were now negotiating a formal treaty of co-operation in order to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.
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