Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

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Postby Sisyphus » Fri May 25, 2018 3:03 pm

Vanuku Moves Closer to Majatran Alliance Link Up
Foreign Minister to hold preliminary talks With Istalian Government over pan-continental union plans

Foreign Minister Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur is cautiously optimistic about upcoming talks with Istalia.

September 4398 - Vanuku has moved a step closer to joining the Majatran Alliance with Grand Council members looking set to vote in favour of forging links with the supranational pan-continental organisation.

Foreign Minister Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur is expected in the Istalian capital Romula within the next few weeks to hold talks with his opposite number, Simone Calenda, to set out a plan for the way forward.

Minister Calenda has already expressed in favour of Vanuku's entry into the alliance, seeing it as the guarantee for long term prosperity, peace and stability on the continent. It will also reinforce the growing relationship between the two powerhouse nations of Vanuku and Istalia which was first manifested in the Temrkai-Votta Pax in the early 4300s.

Whilst there is some way to go to sign the organisation's official economic union and military alliance treaty, it is certainly seen as a step change for Vanuku, which has a reputation for being steadfastly independent and protective of its powerful domestic economy.

Foreign Minister Ashur was both optimistic but cautious when questioned. He said: "I am certainly looking forward to preliminary dialogue with the Istalian government, which will act as a precursor to full discussions with all 10 active members. There are advantages for both sides and, clearly, the Alliance would significantly benefit from Vanuku, with its economic and military strength, becoming a member.

"But we are clear that any deal of closer ties would have to be the right one for Vanuku and as well as making sense financially and militarily would have to respect our sovereignty, our values and our traditions."

Vanuku has also been 'courted' by the Northern Council recently, with the General Secretary of the organisation, Harald Christiansen, visiting the Vanukean capital Wiel to hold global security talks with the Prefect, Duke Sizma Zhtál. The Secretary General is keen to make closer ties more official through the signing of a formal Co-operation Treaty but many Grand Council members are luke warm to the idea.

One skeptic backbencher told Forwards Vanuku!: "I am not the greatest fan of the Majatran Alliance but I am very, very wary about the Kazulian influence over the Northern Council and the expansion of that body. So, if I had to pick, I would back the MA every time."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Axxell » Fri May 25, 2018 4:30 pm

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Wed May 30, 2018 4:08 pm

Prefect Visits Istalia to Hold Talks Over Majatran Alliance Membership
'Positive' Meeting Should Lead To Grand Council Being Encouraged to Ratify Treaty

Prefect Duke Zhtál addresses a trade and industry conference in Romula, during his visit to the Istalian capital.

March 4401 - Prefect Duke Sigzma Zhtál and a number of senior government officials - including Foreign Minister Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur - have visited Istalia to hold bilateral talks about Vanuku joining the Majatran Alliance.

During the three day trip to Romula they met with Istalian President Sante Vespa-Baldassare and Foreign Minister Simone Calenda and spoke about the growing ties between the two nations and the benefits of joining the pan-continental organisation.

The two nations also reaffirmed their commitment to maintain a Majatra free from unnecessary foreign interferences and influence and went on to reveal that they will be planning a very important program of investment for the whole continent.

After what both parties are calling positive talks, it is now expected the Vanukean Government will call for a final debate regarding the treaty in the Grand Council before attempting to have it ratified.

It will need all three Grand Council parties to vote in favour of the alliance if it is to pass into law and for Vanuku to become a member.

Duke Zhtál said: "The talks were extremely valuable and set out a clear path for Vanuku to become a member of the Majatran Alliance. They also demonstrated how our two great nations can work even closer to provide stability, security and economic prosperity not only on Majatra but Terra-wide."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Wu Han » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:06 am

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:19 am

New Party Leader Set to Sweep In Changes
Count Brnó Zhtál says he will adopt an hardline approach to return Z-MJP to its premier status

Ready to take all necessary action... Count Brnó Zhtál.

February 4404 - The new leader of the Z-MJP Party has said he will build on the legacy laid down by his predecessor and father, Duke Sigzma Zhtál - but the time is right to bring in changes. Current Education and Culture Minister Count Brnó Sigzmasrmko Zhtál took over the reins after his father first resigned as Prefect and then leader of the party he formed 20 years ago.

But many commentators believe Count Brnó is a controversial figure - much more fesity than his father and is likely to spark several clashes in the Grand Council. The situation may be even more amplified given the close three-way split between parties in the Grand Council, with the ZM-JP continuing to work in government with the GNP to stave off the communist threat.

During his time as Trade and Industry Minister he was famously lambasted by all parties - including his own - for trying to sell off defence industries to overseas investors from Hawu Mumenhes. He also proposed a series of environmental laws which were heavily pro-business but would have led to a steep rise in polluting emissions.

Count Brnó, who is now 45, led a playboy lifestyle joining much of his youth - living it up abroad during the height of the fundamentalist theocracy regime. But he returned to Vanuku in the late 4380s to take a place in his father's first government.

He is also known to favour even tighter control of the monarchy to ensure there is no return to autocratic ways and in recent years has declared himself a practising Hosian after "seeing the light" and repenting over his raucous youth.

He said: "My father's legacy will be in everything I do - he is a great man. He led this country for many years and Vanuku is undoubtedly stronger for it. My leadership will build on that but I will also wish to adopt my own ideas as we look to modernise and continue to combat the communist threat. Where we need to take a harder line, we will do; where we need to hold our coalition partners to account we will do. Given the need to work together to pass legislation, they will have to listen to us - as we will have to listen to them.

"My aim is return our party to the largest in the Kingdom and continue to dominate politics in the Grand Council - this will require some hardline decisions and I am prepared to take them."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:25 pm

Vanuku to Support Northern Khaganate
Foreign Minister's proposal to recognise Manil II's realm on course to be approved

Flashback to 4391 when Vanukean troops crossed the border into northern Jelbania to restore law and order.

February 4404 - Vanuku looks set to throw its weight behind the Northern Khaganate by recognising its independence and its position as the legitimate successor state to the trouble-torn Great Jelbek Steppe (formerly Jelbania).

Foreign Minister Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur pushed for the move, with the full support of Prefect Jlekai Nasir. If his proposal is approved by the majority of the Grand Council, Vanuku will provide diplomatic, military and economic support to the pro-monarchist regime, which is headed up by the recently enthroned Khagan, Manil II.

It is partly in response to providing stability on the Jelbic border with Vanuku but is also seen as a check against the growing Katonid Khanate, which controls much of southern Jelbania and is backed by the government in Deltaria. It would also means that Vanuku does not recognise the claims of the Free Republic, based on the east coast of the country, to be the legal government of the nation, despite it having the majority of international recognition.

Foreign Minister Ashur said he was confident that the Grand Council would back his bold plan. He added: "Once again Vanuku must act to protect the rights of our Jelbek cousins over the border. It is our belief that the Northern Khaganate is by far the most capable state that exists on the Steppe and can provide the stability to govern the whole of former Jelbania. We must also take these steps to ensure the chaos that has ensued in many other parts of the nation, does not spill over and engulf other regions."

Back in 4391, Vanuku successfully sent troops over the border into Jelbania to help restore law and order following the initial collapse of central government. It has kept a vigilant weather eye on the situation ever since prompting the current move.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Maxington » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:18 am

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:31 am

Vanuku Enjoys Economic Boost from Majatran Alliance Membership
Expansion Of New Continental Markets Leads to Year-on-Year Growth

Finance Minister Dr Ershébef Trmékez spells out why Majatran Alliance membership has been good for the economy.

August 4404 - Vanuku has reaped the early financial benefits of its membership of the Majatran Alliance. Year-on-year economic growth has increased as more member state countries around the continent are able to buy Vanukean goods and services with reduced or no tariffs.

Annual growth in 4401, just prior to membership, had remained at 1.9 per cent for around half a decade; however, it is forecast to rise to 3.75 per cent in 4405.

Finance Minister Dr Ershébef Trmékez said a combination of positive factors was behind the rise. She added: "Certainly we have seen a boost in demand for Vanukean goods and services following membership of the Majatran Alliance and this has been complemented with an ongoing domestic investment in military equipment and upgrades, including the several hundred billion VMs that are being pumped into our prestigious 6th Generation Fighter research and development project every year.

"We have also been able to keep interest rates low and combine that with a reasonable corporation tax, which has given businesses the ability to grow organically or the confidence to borrow to expand, which has had a positive knock on for the banking sector.

"The financial services sector has also experienced heightened growth due to the further opening up of Wiel as a major tariff-free trading centre to Majatran Alliance members. This has cemented Wiel in its position as one of Terra's leading financial trading centres."

The continuation of rapid year-on-year economic growth will be, of course, difficult to maintain, but Vanuku has the financial clout to sustain any financial hiccups and with its continual investment in defence projects and major economic plans lined up with key trading partner Istalia the financial future looks a healthy one.
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