Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:17 pm

Wide-sweeping Transport Projects Unveiled
Billions to be invested in boosting Vanukean economy over next half a century

September 4355 - A multi-billion VAN investment is being injected into road, rail and waterway infrastructure projects in Vanuku. It includes a 15 billion VAN scheme to expand the nation's arterial highways and motorways to link in with the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network and plans to expand the primary rail network to at least quadruple track across the country.

Proposals have also been put forward to widen the Grand Canal - a crucial trade link which runs through the northernmost state of Skrovestes and connects the Majatran Sea and the Verranderlijke Ocean. The aim is to allow more ocean-going super carriers and deep draft vessels to pass without pausing on the 130 kilometre stretch of canal, speeding up the movement of freight.

Further improvement work will be carried out at the major cargo port of Nachten on the west coast and at Havendam, which hosts Shipyard Havendam - the renowned naval vessel builder - and at international airports servicing major cities including Wiel, Prinsenaard and Bartletstad. The investment follows on from the latest national budget, which has seen an extra 50 billion VAN allocated to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Plans are in place to widen the 130 kilometre Grand Canal a vital trade link in northern Vanuku.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Renata Van Rompuy said: "Vanuku's economy is burgeoning but we need to keep our transport network evolving and improving to meet modern requirements and tap into new and expanding domestic and international markets. We have one of the most modern road and rail systems in Terra but we are already looking to the next 50 years and we still want to be the prime economic operator in 4400 and beyond.

"Vanuku also has commitments as a leading partner in the Trans Majatran Corridors Network. This is an exciting venture as it will speed up the movement of people and freight and brings the continent closer together. In the midst of this, we are also investing heavily in shipping and in our vital Grand Canal link, which is used by virtually every trading nation on Terra and our passenger and freight airport infrastructure too. Faster, slicker more efficient transport is the name of the game"
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Postby Sisyphus » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:24 am

Large-Scale Operations Put Naval Battle Fleets To The Test
Hundreds of ships and thousands of personnel involved in sophisticated ocean-based manoeuvres

Marines from the Vlótsokai Krpz take part in mock amphibious landings as part of the naval training exercise.

March 4356 - Vanuku's powerful Vlótz (Navy) has carried out strategic and tactical-level manoeuvres in the Verranderlijke Ocean to extensively test new military protocols for sea combat missions. All three republican battle fleets were "in action" with offensive and defensive duties assigned. Operations included nuclear warhead drills as well as conventional battle scenarios.

It gave members of the new National Security Council and Chief of Naval Staff, Fleet Admiral Frérkus Dorfluzke, the opportunity to assess how the naval doctrines could be applied in practice. Observers from the Istalian ministry of defence were also present as part of the two country's ongoing co-operation.

Vanuku's three nuclear-powered naval super-carriers - which were built as part of a naval modernisation programme carried out under the jurisdiction of the former monarchy and Greater Nationalist Party government - were heavily involved in the manoeuvres, along with their attachments of domestically-built ST-21 advanced multi-task fighter jets. Additionally, mock amphibious landings were carried out in south western Mkldrekrnek with units of the Vlótsokai Krpz (Marine Corps) leading the assaults against heavily fortified coastal units, which were manned by the 11th and 12th National Reserve Battalions in a link up with the Republican Grm (Army).

Admiral Dorfluzke said that carefully drawn up doctrines were now in place so that the very latest tactics matched Vanuku's sophisticated naval flotilla and weaponry.Defence Minister Ulugbék Srnkzi said operations had gone "better than planned" and that "all looked good for continued Vanukean naval dominance".

New frigates - similar to the vessel pictured above - are being commissioned to enhance the Vanukean naval fleet.

The minister also revealed that Vanuku would be commissioning a series of new primary and secondary frigates for each battle fleet to be built at Shipyard Havendam. Each vessel will be equipped with the very latest early-warning radar system to track ballistic missile threats at extended long range. Investment in the navy follows the latest national budget announcements. An extra 26 billion VAN was allocated to the defence department, which now has an annual spending pot of 325 billion VAN,

It is expected that similar multi-level operations will be carried out in the coming months by the Grm (army) and Tanhrikai (air force) in order to test new protocols developed for these branches of the armed forces. Combined manoeuvres are due to follow in 4357 and 4358.
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Postby Sisyphus » Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:19 pm

De Smet Warns Terra of 'Bigoted' Trigunian Regime
Foreign minister tells diplomats that the world must learn lessons from past atrocities

September 4356 - Foreign Minister Gus De Smet has warned against the rise of the fascist government in the Grand Princedom of Trigunia - saying Terra could have a "new Hulstria" on its hands.The far-right, white supremacist Anti-Democracy Front has swept to victory in the far northern state elections in the aftermath of a civil war over the right of the Tsar to reign.

New Vozhd (Leader) Arkadiy Leonodivich's first move has been to propose a Law and Order Act which severely clamps down on civil rights. Foreign Minister De Smet said that with near total support in the Trigunian State Duma, more of the same should be expected from Leonodivich.

De Smet, speaking at the Banqueting House Dinner for International Diplomats in the Vanukean capital, Wiel, said: "We can only guess at what will come next - but surely we must learn from the past. If we allow bigoted, ethnic supremacists to do as they wish in the interests of preserving national sovereignty then the most terrible of things can happen.

"We all remember the situation in Hulstria under the Nimitz regime. How our coalition soldiers were shocked to find the mass graves, the burned villages the terrible conditions in which certain citizens were kept. Are we now looking at the start of a new Hulstria? I severely hope not but ask all nations to be vigilant and keep an eye on the situation in Trigunia less it escalates."

De Smet - a leading member of the republican movement that ousted King Juhn IX - added: "Vanuku was lucky - we were able to peacefully and democratically remove an autocrat who attempted to rule over us with a iron fist. But, as one tyrant falls, somewhere in the world another rises. We therefore wish the Trigunian people the best of luck and let them know we are there with them."
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Postby Sisyphus » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:54 am

Dorvish Chancellor's Comments Pure Pro-Monarchist Hyperbole, Say Leading Politicians
Republican Party's Nees Maes claims von Schleskau is carrying out a self-preservation exercise

March 4357 - Leading politicians have rounded on Dorvish State Chancellor Diethelm Tanais von Schleskau for a state of the nation speech which branded Vanuku an unstable regime. Von Schleskau also said the Dorvish Foreign Ministry had issued a travel warning to Vanuku and surrounding Majatran states leading to chaos at several major international airports.

Nees Maes, Republican Party Leader in the Grand Council, said: "To be honest, I fell asleep during his speech - It was so long-winded and badly delivered. So I had to play back the record to listen to his tripe.

"I suppose a pro-monarchist, anti socialist, anti communist, anti republican politician would say that about a democratic government like ours that has just deposed an hereditary autocrat. Other than that there is no justification for what he said, and his comments suggesting we are a collapsing, insular nation doesn't reflect the facts.

"Maybe he should have looked at the 15 billion VAN we have just pumped into transport and infrastructure, widening the Grand Canal ocean link and quad-tracking the railway around the nation. Or the money being pumped into building new craft, vehicles and equipment in all areas of our armed forces, as well as the new doctrines that are being rolled out to fully modernise combat strategy and tactics.

"Maybe he should take note how we have forged closer relations with our Majatran allies, such as Istalia, and been in talks with our neighbours about a more 43rd century approach to the Jelbic Peoples' Union. Maybe he should look at how we are working with security council contenders around the world to make sure the best, most active nations fill the seats or how we are issuing early warnings about fascist regimes rising around Terra. These are not the actions of an unstable, collapsing regime but the approach of a forward-thinking super power that is going from strength to strength.

"In all honesty, I think the Dorvish Chancellor is running scared. He knows that people around Terra are calling time on unrepresentative governments headed by unelected, hereditary monarchs and so he lashes out with pure hyperbole in a self-preservation exercise."

Foreign Minister Gus De Smet shrugged off the comments but said he was trying to get to the bottom of the travel warning, which had caused unnecessary disruption. On his way to meetings in Dovani with prospective Security Council Seat D candidates, he said: "I prefer not to scratch a pimple. However irritating they are they tend to go away on their own given enough time."
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Postby Sisyphus » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:58 am

Political Deadlock Puts Vanuku's Fledgling Democratic Constitution To The Test
Elections see new president secure victory but Hosian fundamentalists still hold sway in Grand Council

September 4358 - Political parties are trying to push through new legislation after the latest round of national elections created deadlock.

Gerlach Vandérbén of the Workers Party was named the new President after a narrow second round victory. But instead of ushering in an era of more moderate and secular government, it has created a period of stalemate. The situation has arisen because the religious-state-supporting Holy Party has the plurality in the Grand Council and under laws still harking back to the monarchist era, they must have a major say in the new President's cabinet.

However, convinced secularist Vandérbén has stated he cannot work with the deeply-Hosian party, leading to a tense stand off. Politicians are now looking at laws that remove the powers of the largest party to dictate who receives cabinet positions, so that the new President has more flexibility.

If the constitutional amendment fails to pass (it currently requires six of the seven parties to vote in favour for a super-majority) it may lead to further uncertainty and the possibility of another election.

Nees Maes, Republican Party Leader in the Grand Council, said: "This law is a hangover from the pro-monarchist government, which was used as a tool to keep them in power. We have been looking at the best way to change it for some time but a snap election was called and now we have to deal with it with the clock ticking, so to speak. We welcome President Vandérbén's victory and we call on all parties to do the right thing - change this law and give him the legislative tools to do his job."

Out of 600 members of the Grand Council elected, 162 seats were taken by the Holy Party, with the president's party holding the second largest number with 92. An expected pro-monarchy resurgence never materialised with Knzsrlji Nyfka, the only party now supporting a hereditary head of state system polling just 7.5 per cent of total votes cast.

However, given Vanuku's recent turbulent past the political picture can change dramatically, so no party will be taking anything for granted.

In Other News... Major Review of the Armed Forces Carried Out

A root and branch review of the Vanukean armed forces has been carried out, which has seen a major restructuring of the officer corps in the army , navy and airforce.
Minister of Defence Ulugbék Srnkzi denied it was a way of securing the loyalty of commissioned personnel, although senior promotions seem to have favoured pro-republican candidates over people appointed under the former monarchist regime.

Mr Srnkzi said he had worked with Chief of Staff Fleet Admiral Frérkus Dorfluzke to pick the right people for the right jobs. He added: "We have been thorough in reviewing all our excellent officers at every level and assigning those best suited to command based on the series of new military doctrines we have been developing. Vanuku is very much ready to defend its interest should the need arise."

It is believed that there is a deep lying sympathy for the old monarchy in the armed forces - particularly amongst senior army commanders - but with public opinion on having a king reinstated so low, it seems any underlying sympathies must remain under the surface... for now.
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Postby CaptainVimes » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:46 pm

"The ALL will rebuild the country from the bottom up"

Those were the words of Taras Serik, current leader of the Alliance of Local Leaders. He claims that his party will remove a unified government and let each region govern itself. He is now looking for leaders for each region, aiming to make them leaders of each region of the country. "We will revert to the golden days of Vanuku, local leaders ruling their regions and working for their people." As a Skalkárakian, Serik aims to lead his region to an almost feudal society.
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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:58 pm

Vanuku Must Spearhead Weapons Inspections in Solentia, insists De Smet
Foreign Minister Says Investigation into Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weaponry Must Be Handled With Sensitivity and Objectivity

April 4359 - Vanuku is calling on the World Congress Security Council to give it a central role in any weapons of mass destruction inspections in Solentia. Security Council Members are looking to draw up a resolution to send an inspection team into the Eastern Majatran nation to assess the development of nuclear, chemical and biological weaponry to prevent their further proliferation. However, both Dorvik and Kazulia have already accused Solentia of being a rogue state leading to Vanuku questioning who will head up the inspection team.

Foreign Minister Gus De Smet said: "We believe that Vanuku, from a position of neutrality, but close geographical proximity to the situation, is ideally placed to lead any exploratory mission into Solentia. We would then report back to World Congress and, following evaluation, any necessary action could be taken.

"We cannot stand by and watch Majatra be destabilised again and that requires objectivity and sensitivity. Vanuku is perfectly placed to deliver on this."

In other News... New Frontline Combat Vehicles Planned

The Cheetah Mark IV battle tank.

Defence Minister Ulugbék Srnkzi has announced plans to further modernise Vanuku's army combat capability. A series of new Cheetah Mark IV battle tanks and Salient-class infantry fighting vehicles are set to be built over the next five years. There will also be an overhaul of small arms for all infantry battalions as well as significant equipment upgrades for anti-tank and self-propelled artillery support units.

The multi-billion VM investment is intended to strengthen the offensive capabilities of land forces who have been undergoing intensive training regimes to key into newly-devised operational doctrines. It follows the announcement in spring 4356 that a series of new primary and secondary frigates were being built to enhance all three powerful Vanukean battle fleets. Minister Srnkzi said considerable investment would follow in the Republican Airforce.
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Postby Sisyphus » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:49 pm

Surge in Financial Fortunes Following A Series of Progressive Law Changes
Major companies and national institutions experience upturn as markets react positively to Grand Council policies

Robust trading was experienced in Vanukean company shares as news of the new policy changes reached the Terran stock exchange branch in Wiel.

September 4359 - Financial corporations in Vanuku have welcomed the passage into law of a series of progressive policies by the Grand Council. Wide-sweeping changes, proposed by the Zemojad Prta (Labour Party) and promoting the rights of the individual, religious tolerance and internationalism have all been approved in what are seen as further steps towards a liberal, more open society in the former conservative monarchy.

As the markets opened in Wiel, the Vanukean Mark (VAN) strengthened its position with shares in leading companies such as the national oil and gas conglomerate Petrovan and chemical giant Chemieman also up several points during stock exchange trading. Leading automotive manufacturer Pecnék and steel manufacturer Vrijstaal have also received boosts in the market after the Ministry of Defence offered them significant long-term contracts as part of the latest multi-billion VAN investment in new armoured vehicles for the armed forces.

Taskir Kallatrych of the financial think tank The Alexis Krystj Institute, based in Wiel, said the boom was linked to a growing sense of internationalism.

He said: "Opening up the borders, doing away with an isolationist stance and generally being more welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs is a real starting point for political and economic success. Financial institutions around the world welcome this open-for-business stance and that is reflected in the terms of a considerable pecuniary benefit for Vanukean companies and their investors.

"Markets thrive on confidence and certainty and Vanuku is certainly one of the most confident and stable economies in the world right now."
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Postby Sisyphus » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:22 am

Vanukuean Delegation Flies Into Dankuk
Visit by Foreign Minister De Smet Marks Closer Ties Between the Two Nations

March 4360 - Delegates from Vanuku - headed by Foreign Minister Gus De Smet - have arrived in the Grand Imperial Union of Dankuk to further enhance ties between the two nations. Mr De Smet was greeted by the Elected Representative of the Empress Darren Jenkins as well as his counterpart - Foreign Minister Giles Wilkins - on arrival in the capital Iglesia Mayor.

He will later hold talks with Prime Minister Elizabeth Kong and address representatives in the Imperial Senado.

The visit is primarily to look at extending a trade agreement that exists between the two countries but talks will also inevitably turn to issues of maintaining peace and stability in the North Dovani nation.

Dankuk is the subject of World Congress scrutiny over its nuclear armament programme with the Security Council passing a resolution to send an inspection team led by Dorvik to evaluate the situation. However, Dankuk has recently taken steps to denuclearise through a disarmament bill and Vanuku has pledged to work with the country to maintain peace.

Whether that will lead to a formal defence or security guarantee based on Dankuk upholding its pledge to disarm remains to be seen. However, the determination of Vanuku to extend its influence into northern Dovani affairs is patently clear.
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Postby Reddy » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:02 pm

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