Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

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Postby EDominus » Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:46 am

Civil Unrest Grows In South Vanuku

July 4360

Every since the late 4280s, there has existed a minority of Orderist Hosianist believers in Vanuku.
But problems have been increasing in resent years starting with the fall of the Vanuku monarchy.

King Temrkai, former King of Vanuku, allowed the Orderist communities to autonomously the southern parts of country. His heir King Juhn IX continued this policy.
But during the late 4340s the monarchy of Vanuku and the royalist Greater National Party began to lose control of the nation. This broke the nation into various factions. One of these factions was the Holy Army, a fanatical religious denomination that formed which gained support in the southern parts of the nation.

The Holy Army pushed for radical changes in government that would force citizens to follow there religion, these laws would also strip autonomy from the Orderist regions. This caused much upheaval in the southern regions, as religious riots broke out. Many Orderists were forced out of there communities, now living in isolated ghettos on the border between Vanuku and Zardugal.

But with coronation of Vilhelmo Fenikso-Thaller by the Orderist church, many Orderist followers in Vanuku, now emboldened, are demanding for the ending of there religious oppression. Some radical Orderists are even calling for the complete termination of the Holy Army.


On the other spectrum followers of Kutsalwrntukai and the Holy Army wish to stop the spread of Orderism into Vanuku, seeing it as a threat to the stability of the nation. Many in the religious group also believe the Orderists trying to drag foreign powers into the politics of the nation.

This heresy (orderism) is a threat to Vanuku. Not only is it an attack on our religion, but also a tool for a foreign agenda to take over our country. We should do everything we can to stop the Orderism from spreading across the Vanuku.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:13 am

New Flagship Aircraft Carrier Commissioned
Multi-Billion VAN Project aims to keep Vanuku as one of Terra's pre-eminent Naval Powers

CGI released by the MoD showing the new flagship.

August 4360 - A 10 billion VAN, five-year project has been announced to build a new flagship carrier for the Vanukean Vlótz (Navy).

The Támnr-class nuclear-powered carrier will feature the state-of-the-art ST-21 multi-purpose jet fighter among its air group along with early warning aircraft, search and rescue helicopters and anti-submarine warfare helicopters. It will be the fourth capital ship of its kind constructed by the Western Majatran nation.

The VS Mrjkai (Protector) will be attached to the powerful Vanukean First Fleet with the existing flagship VS Támnr II being reassigned to front up the Second Fleet. The Third Fleet will continue to be headed up by the VS Kesprka with the VS Kustalkai Lawrns-Wrntukai playing a flexible, auxiliary role, adding superior projection capability when or where required.

Government-owned Shipyard Havendam will build the new vessel - with a deadline of April 4365 set for its launch, although some experts say this may be an ambitious timeframe.

The move comes as Vanuku continues to consolidate its position as one of Terra's three great military powers and will help it to continue to expand its role in international affairs.

Minister of Defence Ulugbék Srnkzi said: "The Vlótz currently has three nuclear-powered aircraft carriers - one for each fleet. However, it is our belief that in order to ensure that we remain the pre-eminent naval power in Terra that we must commission one more carrier - a new flagship for the fleet. It will also mean we have an auxiliary capital ship that can be rotated amongst the three fleets, if needed, or add further naval projection in the case of conflict or to be used as part of an international task force."

The capital fleet announcement follows hot on the heels of the commissioning of 15 new primary and secondary support frigates in 4356, each equipped with sophisticated early warning systems, which are being completed in waves up until December 4361.

In other News... Vote on Orderism To Be Held

Grand Council Members are voting on whether to allow the Orderist faith to be granted recognised religion status in Vanuku.

The faith, which blends Hosianism and ancient Augustan mysticism, has spread into the southern part of the country from Zardugal, where it originated. The fundamentalist religious organisation The Holy Army, has called for a complete ban of the faith, which it sees as heretical and a "tool for a foreign agenda".

Others believe that because the Head of the Orderist Church is Prince Vilhelmo Fenikso-Thaller it will help the notorious Thaller dynasty finally achieve a foothold in Vanuku.

However, Orderism has been welcomed in neighbouring countries, such as Jelbania, and many in Vanuku believe accepting its rise is part of being a tolerant and open nation. In the run up to the vote extra police have been deployed to southern Vanuku to help quell violence and rioting that has broken out in connection with the autonomous rights of Orderists.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:26 pm

Istalia and Vanuku combine for training operations as Terra reacts to increasing militarisation

Units from Istalia and Vanuku combined for the month-long training exercise.

September 4360 - Vanuku and Istalia have taken part in joint, multi-terrain military exercises involving more than 25,000 troops. It comes as governments around Terra have started to voice concerns over a building sense of militarisation and aggressive behaviour.

Units from the Vanukean Grm (Land Force Army) linked up with counterparts from the Esercito della Repubblica Istalia for a month of joint operations in the eastern state of Bomkalek, demonstrating the combined prowess of the two global military powers. The exercises gave both armies the opportunity to test and evaluate new weaponry and tactics in both offensive and defensive scenarios and in varied terrain. Support from the Vanukean Tanhrikai (Air Force) was also utilised, the Ministry of Defence confirmed.

As well as senior commanders from both armed forces, the Vanukean Defence Minister Ulugbék Srnkzi and the Defence Minister of Istalia Andreatto di Nero were also in attendance. Both ministers later released a joint statement saying the exercises had proven to be vitally important and had tested doctrines aimed at military co-operation in a variety of plausible combat situations.

However both were also quick to dismiss that the exercises were in response to similar operations carried out by the world's third great military power, Kazulia, recently. Earlier this year, actions by the northern Dovani powerhouse had been branded threatening by the Trigunian Foreign Minister who claimed Kazulia's build up was suited to an invasion of his country and Keris.

In Artania, growing regional power Dorvik has been expanding militarily with the commissioning of two Kaiser Class Aircraft Carriers and Vanuku is also in the middle of its own major fleet modernisation programme.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:55 am

Hereditary peerages now allowed as spreading faith gains official status in another Majatran nation.

Grand Council Members vote yes to two landmark bills.

August 4361 - The Vanukean Grand Council has passed into law two key pieces of legislature that will be instrumental in shaping the country for many years to come.

In the first instance, the country's nobility has been given a major lifeline through a law which allows titles to be hereditary and for peers to hold greater rights and powers. It overturns legislation passed shortly after Vanuku became a republic, which didn't allow for an hereditary system or for new titles to be granted and which effectively would have put an end to the nobility within a couple of generations.

The majority of parties in the Council voted for the changes - despite many of them being openly republican. The move is seen by political analysts as a tactical compromise, which is aimed at striking a balance between supporters of Vanuku's grand past and heritage and the modern-facing presidential republic. Others believe it may open the door for a return of the king in a "tamer" form as a constitutional rather than absolute monarch.

A second law change saw the Orderist faith be granted recognised religion status - easing tensions with Vanuku's southern neighbour Zardugal. Orderism which blends Hosianism with traditional Augustan mysticism has spread from Zardugal and is followed by many in the southern reaches of Vanuku. But an initial clamp down had caused unrest and led to violence, with Zardugal threatening to step in if the matter wasn't dealt with.

In a tight vote in the Council, 294 votes were cast in favour of recognising Orderism, 240 members voted against it and there were 60 abstainers.

The No campaign was led by the Holy Party which sees Orderism as heretical and a tool for a foreign takeover of Vanuku. Others are concerned that the Head of the Orderist church is Zardic Prince Vilhelmo Fenikso-Thaller and that it will see Thallerism gain a foothold in the country.

However, many parties cautiously welcomed its rise to recognised status but pledged they would act if there was any danger to the country.

A statement released by the Noble Party said: "Our party believes all citizens have a right to freedom of religion, and recognizes the Orderist faith as a religion within Vanuku. While religious freedoms are inalienable rights and should not be violated, the moment we believe Orderism to be a threat to Vanuku’s national security we will call for the religion to be shut down within Vanuku’s borders and take it with utmost seriousness as we would with any threat to the wellbeing of our great and powerful nation."
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Postby Sisyphus » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:15 pm

Vanuku Invests Heavily in Jelbania's 'Wolf' Economy
Multi-billion VAN deal demonstrates closer ties between the two Jelbic Nations

The investment will see Vanuku take up a 35 per cent share in the expanding Temrort mining company (above) as well as build road and rail links.

October 4361 - The Vanukean government has announced a 3.5 billion VAN investment in neighbouring Jelbania as the two nations look to forge closer economic ties.

The lion share of the money (3 billion VAN) is being pumped into Temrort Ltd, a major mining company focusing on metal and mineral extraction in the Khaganate. In return, the Vanukean government will receive a 35 per cent share in the expanding corporation, which extracts a range of ores from iron and copper to gold and uranium

The remaining 500 million VAN is being used to improve road and rail infrastructure in northern Jelbania in a bid to speed up transport connections with Vanuku. The aim is to create enhanced highways and branch routes linking up with the established Trans-Jelbanian Railway.

The deal was brokered following a visit to Jelbania by Foreign Minister Gus De Smet a year ago in which he met with Manil Khagan and discussed trade opportunities as well as closer cultural ties between the two Jelbic nations.

Vanuku maintains one of Terra's four great economies and has recently increased its budget spend in all areas of its economy. As well as substantial rail, road and housing investment, the government has also undertaken a major Grand Canal widening project to increase traffic on the 130km waterway linking the Verranderlijke Ocean and the Majatran Sea.

Jelbania has a growing economy with a decade of reforms leading to a registered growth rate of 6.2 per cent (up to June 4354) but with the potential to increase that to as much as 8 per cent growth by 4365.
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Postby Murrah » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:59 pm

Orderists Still Harassed Despite Formal Recognition
Legality of the actions taken by the police has been called into question

October 4361 - Although the Grand Council did grant formal recognition to the Orderist faith, the situation of the believers remains unsure.

During the last week, estimated 420 Orderists were arrested by the authorities of the Skalkárak region. The official reason behind the arrests is "links with foreign special services and possibly espionage activity against the state of Vanuku". However, it seems to be clear to some commentators that the real cause is different. "This is a continuation of the systematic discriminatory opression by the fundamentalist Vanuku officers", Adelbert Vroom, the chair of the Institute for Religious Freedom, stated. The authorities deny the accusations and say there is a serious threat to the security of Vanuku that has to be investigated. "Our actions are both legal and highly reasonable", Krsyijkai Intrsmorsrmko Kwkh said. The Minister of Internal Affairs promised that the investigations would go in fast pace.

At the same time, the religious fundamentalists from the Holy Army have been adding to the anti-Orderist narration, calling for tightened religious laws and insisting on breaking military ties with the Zardic country, where the Orderism originated.

Media have no information if and when any of the arrested citizens are going to be released. No charges have been filed yet. As it has been reported, the actions of the police have made thousands of southern Vanukean Orderists be afraid to come back to the populous areas, fearing not only of the arrests, but also of the anti-Orderist sentiments in the society.
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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:37 am

Nuclear Disarmament Bid Set to Fail
Proposal to limit ICBMs and prevent the use of chemical and biological weapons rejected by majority of Grand Council parties

One of Vanuku's Ztjarmojad (Scourge) Mark IV ICBMs - part of the country's nuclear arsenal.

August 4362 - Vanuku's Grand Council looks set to reject plans to halve the country's nuclear arsenal and ban the use of chemical and biological weapons in warfare. Radical plans were put forward by the Rekvaknsé Prta in a bid to help prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction around the world.

Rekvaknsé Party leader Nees Maes argued that the greater powers had a duty to lead by example and reduce their arsenals rather than "hypocritically" preach to lesser nations about developing weaponry. "It is a case of do as we say not as we do," said Maes. "The stick rather than carrot approach has been tried by nuclear powers in the World Congress on many occasions, it is time to do away with the threat and try some proactive, lead-by-example dialogue."

However, his bill to prevent chemical or biological weaponry being used by Vanuku and plans to decommission six of the nation's ICBM nuclear warheads has been rejected by the majority of other parties. (OOC: figures based on last report quantifying nuclear weaponry).

A spokesperson for the Holy Army rejected the proposal. He said: "Vanuku is proud to be the greatest military power on Terra. Other countries ought to respect us. The stronger we are, the more respect we will command. Reducing our weaponry is not a step in the right direction.

Maes argued that Vanuku's conventional forces, which have undergone extensive modernisation over the last few decades more than made up for the reduction of nuclear weapons. He said the powerful army, navy and airforce were deterrent enough to any rogue power that would consider hostilities.
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Postby Sisyphus » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:44 pm

Can Vanuku Benefit From The Rise of the 'Noble Republic'?
Special report into the growing influence of the aristocratic oligarchs

Duke Féodr IV van Zalder, partriarch of the Zhtál-Merlkai noble house, is one of many influential aristocrats showing a keen interest in politics.

October 4362 - Laws which have given aristocratic families greater powers and seen the reinstatement of the hereditary title inheritance laws, have led to a new breed of politics in Vanuku. While the country is constitutionally a presidential republic with an elected head of state in the form of the Rklemjikai, many people are beginning to use the term "noble republic" to reflect the influence the powerful houses have over the state.

Many noble families have closely associated themselves to political parties in the national legislature (The Grand Council) providing funding and other support in return for pushing their political and socio-economic agendas. Others are less open and partisan, providing their support ad-hoc on a bill by bill basis. So, while the republic and democracy continues to prosper, an almost aristocratic oligarchical system is being established behind the scenes centred on the most rich and powerful members of society.

Tar Malikj, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Prinsenaard, said: "We have seen the political landscape change dramatically over the last decade but no one could have predicted that when the dust settled this hybrid of republicanism and aristocracy would emerge.

"The so-called noble republic is certainly a compromise deal between arch-republicans and those who wish to reinstate the monarchy. But, simply put, the noble families had too much wealth and influence in institutions like the military to be simply ignored following the abolition of the monarchy. So they either had to play a significant role in society or, as in a communist system, removed completely and their wealth distributed. The latter path would most certainly have led to civil war; the route that has been taken is one of less resistance and allows very differing philosophies to co-exist.

"We now have a situation where the major noble families have considerable sway and influence over the political parties, through funding and other support. We will likely see more members of the nobility hold positions in the grand council and the cabinet again, and the awarding of senior military positions to aristocratic family members - something that has been kept to a minimum since the formation of the new republic.

"To be honest, even in the staunchest of republican countries there is a political elite or political dynasties that hold sway for many generations and dominate one party or another through their power, influence and wealth. That is the sort of system we have gravitated towards here.

"Those who are for the status quo must now safeguard against one house or the other gaining too much power or control, or it will upset the fine balance of democracy and aristocracy. If that can be achieved, there is no reason why Vanuku cannot flourish under this system."

A Who's Who Of The Most Prominent Noble Houses:

House Banmek-Sntazed - noble house of the former kings of Vanuku, Throughout history closely associated with the now defunct Greater Nationalist Party; believed to be loosely associated with the current Noble Party. They are unashamedly pro-monarchy and promote nationalist and conservative values.

House Kwkh-Ílja - known to be devoutly Hosian and socially conservative. Are now strongly linked with the fundamentalist Holy Army, the largest party in the Grand Council.

House Zhtál-Merlkai - A noble house that favours the current political system and advocates joining the Majatran Union. Links to the Republican Party.

House Vrkz-Krlmék - one of the most prominent Ahmadi dynasties in the country, progressive thinkers and strong proponents of a pro-environmental, pro-Jelbic Union government.

House Teunissen van Pender - a liberal, pro-business, pro-secular-leaning dynasty. Extreme wealth accrued from the oil and defence sectors

House Anzlék-Zahr - Hosian, pro-agrarian, centre/centre-right of the political spectrum. Owns vast swathes of farmland in the south.

(OOC: Please note this list will be added to retrospectively as the names of more noble house are passed onto me.)
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Postby Sisyphus » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:00 pm

Strict Religious Reforms Spark Violence
Claims of Persecution Lead to Civil Unrest and Rioting As Fundamentalist Doctrine Introduced

Police clash with religious protestors in southern Vanuku.

September 4365 - Religious reform continues to dominate the political landscape in Vanuku. Since the re-election of President Kutsalwrntukai - the self styled religious leader of the nation - the Grand Council has been asked to approve a series of laws linked to extreme Hosian beliefs.

It has led to every citizen in the country being mandated to follow the so-called Church of Vanuku faith - a religion "establshed" by the Holy Army and its supporters and based on the most fundamental principles of Hosianism and conservative thinking.

Inevitably it has led to major upheaval, protests and rioting in some areas of the country. It has also seen calls for a clamp down on Ahmadi, Yeudi and offshoot Hosian followers, such as Orderists. Homosexuals and other groups who do not comply with the doctrine of the Church of Vanuku - such as pro-abortionists - are being placed on watch lists.

Military units have been deployed in the south of the country where the Orderist faith had spread from Zardugal. Reports have also come in that places of worship that do not comply with the Church of Vanuku doctrine are being dismantled.

Minister of Defence Ulugbék Srnkzi, who due to martial laws is also de-facto head of Vanukean police, said that all necessary action was being taken to ensure the safety of law-abiding citizens.

Terran Patriarchal Priest Vlavk Srmorsteks said the religious purge had gone too far and now even moderate Hosians feared for their safety. He said: "What will come next? Ahmadis, Yeudis and Orderists are all being persecuted, how long before those of us who hold traditional Hosian beliefs are questioned? Many people are scared and looking for a way out - but the government has tightened up border control and we are not even sure we could leave the country if we wished to now. Let us hope god will hear our prayers now."
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Postby EDominus » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:31 pm

Orderist Riots in Krlmek, Schalkaren

September 13th, 4365
By Dogan Aksari

Schalkaren State Police sent to arrest Orderist Radicals

With the government voting in favor to enact the Great Religious Reform, Orderist clashes with police have become common within the southern parts of Vanuku.
But on September 11th, things came to a head on the streets of the city of Krlmek.
An Augustan Orderist by the name of burned the national flag in protest of the GRR. He was quickly apprehended by the police, but Orderist protesters nearby seeing what happened began to fight with the police. Quickly the situation grew from a small clash, to a full blown riot. By evening the riot continued, Schalkaren State Police were sent in to arrest radicals. But the damage was done.

On September 12th, an Orderist militia by the name of "Holy Fire's Army" posted a message on various websites declaring that the Orderist faith is under attack and declaring war on the Vanuku government.
Brothers, the Great Religious Reform is the tool designed to crush our congregation. This isn't the work of evil men, this is the work of the Devil himself! Do not be mistaken the Kutsalwrntukai was not sent by God, because what kind of God would oppress his own children? The truth is that Kutsalwrntukai was sent by the Devil to bring the growing truth faith, the Orderist faith to ruin. We in the Holy Fire's Army will not allow this to happen! We call on our allies throughout Majatra to help us fight these oppressors! IN GOD'S NAME AMEN!

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