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by Kubrick
Military Coup topples Republic
Several generals and admirals involved, status of cabinet yet unknown.

Masked soldiers near parliament in the capital city of Wiel shortly after the TV announcement of the military take over.

March 4383 - In a surprise to many in the nation the military announced on national TV that they would be taking over the nation within the hour. At the point of the broadcast troops had already begun occupying large vital sectors of the capital and other major cities. Airports were also occupied and flights were temporarily suspended. On the TV broadcast two men sat at the front, with one of them speaking, they were flanked by many other military officers from all branches of the Vanukean Armed Forces. The leaders of the coup are Commander-General Adlé Akedkáhe, the Chief of Staff, and Grand Admiral Wrné Zahr, the current commander of the Second Fleet. In total the coup boasts many more military members, showing that the attempts of the Republic to 'purge' the military of anti-republican sentiment has failed in the end. Commander-General Akedkáhe, cited as the leader of the coup, announced that the nation would return to its roots of being an autocratic monarchy.

The act they proposed to parliament at gunpoint does not only bring a restoration of the monarchy but also implements some radical changes to the political system. Several political ideologies, like republicanism, communism, socialism and theocracism, are with the passing of the bill illegal. In another move the military suspended the democracy in favour of an absolute monarch, yet many expect the King to revert this once he is in power. The suppression of the Vanukeaans language in favour of the Jelbic Wrnkuaék tongue will also be implemented once more.

According to the leaders of the coup the cabinet has been apprehended and is in custody, yet no sign of them has been given nor have family members been contacted to assure their safety. Some fear a bloodbath but General Vrnkrt, who took over Wiel, has assured reporters that the 'leaders of the damned Republic' are 'safe and unharmed'. The current King-in-exile, Wrntukai V, who was in Vanuku at the time of the coup, has not yet commented. It is unknown whether he was involved or even approves of the military coup. It is widely expected that he will accept the offer to take the crown of Vanuku.

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by Kubrick
Over 10,000 arrests as Junta purges restored Kingdom
Leader of Military Coup tipped to become new Prefect after retirement.

An unidentified man being apprehended on a parking lot near Nachten.

June 4384 - Shortly after King Wrntukai V reluctantly accepted his ancestral throne the Military Junta ordered the arrests of over 10,000 people in their broad plan to return stability and order to Vanuku. The recent moves the Junta has been making have been regarded as highly controversial and are expected to spark outrage over the borders of the recovering Kingdom. Commander-General Akedkáhe, the leader of the Junta, has stated that these steps are necessary. "If we do not restore order swiftly and without bloodshed then there will be bloodshed" said the 55 year old soldier. Akedkáhe has quickly established a reputation of a controversial and firm leader during his short tenure as leader of the Military Junta that formally controls the Kingdom. Akedkáhe enlisted at the age of 18, straight out of school, instead of entering a military college as most of his fellow staff officers did. As a private Akedkáhe quickly impressed his superiors leading to his promotion to the rank of Sergeant at the age of 19. At 21, with the rank of Staff Sergeant, his Commanding Officer recommended him for an officer side course. At the age of 24 Akedkáhe got his first commission as a Lieutenant. By the age of 35 he was a Colonel. His promotion to divisional General came at the age of 39, making him the youngest General in the Vanukean Armed Forces to date. Akedkáhe always maintained a low profile and never involved himself in politics, building a reputation of an organizational genius as well as an extremely diligent worker. With him seemingly apolitical the Republican regime eventually offered him the position as Chief of Staff at the age of 46, for several years he worked in this position until the Military Coup of 4382. According to the Commander-General himself, who was invited to the coup and then voted as its leader somewhere in 4380, he accepted to join because "Vanuku was not the Vanuku where I enlisted as a young lad, it was a tyranny". During his time as leader of Vanuku he has shown immense diligence and is well-liked by his subordinates in the reformed government. There are several sources stating that in the next few weeks he will retire from the military and accept an offer from the King to become the next Prefect. Until then he remains a controversial figure, cited as the brain behind the arrest spree. Even members of the Greater Nationalist Party have reacted shocked to the clear political arrests. However many approve and the King himself has not filed any objection either. It is uncertain what will happen with the arrested people.

Military Junta hands in resignation, King Wrntukai V accepts full powers
Akedkáhe leads cabinet of technocrats, nobles, GNP members and one other former Junta member.

King Wrntukai V, now 63 years of age, at a state banquet.

December 4384 - The Military Junta has officially offered their resignation to the King, who openly accepted it and thanked them for their hard work. Furthermore the King also accepted the request of the Chief of Staff and leader of the Junta, Commander-General Adlé Akedkáhe, to retire from military service. The 56 year old general stated that after countless years of hard work he has done his duty enough for his fatherland. As a counter-offer the King gave him the option to become the Prefect of Vanuku as a civilian. The retired officer subsequently accepted the King's offer. In two days a cabinet was formed by the King and Prefect. Pundits have noted that the cabinet consists of a few senior Greater Nationalist Party members, a few nobles from the King's circle, one General of the Junta (who will continue to serve as Minister of Defence) and a substantial amount of technocrats. The government stated in a response to questions about it that the amount of non-aligned technocrats was a deliberate decision. "The Kingdom is in a state of repair, upheaval and, reform, now is the time we bring in experts to solidify our great nation and move forward". So far the King has shown no inclination to yield his absolute powers and at a state banquet that was hosted after the formation of the cabinet he stated in a speech that he will work closely together with the Prefect and his ministers to start several economic and defence spending programs to assure that Vanuku remains a dominant power.

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by Kubrick
6,741 arrestees released after swift trials
King Wrntukai V personally ordered swift processing

One of the arrested persons was Laura Vrkzel, 41, who today learned she would be released immediately.

January 4385 - With the nation under full control the King has moved swiftly to bring forwards his own sense of order and security with a set of royal edicts. Most of these address the economy and civil liberties of the nation but the King has not ignored the 11,481 arrestees that were sitting in Vanukean jails for several weeks. On his order the courts of Vanuku started a massive trial at an astonishing rate. The Ministry of Justice however was instructed by the King to maintain their usual quality. "This nation will have no unjustly imprisoned citizens" the King said in a statement regarding the mass trials. Of the 11,481 arrested citizens a majority was released after one week of trials, a total of 6,741 people learned they were innocent of the charges put against them. One of them was Laura Vrkzel, who only today faced the court. Vrkzel, 41 and a single mother, had been accused of preparing a terrorist attack together with four others that were arrested on the same day. Vrkzel always maintained her innocence throughout the four weeks she was detained, a few hours before her trial vital evidence was discovered that cleared her of all charges. The presiding judge, mr. Vrnsrmo, stated that the Kingdom had done a grievance towards ms. Vrkzel and she would receive compensation. Ms. Vrkzel herself however was simply overjoyed by her release. "I'm going home to hug my son" is all she had to say to the press. The 4,740 people that were convicted of their crimes mostly received several years in jail for crimes like supporting forbidden ideologies (communism, Orderism, etc.) or planning terrorist attacks or committing high treason. Six men and one woman were conviced of planning regicide after the police uncovered their plot to assassinate the King. The police stated they caught the plot in the early stages and the King was never at risk, they also confirmed the would be assassins were part of a radical republican communist organization. The King himself, like judge Vrnsrmo, pledged that all unjustly detained citizens would receive compensation.

Vanuku cuts ties with Dankuk amidst Kazulia controversy
"We recognize our ancient allies" states Prefect Akedkáhe

Prefect Adlé Akedkáhe during the press conference.

March 4385 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince Pawl Banmek-Sntazed, visited the Great Dovani Co-Prosperity Summit over the last few weeks and allegedly reported back to the King and Prefect in utter disgust. Inside sources have stated that the Prince almost begged his uncle to cut ties with Dankuk. One part of a leaked transmission is all but telling for the current situation: "it is a meeting of warmongerers, only one delegation is proposing a peaceful approach but they are the opposition in their homeland, we can not betray our ancient allies by promising a warpath". The cabinet however acted swiftly and issued the Prince with a mandate to disassociate Vanuku from the summit. After a short statement that read "the restored Kingdom of Vanuku is most displeased with this course of action of Dankuk, this is not safeguarding peace, this is warmongering" the Prince and his delegation left the summit. Shortly after the Prefect held a press conference in the capital stating that Vanuku would abandon the treaties with Dankuk and Hulstria regarding their military alliances. "We will be looking towards our ancient allies, Kazulia and Indrala, to once more bring peace and prosperity to our planet". There are rumours that the President of Kazulia, Sindre Granberg, will be visiting Vanuku. The government refused to comment for now but if this turns out to be the truth perhaps a new alliance would loom on the horizon, one much like the ancient monarchist alliances that Vanuku and Indrala once headed.

Armed Forces High Command pleased with financial investments
General Megàmotojokai, the Minister of Defence, advocates for even more defence spending.

April 4385 - With the new budget being reviewed by the Grand Council the Ministry of Defence will see an immense increase of their budget. According to the Minister now was the time to invest. "For all their flaws the Republicans took good care of our military, a new carrier, modernization programs and the same nose for quality the Kingdom before it had" said General Megàmotojokai in parliament to convince the parliamentarians. The King himself today approved the budget, making it binding in the coming weeks. With the current budget however Minister Megàmotojokai has already redirected a massive cash flow towards the Armed Forces High Command. The AFHC is led by the Chief of Staff, the position previously held by Prefect Adlé Akedkáhe. The new Chief of Staff, Commander-General Vrnkrt, is a familiar face from the Military Junta. He was recently promoted to Commander-General by King Wrntukai V for his gallant treatment of the cabinet during his take over of Wiel. Vrnkrt requested additional funds for extra training for all units. "Can't let the boys and girls getting lazy now can we?" a smiling Vrnkrt said to the press. The immense exercises will be followed by a modernization and expansion program. It is believed that the Chief of Staff, even though he is a born infantryman, has decided to put a focus on the navy. The fleets of Vanuku might be facing big expansions with severl Admirals advocating for a 'grand fleet doctrine' where one Vanukean fleet can take on the average of two foreign fleets.

De-nationalized Shipyard Havendam announces order of 10 frigates
Rumours about increasing navy size confirmed by CEO of Shipyard Havendam.

The HMVS Augus'rlji demonstrating her top speed, the new frigates will be of the same class.

April 4385 - The CEO of the Shipyard Havendam, Dnkai Salyzr, proudly announced that his company has received a contract for ten frigates. The models will be an updated version of the existing frigate class that is currently in service with the Vanukean navy. The current frigates are already listed as the top of the line but Salyzr stated that "there's always room for improvement" and that foreign experts would be brought in to update electronics and weapon systems. The Shipyard Havendam was recently sold back to private investors after it was nationalized during the republican regime. The Salyzr family, an industrial and political dynasty in Vanuku, was quick to jump on it and owns a majority of the shares. "I was very glad I was able to buy back part of the company that my great-grandfather worked so hard on" said Dnkai Salyzr. The announcement from the naval industry giant confirms the rumours that the Ministry of Defence is focusing on expanding the Vanukean navy.

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by Sisyphus
Duke Calls For King and Prefect to Set Out A Clear Way Forward
Wrntukai V must try to blend monarchy with democracy if nation is to remain stable

Duke Sigzma awaits the King's response to his call for reassurances.

February 4386 - The patriarch of the noble House Zhtál-Merlkai has called on the restored King and His Prefect to give reassurances on the way forward for Vanuku.

Duke Sigzma Barnkuksrmko Zhtál has made it clear that "even at gunpoint" the people will no longer accept a tyrant as its head of state and warned that suppression of age-old language and culture would inevitably lead to untold blood-letting and violence.

Whilst His Grace claimed he was pleased to see King Wrntukai V back on the throne, he said the last few decades of democracy could not just be swept under the carpet and compromise was needed to move forward.

Speaking from the Zhtál-Merlkai ancestral seat in Vrzkel, Skrovestes, Duke Sigzma said: "Whilst it is clear the last republican government had to go after losing its way under extremists and the self-interested, the new administration must learn from the lessons of the last few decades. They are that this country will no longer be suppressed by autocracy and that the suppression of culture and language is intolerable. Not even the threat of guns will prevent the will of the people in this matter so we need to understand what is the way forward and prevent further bloodshed and upheaval.

"We call on His Majesty to take the lead, show us he is a great man and agree to be a constitutional monarch - a head of state we can admire and look up to, not a king above the law. We then urge the government to repeal their laws banning the use of the Vanukeaans language so that it may sit side by side with Jelbic Wrnkuaék as a recognised language in this country and end their witch hunt against republicans.

"We do not wish to see further turbulence and we are happy to work with the king and His Majesty's government but on the understanding that we no longer live in a feudal age and the people must have more of a say if we are to maintain our positions as a pre-eminent global economic and military power."

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by Kubrick
King writes open letter to Duke Zhtál
Letter addresses Duke's concerns, King seeks compromise.

King Wrntukai V photographed at a charity event earlier today, in his usual casual style.

February 4386 - The King has spent the last year tirelessly working, heading sessions in parliament four times a week and visiting countless of events across the nation on the other three days. Inside sources have stated that the personal physician of the King, dr. H.I. Jeztri, has recommended him to slow down. Yet the King has refused this, stating he would only slow down if his work was done. Throughout the last years the King has increasingly distanced himself from the methods of his father and grandfather. King Temrkai, the grandfather of Wrntukai V, was known as the most autocratic and traditional monarch that Vanuku has had in over a thousand years. He refused to be photographed and preferred not to even be seen by people outside the royal circle. King Juhn IX attended public events regularly but maintained a very formal approach to his 'Kingship', with the only controversial act being the blocking of selling nuclear warheads to Solentia, an act that in the end cost him his throne but one about which he maintained until his death in 4381 that it "had been worth it for peace in Majatra". King Wrntukai V however has recently been nicknamed 'the Casual King' by a local Wiel newspaper. His style of dress and informal mannerisms are the main reasons for this, but so his his transparency and sometimes rather direct manner of addressing issues. In his very own style he responded to the concerns of Duke Sigzma Zthál with an open letter and invitation, insiting on a personal open dialogue and a series of compromises. The open letter has been included below.

"To the Duke Sigzma B. Zthál, lord of the Zthál-Merlkai domains,

Sparing no mercy or unnecessary manners you showed the nation your concerns, your wishes and your hopes. I have read the article, I have read your message and now I answer you with my view and an invitation. First of all I would like to invite you and whoever else you value to come visit me in the royal palace in Wiel, where we can speak together about the current state of our nation. The Prefect has already agreed to attend, and several Ministers are interested too.

As for the answer I give you, you will not be fully pleased. But I still sincerely hope you will find joy in the pledge that I bring you. To get directly to it I shall start with what I suspect you will find disappointing, but I still insist you read into my reasoning and find truth and solace in it. Republicanism brought this nation to tyranny, not monarchism. Look at the countless of Royal Edicts that are being processed by parliament as I write this. Racist laws, laws that force people to be of a religion, laws that limit the rights of women and suppress the gays. It has been centuries since we last saw such hideous legislation. How did this come to be? The Republic caused it, the Republic gave the radicals a platform from which they were able to, without any resistance, suppress half the population. This is the greatest tragedy, this is why right now this nation needs to recover from the ailment that is republicanism. I pledge to you that the ban on ideologies will be lifted in due time, but first our wounds must heal. With due time I am envisioning ten years. Ten years at the most.

When it comes to the tongue of the Dorvish-Wrnukaéks, the Vanukeaans language. My great-grandfather and grandfather saw to removing the language from the national curriculum, an act so many decades behind us that the national statistics agency assures me that is more expensive to reimplement it as an equal status language than to continue in the way of forging a more united Jelbic state. Only a tiny margin of the people still speak this language, a tiny margin! The only difference now is that we do not teach it at schools and no longer offer traffic signs in Vanukeaans. The speakers of the language are free to do so, I won't stop them, the government won't stop them. I hope you understand that this is moving forward, that is what we need right now.

Lastly you spoke of my absolute rule. Powers invested to me by the Junta that restored order. When I was offered the throne I wasn't sure whether I would accept, a coup is one thing, but absolute power is another. I do not enjoy holding it, but I know that at this moment it is necessary. As the absolute monarch I have seen to reforming the state with help of a technocratic cabinet. I urge you again to inspect the many laws I have signed, they are giving the freedom back to the Vanukean people and economy. Once more Vanuku will flourish! Do I wish to remain an absolute monarch? Absolutely not, and do forgive me for what the youth would call a pun. I intend to remain in absolute power until the passing of my last Royal Edict regarding the freedom of the Vanukean people. I personally envision this to last no longer than three to four years. If all work remains on schedule this should be an easy goal to reach, with a lot of hard work of course. After that I wish to become a constitutional monarch with a special veto regarding controversial legislation, to assure that I would be able to save Majatra like my father did. The powers of the state will be confined to the Prefect and his cabinet.

To summarize, Duke Sigzma, the policy on the Vanukeaans language will not change, but they are not suppressed, people can still speak it and study it at University, it will simply not be an official language but merely a recognized one. Secondly the ban on dangerous ideologies will be lifted within ten years. Lastly I will step down as absolute monarch when the reforms to a free society are complete, in four years at most. Until then I will dutifully serve my people.

I hope you will answer my invitation and add deeds to your noble words.


Wrntukai V, Wrnukaék Konz."

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by Wu Han

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King And Prominent Aristocrat Set To Meet To Discuss Reforms
Duke Sigzma Will Also Seek Approval to Form A New Political Party

Duke Sigzma looked relaxed as he answered questions about his upcoming meeting with King Wrntukai before attending a theatrical performance in Vrzkel.

August 4386 - Duke Sigzma Barnkuksrmko Zhtál has said he will graciously accept King Wrntukai V's invitation to visit the Royal Palace in Wiel after the Monarch pledged to introduce many of the reforms he had requested.

The head of the noble house of Zhtál-Merlkai, said he welcomed the opportunity to hammer out the fine detail after receiving an open letter from the restored king. His Majesty promised to relinquish absolute powers in the next few years and remove a blanket ban on certain ideologies in the nation.

The Duke also announced that he will be formally asking the King for permission to launch a new political party that will seek election to the Grand Assembly in a bid to widen out the democratic process. He said that the Zhtál-Merlkai Jezhrjekai Prta would work to ensure that the promised reforms were introduced and, where necessary, would hold the Prefect and the government to account.

The Duke said: "I am pleased that His Majesty shares my view on many of the reforms necessary to move Vanuku forwards and to keep it in its position as Terra's pre-eminent nation. As a descendant of Dorvish Majatran colonists who set up home in what is now northern Vanuku as far back as the 17th century, I would have preferred to see the Vanukeaans language returned to its official language status - particularly given its cultural significance in the north but on all other matters he has shown he is open to reform.

"This is an extremely positive step forward for Vanuku and augurs well for our future prosperity. My aim now is to establish a foothold within the political system to make sure these reforms are introduced and then maintained over time. In regards to the king's future role as a constitutional monarch, ideally, we need to draft a law setting out formally the responsibilities of the King as head of state and when, and how, His Royal Veto may be employed. This kind of clarity and openness is necessary to remove any ambiguity.

Duke Sigzma said his political party would be willing to work closely with the government on its defence-upgrading initiatives, carrying on from the massive investment in ships and military equipment and vehicles over the last 35 years. He also encouraged co-operation on infrastructure projects similar to those undertaken earlier in the century. They saw the widening of the Grand Canal in northern Vanuku, the expansion of Shipyard Havendam and the cargo port at Nachten, as well as millions being pumped into improving rail and road links.

He added: "The economic and military might of Vanuku is something we can be very proud of and there is no doubt there are exciting times ahead if we can smooth out the political rough edges of our nation too."

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by Kubrick
Prefect proposes to restore Lion & Dragon treaty
"Indrala has entered their era of Renascentia, it is our turn to help them"

Prefect Adlé Akedkáhe, who recently shared his views on Indralan-Vanukean cooperation.

February 4386 - When Vanuku denounced the warmongering stance of Dankuk and declared their support for their ancient allies of Kazulia and Indrala a wave of protests were heard in the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Kazulia and Indrala however rejoiced at the old Lion turning her back on warmongering imperialists. The Indralan Emperor sent several gifts to the offices of the King and Prefect, thanking them for their support. King Wrntukai V responded in kind by shipping a stallion of Temrkai's breed to Indrala for the Emperor. Historically receiving a Temrkai's breed from the monarch has been seen on equal status as receiving a knighthood.

The Prefect said that the government would make sure work of Indrala's invitation for a state visit. "Now is the time we act, now is the time we help them because they have helped our nation countless of times before" he stated during a press conference alluding to the fact that Indrala wishes to rebuild its once famous Black Tortoise Fleet. The Prefect has announced his intention to revive the ancient alliance between Indrala and Vanuku. "May the Lion and Dragon stand side by side once more, this time we will have Kazulia was well to bring peace and balance to the world". The Indralans have received an offer to help them with the technological aspect of heavy shipbuilding, as stated by the CEO of Shipyard Havendam.

King meets with Duke Sigzma Zthál
"His Majesty looks back on a productive meeting and hopes the Duke agrees"

September 4386 - The King and Prefect have had a personal meeting with Duke where they discussed the finer details of the concerns of the Duke. Previous concessions were made in the open letter that the King had published that was addressed to the Duke. Now however the two met face to face and the Duke shared his ambition to start a political movement in the Kingdom. Currently, as per the laws of the Military Junta, democracy is still suspended and the only recognized political authority is the Greater Nationalist Party, of which the King was a former leader. The King has previously stated in an interview he wishes to restore democracy in the future. Sources have reported that the three men had an amiable conversation.

Insiders of the royal palace stated that the King was eager to meet the Duke but that the Prefect was skeptical of the ordeal. In the conversation however the Prefect seems to have warmed to the Duke, who shared his views on mass investments in the defences of the Kingdom. The King was unwilling to bend on the controversial Vanukeaans ruling, reportedly stating that the Sntazed part of his dynasty were Jelbo-Dorvish as well but that he knows the time for Jelbic unity and change has come. It is unknown how long the discussion went on regarding restoring democracy and whether the Duke can form a political movement or not, some state that the King had some hefty terms for the Duke like vowing to never abolish nobility and the monarchy if he were to start a political movement.

In the end the most we can learn is from the statement of the royal family, that reads as follows: "His Majesty the King looks back on a productive meeting and hopes the Duke agrees. Earlier today the King, the Prefect and Duke Sigzma Zthál sat down to discuss their concerns. A pleasant meeting followed where the men found many common grounds but of course several discussions were had as well. In the end His Majesty has pledged to the Duke that democracy will restored after his final Royal Edict has passed, he has further explained that a Royal Veto would only be applicable for constitutional changes and important diplomatic decisions like declarations of war and the selling of nuclear arms for example. The King has given the Duke permission to start a political movements after he steps down from his absolute rule and assumes his position as the consitutional monarch. The King has said this will happen on January 1st 4391 and hopes the Duke shares his enthusiasm for the future."