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Postby Sisyphus » Tue May 15, 2018 3:44 pm

Heated Debate Over Defence Industries
Grand Council Looks Set to Block $50 Billion Foreign Investment And Throw Out Controversial Legislation

Emotions run high as the Grand Council debated the tabled bid and legislation proposed by the Trade and Industry Minister.

September 4393 - Vanuku's Grand Council looks set to block a $50 billion bid by a Hawu Mumenhes weapons technology manufacturer to acquire privatised defence industry companies and other assets.

A heated debate was sparked after Trade and Industry Minister Brnó Sigzmasrmko Zhtál proposed changing the law to allow foreign companies to gain a majority share in Vanukean firms after the substantial bid came in from Umkhiqizi ka Izikali. But many Grand Council members were up in arms over the possibility that foreign companies could be in the position of owning vital defence manufacturers and called for the deal to be blocked.

Heijtri Vrnsrmo, Defence Spokesman for the Greater Nationalist Party, said: "No! No! No! These companies are Vanukean and essential for our nation's defence! If the King were alive I'd petition him to use his veto."

The Communists were equally opposed to the idea. A spokesperson said: "Government consent for investments of foreign investors should be required, because it is not always good for the economy, which is why we will not support this bill."

The final nail in the coffins seems to have come from Defence Minister Colonel Eksandr Grzkaisrmko Anzlék who, backed by a large contingent of backbenchers and other cabinet members, pressed for the deal to be called off.

He said: "The proposed deal is not in the interests of Vanuku and we would like to ensure that all military contracts remain in the hands of Vanukean companies or are joint ventures with tried and trusted foreign allies. I propose this is moved to vote and parties show exactly what they think of this proposal... and then the Trade and Industry Minister can report back to the Hawu Mumenhes' weapons manufacturer that it is an overwhelming 'No'."

Grand Councillors will vote on the proposal in the next few hours.
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Postby Sisyphus » Thu May 17, 2018 10:14 am

Programme to Develop New "Super Fighter" Unveiled by Government
Ambitious Plans to Research, Develop, Test and Produce 'Sixth-Generation' Aircraft By The 4430s

Shape of things to come... experts have produced a concept drawing of what they think the VX-44 fighter could look like.

July 4394 - The Vanukean government has unveiled plans for a 35-year, $2.5 trillion programme to develop a new generation, multi-purpose fighter aircraft. The new plane, given the initial project working name VX-44, will build on the success of the airforce's S-10 Tanhri stealth fighter and the Z-35 multi-role fighter, which have seen action around Terra.

The VX-44 is being called a "truly sixth generation fighter" by the Ministry of Defence, which will provide superiority in all areas of aerial combat throughout the next century and beyond. The single-seat craft will be developed in conjunction with Vanuku's leading aeronautical and military tech companies who have been carrying out preliminary studies into the costs, timeframe and feasibility of the project over the last year and a half. It is not known at this stage if the project will be broadened out to bring in international support and expertise.

Minister of Defence Colonel Eksandr Anzlék told Vanuku's Grand Council members: "Vanuku is the pre-eminent military power on Terra - with the economic clout to back up that assertion. It is our intention to make sure that this remains the case. Over the last few decades we have seen major investment and procurement in the navy and the army and both now boast the most sophisticated weaponry, technology and best trained and equipped personnel.

"Now it is the airforce's turn. Therefore, we are announcing today our intention to deliver a new research and build programme to produce a truly sixth-generation, primary multi-role fighter, which will provide superiority in all areas of aerial combat through the next century and beyond.

"The programme is currently at the concept and initial planning stage and I can reveal that the Ministry of Defence has been working with Vanuku's leading defence and military tech companies over the last 18 months to look at design variants as well as general feasibility, costs and a realistic timeframe for the project.

"It is the Ministry's understanding that a 35-year programme with an overall investment of 2.5 trillion Vanukean Marks - based on an inflationary-adjusted 4420 figure - is required to research, test, deliver and procure this aircraft in sufficient numbers. This figure excludes ongoing operations and sustainment costs posterior to it entering service. This means the first aircraft could go into active service by the early 4430s."

Due to the military sensitivity and early stage of the project few specifics have been released about the planned new fighter. However, Defence Minister Anzlék did provide some general details. He said: "It will include a host of features such as extended mission range; an advanced human-system interface, a sophisticated weapons payload systems and post-present-tech sensor and avionics arrays as well as advanced stealth technology. It will also feature the most advanced engine technology and design features - meaning it will fly faster and further than fifth generation fighters and be more manoeuvrable in any given situation."

The intention is to develop both a conventional take-off and landing version and a short take-off and vertical landing variant for use with Vanuku's world-leading Támnr-class aircraft carrier.

Minister Anzlék later told Forwards Vanuku that the significant investment would be worth it. He said: "It is obvious that this will take up a significant portion of the 300 billion annual defence budget and require the unified willpower of subsequent governments to keep up this level of funding, however we are confident this will happen given the level of support it has already received.

"This aircraft will provide unprecedented aerial superiority projection for our armed forces and provide a major economic boost for our defence industries and associated tech companies over the forthcoming decades."

Only time will tell if the project can be delivered on budget and on time - or, even, if Defence Ministry ambitions for the plane will be matched by the levels of technology defence contractors can bring to the table. One thing is for certain, only a single-minded government approach over the course of the next three to four decades, with the budget to match, will certainly be needed for the VX-44 programme to bear fruit.
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Postby Kubrick » Thu May 17, 2018 12:14 pm

Succession Crisis Resolved, King Juhn X Crowned
33-year old monarch deemed to be an ambitious diplomat.

August 4394 - The succession crisis that held the Grand Council in a series of fiery debates has finally been resolved. Of the four candidates the 'finals' were battled out between the late King's bastard son, the Baron Juhn, and his brother Prince Kezkai. Both candidates were presented with "solid cases" according to the parliamentary chairman of the Greater Nationalist Party. Chairman Dnksrmo affirmed he found both candidates "equally capable" but that for Prince Kezkai age and willingness were a great factor and for Baron Juhn his wedlock status.

However the debate has been resolved by Prince Kezkai himself, who contacted the Greater Nationalists once more confirming the close ties of the royal family to Vanuku's oldest political party. There the Prince confided that at his age he had little interest in ruling after seeing the heated debates. In a statement to Wrntu Wrnuke the now 71-year old Prince wrote that "the pace and conviction of the debates and my own doubts over assuming the crown confirmed a thought I had in the back of my head for a long time, the crown took my brother, I wish to take it easy instead. I have full confidence in my nephew Juhn, he is well-educated, well-mannered and an excellent man." The only issue remaining with Baron Juhn was his legitimacy but both the party of the Prefect as well as the Greater Nationalists stated they found no problem with legitimizing the Baron, who was by a vote recognized as the legitimate son of King Wrntukai V.

Shortly after being legitimized the Prince was crowned as King Juhn X, being the first Vanukean monarch to reach ten as his regal number. King Juhn has stated he will spend the next few months attempting to find a suitable bride to affirm his status as a Banmek-Sntazed worthy of the throne. He has also stated he wishes to personally be the host of the Indralan royal tour of next year.

The only issue remaining with the new monarch is the method of succession, the Prefect has stated he wishes to reform the system of appointed succession that is currently in place. The King has to hand out the Archduchy of Banstill title to a worthy family member, the succession crisis was sparked by King Wrntukai failing to do so. The Prefect has expressed he would like to see absolute primogeniture or at the very least primogeniture succession in Vanuku. The Greater Nationalists however, especially chairman Dnksrmo, seem heavily opposed. Their counter-proposal instead wishes to force the monarch to hand out the title within a year of assuming the throne.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Mon May 21, 2018 2:17 pm

Prefect Points to Continuation of the Grand Coalition
Duke Sigzma Believes Stable Partnership Is Not Overshadowed By Economic and Religious Differences

Prefect Duke Sigzma Zhtál is philosophical over differences between the coalition partners.

September 4396 - Prefect Duke Sígzma Zhtál has said he is "hopeful" that the two leading parties can continue to govern as part of a grand coalition after the upcoming election - despite clashes over religious and economic reform. The Duke's party (The Z-MJP) and the Greater Nationalist Party (GNP) have worked together in government since the January 4391 election - the first since late king Wrnutek V gave up his absolute powers.

However, despite strong agreement in many areas and a united front to prevent the spread of communism and preserve the restored monarchy, there have been a number of notable cracks in the partnership.

This has been mostly prevalent in regards to the economic reforms the Prefect has introduced, which have seen some services like education and health be nationalised, whilst giving the state some control of other vital industries. But the latest and most vocal difference has been over religion and cultural reforms. The Prefect refused to back the GNP's push to have polygamous marriage recognised, while the GNP have called Duke Zhtal's subsequent proposal to make Vanuku more religiously open as "sickening double standards".

Asked about the clashes, the Duke was in philosophical mood. He said: "Look, we are not going to agree on everything. If we did we would be two halves of the same party. However, it is clear that the nation has progressed and become more stable over the last six years under our joint stewardship and hopefully we can continue in that vein.

"It is certainly much better for this country to see two parties who once in a while disagree working together to achieve a common goal rather than have a party in place that would rip up the constitution and declare Vanuku a revolutionary socialist republic."

Asked about the latest clash the Prefect said: "Our position on polygamous marriage is perfectly clear - it is not something that sits well in this country and certainly does nothing for the rights of women. There are many customs, just because they are deemed traditional or have been practised in the past, that have no place in a modern, democratic society."

Meanwhile, a debate over the royal succession law continues with King Juhn X wading in to give his own opinion. His Majesty prefers the current approach which enables the monarch to choose his own successor based on who he deems is the most worthy family member but has said he would respect the decision made by the Grand Council.

The GNP wishes to see the law modified to ensure that the King picks his successor within 12 months of ascending to the throne. The Z-MJP, who originally called for absolute primogeniture, have now compromised stating they would be willing to back the GNP proposal but based on two amendments to it - the first being that the king must consult the Prefect and the government before naming a successor and, secondly, that the monarch can pick a female member of the family as their successor.

Grand Council members are expected to vote on the proposal shortly after the next election due in January.
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