Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:36 am

Vanuku Launches Full Frontal Assault in Western Tribal Area
Casualties Believed to Be High As Deltarian Defence Remains Dogged In Difficult Terrain

Vanukean infantry bogged down in a firefight with Deltarian troops.

January 4418 - Vanukean and Deltarian armed forces have been involved in more bloody clashes after a major offensive was launched in the Western tribal areas of Jelbania. Multiple units from the Kingdom advanced on Deltarian-held territory in the southern and eastern part of the former state of Yamtekstan in a head-on assault directly ordered by the Prefect, Duke Brnó Zhtál.

However, unlike the abundant open plains found further east in the Katonid Khanate and the Northern Khaganate, the terrain in the tribal areas is not suited to Vanuku's vast array of fast-moving armoured and mechanised combat vehicles. It has meant a more slow moving, infantry-dominated advance backed up by air support.

Prefect Zhtál, who recently took personal charge of the Ministry of Defence, said that during the initial stages of the advance, Vanukean armed forces had made "substantial headway". However, statistics and reports released by independent observers suggested casualties were "high" and that the advance had been halted by dogged Deltarian troops defending in an area more suited to guerilla warfare.

Elements of the 18th Mountain Division try to make progress in difficult terrain unsuited to a fast mobile advance.

The presence of various tribal warlords, including the Jeztri Blue Horde faction, is also believed to have created issues that have hampered the Vanukean war machine being able to manoeuvre.

If the reports are true, then Vanuku's hopes of opening a new western front and breaking through the Deltarian flanks have not been successful. It would also mean that a line of defences and fortifications now exists from the east coast of Jelbania all the way through to the expanse of the tribal areas in the west.

The conflict is also drawing in more and more troops from both sides further reinforcing the stalemate that exists.

Vanuku's hope of breaking Deltarian resistance through a sustained strategic and tactical bombing campaign is also taking time to bear fruit. Deltaria has been able to keep open the recently built Zima rail link through the Katonid Khanate, to help keep supplies moving to the front line, while decoy tactics have been used to frustrate Deltarian stealth bombers missions aimed at taking at key economic and production sites.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby colonelvesica » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:50 pm

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:22 pm

Devastating Nuclear Strike Carried Out Against Deltarian Armed Forces
Tens of thousands believed dead or dying in a 10-kilometre radius - Vanuku issues ultimatum and threatens further missile attacks

An MoD-released image showing the nuclear strike viewed from a Vanukean observational point in the western tribal areas.

September 4418 - Up to 50,000 Deltarian troops are feared dead after Vanuku ordered a nuclear missile strike in a desperate bid to end the long-running conflict.

It is understood that a Ztjarmojad V tactical nuclear warhead with a yield of around 100 kilotons was fired at the Deltarian front line in Jelbania, near to the border of the Katonid Khanate and the western tribal areas. It instantly killed most people within a two to three kilometre blast radius and many more up to 10 kilometres away.

The strike was carried out in the very early morning using a short-range ballistic missile fired from a mobile launch system. It detonated at an altitude of 1,500 feet around 1.5km behind the most advanced Deltarian troops. During the night Vanukean frontline troops had secretly fallen back to pre-planned positions to escape the effects of the blast and an array of conventional missiles attacks and tactical and strategic bombing operations were carried out to screen the primary mission and tie up SAM defences and enemy airplanes.

Experts say that the radioactive fireball created by the nuclear warhead will have been hotter than the sun and would have exploded with the force of 100,000 tonnes of TNT. As well as the many people who died instantly in the inner three-kilometre blast radius, up to half of those up to 10 kilometres away could also have died from their injuries such as blast traumas, severe burns and asphyxiation. Others will painfully succumb to radiation sickness over the coming weeks.

It is also believed that the fall out will spread up to 80kilometres from the blast site, leading to many more deaths from radiation sickness and cancer overtime. It is also noted that prevailing winds were in a north to south direction when the attack took place, suggesting meteorological reports were taken into account.

Sensor arrays around the world picked up the seismic activity linked to the huge explosion, the visible effects of which could be seen as far away as Zardugal in the west.

A political map of Jelbania pinpointing the site of the nuclear attack.

Immediately following the devastating strike, the Vanukean government issued an ultimatum to the Deltarian government. A statement regarding the strike was read out in the World Congress General Assembly by the Vanukean delegate Baron Jebr Skronores in front of a visibly shocked audience of ambassadors and officials.

It read: "The Kingdom of Vanuku has carried out a tactical nuclear missile strike targeting the Deltarian Army, which is illegally occupying the southern parts of Jelbania and attempting to annex that region to its own nation. This attack was purposely aimed at a location which would minimise civilian casualties whilst maximising its effect on the Deltarian troops and their equipment and defences. It is our estimation given the size of the warhead used that initial Deltarian casualties will be in the region of 50,000 personnel over a 10km radius area.

"This missile strike was ordered by the Prefect of the Grand Council after consultation with the Armed Forces High Command, Senior Members of the Cabinet, the Leader of the Opposition and His Majesty the King. The action was taken to prevent the prolonged loss of lives on both sides - which is estimated would run into the hundreds of thousands of casualties to achieve conventional victory - avert further humanitarian crises and to bring the conflict to an end.

As a result we have issued the following statement to the Deltarian government and are now awaiting their response:

Understanding the overwhelming and superior power of the Vanukean Armed Forces, and faced with no proposition of being able to continue in this conflict without complete destruction, the Deltarian Government must carry out the following actions:

- Withdraw all Deltarian forces from Jelbania (the Greater Jelbek Steppe) territory with immediate effect - this refers to all those territories now commonly known as the Katonid Khanate, the Free Republic of Jelbania, the Northern Khaganate and the Western Tribal Areas.

- Immediately retract diplomatic recognition of the Katonid Khanate as a de-jure state or sub-state and officially recognise that that entity must be dissolved in order for a unified and peaceful Jelbania to be restored.

- Recognise that Vanukean troops may remain in the Northern Khaganate, western tribal areas and Free Republic of Jelbania to maintain peace until a lasting treaty of peace and unification is signed.

- The Deltarian government will agree to a ceasefire and are compelled to attend a subsequent peace conference aimed at unifying Jelbania, free from illegal occupying forces and based on the stipulations made above regarding the dissolution of the Katonid Khanate.

We expect compliance on all these matters and for that compliance to be communicated to Vanuku immediately. If Deltaria fails to agree with these demands we will see its as a continuation of hostilities between our nations. Therefore, we will be compelled to use secondary nuclear missile strikes to achieve our objectives - this will lead to the total annihilation of Deltarian armed forces in Jelbania and the liberation of the Katonid Khanate by force.

OOC: For information, this RP has been fully agreed by all players involved.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Doc » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:32 pm

Reprinted from
The Kalistani Republic
Kalistani Government Strongly condemns Jelbic Nuclear Attack
Premier to Withdraw from Vanuku Treaty

Kaliburg, Ananto
September 8, 4418

Premier of the Republic Carrangus to end relations with Vanuku over nuclear detonation

Very few details exist concerning the dramatic escalation this week to nuclear warfare in the Jelbic Conflict. However, what we do know is that an ally of Kalistan has detonated a 100 kiloton nuclear blast, which has, according to Vanukean sources, killed tens of thousands already and will destroy the lives of untold numbers in months and years to come.

The Government of Kalistan, which strongly opposes nuclear weaponry and considers them to be monstrous terror devices, is now reconsidering its relationship to the offending nation. The Government of Kalistan strongly condemned the act in a tersely worded statement issued by Premier of the Republic.

Kalistan condemns, in no uncertain terms, both the use of nuclear weapons, and the policy makers who made the decision to use them. We strongly condemn the Vanukean choice to utilize a nuclear arsenal in a conventional war. We cannot be concerned about the politics that may perhaps mitigate this mass destruction of human life. As the Vanukean Government knows full well, it is not the politicians who die in war. It is their poor, their enlistees and draftees. And it is the poor of the other side that they have killed by the scores of thousands. While the war was conventional, Kalistan remained neutral. Now that The Kingdom of Vanuku has chosen to make the war something quite different, The United Republic of Kalistan must respond.

As of this morning, I will be in consultation with my foreign policy and defense teams, as well as in consultation with the President of the Republic, concerning this matter. Effective immediately, the Vanuku Navy must suspend all shore leave for sailors and soldiers who are attached to the 4th Fleet stationed at the Bozo River Combined Arms Training Facility in Ananto, and recall those men and women to their ships. Within 24 hours, police and militia who find Vanukean military personnel in Ananto will detain those individuals and escort them back to Bozo River to hand them over to their commanders. In addition, all Vanukean Embassy personnel are to return to their missions and await further word from their Government. As per our agreement with Vanuku, which terms we still honor, we are officially providing notice of Kalistan's intent to abrogate the Kaliburg Trilateral Accord of 4413, specifically Articles 3 and 5 with regard to Vanuku, and expect to move a bill to fully withdraw from that Treaty and our relationship with Vanuku within a week. Meanwhile, all Vanukean Nationals in any way associated with the Government of The Kingdom of Vanuku are asked to please report to Vanuku's nearest Embassy or consulate, so that Vanuku may get you safely out of the country.

It is with great sorrow that the Government takes these steps. Our relationship with Vanuku has been a profitable one for Kalistan. We will however, no, we can not tolerate this great affront to humanity. And we would rather be poor and weak than side with those who will use nuclear weaponry in war. We will take the hit. But we can not, in good conscience, remain associated with the Government of Vanuku any longer.
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Kubrick » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:29 pm

"I was pushed out of the cabinet and party by the Prefect."
Former Minister of Defence Eksandr Anzlék defects to GNP

Once a loyal follower of Duke Zhtál, now a leading member of the GNP: retired Colonel Eksandr G. Anzlék.

July 4418 - The former Minister of Defence, Eksandr Anzlék, has defected to the Greater Nationalists. The retired Colonel announced the news himself earlier today. "I have taken a big decision by alligning myself with the Greater Nationalists, yet I feel that it is one for the better." The former Minister resigned several months ago after the promotion controversy and alleged disagreements with the Prefect. During the press conference Anzlék shed lights on the affairs. "I was pushed out of the cabinet and my former party by the Prefect. He did not want me there anymore as I objected to his plans. The Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed a war plan to him and I advised him a dozen times to ignore it. I might have made some hefty threats and tried to get other ministers to join my cause, which he did not appreciate. I can not say what the plan was, only that it was such a terrible thing that it had to be avoided at all costs. I hope it is off the table now but I fear the worst."

The Prefect made a controversial move after the resignation of Anzlék by assuming the post of Minister of Defence himself. Chairman Jlekai Nasir of the GNP heavily criticized this move. "It is blatantly non-democratic, the Kingdom of Vanuku is a constitutional monarchy, not an autocratic state where the Prefect can do as he likes." The Chairman was not the only one to harbour mistrust at the move, some fear the Prefect is trying to tighten the democratic process of Vanuku.

Colonel Anzlék however has remained silent on the issue. "Anything I say will come across as a disgruntled former employee on this issue" he said, with a cheeky smile. Anzlék has, after an inner party vote, joined the leadership board of the GNP.

Opposition Leader Jlekai Nasir pleads Kalistan to not cut ties
"Please do not punish Vanuku for the mistakes made by Prefect Zhtál"

Former Prefect Jlekai Nasir (right) talking with Director-General Daníl Ráhklarz of the State Security Agency after a meeting.

September 4418 - The leader of the opposition, former Prefect Jlekai Nasir, has pleaded Kalistan not to cut all ties with Vanuku. "Mistakes were made by this government," Nasir said "but not by Vanuku as a whole." The Chairman of the GNP said that it would be a gruesome mistake of Kalistan to resign from the respective treaties between their nations. The former Prefect stated his beliefs that the population of Vanuku no longer supports the government of Duke Zhtál. "What he did is unacceptable. Thousands of lives, radiation, the chance to spark a global nuclear war. The risks were too high, the Prefect has gone mad with power."

Rumours go that Nasir has personally written to the leader of Kalistan to urge them to reconsider. "Punish those who did wrong, not the entire Kingdom." is a statement often repeated by Nasir nowadays. Critics however have rightfully said that Nasir has little influence as the 'Opposition Leader'. With no way to pass legislation or to regulate anything the only powerful connection he can rely on is King Juhn, who by many is not seen positively at this point for not utilizing his Royal Veto against the deadly nuclear strike.

King Juhn X attacks government: "I did not endorse this tragic affair."
Critics slam King for not utilizing his Royal Veto.

Archduchess Mrjmai of Banstill, the 20-year old heir to the throne of Vanuku, may be Queen sooner rather than later.

September 4418 - A visibly shaken King Juhn X made a public appearance today to speak about the nuclear attack. "Many of you have rightfully looked at me and stated that I have failed my duties. I agree. I did fail. But some of you, even the government in Kalistan, have stated that I endorsed this tragic affair. By God above as my witness, I did not endorse it. I opposed every inch of it. But Vanuku is a democracy, the people elected this government, I felt it was not my place to intervene. Now I know I was wrong. I beg you all for forgiveness. Furthermore I call upon Prefect Zhtál to immediately call for peace, end this war."

The monarch has been criticized heavily for not intervening at the nuclear strike. Supporters of the King however have said that all the Joint Chiefs of Staff supported the proposal and that the Prefect was 'adamant' to pass it. Insiders have leaked that the same nuclear assault plan was presented to former Prefect Nasir several years ago, who rejected it after consulting with the King. What changed his opinion is yet unknown. It has however been leaked that the King will inform the Prefect that as the monarch he is filing for a motion of no confidence in the government. While having no legal repercussions it is the tradition that the King endorses the cabinet.

However the uncertainty and regret of the King have raised another issue for many, does he still believe he is a fit ruler? The King openly stated he regrets his decision and made a grave mistake, further into the statement he even spoke about his talented daughter and her quest for peace. The Archduchess Mrjmai is now twenty and two years into her biology study, she uses her free time to do charity across the nation and has already been noted as a quick thinker and talented speaker. Expert on the royal family, Jebr Strhosíék, has stated that an abdication would not be impossible. "Clearly the King is doubting his situation right now, there is always a chance he believes his daughter could do better as the first Queen of Vanuku in its history."
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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby General.M » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:22 pm

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Maxington » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:01 pm

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Re: Wrntu Wrnuke! (Forwards Vanuku!)

Postby Sisyphus » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:06 am

Senior Ministers Stand Down as Prefect Refuses to Budge Over Nuclear Strike
Those Resigning include the Foreign Minister And A Close Family Member of Duke Zhtál

Prefect Brnó Zhtál who is refusing to budge as international tensions are ramped up.

February 4419 - Six senior members of the Vanukean government have quit their posts after Prefect Duke Brnó Zhtál refused to back down over the nuclear strike in Jelbania.

Duke Zhtál ordered the nuclear missile attack, which has claimed the lives of 50,000 Deltarian troops, leading to international condemnation. In a further development, he has ordered three Vanukean carrier fleets - each accompanied by nuclear submarines - to take up blocking positions to prevent a Northern Council battle group from approaching Majatra to deploy a task force at ground zero.

Faced with a Terra-wide nuclear escalation of the conflict, it is understood that six cabinet ministers called on the Prefect to either change his mind and look for a peaceful resolution or stand down. However, Zhtál told them that he refused to resign and that he remained resolved to the task in hand.

It has meant that the six ministers walked out of the meeting and refused to carry on with their duties. The six include Foreign Minister Rnúf Ashur and Finance Minister Dr Ershébef Trmékez. Also included in those who resigned are Justice Minister Viscount Noh Zhtál, the Prefect's cousin and a key fundraiser for the ruling Z-MJP. The other three are Infrastructure and Transport Minister Jazir Dunkáraky, Food and Agriculture Minister Ibram Shtén and Trade and Industry Secretary Baristha Shten.

It follows the resignation and defection to the GNP by long-serving Defence Minister Colonel Eksandr G. Anzlék just weeks before the nuclear strike took place.

Immediately following their resignation, Duke Zhtál moved to bring new people into his cabinet. They include the current ambassador to World Congress, Baron Jebr Skronores as his new Foreign Minister and his 22-year-old son Nrést Zhtál. Prefect Zhtal will retain his controversial dual role as Defence Minister.

Prefect Zhtál said: "The people of Vanuku can count on these new ministers. They are loyal to the cause and will see this conflict through. Deltaria will be vanquished and those who decide to ally with them and back their illegal occupation of Jelbania will also be dealt with appropriately. Our economy is in fine shape, our military is the finest in the world and we have all we need at our disposal to ensure that the victory we have strived for for so many years is near at hand."
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