Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby Masionette9 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:28 pm

Nowogard, October 4382

Coach of the National Valruzian Football Team Dawid Kawałka.

NOWOGARD - Coach of the National Valruzian Football Team has announced the names of 23 players who will go to Fort William for the 4385 World Cup. Since January this year, the Valruzian Football Association has been putting pressure on Kawałka to decide who will go to the World Cup and who will stay. It was a good news for the start of the Valruzian football, Janusz Ochota, aged 29, as he without even the slightest doubt was selected by the Coach along with him is the goalkeeper Paweł Kmittowski, aged 23, who together with Mateusz Borski, the second goalkeeper will represent Valruzia in the upcoming World Cup. Dawid Kawałka said that it was extremely difficult to select 23 names as Valruzian football has so much to offer, and that is the reason why the decision was postponed three times. But now it is certain that the following players will go to the World Cup in Fort William in 3 years:

    1 Janusz Ochota
    2 Paweł Kmittowski
    3 Mateusz Borski
    4 Paweł Drzymała
    5 Krzysztof Lemon
    6 Filip Krasucki
    7 Piotr Fabian
    8 Hubert Portowicz
    9 Robert Returski
    10 Grzegorz Pawlikowski
    11 Paweł Masłowski
    12 Jacek Rosenthal
    13 Patryk Lewicki
    14 Adrian Ruta
    15 Emil Wojnicz
    16 Augusto Obraõno
    17 Oskar Bakalar
    18 Fabian Paleta
    19 Marcin Siwicki
    20 Piotr Turkowicz
    21 Kamil Kalicki
    22 Rafał Ordega
    23 Filip Musiał

MFA's Reglair i3x which will serve as the official transportation for the National Valruzian Football Team.

It seems like the Valruzian Football Association has great hopes about the upcoming World Cup, especially as Valruzia has been put into an elimination group with Klavia Okeano and Aldegar. When the decision about the elimination groups has been published, millions of Valruzians and the VFA felt relieved and nicknamed the group "the dream group" as there is a high probability that Valruzia will exit its group on a leading position. The first match of the group is between Aldegar and Klavia Okeano and is scheduled for October 10, 4383, the second game of the group is Valruzia - Klavia on October 16, and Valruzia - Aldegar on November 12. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has agreed to lease one of its planes, the Reglair i3x in order for the VFA to travel between the Nowogard and Fort Willian during the World Cup.
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Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby XxXavxX » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:12 pm

Valruzian Issue / / Sprawa Walruzyjska

PRD's leader calls for the resignation of the government
Nowogard, November 4382


After Minister of Foreign Affairs' unsuccsfull attempt to ratify treaty creating Multinational Corps - Selaya North, Aleksander Tracki, leader of the second largest party in the parliament, made statement, that his grouping will be pushing government dissolution. " We can't have government, which proposes dangerous international engagment and then senior coalition party abolishes it. We can't have irresponsible and divided government. We don't want to", said during press conference. When ask about further governmental solutions, Tracki answered: [i]I am not going to take the position of Prime Minister myself. Decision - making bodies informed informed me, that they're afraid it would also be impossible for radical democrats to involve in any coalition government with such parliamentary make - up. PL and UR are our natural partners, but we disagree on Multination Corps issue and we are certainly not interested in any partnership with right - wing parties. Our primary goal is to install integrally united cabinet. If that's impossible, we'll vote for dissolution of parliament".
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Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby Masionette9 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:34 am

Hel, March 4383

Part of the commercial presenting the refreshed B5.

HEL - New President of Bonning, Krzysztof Fronterski, announced that in the upcoming months Bonning will present at least two new vehicles and a new, refreshed version of one of their most popular model - the B4. Fronterski announced that the new range of Bonning's cars will feature a futuristic design but the design will include some of the traditional elements of Bonning's design like the double grille which is featured in all Bonning's cars. When asked about the possible date of the premiere, Fronterski said that the exact date is not yet known, but for sure it will take place at the company's headquarters in Hel.

Bonning has been around now for 134 years, established in 4249 is one of the longest functioning companies in Valruzia and a leading automaker on both domestic and international markets. In recent decades, Bonning Group which is comprised of Bonning and Avignon, became the largest automobile company by both production and sales, with more than 15 million vehicles sold annually. Bonning's cars known for their reliability and safety have been awarded the title of Best Car of the Year in Valruzia for 15 consecutive years. Bonning is one of the leading companies in terms of passenger and pedestrian safety with numerous solutions, like the automated emergency braking assist, being fitted in their vehicles as standard. The group has its production facilities in the following countries: Valruzia, Indrala, Klavia Okeano, Malivia, and Alduria.
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Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby Masionette9 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:46 pm

Hel, September 4383

Bonning's newest flagship model - the B7 xVision

HEL - Valruzian Bonning kept its promise and unveiled three new models which will expand the current production range of the largest car manufaturer on Terra. Together with three new models, Bonning unveiled the refreshed version of their most popular luxury sedan, the B4. The new version of B4 will feature the newest systems and more powerful engines, as well as a full-electric version with, according to Bonning, up to a 730 BHP. But all the attention during the event was focused on work of the company's designers and engineers, B7 xVision, B11 Coupe, and B11 Gran Coupe feature new futuristic design combined with the standard feature from Bonning's previous cars, like te double grill.

B7 xVision is supposed to be a new flagship vehicle of the company, and is aimed to continue the great success and legacy of the B7 model which gained worldwide popularity and has set a new standards in the sector of luxury sedans. For the company from Hel, the proof for that is the fact that many Head of States and Government around Terra are driven around in B7. During the announcement of the new models nobody expected that Bonning would raise the standards of luxury sedans so much, as the company itself claims the new vehicle to be the most luxurious sedan in Terra. And one can guess by the price of the vehicle which start at LOD 89.000 (VPO 589.000). There are going to be two powertrain versions of the new B7. One will include all-electric powertrain with four elecric enignes (one per wheel) with 740 BHP in total, and the second version with the combustion engine. Bonning wants to put one of its experimental engines into the new flagship car, it is 6.4 liters V12 with 610 BHP.

All four models (3 new ones, and refreshed B4) feature the Bonning's revolutionary laser lights, according to the recent tests Bonning's laser lights is the greatly improved sight, as the company's laser-powered lamps can effectively illuminate up to half-a-mile distatnce ahead of the vehicle. Bonning announced that initially the production of the newest sedan and two other models will be launched in Valruzia, but according to sources from Bonning, the company is considering further expansion of its production capacity, with the primary goal is to establish the production facilities in Trigunia, which would allow for increasing Bonning's marketshare in Keris, Macon, and northern parts of Artania.

Bonning B11 Coupe (left) and B11 Gran Coupe (right).

Next to the B7 xVision premiere, Bonning unveiled two versions of its newest nameplate the B11. B11 will be available in Coupe and Gran Coupe versions. Both cars will share a lot of features and will be sold with the same engines, with the exception that the most powerful version of the 6.0 V12 with more than 650 BHP will be available for the Coupe only. Gran Coupe is the second car of this type (sedan with coupe-like design), with the B6 bonning being the first. Gran Coupe will have four doors and will seat four people. The base price for Coupe version is LOD 39.000 (VPO 256.100) and for the Gran Coupe LOD 45.000 (VPO 295.500).

B11 Gran Coupe (up), B11 Coupe (bottom).

According to the Valruzian Economist, with the premiere of its newest models, Bonning wants to confirm and soldify its position as the leading premium vehicles manufacturer. By opening a production facility in Truginia, Bonnign would reduce the costs of upkeeping its marketshare in the norhtern parts of the hemisphere, according to the Valruzian Economist, Bonning wants to use the possible move of the Xiandai's production move from Trigunia to New Endralon which would leave the market in Trigunia with a lot of expirienced workers whom Bonning could hire in its prodcution facilities.
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Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby CiviixXXX » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:04 am

Party Eagles transforms into Nationalist Liberty Party.
November, 4385

At 10th November 4385 Jan Łosiewicz, Chairman of Party Eagles, announced that his party turned into Nationalist Liberty Party. Next day manifesto were declared. Here we published the text.
To people of Republic of Valruzia

Keeping in mind that communists in different parties get high representation in Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia and can easily destroy its law and economy, officially, Party Eagles transforms into Free Nationalists' Party and promises:

-Banning open homosexuality, as open homosexualists are real danger for credibility of Republic.
-Allow military patrols to ensure safety of People.
-Restore compulsory term on military national service.
-Partial legalization of paramilitaries.
-Limiting of abortions to medical emergencies.
-Euthanasia delegalization.
-End of free contraceptives.
-Voluntarization of vaccination.
-Central Bank Regulation.
-Child labour legalization.
-Ban on voting for criminals.
-Ban on adoption for homosexualists.
-Gun laws liberalization.
-End of cults prosecution.

Chaircouncil of Nationalist Liberty Party.

Everything promised is in legislature right now, so party didn't lied and can be fell safe about that we are true right wing party.
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Re: Valruzian Press Agency (Walruzyjska Agencja Prasowa)

Postby Wilderberg III » Mon May 14, 2018 9:53 pm

The People
The People is the leading international progressive news source, supporting progressive politics across Terra.
Democratic Socialist SocRP party founded.
Leader of the newly founded Socialdemocracy of the Republic, Andrzej Łucki

NOWOGARD, Valusian Voivodeship: Following the path of numerous progressive parties the Socialdemocracy of the Republic was founded by a previously unknown figure in national politics.
Andrzej Łucki, aged 65, invited numerous progressive and socialist organizations to form a large left-wing coalition. This new political party is set to fill the ideological gap in Valruzian politics.
So far the SocRP has attracted a lot of attention, even outside of it's main electoral base with liberals and other non-left voters expressing interest in the party.
Are the resurrected social democrats able to capture the parliament or even the presidency itself?
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