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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 12:05 pm
by Változás

Welcome to our podcast. The snap election just happened. Változás failed to defend it's position as 3rd biggest party and lost 10 seats. What will happen now, we have asked co-chair of Változás and a Senator Florentina Szilágyi a few questions.

Hello, Ms Co-chair, what happened?
Obviously, we have lost votes, what else should I say. It is sad. But yes, I'm still proud of my work.

And what will happen now?
Me and my co-chair Fábián Crstö, we will both resign as party leaders, new leaders will be elected and party will have a new direction I suppose. Obviously we have to change party to get our voters back and to win back the seats we have lost. That's the thing we have to focus on right now.

Were you too radical, too progressive, too left-wing oriented?
Well, maybe, it is possible, I haven't seen the complete results yet, but it is probable. As I have said we have to take closer look, analyze the outcome and then start changing the party.

What would you say about that you have lost the Alt-Ginbár region? You have won that region last time.
Yes we had won there. It goes hand in hand, we have lost about 5 % of votes and following that we have lost the Alt-Ginbár region.

Are you leaving politics?
Like right now? No, no I'm not leaving. I'm still a Senator and it is too early to say, whether I will or won't run in the upcoming elections. It is too early for that. Maybe I will run for a seat of 1st or 2nd Vice-chairwomen but even for saying that is too early. We really have to take a step back right now and really analyze. The only clear thing right now is, that I won't continue as co-chair and netheir Fábián Crstö will.

Do you think, that Változás will gain back the voters, that you have lost?
Yes, we will. I have no doubts whether yes or no, the naswer is clear yes. The only question is how many. I think that till next time we will be as strong as before the last elections.

Now, not about the election, but earlier this year your party had adopted a co-chairing system, what does it mean, why have you as party done this?
I think that it is a great thing, it is a tremendous step forward. We have reached a equality of masculine and feminine element in our leadership. So yeah, we will definitelly continue with this system and maybe other parties will adopt it too.

Thank you ver much for the interview, I wish Változás to recover as soon as possible.
Thank you very much Oskár.


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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2020 8:30 pm
by robmark0000

Boros Gréta, the Grand Director of Ministry of Health and Social Services of the Directorial Republic of Endralon, the Vice Chairman of the progressive party called Direct Democrats and the Chief Executive Officer of the world leading health industry JV company 3M speak about her ideas about abortion. As a former doctor he was working in the health and maybe this is the cause why she convinced our whole editorship about her truth. WARNING, shocking details follow!


Welcome in our editorship, Citoyenne... How can I name you? I mean Grand Director or Vice Chairman or Chief Executive Officer?
Whatever. For me the Citoyenne Boros also good.
Alright, Citoyenne Boros. What it feels like to be a doctor of the Directorial Republic?
Working in a hospital was a very weird, but also beautiful thing for me. I gained all of my experiences about the health system during that period of my life. If I wouldn't doctor then I will never be that person what I am.
What person are you? What about your past?
I was born at 4723, in the middle of the civil war. My parents was living in Hugamest, so they of course was republicans. My uncle, the brother of my father fought and died in the side of the Republican Federation in the Siege of Újmakon. But my childhood in Hugamest was peaceful.
What about your post-war life?
I go to university to the former Ottokar I University, currently Republican Union University. I degree in 4742 and I work for two years before I became a politician of the Direct Democrats.


Citoyenne Boros, when you met first with Fehér Vanda?
At July, 4743. She was one of my patients in the Capital Hospital.
What was her problem?
She had pneumonia.
She was cured?
Yes. I am very proud to my treatment about her.
What was your relationship after the treatments?
She became one of my best friends. Really. We partied together and we helped each other. You know.
What happened at October, 4757?
She had sexual assault and rape. Without contraception and she became pregnant.
What she asked from you?
At November, 4757 he asked me to do an illegal abortion on him.
What you answered?
I said that I cannot help him, because I am a politician and businesswoman and I can't endanger my party and my values. I let her... (Tear.) I let her to be pregnant from a man who raped her.
Why she don't came to other country where abortions are legal?
Because she hadn't enough money to do this and I cannot help her. I don't want to risk the Direct Democrats reputation.
What she did at December, 4757?
She committed suicide. (She crying, our editors try to comfort her.)
My condolences, Citoyenne Boros.


There is rumors about you organize a pro-abortion movement. It is true?
Whats your personal goal with the movement?
To prevent the suicides what similar with Vanda's die.
And whats your movement' goals?
The legalization of the abortions in Endralon. At any cost.
How'll your movement working?
We'll organize demonstration, strikes and any thing to achieve our goals.
whats your movement's name?
There is no name. This is not about the politics, this is about liberty and life of women.
Your movement' independent from the Direct Democrats?
Yes, but the Direct Democrats will support us, of course.
Thank you for the interview and good luck, Citoyenne Boros!

Newspaper: Independent Endralon
Interviewer: Kiss Zsófia
November, 4758 - January, 4759

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 7:56 am
by Változás

Last time we had an interview with former co-chair of Változás Sen. Florentina Szilágyi, today we are bringing to you an interview with current co-chair and Senator Aurel Felix Florescu.

So, mr co-chair, how has your party changed since we were having Sen. Szilágyi here?
It has changed, the more nationalistic part of our party took control over the party and we have closed the door into our leadership for people like Sen. Szilágyi or Sen. Franjković. We are not being that kind of party anymore.

You have closed the door for Sen. Szilágyi, what does that mean?
We are not fanatical group of activists anymore. You know, Sen. Szilágyi or Sen. Franjković or Sen. Kossuth they are not politicians, they are activists. They are radical and won't make compromises and you cannot do politics like that. So even though they are a great people we do not want them to lead our party again.

So, you would say, that you party has oficially grown up and is a full political party now?
Absolutelly, yes, that's it.

Is the fact that the shorter form of the name of your movement has returned part of the reforms?
Yes it is, we are just Változás again, no complications. We are making it simple again. We are returning to purple as our party colour too. We are somehw overturning the governance of Sen. Szilágyi.

Mr Florescu, would you join the government with any party or are there limits?
There are limits, we won't join a coallition with absolute fundamentalists like Új Katolikus Integrált Párt. But for example the People's Party? We would join the coallition, no doubts. As I've said, we had grown up and we are able to make compromises, we have got rid of activists. We are politicians now.

The Direct Democrat's politician and Grand Director of Ministry of Health and Social Services Gréta Boros launched a campaign for legalization of abortions, what dou you think about it?
Grand Director Boros has our full support, since day one we are saying that abortion has to be legal, since day one. We want fully legal abortions and we want them to be fully funded by the government. Because abortion is healthcare and nothing less. Our former Grand Director Tamás Szücs campaigned as a represenative of the government for the legalization from the very first day he was introduced to office, till he resigned and left the government. Abortions are big deal and we will try to negotiate and find a solution for all those, who want to have an abortion.

How far would you go with legalizations abortions, who should be able to get an abortion?
Every women, that wants an abortion, should be able to get one. I think that it should be a fundamental right to get an abortion. That's it.
You want to get an abortion? Go, and get one. This is what it should be like.

I think that strong message was sent, so thank you Senator and see you next time.
Than you very much, mr Vilásci.


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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 8:34 am
by Balint
Prime Minister doesn't support the abortion

We know Boros Gréta the Grand Director of Health, started a movement for the abortion. The Grand Director of Prime Ministry does not support this.

So Mr. Fazekas what is your opinion about Boros Grétas campaign?
I do not support this. Abortion is not healtcare. Abortion is murder and my government will not support this. The DD must choose. They are with the government, or they are not.

What do you think about the Változáss choose?
Look, they are communists. It is not interesting. They will support this. But I have to say, Boros is in my cabinet. She have to choose: with the government, or not. The people has choosen in the elections. They want conservative state, and this is what we need to folow. Look at my party. It has 61 seats and the two progressive party together have 62.

What do you want to do now, how do you want to stop this movement?
First I have to talk with Citoyenne Krén. She is the DDs leader. I promise you, my party will not support this law. If there will be a vote about abortion,we have speak with the NPIP.

And what do you support, what is better than abortion?
Live.They have to birth them. Life is better then death. We cant kill them, and my government won't support it.

Thank you Mr. Director


Interview made by: Kovács Pál
Newspaper: Daily Endralon(Napi Endralon)

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 10:35 am
by robmark0000

Krén Katalin held a direct democrat press conference at April, 4759. She speak 'bout the Boros-kind pro-abortion movement and conflicts within the Fazekas IV Cabinet, the Twelfth Council of Grand Directors. We collected the best questions and answers.

Ms. Krén, whats the Direct Democrats opinion about Boros Gréta's pro-abortion movement?
I knew that this will be the first question. Of course we fully behind Gréta. She is our comrade-in-arms, our member, our friend. And she represent the truth about this topic. What she said, the suicide of Fehér Vanda was a kind of death what we cannot let. We'll be the first party who support her demonstrations, strikes etc. We'll do everything for the victory of her ideas about abortions. Let me repeat: we fully behind Gréta.

And what about your largest coalition-partner, the People's Party?
This is the time of choice, I agree with Fazekas. The NPP can choose between the Old Endralon, the fundamentalist and dark Endralon commonly with the NPIP, and the enlightened and modern Endralon, commonly with the other republican parties. This is their choice, we contacted the NPP's liberal conservative fraction and negotiate with it day to day. Ravasz Ildikó (leader of the liberal conservatives within NPP) assure me about her support about this question.

Citoyenne Krén, your never had child. Are you still authentic?
No, I never had child, but I am a woman. This movement primarily for the liberty and life of women as Gréta said. I am liberal in this case. The women must have the right to choose 'bout their body, their life. The Party Leadership, the Neo-republican and globalist fraction, the Progressive and social democrat fraction and the Socialistic, communistic and labor fraction all agree with me and Gréta in this case.

At one point during the press conference, a conservative young man with a 'Murderers' poster, got into the press room and shout to Krén and her comrades. The security and the police took him away with common forces. Krén clearly was laughing on the young man.

What was this, Ms. Krén?
This is a typical example of fundamentalist and ultra-conservative trolling. We aren't murderers, but Fehér Vanda's death sticks in the hands of this fundamentalists and ultra-conservative people. Never be fundamentalist.

After the press conference, we knew that this speech from Krén Katalin was the beginning of a great and long debate/crisis what will divide Endralon for a while. But we think this will be a fair fight, a fight for a basic human (and woman) right.

Newspaper: Independent Endralon
Riporter: Török István
April, 4759

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 11:13 am
by robmark0000

A leaker from the Ndrálon People's Party sent a phone-talking to our editorship. In this phone-talking the next words sound:

"This ungrateful bitch [Krén] hold forth against us, however I given everything to she. The many blue [Direct Democrats] asshole shout in the streets that 'Fazekas, go out!' however, If I go out, this fucking country go to hell."

That is clearly that this words spoke by the Grand Director of Prime Ministry, the President of the NPP, Fazekas Olivér. This is outrageous, a HoG never speak like this. Because of this the Independent Endralon boycotting the press conferences both the Prime Ministry and NPP until Fazekas leave his positions.

Newspaper: Independent Endralon
Riporter: Kiss Zsófia
May, 4759

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 11:30 am
by Balint

Re: Endralon Herald

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 11:34 am
by Balint
NPP is ready to leave the government

The Prime Minster is angry. He can't accept the coalitional partners choice. Grand Director of Foregin Affairs announced Kréns supportation. We asked the Prime Minister he think about Kréns announcement.

Mr. Director, what is your opinion about Citoyenne Kréns announcement?
It is unnapceptable. They are in my government, and they have minority in the coalitional council. If they dont want to in the government they can go.

She talked about the choice. She told: ''This is the time of choice, I agree with Fazekas. The NPP can choose between the Old Endralon, the fundamentalist and dark Endralon commonly with the NPIP, and the enlightened and modern Endralon, commonly with the other republican parties." What do you think about?
As I said they have minority in the government. What do you think why is it? Becouse the people want conservatism. Citizens don't want to live with murderers. We do it. We accepted sometimes we must do abortions, when the mothers life is in danger. So my asnwer is: Respected Krén, if you want murering unborn child you have to win an election.

Ravasz supporting the abortion.
Look, if she want liberalism go to the DD, if she want conservatism stay here and vote no to abortion.

There was a ,,troll'' in the interview with Ms. Krén. It is supportable?
The form?No. The message ? Absolutely

Thank you Mr. Director

Some days later a phone talking has leaked
"This ungrateful bitch [Krén] hold forth against us, however I given everything to she. The many blue [Direct Democrats] asshole shout in the streets that 'Fazekas, go out!' however, If I go out, this fucking country go to hell."
Fazekas told us that is true. But it was rightful. They are the biggest governing party and the conservative way was choosen.


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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 12:17 pm
by Változás
Image Image

There is an political earthquake and we have asked co-chairs of Változás how they see this thing.

Co-chair Florescu, co-chair Bártfai welcome. Abortions. Thing that divides current government and noone knows what’s going to happen. What do you think about it.
Bártfai: We will be clear, we fully support DD and their fight for legalizations of abortions. We should have legalized them years and years ago.
Florescu: I agree, we should have done it really long ago, it is barbarian that we still don’t have it legalized.

Do you think that government will fall?
Florescu: Well it is possible, if DD politicians persist. And I think they should persist, it is about their personal and political integrity to persist and fight for legalization of abortions.
Bártfai: Yes, it’s true. They have to persist, they have started a wide range debate about this issue so now they to fight till the end.

Do you think that People’s Party will make a compromise and in the end for legalization of abortions?
Florescu: It is possible, we hope so.
Bártfai: We definitelly hope so, we wish they change their minds and in the end they will vote for legalization of abortions. It is important, very important for I would say everybody.

And a last question, what would you say to people out there, who want to get an abortion, or want others to have a chance of getting an abortion?
Bártfai: Go out, demonstrate, writr letters to the officials and most importantly persist and do not bow down. This fight will be tough, but if you help, then we will win.
Florescu: We can win only if we get together and fight united. We have to make a wide pro-abortion coallition and fight for things, that matter. We are stronger together, remember that.

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 3:08 pm
by Balint
NPPs turnaround

The NPP will vote for the abortion. We asked Kovács Gyula, the PPs faction leader why did they decided like this.

Mr. Senator my question is: why?
So, we still dont support this murdering. But the demonstration shows the citizens want this. We do what citizens want.

And Fazekas?
Fazekas will stay in postition. He will be the Prime Ministrer. He was elected.

But what if Fazekas resign? Who will be the prime minister?
I don't know. If he resign, the new head of government will be conservative, I can promise you.

What is your opinion abour the Változáss and DDs pro-abortion coalition?
As Fazekas said the Változás is left-wing and communist party. The DDs choice is unbelievable, but they have to know. If they betray the government, we can make a coalition with the NPIP.

Do you think there will be early elections?
I don't think so, We dont want an early elections, but the other parties.....I dont know.

Thank you Mr.Senator

Kovács Gyula

Interview made by: Mészáros István
Newspaper: Daily Endralon(Napi Endralon)