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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:16 am
by Reddy
Katonids Reclaim Nodgrad

The Katonid Khanate has reclaimed its northermost border town Nodgrad. This ended an increasing fierce battle over the town. The battle hardied Katonid forces who have been fighting in southern Jelbania for nearly two decades nowprevailed even as the Northern forcesa wielded superior weaponry and resources. The Katonid soldiers are rumoured to take mild narcotics before going into battle for extra fierceness, indulging in antics which often stun the more disciplined and conventional north forces. It appears that the Katonids now plan on going into the Northern Khaganate while the Northerners have, naturally, massed troops on their borders to prevent this. Satellite photos (believed to be sourced by the World Congress from Kazulian foreign intelligence) estimate Katonid forces in the border regions to have risen to around 20,000 men while the northerners are massing around 30,000 men across their border with the Katonid Khanate.

Satellite photos showing border troop deployments

FRJ Denies Pact with Northerners

FRJ Foreign Minister Bek Shmil Jerzysrmko Fik has denied rumours of a "secret anti-Katonid pact" between the Free Republic and the Northern Khaganate. Bek Fik said that the FRJ as the legitimate government of the entire steppe does not connive with "rebel governors" against other rebels. Rumours had arisen when a photo of a high ranking Foreign Ministry official in Amsadomura, Northern Khaganate was released on the Net. The FRJ and the Northern Khaganate remain on relatively friendly terms and there is no violence or even great suspicion between the two. The border, while militarised, is not a particularly hostile place and citizen from either statelet cross with ease. As for the Katonid-FRJ, it is marked by greater tensions and crossings are difficult especially with the highly totalitarian Katonid state existing in what FRJ officials call "heightened paranoia"

Mystery Force Revealed

The mysterious blue force operating in the Tribal Areas has revealed itself to a Jeztrid Blue Horde. At the head of this force is one supposed "Shlajkai VII" who claims to be the eldest son of the slain Shlajkai VI Khagan. He claims to have miraculously survived when the then Baron Katona and his Sons of Zog exterminated all of the remaining members of the Jeztri royal clan. He has vowed vengeance on the Katonids and also to reunite the steppe under his rule. While sporting the Jeztris' famous red hair and bearing some physical resemblance to the Jeztrid prince, many royal experts have dismissed his claim and view him to be little more than "another Deltarian criminal" taking advantage of the conditions in the Tribal Areas. "Shlajkai VII" now controls around 25,000 sq km including a string of small towns dotted along the lake side (Lake Majatra).

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:18 am
by Reddy
Political Crisis In the FRJ
July 4406

The Free Republic of Jelbania has been thrown into political crisis following a split in the governing party the Freedom and Honour Party (LTP). After several months of arguments over the FRJ government's stance towards the Katonid-Northern war, Finance Mnistr Temrkai Kez'i led four other senior Mnistrs and 96 of the party's 233 MPs from the party forming a "Unity Bloc". Kez'i and his supporters demanded nothing less than a full alliance with the Northern Khaganate which Premier Husn Mabek was unwilling to do.

As such the LTP has lost its majority and Premier Mabek's government has been turned into a minority one and could fall at any moment. Mabek however has dismissed any such speculation and said he was certain that his government would last until the election and win re-election as well.

Explosion At Amsadomura Power Station

An explosion of undetermined cause has knocked out the main power station in Amsadomura, the Northern capital. The CA-6 station provides all of the capital's electricity and roughly 36% of the Northern Khaganate's electricity supply. Northern Energy Mnistr Beije Merlkai Salyzr said that the loss would "not affect any major undertakings" and that his Mnistry would work hard to restore communications between the capital and the frontier regions.

"Strange Activity" Reported Around Khan Tanhri

Khan Tanhri

Jelbania's tallest and holiest mountain Khan Tanhri has become the focus of speculation following locals' report of "foreign men hanging about the mountain". The 2.700m tall mountain is part of the Western Mountain range which straddles the border with Zardugal. A sacred site among Tanhrists, it is traditionally treated, variably as the Sky Father Lord Tanhri's home or doorstep and treated with extreme reverence. The area around the mountain is one of the few places which have remained peaceful as the rest of the Tribal Areas remain in strife.
It is populated mostly by a few scattered villagers, mystics, Tanhrist clergy and other solitary figures.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:01 am
by Reddy
Mabek Resigns
August 4407

Free Republic Premier Husn Mabek has resigned from office following reports that a majority of rightwing MPs were set to vote against his government in a looming confidence vote. Mabek's government lost its majority after a catastrophic split with his pro-Khaganate rivals the Unity Bloc who are led by his ex-Finance Minister. President Mansoor Danish is said to have invited Temrkai Kez'i to form a new ministry to replace Mabek's.

Kezi, a former Khaganate civil servant under Manil I Khagan has repeatedly called for strong cooperation with the Northern Khaganate, rejecting Mabek's caution outright. His position has fired up nationalists in the Free Republic who are intent on reuniting the "four pieces of the shattered purple realm." They have called for more than an aliiance, demanding a full union between the FRJ and the Khaganate. Then, they say, can the Jelbek people unite to drive out "Deltarian criminals" and restore order in the far west.

Refugees Throng To FRJ

Refugees fleeing the Northern-Katonid War have massed along the Northern-FRJ border seeking entry into the pacific republic which remains untouched by the war. The FRJ Interior Mnistry admitted to being a "little overwhelmed" with the estimated 40,000 refugees who it estimates are increasing at an alarming rate of 2,500 per week. The FRJ says it is processing them before entry though there is very little evidence of this. Records show that just 83 refugees have been allowed into the FRJ in the past 4 months. The Jelbek Crisis Coalition has slammed the FRJ's sloth approach and called on it to let in all the refugees with greater speed before the humantitarian crisis worsens.

Northerners Push Back Katonids

The Northern Khaganate has managed to drive Katonid forces back across the defacto border. 45 days of intense bombing and assaults supported by Vanuku saw the Katonids retreat about 3km back across the border. The Northern Khagate has publicised what it calls evidence of Katonid war crimes in the Northern territories. It accuses Katonid forces of killing hundreds of civilians and deporting thousands more to the south for forced labour and military service. The Katonid Khanate has rejected the accusations, simply calling them "made-up news"

Attack On Zardic Border Post

Armed clansmen have attacked a Zardic border post apparently shooting dead one Zardic official and injuring more. Eyewitnesses say that around 40 armed men arrived in trucks from the "Jelbek side" and began shooting at security officers and anyone about. They apparently intended to rob the isolated post but appear to have lost their nerve and instead fled back across the border to Jelbania's tribal areas.

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by Reddy
Shock As New Premier Assassinated
January 4408

Citizens of the coastal Free Republic have awoken to shocking news of the demise of their new dynamic Premier Temrkai Kez'i. Kez'i, his wife Mri and their driver died after the explosion of a car bomb. The trio were on their way to the Kez'i country retreat about 40 km from the capital. Kez'i had served just four months as Premier and was working hard to enhance ties with the Northern Khaganate and there was intense speculation that the Free Republic would soon take the field against the Katonid Khanate.

President Mansoor Danish has appointed acting party leader Husn Genzik. Genzik previously served as Minister of Defence and is also the deputy leader of the party. A close ally of former Premier Husn Mabek, he had been appointed Kez'i's deputy as part of efforts to reunify the party split between the isolationist Mabekai and the nationalist Kez'ikai. Suspicion is rife on the party backbenches that Genzik will prove a puppet of the old isolationst founding father Mabek. In the meantime however, the unification concerns have been set aside while many worry about the effect of the assassination on the nationalists who so loved their Premier. An investigation into the assassinations has been launched with results expected in the coming months.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:22 am
by Reddy
Anti-Deltarian Attacks In the FRJ
January 4408

A Deltarian owned shop razed by a Jelbek mob

There have been reports of Jelbek mobs attacking Deltarian-Jelbanian minorities in the Free Republic of Jelbania. The Ministry of the Interior said the police has received reports of 641 incidents of attacks on Deltarian minorities and their property in the past 10 days alone. The attacks came following a televised incident where an aide to the assassinated Premier Temrkai Kez'i testified that he had seen "several southern-looking men hanging around the Premier's residence" Community tensions have been very high since the assassination which is blamed by most on agents of the Katonid Khanate and possibly, its backer the Grand Republic of Deltaria. Anti-Deltarian sentiment has risen considerably within the Free Republic while the country's own stability remains low with the rapid change in leadership and the tens of thousands of refugees pressing to get into the FRJ.

"Jeztri Khagan" Pleads For Support

Shlajkai VII the self-proclaimed successor to Shlajkai VI Jeztri has asked for international support to take over the Tribal Areas as the first step to restoring the Jelbek Khaganate. Shlajkai VII has conquered just around a tenth of the Tribal Areas but appears to have run out of funds to further his mission. A spokesman of his sent a message to the World Congress offices and several countries' diplomatic corps in the region.

My father and family were slain by the Deltarian criminal Katona. This led to the destruction of the Khaganate and supposed extinction of my clan. I survived by lying still under a corpse in the pit for 36 hours till I could bribe a Son of Zog (Katona's troops) and fled. Well here I am now and I invite all legalists who support the true heir to the Khaganate to join me and support so that this country may be rid of criminality and rebellions once and for all

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by Reddy
Troop Deaths Heighten Vanukean-Deltaro Tensions
June 4408

It has been reported that four Vanukean soldiers have been killed by retreating Katonid-Deltarian forces. The incident occured as the southern forces crossed the border line back into the Katonid territory in what a foreign military observers characterised as as "unprovoked firing" The Vanukean deaths are the first of the allied forces, hitherto casualities have been experienced by the main Jelbek forces on both sides. The deaths heightened already high tensions between the Kingdom of Vanuku and the Grand Republic of Deltaria and regional actors have called for calm and proportionate response to the supposed provocation.

Anti-Deltarian Violence Spreads and Intensifies

The FRJ has been thrown into an orgy of mass violence as Jelbek mobs have continued their attacks on the Deltarian minority within the coastal republic. As many as 65 Deltarians have been killed in the past week as mobs grew in size and number particularly in the south of the country. It is believed that the rapid growth in mobs comes following an increase in the number of refugees allowed into the FRJ. Many of the refugees hold grudges against Katonid forces and Deltarians in general and have been recruited easily by nationalist mob leaders in the south. Meanwhile the Premier Husn Genzik has admitted that police forces are overwhelmed and also blamed the situation on "southern criminals" which observers believe acted as a tacit endorsement of the killings in exchange for electoral support. THe Premier has refused to postpone the election which is set to take place on November 12.

Jeztri Leader Gain New Recruits Following Appeal...and Zardic Bombing

A painting of the "Western Khagan"

Shlajkai VII's Blue Horde has gained the support of several clansmen in the Tribal Areas following his public appeal and according to him, more due to the recent Zardic bombing and occupation campaign which saw much of the Tribal Areas attacked and some minor occupation along the border. Shlajkai VII seized upon the bombings to encourage nationalist feeling and now claims that he has been receiving an average of 200 new recruits weekly since the end of the bombing campaign. The numbers are believed to be exaggerated but there has been a steady trickle of outraged clansmen to the Jeztri pretender.

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by Reddy
Anti-Deltarian Massacres Continue

Numerous mass graves have been discovered in the rural Deltarian-majority areas in the south of the FRJ. These freshly drug graves contain as many as 500 Deltarian corpses, the vast majority who appear to have buried alive by Jelbek mobs. Meanwhile according to World Congress special rapporteur Brian Kadima, the streets of certain southern towns are literally littered with bodies as Jelbek mobs and armed bands continue hunting Deltarian minorities in the area. The south is rapidly falling to a state of anarchy not too different to that in the Tribal Areas. Kadima called on speedy intervention from the World Congress to end the violence which has claimed as many as 2,000 lives, the vast majority of them being from the Deltarian minority.

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by Reddy
Free Republic Protests "Occupation"
September 4408

Free Republic Foreign Minister Bek Shmil Jerzysrmko Fik has issued notes of protest to Deltaria and Vanuku following the two powers' occupation of some 78% of the FRJ's territory. The occupation began with Deltaria moving in from the south ostensibly to protect the Deltarian minorities who had been at the receiving end of ethnic based violence while also boosting its strength on the Great Jelbek Steppe. Vanuku appears to have moved in from the north as well and the two powers now surround the capital Rklemjistad where the FRJ government retains control, cut off from all its former land borders and the sea. Of the two, Deltaria is now effectively in control of just over 50% of the FRJ's territory while Vanuku controls around 27%. Bek Fik asked both powers to respect the FRJ's sovereign evacuate the country and declared his country to be able to restore order by itself. Neither power officially recognise the FRJ which creates certain legally uncertainties with regard to the legality of the occupation.

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by Sisyphus

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by Reddy
Westerners Resist Zardic Bombing Campaigns

Foreign analysts claim that the Jeztrid Khaganate has expanded its informal control to around a third of the entire Tribal Areas in south-western Jelbania. Rather than continue with military conquest, the Jeztrid forces are now content to co-opt clan militia and other armed bands in the area, urging them to resist "Zardic imperialism". Zardic bombing raids have fuelled intense xenophobia in the area and many in the region now view "Shlajkai VII" as a legitimate representative of a fast growing anti-Zardic resistance movement.

Members of an armed band loyal to "Shlajkai VII"

Nowhere near matching Zardic firepower, the resistance relies on guerilla-style attacks on Zardic occupied territory along the border. The violence is being spread to Zardic non-military installations, recently an Augustan language school was shelled by militants by three days with scores of students and teachers trapped inside. The militants only allowed them to leave after a ransom was paid by still unidentified persons.

Rumours Set Off Succession Speculation

Disquiet is spreading in the Northern Khaganate as unconfirmed reports of Manil II Khagan's poor health spread. The 61 year old ruler of northern Jelbania is said to be on his deathbed after suffering a series of strokes in the past several weeks. The Northern court has rejected these reports of ill health as "southern-Deltarian propaganda" yet the Khagan has not been spotted in public for nearly two months.

The succession question weighs heavily on the minds of the Northerners and it is believed, Wiel as well. The Khagan has no close agnatic relations remaining, having three teenaged daughters himself, Princesses Zbn,18, Yhnra, 16 and Manila, 14; two elderly female spinster cousins Princesses Pawlin, 67 and Mrjmai, 62 (daughters of Manil I Khagan) Suadjakai house is a form of male preference primogeniture where all the dynastic males come before dynastic females. The closest dynastic male in this case is Prince Petr, 40, the Khagan's third cousin - a man heavily disliked by the Khagan and his court for his supposed "southern sympathies." Access to the Khagan is said to be highly restricted, with all going through his chief secretary Shmil Juhnsrmko Wekj, Khatun Mri's brother and he has kept a tight lid on any information about the monarch's condition.