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Postby Wilderberg III » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:08 am


Secularist March rolls through Haldor // The Tribune

Above: Crowd of protesters gather in front of a stage.

The Secularist March passed through the streets of nation's capital today. Around 50,000 protesters of various ages and backgrounds loudly protested the tightening of the relationship between the state and the church.

Attended by a number of celebrities and known personalities, perhaps one of the most politically influencial was Joseph Hauer, leader of the recently founded Green Democratic Party. In his speech he called for a rollback of recently enacted anti-abortion policies as well as halting of the recently introduced policies giving financial privileges to religious institutions. His speech was met with warm reception which is surely reinforcing for him in the light of an incoming early election.

One of the surprises of the march was it's cold and hostile attitude towards the Worker's Socialist Party and it's leader Kuno Rottmann. Seen by many as traitorous ASP's members were not invited to speak at the march or even appear near it to the point where even symbolism of the party was met with boos from nearby participants.

The Secularist March might indicate a new trend in Dorvish politics with the left's former champion (Worker's Socialist Party) being rejected in favour of a more democratic, honest alternative presented by the Green Democratic Party. While being a new project the party is expected to make it's way to the nation's legislature. In addition to that the GDP promised to field a candidate in the upcoming election, rejecting the possibility of a joint ticket with the ASP.
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Postby Tea McGee » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:40 am

June 4422
ASP wins 4422 elections with 67.65% of the votes


Results are in: the Arbeiter Sozialistisch Partei has won the elections with an astounding 67.65% of the votes in the first round. Gerhard Paulsen, the Dorvische Kommunistische Partei's candidate, was the only opponent, falling behind with 32.25%.

Vorsitzender des Staatrates Kuno Rottmann gave a speech to celebrate the new victory:

Once again, the Dorvische people have elected their true representatives. It has been a hard-fought battle, but with over 65% of your votes, there is no denying Dorvik's wish for a bright future is about to become a reality. Our project, Peaceful Socialism, has been a success. Now, for the more religious elements of society, do not despair. The Union für eine Meritokratische Partei will remain a part of our government, and I announce a political alliance between our two parties. Thank you, and raise your flags for a bright and red future for Dorvik!

However, not everything has gone well for the new government. Winning the elections has meant losing almost all support in the Volkskammer, and the Radikale Demokratische Partei together with the Grüne Demokratische Partei have taken most seats. Reacting to this turn of events, the ASP has declared that any party wishing to help the current government is more than welcome, making a special statement directed towards the two new major parties.

Furthermore, the ASP and the UMR have already begun discussing joint projects, assuring the next four years will be full of reforms and advancements in social, economic and political matters, but no further details have been given.
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Postby elenir1 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:55 am

Victory for the Radikale Demokratische Partei
Pictured above: People marching in support of Rudolf Mitler
Rudolf Mitler has returned to politics with a loud bang, leading the revived Radikale Demokratische Partei, which managed to reach a mayority in the parlament. Rudolf Mitler has stated that he will personally lead a revolution to free Dorvik from the socialist grasp it has long been influenced by. The Radical party has sent multiple messages to the leaders of other parties, in order to form a coalition that will restore true democracy in Dorvik.

"Our country has long been suffering from this tyrant, the red tyrant. But the people weren't blind to this injustice, as clearly shown by the elections, the people of this country want to remove this tyrant from its seat. I will work together with all parties in Dorvik, with one objective in mind, the restoration of true democracy in our country" The leader of the Radical party stated during his first presidential speech during his current term.
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