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Postby Mr.God » Tue May 15, 2018 8:51 am

July 4393
The TGP has won elections in Dorvik and promises to "Bring back our democracy"

The TGP has won elections in Dorvik. Party officials where "exhausted but extremely happy" with the result. Their platform of religious conservatism has clearly catched onto the people in Dorvik and mainly the south where the TGP won large majority's. Party president Mathias Blocher said the following during a speech to supporters at the TGP HQ.

I am extremely proud of our achievement today! The people have spoken out for democracy and it is incredible! Let us rebuild a nation that has been struck by an immense tragedy just moments ago and restore the true democracy of Dorvik! We we build a future of tradition and shall make sure that we get back to the core that dorvik is known for. Strength, leadership and cooperation!

It is expected that Mathias Blocher will be appointed as the HOG. That position is also planned to change its name to Chancellor of the Republic while a elected president will be called President of the Republic under a proposed law by the TGP.

The election win marks the possible end to a dark period in dorvish history that saw the "red menace" transform the country into a authoritarian left wing dictatorship. This election was marked as "the last election of Dorvik" and it seems it will not be. Many people that where still at the sit-in in the capital erupted in celebration and accros the nation the former federal republic's flag was waved in street celebrations. Now the TGP is planned to form a centre-right government and "re-establish the basic institutions that were lost during this dark period"

People errupting in public celebrations accros the nation
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Postby Tea McGee » Tue May 15, 2018 7:46 pm

Unrest in Kordusia!

Kordusia, Dorvik's capital region, has seen unrest and protests in Haldor, Hauzenwald and other major cities. These riots are very anti-capitalist and fight against the recent election of the TGP, while many of the main dissidents claim themselves as anarchist or socialists.

Above: Anti-capitalist protest in Haldor, Kordusia

Selina Wild, 17 year old student in Haldor, says:
The TGP can only claim themselves victorious in the South. Their populism might have convinced them, but it didn't convince us! They will attempt to take away the worker's rights and the people's liberties, offering order and security instead. But we won't fall for those tricks!

Although people believe these protests are the beginning of a new Generalstreik, Reinhardt Frei, Representative of the Workers Anarchist Federation, assures that these strikes have not been declared by the party and that the AAF will not endorse any violence committed by the rebels.

Most experts believe these riots will not be as radical and long as the Generalstreik was, and that Dorvik will become stable again in a month at most.
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Postby elenir1 » Fri May 18, 2018 12:34 am

Rudolf Mitler returns to politics.

Pictured above: Rudolf Mitler marching with supporters of his party.

Rudolf Mitler, the ex-president of Dorvik and ex-leader of the National Bolshevik party, has decided to return to the political landscape of the country. After the failure and collapse that was the National Bolshevik party, a few followers of Rudolf contacted him after he left the presidency, they stated their intentions to form a new party in Dorvik, one which would be centered around defending democracy and the fight against the class struggle in modern times. This prompted Rudolf to come back to politics, being at the head of the Radikale Demokratische Partei(Radical Democratic Party). The party already gathered some supporters, along with that, a few businessmen have financed the propaganda of the party.

The party supports a mostly state controlled economy, but the the RDP doesn't shy away from supporting private national companies. The party also supports conservative points on view, along with that, they heavily oppose the communist ideal of class struggle, instead supporting cooperation between different classes in our society. The party also believes democracy is an integral part of the culture of the people of Dorvik, defending it is a priority in the party. It seems this party could work in a coalition with both left and right wing parties. The RDP is positive that the next elections will give the party many seats it deserves.
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