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Khilafat Landslide
And The Name of The Caliph is...
December 4340

The newly formed Khilafat Movement has found overwhelming electoral success, winning 204 out of 205 seats in the Federal Assembly. The stunning victory has created all sorts of theories about how an unknown party suddenly won without any apparent success in rousing voters or receiving donations. For the average Kafuri, these are signs of foreign interference and many believe that the Khilafat Movement may be under the pressure of a foreign power, perhaps one involved in the south Majatran conflict. The movement itself has denied any such pressure or influence and says that it is focusing on assembling a tribal Shura to elect the new Caliph.

The Ahmad Mosque

Yet the rumours persist. One Nekkah tribesman claims to have seen the ghost of Deltarian war hero Zog Thaller meeting his local tribal Sheikh. This was dismissed as "qat-fueled nonsense" by Khilafat leaders until someone found a photo of Thaller's son, Marlon Zogsrmko Thaller. The younger Thaller was born posthumous to Zog's Jeztri princess bride. The photo showed him to be a dead ringer for his famous father while another conspiracy theory minded genealogist tracked down the genealogy of Thaller's grandmother - the wife of the notorious Thallerist adventurer Malgus III. She was found to be from a Siphinian tribe whose leaders claim descent from the Prophet Ahmad. A large conference of sheikhs also raised speculation with some reporting the presence of a number of foreign looking attendees.

All this has been dismissed by the Movement and the leaders have decried such speculation as dangerous but also pointed out that the post was open to any Ahmadi male who was a Seyyed (descendant of the Prophet Ahmad) They will assemble at the great Ahmad (Prophet)'s Mosque in the coming year and there, according to tradition, they will elect the Caliph.
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Re: Al-Haqq Al-Qalbiyyah (Kafuristan)

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A new political party has been founded in Kafuristan: The Hosian Party of Kafuristan. The party's founder, Aaliyah Faye, has pledged to bring Hosian values to Kafuristan, a nation that has been challenged by years of unstable government and anarchy. In an interview the the party's newspaper, the Kafuristan Daily, Faye has made it clear that she has big plans and big reforms in mind for Kafuristan. But who is she? Here's a short biography to tell the people who she is. Aaliyah Faye was born to Luthorian investors Michael and Alima Faye. The two had founded the investment firm Wisdom Inc., which made them billionaires, and enabled them to give their only child a world class education. The two had hoped for their daughter to go into investment as they had, but instead, she chose to go into politics, and moved back to her maternal ancestral home in Kafuristan after her father passed away when she was 24, leaving his 70 billion Lodamunese dollar fortune and 150 billion dollar investment and holding firm to her. In the 2 years since she has moved, she has helped grow Hosianism, her personal religion, within Kafuristan, and has now made a movement out of it. She is now campaigning around the nation to gain trust amongst Ahmadists, and has made pushes for support with tribal leaders, whose support is critical to win elections. The HPK has clearly been a hit, and many expect them to win the elections coming up soon.
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