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Politicos Struggle To Explain Selwyn Nomination Withdrawal

Postby Sovak111 » Sat May 12, 2018 4:13 am

After New Liberal Parliamentary Leader Russell Selwyn withdrew his name from consideration for the party’s Presidential nomination, many wondered as to his motives. When asked why he withdrew, Selwyn responded:

[New Liberal Presidential Candidate and Foreign Minister] Constance [Okafor] and I are good friends. She has shown herself to be a charismatic and honest negotiator who is unwavering in her patriotism and support for the Hutori people. She will make a great President.

I will continue to fight on behalf of all people in Parliament. My skillset is well-suited to the day-to-day battles on the floor of Parliament. I want to stay where I can do the most good.

Image: Selwyn (Right) and New Liberal MP Peter Knox (Left) watch Presidential nomination
vote counts at the Royal Alexander Hotel in Port Prosperity during last week's party conference.

Some political experts believe Selwyn may have dumped the presidency in favor of the Chancellorship. “Why be the head of state when he can be the head of government?” asked Dr. Robert Suesmith, a Professor of Political Philosophy and Economics at the Leah Ross College of Political Science at the University of Bekenial. “Selwyn clearly enjoys the daily political boxing match he plays against the Reformers, plus the Chancellor’s Office is where the real power to legislate is and everyone knows it.”

When asked about his friend and fellow MP’s political aspirations, New Liberal MP for Axminster South Peter Knox answered, “I think Russ’s only aspiration is to serve the people of Sutton in Parliament. Anything else you’ve heard is just speculation.”
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Temu » Sat May 12, 2018 8:09 am

Reform Party Vote Surges!

In what many considered "the most important election of the decade", the National Reform Party has seen a dramatic swing of support with a growth of 5.25 percent, gaining 22 seats and making it the third largest party in the parliament. In recent months the party has drifted significantly to the right since the Member for Woodhurst West, Greg Parks took over the party leadership. This election, considered do or die for the party, has shown that the people of Hutori still have a lot to answer regarding its views on race, particularly in regard to refugees and the Mashacara. Rumours also still are speculating that the party intentionally allowed for Malcom Green, a veteran member of the party, to lose his seat in an attempt to rid the party of his moderate views.

MP for Woodhurst West, Dan Sullivan

Greg Parks, the member for Woodhurst West, was particularly elated at the result, which could now place him in a key position for negotiations for the Chancellorship. Mr Parks stated
... it will be difficult to negotiate with the leftwing loonies, as no party has majority in the house. However, regardless of what occurs, the National Reform Party will play a significant role in negotiations in forming a cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Member for Fairfield who has enjoyed spar after spar with MP Russell Selwyn recently retained his seat with a tremendous margin celebrated by causing more controversy, by reigniting the debate regarding Mashacara slavery and forced deportation. Fredrick Stanton is reported to have said "
We have the numbers now to finally put those savage creatures back in there place. I honestly cannot wait to see the look on Laura Jennings face as she gets put on that boat and is never to be seen again.

Mr Stanton, who many believe could be the next leader of the NRP, has often been a source of controversy for the party. Yet many of its supporters, especially those who previously voted for other parties claim Mr Stanton is the reason for this recent success.

Daniel Young - Former New Liberal Voter
He says it as it is, he speaks for the silent majority. I would 100% support a Reform Government

However others say he has driven away some of the moderate base of the party.

Chelsea White - Former National Reform Voter (did not vote this election)
I cannot in good faith vote for someone as controversial as Mr Stanton, I don't necessarily disagree with the policies, I just disagree with how Mr Stanton behaves in parliament, it isnt very proper and it really put me off voting for them this election.

Time will tell whether the National Reform Party will continue to grow , and whether segregation will eventuate in Hutori.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Sat May 12, 2018 11:31 pm

Rousseau Reinstated as Conservative Caucus Chairman

The Leader of the Royalist Party, Pascale Rousseau, has been reinstated as chairman of the party's conservative caucus. Rousseau was removed from the role nearly 2 years ago, when he made a statement condemning the Reform Party. Now the caucus has decided that his comments were fair and that they fully condemn the Reformists for the racist ideology being pushed by them. Since Rousseau was first removed from the position, the youngest MP in the house, Brett Martin had been in the role of caucus chairman. He will now get a move from the justice portfolio, to the finance portfolio after the retirement of Alex Murphy. Martin, in all likelihood, will become the next minister of finance, a role he is very excited to take on.

"I sincerely hope that our cabinet proposal passes, and that we can get to work rebuilding Hutori. As finance minister, I will truly balance the budget, and hopefully be able to lower taxes at the same time. It won't be easy, but it is a challenge that I am very excited to take on."

Rousseau, who in all likelihood, will be the next chancellor, is happy to be back as chairman, and took the time to thank his caucus.

"I would like to thank every MP in this caucus for having the faith in me, to reinstate me as chairman. I look forward to working to promote the conservative values held by many in the Royalist Party."
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Tue May 15, 2018 12:47 am

Martin Lets Loose On "Extremist" Parties In Parliament

"If all parties could be like the Royalists and the New Liberals, this country would be in a much better place."

During debate on a motion brought forward by President Okafor to elect a new cabinet or call yet another election, Royalist Conservative Caucus House Leader Brett Martin let loose on, what he calls, extremist parties in parliament. Martin says that Conservatives are tired of having their name tarnished by the extreme right wing party, the Reform Party, and he also says he is tired of socialist policies that have destroyed the Hutorian economy.

"Conservative Royalists refuse to work with extremist parties such as the Reform Party and the Ultrackian Socialist Party. We will only work with parties such as the New Liberals who understand common sense fiscal and social policies. The Reformists think that being racists and deporting or enslaving the people who inhabited this land before us will magically fix the economy, and the Ultrackians believe that just increasing taxes and nationalizing everything will have the same effect. If all parties could be like the Royalists and the New Liberals, this country would be in a much better place. Mr Speaker, I have grown tired of parties making a mockery of not only this house, but our entire nation. It was socialist parties who destroyed our economy, and now an extreme right wing party wants to make things worse. Hutori needs common sense government, but until common sense parties gain a majority in this house, it seems this country will continue to spiral out of control."

Martin said outside of the house that only moderate parties like his own, and the New Liberals will truly be able to fix the economic crisis once and for all.
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Former Ataraxian Ambassador Warrick Is Euthanized at Age 106

Postby TheCollectivist » Tue May 15, 2018 4:16 pm

September 4393

Former geological engineer and Ataraxian Ambassador Marvyn Warrick has been euthanized at the age of 106. Like his predecessor, Lyn Kopp (September 4258 - May 4366), Warrick also lived to be a centenarian. During his time as ambassador he helped lead technocratic reforms in the Ataraxian Confederation, strengthening the authority of scientists and engineers in the enclave.

Incumbent Ataraxian Ambassador Pete Thompsett wrote:Warrick died peacefully knowing others will replace him and carry on his work. The work of generations of scientists and engineers will indeed continue. As with all our people, we were honoured to fulfill Warrick's request for a peaceful and civilized death.

Warrick was euthanized using inert gas asphyxiation, a method of euthanasia used universally throughout the Ataraxian Confederation. By using an inert gas there is no panic response, ensuring a painless demise. Nitrogen, an abundant gas, is considered a standard to use for this purpose. Apart from old age, Warrick suffered from no known ailments, but cited that he felt his age "catching up to him" and he would rather have a planned death than die from inevitable organ failure.

Average life expectancy is 91 years throughout the confederation. 96% of all deaths are caused by euthanasia, with 35% of euthanasia cases involving chronic and or terminal illness. Anyone can receive euthanasia upon request, although they are asked to verify that they understand what the procedure involves. Since the communes were founded in September 4160, universal access to euthanasia has been considered a right among communal residents. The euthanasia system is so popular that the Ataraxian Confederation receives regular medical tourists for a price seeking inert gas asphyxiation.

Ambassador Thompsett wrote:Euthanasia is humane and economical. We are all terminal. It is only a matter of when and how, rather than "if". We recognize that the individual has a right to decide to terminate their life. We only require that this process is done with dignity and overseen by a medical professional.

Death when unwanted is best prevented, but when it does happen it is important to make it into a benefit for society. For this reason, we do not waste corpses, but instead use them for functional purposes in science, vital organic materials, and aiding in plant fertilization. And yes, we obviously draw a line at cannibalism - that's not particularly safe anyway.

Ambassador Thompsett is a centenarian himself and is expected to resign soon. At age 102, he is set to become one of the oldest Ataraxians to have ever lived behind Lyn Kopp. Thompsett cites mostly "gene luck" and "favourable environmental conditions" throughout his life for his longevity.

Thompsett wrote:Living in a society where very little expense is spared on public health care also helps.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Wu Han » Sun May 20, 2018 11:17 pm

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