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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:26 pm

Finance Minister Takes Time Out of Commonwealth Summit To Meet With Auditor General


Alex Murphy arrived in Bekenial today for the Imperial Commonwealth Summit. After a long day of talks with Finance Ministers from the other Commonwealth nations, he took time to sit down with the Auditor General, Natalie LaChance, regarding her upcoming report. The Minister says that he was given a brief rundown of her findings, but will not know everything until her report is final and released. After the meeting, the Minister held a press conference.

"Ms LaChance wouldn't go into too much detail but from what I understand, there are some departments that are over funded, and some that are severely underfunded. Once the report is final, this government will look into which departments it is that can have their budget reduced, and which departments will need increases. If some departments require changes to reduce the required budget for them, this government will look into ways of doing so."
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:40 am


Hutori is currently considering a bid to host the 4400 Terran Olympics. The Conservative Party recently introduced a bill to seek approval for a bid. It has received support from both the Reform Party and the Ultrackian Socialist Party so far, and is expected to receive the support of the cabinet coalition. The leader of the Conservative Party held a press conference today to speak about the potential bid, in which he announced the 5 potential host cities, and that one would be selected once the bid approval passed through the house.

"After a successful showing at the 4380 Olympics, which saw our athletes bring home 21 medals, of which 9 were gold, we believe that it is time for Hutori to showcase one of its beautiful cities to the world, and host the Olympics ourselves. We are proposing that Hutori host the 4400 Olympics in one of five host cities. The five potential hosts are Acton, Bekenial, Port Prosperity, Saint Adrian, and Carter City. Should the bid approval be passed, parliament will decide which city will be the host. We are excited to bring this forward. We believe that Hutorians want this and will show their great hospitality to Olympians from around Terra."
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:54 pm



The bill seeking approval from parliament to submit a bid to host the 4400 Olympics will pass in August. It has reached a majority of yes votes, with 484 in favour, 0 against and 121 abstained as of the time of writing this article. Of the 5 cities on the shortlist to host the games, Carter City and Acton seem like the early favourites. The Conservative Party will undertake the task of drafting the bid once the approval passes in August, and will then put forward the bid in the House of Parliament for approval. Once they have received parliament's approval, the bid will be submitted to the TOC. The Conservatives hope to have the bid submitted long before the deadline of June 4391.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:20 am


After proposing many changes to address the issues that the Auditor General found in the Hutorian budget, and receiving little to no support from their coalition allies, the Conservative Party announced today that their MPs Josee Perin and Alex Murphy, the minsters for Science and Technology and Finance, are resigning from their positions. Below is a statement from the now former Minister of Finance, Alex Murphy.

"After listening to the concerns of the Auditor General, our party did the hard work of creating innovative solutions to bring Hutori a truly balanced budget. Unfortunately, our coalition allies offered little support, and our bills will not pass. Josee and I spoke with our leader and the rest of the Conservative caucus, and have decided at this time we will be resigning from our positions in the cabinet"
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby colonelvesica » Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:04 am

Auditor General Slams Hutorian Government in Final Audit Report

Auditor General Natalie LaChance

Hutori's federal Auditor General has delivered her final report on her year long Auditor of the Hutorian government and the news was less then flattering.

According to the lengthy Reports lodged with the House of Parliament seven Federal Departments, including two that make up almost half of the federal budget alone, have critical funding issues. The Ministry of Science and Technology was flagged as being critically overfunded, to the tune of over thirty Billion Lira, while the Finance, Social Services, Culture and Industry Budgets, were so critically underfunded the Auditor General bluntly stated she had no understanding on how they were even functioning. She noted the critical reliance on Crown Corporations, or state owned companies, because of national laws that require so much of the Hutorian economy to be under state nationalized control. The Auditor General's prime example was highlighted with the Finance Department; the Ministry of Finance has a two billion Lira budget, but the Hutorian Central Reserve Bank, Hutorian's chief and central bank, has an operating budget of almost three billion Lira alone, baffling the Auditor General on how the other five national banks that operate in each province even physically run. This issue is seen in every department that utilize Crown Corporations with the most critical being the Ministry of Industry. While nominally the Department in charge of the Hutorian economy, over half of it's budget it held down by the Hutorian International Development Corporation. She pointed out that even if the HIDC didn't exist, there would be no where near enough money to run the Crown Corporations that control so industries and sectors of the economy.

Further issues were highlighted in the number of social programs and services the government has pushed out over the number of the years without ever passing an increased budget to make up for the shortfalls. The most highlighted one was the Department of Social Services within the Ministry of Health & Social Services that had, simultaneous, been running a universal child benefit program, basic income supplement program and the National Hostel Program. As the Auditor General noted, the expansiveness of these programs would required in excess of a hundred Billion Lira alone to operate, and that's without adding in the need for the Health half of the budget. The Culture Department had the same issue with sheer number of departments, though the issue was by no means as pronounced as in Social Services.

The Auditor General has advised the passage of either a new and much expanded budget immediately, or the government shutting down some of it's expansive social programs and Crown Corporations to ease strain on the Federal Budget. She noted that thirty Billion Lira in saving could be found in the Science and Technology Ministry immediately and she especially noted that the Federal Government was over 200 Billion Lira in debt from cost overruns and operating costs from not passing a government to physically pay for the programs the Hutorian citizens expected.

The Auditor General stated that while 200 Billion was "not going to break the Hutorian economy" if the government did not move on her recommendations the affects on the Hutorian economy would be pronounced within the next ten or twenty years.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Temu » Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:30 pm

Reform Party Leader Dumped!

With a disappointing result for the second election in a row, Reform Party MP's were growing tired with the failures of David Judd to turn around the party and revive it to the success it once achieved. In the early hours of the morning, MPs met to discuss the future leadership options of the party. Mr Judd was adamant to take the party into the next election, claiming he had increased the party vote in both elections he had been leader. However criticism from Deputy Leader Kathlyn Montgomery quickly quashed any hope of Mr Judd retaining his position, with Ms Montgomery stating "
... while I recognise our vote has increased, we still are the smallest party in the parliament and furthermore, we have only regained seats we have lost, we have still yet to make any true gains...

It is understood that Mr Judd refused to resign amid pressure from the Reform Party MPs, who then put forward a leadership spill motion.

Three candidates put their name up for the leadership of the party.

David Judd

The current leader of the Reform Party, who many held high hopes for , yet has failed to translate this into electoral success

Seymour Spears
Former Deputy Leader of the Reform Party (while it was named Liberal National Party). Seymour Spears was considered a popular candidate due to his hardline conservative approach , however there were concerns regarding his ages and his "establishment image"

Greg Parks
MP, while Mr Parks has no previous experience in the leadership of the Reform Party, he possesses a populist appeal among the voting population. He also has been a strong critic of the Reform Party leadership under Mr Judd, which did cause him to struggle to gain support among the loyal to Mr Judd.

The votes of the 47 MPs resulted in:

1. Greg Parks - 22 votes

2. David Judd - 21 votes

3. Seymour Spears - 4 votes

As no candidate reached majority a second round of voting was conducted. It is believed that prior to this, Ms Montgomery publicly to the party room endorsed to Mr Parks which was a devastating blow to Mr Judd's support.

The results of the second round of voting

1. Greg Parks - 39 votes

2. David Judd - 8 votes

With Mr Parks winning the second round of voting, Mr Judd was officially removed as Leader of the Reform Party immediately. Mr Parks has chosen to keep Ms Montgomery on as Deputy Leader.

Time will tell whether Mr Parks will be able to reverse the fortunes of the Reform Party.
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Adelia Fibre Launches

Postby TheCollectivist » Thu May 03, 2018 12:29 am

May 4387

Image: Logo of Adelia Fibre, a non-profit telecommunication provider in Adelia owned by the Hutorian state.

The Adelia Fibre Project, a mutual development project between Adelia and the Ataraxian Confederation has been completed. All Adelians now have access to a 1 Gbit/s FTTP (fibre to the premises) service. The Ataraxians have spent a total of $14.9 billion HLR installing optical fibre cables throughout Adelia. The Adelia Fibre Project started in May 4379 after being approved by the Hutorian government in July 4378. Adelia Fibre, a state-run non-profit enterprise has been created to manage the new service. Currently, Adelians will have to pay usage fees in order to take advantage of the FTTP service, although fees are expected to kept as low as possible due to the non-profit operation of the service. According to the Ataraxians the growing information technology sector in Adelia is expected to benefit greatly from the project - especially digital content providers and cloud services.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Maxington » Sun May 06, 2018 2:49 pm

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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Conser » Wed May 09, 2018 6:36 am

President Buccho heavily condemn the four new bills of the Reform Party

(Here President Buccho at the press conference)

Yesterday, the President of Hutori Cristian Buccho and the Chancellor Tom Stevens issue a press conference to officialy condemn the four bill that where recently proposed by the Reform Party, bills that they juged to be ''incredibly racist and retrograde''. The president went hard on his critisism has he said:
This is unacceptable. By presenting some racisme-based proposition such as banning interracial marriages and interracial sex, segragating schools and public amenities and making citizenship only available for Lutheran Hutorians, the Reform Party is disrespecting the long hutorian tradition of tolerance, equality and solidarity. The very fact that these bills where proposed in front the House of Parliament, which one the most important and sacred insitution of Hutori, is a huge shame for our entire country. These bills are extremely unhutorian as they go agaisn't the very values that this country was built upon. As the dually elected President of the country, I must heavily condemn these four bills and the entire Reform Party for their lack of respect towards our values and traditions. Every hutorian is equal, whatever their race, religion or gender and nothing the Reform Party or anyone else will do will change that.

The chancellor Tom Stevens went even harder on his critisism:
This is outrageous! This is just straight up racisme! Believe me, racism is the word but it is not strong enough. Does the Reform Party even understand that if this bill pass, and thankfully it will not, millions and millions of lives will be completly shattered? I don't understand how could the 40 MP of the Reform Party can even look at themselves at the mirror anymore. Have we really sink that much low? At the point that some MP are even proposing to completly deprive some hutorian of their most basic rights based on nothing more then the color of their skin or the origin of their parents. The very fact that these bills even exist in the first place is completly beyond my comprension.

At the end of the conference, the President wanted to remind everybody that he is himself a immigrant and this issue concern him personnaly:
my parentts where both from Tukarali, I arrived in Hutori when I am was four years old. Apparently, according to the Reform Party that make me not only unfit to be President, but also unfit to even be a citizen of Hutori. If these bills even pass, I would have the obligaiton divorce my wife which is inconceivable
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Temu » Wed May 09, 2018 7:01 am

Reform Party Unapologetic In Its Vision For the Future

Leader of the Reform Party, Greg Parks

Leader of the Reform Party, Greg Parks, has hit back at other parties amid demands for his apology in relation to the bills put forward recently.
... I stand by what the party has proposed, we advocate what is best for society, this is something the party has always had ambitions for. In the past we were hesitant to table due to ineffective leadership and membership being swamped by foreigners, now that the party has been reclaimed our members have begged us and we have delivered. To those who wish to go against our policies and refuse to work with us in cabinet, we will use our parliamentary numbers to block bills until we achieve our goals.

Many are speculating whether this lurch rightward by the Reform Party will make it significantly more difficult for cabinets to be formed, especially if the party is able to increase its votes next election. Time will tell whether the Reform Party actually enacts its agenda.
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