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Defense Minister announces participation in NC exercises

Postby Sovak111 » Wed May 09, 2018 4:14 pm

As a member of the military and economic cooperation alliance known as the Northern Council since December 4247, Hutori sent select battalions, air wings, and naval battle groups to participate in the Alliance’s war games in Outannais, Lourenne. Defence Minister Pavel Jucewicz had this to say:

Defence Minister Pavel Jucewicz

We are proud to stand by our friends and allies and participate in these exercises. With the current state of the world - specifically Dankukin military provocations and slavery in the nation of Saridan - liberal democracies like those of the Northern Council member states must ban together to provide for our mutual defense. Several units took part in Exercise Titanaboa, the largest ever by the Northern Council, which included three major components - Exercise Focus, Exercise DragonFly, and Exercise Trident Shield. Focus, which featured the 1st Joint Arctic Response Brigade (also known as the 1st Hutorian-Kazulian Brigade) required all Northern Council infantry units to learn the same strategy for joint infantry combat. DragonFly simulated an air-drop of our troops on an enemy beach; both the 1st Air Cavalry Regiment of the Hutori Army, and the 2nd Expeditionary Group of the Hutori Marine Corps participated. Lastly, TridentShield provided training for amphibious landings, and the brave men and women of the Hutorian Second Fleet took part. We are pleased to announce that the war-games were a rousing success and that our armed forces achieved all of their goals. Many thanks go out to the Armed Forces of Lourenne, who organized and led these exercises.

Minister Jucewicz also announced that the 4th Carrier Wing based aboard the HNS-Desmond Williams received a special commendation for excellence during Exercise Titanaboa.

The HNS-Desmond Williams taking part in Exercise Trident Shield

More information on Northern Council Exercise Titanaboa can be found here:
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Wed May 09, 2018 6:43 pm

Royalist Conservative Caucus Appoints New Chairman

Leader of the Royalist Party, Pascale Rousseau, has been relieved of his duties as Chairman of the party's Conservative Caucus. Many of the backbenchers within the caucus and 2 frontbench MPs called for Rousseau to be removed as Chairman after his condemnation of the Reform Party, who have been traditional allies of the former Conservative Party. Below is a statement from Ben Pettipas, the Internal Affairs critic.

"After hearing Mr Rousseau's statement in the House regarding the Reform Party's drastic change in ideology, we immediately called a meeting of the Conservative Caucus. While we do not consider ourselves to be as far right in our ideology as the Reform Party is, they have been traditional allies of the Conservative Party for their entire existence. We feel that now is not the time to turn our backs on them as they will be able to help form a government with us after the next election. We will not support bills that are against our values as a party, but at the same time, we feel that the Conservative Caucus should not be condemning the Reform Party and for that reason we have asked Mr Rousseau to step down from his role as Chairman. We will not be asking Mr Rousseau to step down as leader, as we feel he still best represents the views of the Royalist Party as a whole."

After Rousseau agreed to step down as chairmen, 3 MPs were nominated to become the new Chairman and after a vote of the 75 member caucus, Brett Martin, the 22 year old MP from Wrightstown, was named Caucus Chairman. He will assume the role immediately and had this to say:

"It is a great honour to represent the Conservative Caucus as their Chairman. I look forward to continuing to work alongside my colleagues in both caucuses of the Royalist Party, and ensuring Conservative voices in the party are heard."
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New Liberal Leader Praises Rousseau, Martin

Postby Sovak111 » Thu May 10, 2018 3:01 am

New Liberal Leader Russell Selwyn speaks in Parliament

New Liberal Leader Russell Selwyn gave a speech in Parliament today in which he praised the outgoing leader of the Conservative Royalists. Selwyn thanked Rousseau for being a reliable partner on issues pertaining to deregulation and business. He warned incoming leader Brett Martin of the difficulties of leading a party at such a young age.

And to my honourable friend from Wrightstown, I wish you good luck. I too was in my early twenties when I accepted a leadership role in my party. However, at the time, I was the only member of Parliament for the New Liberals! Leadership of one is easy. Leadership of 75 is slightly less easy. I hope that my honourable friend and I can work together as much as possible. I also want my honourable friend, the incoming leader of the Conservative Royalists, to know that he has big shoes to fill. His predecessor was a paragon of bravery and, although we sometimes disagreed, I always knew that in him I had a partner for building the great Nation of Hutori.

Rousseau asking question in Parliament Last Year

Selwyn ended his speech by admonishing the Conservative Royalists for forcing Rousseau's resignation as leader after he publicly admonished former coalition partners the Reform Party in Parliament. He then praised Rousseau one last time.

Mr. Speaker, I am saddened that many in the largest opposition party put politics over principle and forced out a man who has done nothing but lead with honour. Why so many chose to support racist Reformers over their own leader, I will never understand. Mr. Speaker, I hope this House will give me some leeway to directly address the outgoing leader of the Conservative Royalists. Pascale, we often throw around the word "friend" in this house too loosely. In this case, I mean the term as sincerely as possible. You, my friend, are getting a raw deal. You, my friend, showed strength of character and bravery. You, my friend, will be back.
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The Technocratic Electronic Police State Beneath Hutori

Postby TheCollectivist » Thu May 10, 2018 7:06 am

December 4390

Image: A CCTV camera monitors residents in the Commune of Ataraxia, the capital and hub of R&D in the Ataraxian Confederation.

Beneath Hutorian soil is a growing electronic police state - set to become the most advanced surveillance state in the world. In a setting that sounds something right out of a dystopian novel, the Ataraxian Confederation takes the spot for the most watched population in the world. Having at least one CCTV camera per person, it is said that there is not an inch of Ataraxian space that is not recorded. The only escape from the omnipresent surveillance residents have is when they are alone in their personal residences. Even that however is soon to change.

Ezra Holmes, an Ataraxian mechanical engineer, is heading a project to design "smart CCTV" with facial recognition capabilities. The new cameras will be designed and manufactured in-house. These cameras will replace outdated models that were imported from the outside. According to Holmes, Ataraxians plan to mass deploy this new model of CCTV camera across communes in the Ataraxian Confederation and even sell it to outside businesses, individuals, and governments (the schematics itself will be freely available).

Ezra Holmes wrote:Surveillance in popular culture tends to carry a negative connotation. Only spies and oppressive governments use surveillance. At least that's what popular wisdom may think. The reality is: without surveillance you cannot have accountability. Here, in the Ataraxian Confederation, we use surveillance on everyone, including members of our leadership. Nobody here is given exception. The result is inescapable transparency. Every single action, apart from those conducted by people alone in their residences, is recorded. Rather than being an agent of oppression, surveillance actually protects the innocent by providing evidence of their behaviour. We have in our history never had a case of a false conviction for the few crimes that are committed.

Holmes considers privacy concerns "irrelevant".

Holmes wrote:A rational argument in support of privacy is that it can prevent one from being harmed by criminal and or corrupt forces. This is irrelevant in the Ataraxian Confederation for the simple fact that corruption and most forms of crime is virtually non-existent. Privacy is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can help prevent problems such as identity theft and personal attacks. On the other hand it cripples law enforcement and effectively neuters any justice system that relies on solid evidence to make convictions. Ultimately if your society needs privacy, it is probably one that has low crime safety and high government corruption. Ironically surveillance can destroy both problems. When used on both civilians and government it can result in greater transparency and accurate convictions.

Holmes, among many Ataraxians, wants surveillance to be increased.

Holmes wrote:Right now people are not being recorded while alone in their residences or using a public bathroom. These limitations are not necessary. We don't need live operators watching people sleep or relieve their bladder, but what's the harm in having it recorded? It's especially useful in unusual circumstances where an accident or some other occurrence cannot be explained through circumstantial evidence. Having a direct visual and auditory recording of everything makes for a smarter system. I and many others want total surveillance. We want everything recorded.

Recently, Holmes made a proposal to introduce visual and auditory surveillance of Ataraxians in the Commune of Ataraxia in all situations, including activity while alone in a personal residence and bathroom usage. The proposal noted however that surveillance of these private situations would not actually have a live human watching and recordings would only be accessible when necessary. The policy received some resistance.

Under Ataraxian law, proposals require that nobody actively objects in order to pass. However, for proposals of "scientific concern", the decision is up to "qualified experts" (scientists and engineers in an appropriate field) who must themselves make decisions according to scientific evidence. The Council of the Commune of Ataraxia considered Holmes' proposal to be a scientific one rather than a moral problem because it involves the effectiveness of information gathering. People who objected to the proposal were told that their opinions were "irrelevant" and "technophobic". They were asked instead of providing their opinion, they should instead provide evidence that contradicts that surveillance is the most effective tool at gathering information.

Pete Thompsett, Ataraxian Ambassador wrote:Scientific progress is not debatable. We either advance or we decline. Those who are not educated in the appropriate fields and who provide no evidence to their claims deserve no thought when making decisions on issues of scientific importance. Evidence has shown that surveillance is a necessary tool for data gathering. Access to accurate data improves decision-making and results. Surveillance improves individual behaviour and ensures accountability. We will not be held back by pessimism and technophobia. I agree with Holmes' bold proposal. Everything should indeed be recorded and restrictions on this were outdated.

The Ataraxian Confederation does have a point with its heavy surveillance use. Crime is extremely low throughout the communes, with no reports of any violent incidences that have resulted in substantial injuries. Corruption is also virtually unknown. Ataraxians are obsessive with transparency and voluntarily share their data with Hutorian authorities. Even members of the Hutorian public can access great quantities of Ataraxian information.

There is a notable downside to all this. In the case of an attack from the outside world, hostile forces would know virtually everything about the Ataraxians, including the layout of their communes and essential infrastructure systems. For the Ataraxians however, they have little fear of an outside attack and have enjoyed peace between them and Hutori since their founding.

Pete Thompsett wrote:We have no present security concerns on the outside world. We have an excellent relationship with the Hutorian authorities. The continued support of many Hutorians in elections despite our policy of keeping politics at a distance shows just how much Hutorians respect us. Besides, there would be nothing to gain from attacking us. We are an advanced society that produces and shares technology. Adelia has optical fibre connections and a state-owned low-cost high speed networking service because of our multi-billion funding efforts. To destroy our society would have a tremendous impact on the information technology sector in Adelia and destroy more than $5 billion HLR worth of the Hutori's GDP.

Need I say more?

Since its council communist origins as a collective group of communes under the Hutorian Proletarian Party (HPP - the Ataraxians' predecessors), the Ataraxian Confederation (founded in January 4290) has become a network of underground scientific societies ruled by the iron fist of an authoritative technocracy. Membership requirements are strict and often reserved for the highly educated. For those who leave they claim it is a type of "love or leave it" society.

Anonymous, former Ataraxian, worked as a janitor in the Commune of Ataraxia wrote:You either follow the rules or you're gone. They never leave this ambiguous. You do something as much as leave a drop of litter on the ground and they'll make it very clear they take conformity extremely seriously. I left because of love, something they don't really like if it involves romance. Ironically I found my soul mate in the very place I was never intended to. We both left and got married.

I don't think it as bad as some people may think. You never have to worry about finances and they always make sure you are comfortable. The work hours are also great. I worked on average 5 hours a day. No vacations, but plenty of free time after work. I worked as a janitor and honestly would say the working conditions are the best part of life there. I originally worked for 6 hours daily, which I would say is how long most people work there. They only let you work 4-6 hours unless in cases of emergencies. You are expected to work 6 hours though. After complaining about back pain and a medical exam, they told me to work only 5 hours a day and had me avoid any really strenuous work.

The people there are cold on the outside. Making friends can be difficult because most people operate either alone outside of work or in small social circles. I never was bullied or harassed, at least until I started expressing romantic interest in someone. I would say the people there are really compassionate, but find it hard to express their emotions. Anyone can participate in debates or council meetings, but the scientists and engineers always seem to hold the final say. I guess it's better than no say at all. The place I work now on the outside never asks me what I think of my job or orders me to work lesser hours because they want me more comfortable.

Some have described Ataraxia as some kind of utopia and they are right in some ways. There's no poverty, drug addiction, or really any crime. But it is an alien place. You have to keep your hair shaved for one. You have to consent to being sterilized before joining, which they make it known to you beforehand. Everything is controlled. What you watch, what you eat, what you wear. There's no pop or candy. No dance clubs or parties. You spend most of your time underground, but you can visit the surface any time of the day. They got pools, sport facilities. It's like living at your parents' home, except its large, clean, and there are surveillance cameras everywhere. I never really did mind the surveillance, you sort of just get used to the fact that anything you do in public is recorded. It's kind of nice and it is a real shock when you return to the outside world. You really realize that on the outside people can do things to you and get away with because there's no record of it. In Ataraxia, if someone pushes you or even insults you, they have evidence of it and have zero tolerance for mistreatment.

Apparently not all the communes are the same and there's been growing economic inequality between them. The Commune of Ataraxia, where I worked and lived for seven years was described as the best of them all. Major downsides for me were mandatory celibacy and not getting paid to work. You don't need money as an Ataraxian, but you do need it if you want to live on the outside. So most people feel like they couldn't really live outside, but some have saved up money before joining, which the Ataraxians tolerate, but freeze your accounts to prevent you from making any money while staying there. When I left, I didn't have much saved up, so life was a pretty big change. Suddenly I had to worry about paying for things you take for granted there, like food and even stuff like soap. I think their position on celibacy and reproduction is weird. I never wanted kids, but people need to breed in order to keep the species going. The policy on celibacy is especially weird. It doesn't really make sense for their ideology either. From what I've read, science does not regard sexuality as something harmful. A lot of people who would be very good Ataraxians can't become them because they are not willing to give up love or their fertility.

Once I started expressing romantic interest in someone there, who I knew beforehand was interested in me, security took note of it and said I was being carefully monitored. I would be reminded of the immorality and "social instability" of romantic relationships. I was told that my feelings were irrational and were not of my choosing. They're right. I don't choose to love someone, but I also can't choose not to love them. It was a catch-22 that lead me to leave. It's a shame really, the society has a real potential. As a janitor, I was probably pretty replaceable, but I know other scientists and engineers would want to join if they didn't have to leave their spouses to do so. And technically romantic relationships are not prohibited, but any kind of romantic behaviour, like holding hands or sexual activity of course is not tolerated and can get you deported.

Other former members have described the communes as "scientific dictatorships run by prudes". Others have described it as a "paternalistic state that acts in the name of scientific progress". A more positive description calls it an "idiosyncratic utopia run by compassionate scientific overseers".

Pete Thompsett wrote:Every movement has one primary focus, a non-negotiable objective. For liberals it is civil liberties. For capitalists, it is private property. For socialists, it is equality. For us, it's science.

Despite Ataraxians' communist origins, most insiders consider them effectively apolitical and having no particular loyalty to any side of the spectrum. Ataraxians themselves identify as "syncretic" and incorporate elements from both the left and right into their policies. In outside affairs, Ataraxians favour political parties that are friendly towards their goals, such as upgrading infrastructure and spreading technological adoption. They are willing to work with liberals, conservatives, socialists, communists, capitalists, monarchists, and even fascists as long as said parties respect their autonomy and have a mutual desire for scientific progress.
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Row in Parliament as Selwyn, Stanton Spar

Postby Sovak111 » Thu May 10, 2018 3:55 pm

A Parliamentary debate over the registration of domestic pets turned into a battle over the legacy of the current government and the status of the Mashacara people. New Liberal Leader Russell Selwyn and Reform Party Justice Spokesperson Frederick Stanton took to the floor of Parliament to debate a bill designed to overturn the New-Liberal-Sponsored RUFF Act which eliminated registration requirements for non-exotic domestic pets. What began as a debate about pets devolved into a row about the pet policy prescriptions of the two parties.

Image: New Liberal Leader: "Read my lips... the Mashacara have always been and will always be citizens of this nation.”

After Selwyn questioned the wisdom of adding to the administrative burden of localities, the Justice Spokesperson for the Reformers responded by stating that the bill would prevent bestiality. Clearly annoyed by the younger opposition member’s provocative statement, the Leader of the New Liberals argued that already extant laws prevent bestiality and that adding to an already large regulatory burden for localities would make them far less efficient without providing a great policy benefit. Said Selwyn as he spoke from his experience of being the youngest Lord Mayor in Sutton history, “Local governments are already deal[ing] with the responsibility to regulate higher education, sports clubs, fireworks, pornography, curfews, local police, libraries, regional highways, and nuclear power! At some point, the Federal government can't keep passing the buck to local governments! They're drowning in paperwork as it is!”

Stanton disagreed, stating that his experience as a councillor in Fairfield was much different, and that the New Liberal Leader should “stop trying to cosy up to his former councillor friends and make their jobs easier than it already is and start taking his role as a federal politician seriously.”

Image Image
Image: Both Selwyn (left) and Stanton (right) started their careers in local government - Selwyn
as Lord Mayor of Sutton, Stanton as a local Councillor in Fairfield

Selwyn then uncharacteristically lost his composure and angrily listed off the achievements of the first federal government to include the New Liberal Party, including several free trade agreements, deregulation of the the railroad and financial industries, and tax reform. He then questioned the effectiveness of the Reform Party, calling their record one of  failed legislation and virulent racism. Stanton responded in kind, telling the New Liberal leader to “Get your egotistical head of of the sand and wake up to reality” before calling Selwyn “an inefficient MP who passes on tough issues.” Stanton then suggested that Selwyn’s party colleagues do the real work of the Party, while Selwyn simply takes credit for all of their successes. He then made the erroneous claim that none of the policy successes of the government could have been made without the help of opposition parties.

At this point, Selwyn could not contain himself and shouted at the Reform Party Justice Spokesperson:

I would suggest that the member visit a doctor not only to clean out his ears so that he may listen better, but also so that he may get a check up for dementia as he is clearly losing his memory as on no occasion did ALL the parties vote with the government in that time period - at least one always abstained or voted against the government. 

I do want to thank the member for Fairfield for his concern for the workload of the ministers of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure and Transport, and Internal Affairs. They do work hard on behalf of the people of Hutori every day, but are happy to do so, as they care about making Hutori a better place for all its citizens - not just the Luthori ones. “

The last sentence, a clear reference to the Reform Party’s radical, recently-defeated proposal to enslave or deport all Mashacara people, prompted Mr. Stanton to respond, "the National Reform Party also strives to make Hutori a better place for all citizens. Mashacara have simply been incorrectly classified as citizens however we are working on resolving that issue, if only the member for Sutton East would actually address the Mashacara problem rather than hide away and throw money at them.” At this point, the New Liberal Leader, clearly exasperated but not willing to give ground, dramatically pointed at the Reform Party spokesman and addressed him directly, saying, "Read my lips, Mr. Stanton: the Mashacara have always been and will always be citizens of this nation.”

At this point the Speaker of the House, Winston Johnson, reprimanded both Selwyn and Stanton for their personal attacks at each other, saying "There is no place in this August Body for such comments." Both members then left the chamber - Selwyn furious, Stanton with glee. While Mr. Selwyn went directly to the New Liberals’ party caucus chambers, Mr. Stanton took the opportunity to address the media. When asked about the New Liberal Leader, Stanton had this to say:

Mr Selwyn is a race-mixing, animal-shagging, nasty individual, frankly I think his reason for voting against our bills is to cover up his own crimes and possibly his subhuman background. Back to topic however, the National Reform Party will always be the party that advocates the best for Hutori citizens, and Hutori citizens are Lutheran Hutori. The New Liberal Party needs to get with reality and recognise that the interests of Hutori must be always put first. Hutori First, Making Hutori Great Again" “

Image: Frederick Stanton's Appearance on Channel 4 News following the Debate

When asked to comment on Stanton’s statement, New Liberal Executive Party Chairman Matt McDonnell answered:

As a general policy we don’t comment on baseless allegations, especially from radical right-wing extremists. Russ and his policy team have led the New Liberals from 0 MPs just 8 years ago to 82 MPs and a part in a governing coalition today. We will continue to legislate open-facing, globalist policies that protect individual freedom and liberty until the voters decide to go in another direction. The voters clearly support Russ and the New Liberal agenda, and no upstart provocateur from the racist right will change that. ”

The Dispatch reached out to a number of political commentators and experts for their analysis of the spat. Dr. Robert Suesmith, a Professor of Political Philosophy and Economics at the Leah Ross College of Political Science at the University of Bekenial, had this to say:

After five successive national elections in which they received less than 10 percent of the vote, the Reformers are trying a new tactic: tapping into a jingoistic fervor that has been bubbling below the surface of Luthori Hutorian politics for years now to gain votes. Furthermore, their younger members are doing everything they can to gain media attention. Provocative young politicians like Stanton try to bait prominent members of other parties into public debates as doing so will bring greater exposure for the Reform movement. Stanton did just that; and Selwyn fell for it. Because Selwyn has been a mainstay of Hutori politics for almost a decade now, it is easy to forget that he is only 30 years old. He made a young man’s mistake in Parliament, and the Reformers are the beneficiaries. More experienced New Liberal cabinet members like Pavel [Jucewicz] and Connie [Okafor] would not have made the same mistake.”

Sherrie Lowry, Politics Reporter for the Sutton Herald, Mr. Selwyn’s hometown newspaper disagreed with Prof. Suesmith’s assessment:

It wasn’t a mistake at all! One of the great criticisms of the New Liberals in this part of Hutori is that they aren’t tough enough. Russ stood up for minority populations and his own party colleagues. Its playing very well here. People are all talking about how Russ stood up to a big bully and won.”

Gretchen Summers, former campaign manager for Reform Party candidates in Adelia and current conservative talking head on right-leaning news media outlets celebrated what she perceived to be a victory for Mr. Stanton and the Reform Movement:

Russell Selwyn was exposed for what he is - a left-wing egomaniac who would rather cow tow to the communist fringe... and we have Frederick Stanton to thank for that. He’s a true hero for the Conservative movement. Go get ‘em, Freddie!”
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Thu May 10, 2018 6:39 pm

Martin and Rousseau Respond to New Liberal Leader

"I would like to assure the Leader of the New Liberal Party and all of Hutori that the Conservative Caucus of the Royalist Party in no way condones or supports the racist and offensive statements made or bills put forward by the leader of the Reform Party. However, we felt that Mr Rousseau's quick to condemn approach was not in the best interests of our caucus. Our fiscal policies align fairly well with that of the Reform Party, and for us to completely cut ties with them would be foolish as they are a key ally in getting our bills passed. What many do not know is that my self and Mr Pettipas spoke privately with Mr Rousseau before meeting with the rest of the caucus. He agreed to step down if the caucus wished and actually voted in favour when the motion was brought before the caucus. I consider Mr Rousseau a dear friend and we still believe he is the best man to lead the Royalist Party into the next election. As such we will not be challenging his position as leader of the party. I will say to the leader of the Reform Party that this party will not support his radical agenda, but we are willing to continue to work alongside them on issues we agree on." ~ Martin

"As stated by Mr Martin, I fully agreed with the Conservative Caucus' decision to remove me as their chairman. I thought that at the time of my statement I was speaking on behalf of the entire Royalist Party. I was wrong to cut ties with a party that has been loyal allies to us for decades. We do not support their radical right wing agenda, but we do agree on many fiscal policies and know that we must continue to work with them on challenging the current government to fix the economic crisis this nation is in." ~ Rousseau
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Thu May 10, 2018 7:43 pm


Image Image
Royalist Presidential Candidate hopefuls Merv Best (left) and Adriana Woodbury (right)

The Royalist Party has elected the candidate that will represent them in the 4393 presidential election. The constitution of the Royalist Party states that a presidential candidate at least two years prior to an election, with exceptions being made when an early election is called. The primary came down to Adriana Woodbury, the current MP for Acton Groomsbridge and opposition foreign affairs critic, and Merv Best, the CEO and majority shareholder in Best Enterprises, a real estate development and resort company, who had also been a well known member of the former Conservative Party for decades. After the final results were in, Best was elected as the Presidential Candidate with 54.6% of the vote. Best represented the Conservative Caucus in the primary, while Woodbury represented the Progressive Caucus. After the results were in, Best thanked the entire party for having faith in him.

"I would like to thank everyone in this party for having the faith in me to run as their presidential candidate. It is a great honour and privilege. I must thank Adriana Woodbury, as she ran an incredible campaign and I know that she would have made a great president and will someday. Now it is time for our party to be united in taking back this country. We have sat by for too long and allowed socialists to ruin our economy. Thanks to great work from our MPs, and help from the few other sensible parties in the house, we have made strides in fixing the economy. The work is only just getting started though. It is time to turn Hutori back into the economic powerhouse that it once was. Again, I thank everyone for their support. Lets do this!"
~ Merv Best
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Fri May 11, 2018 9:52 pm

New Royalist Conservative Chairman Not Taking it Easy on the Government

Royalist Conservative Caucus Chairman Brett Martin during debate in the House of Parliament

A year into his tenure as Chairman of the Royalist Party Conservative Caucus, Brett Martin has shown that he is not afraid to stand up to the government on policies he does not agree with. Martin, the 23 year old rookie MP says that in order to take his job seriously as the chairman of a caucus in the official opposition, he needs to make sure that the voices of all Hutorians are heard, and not just those that agree with the government. During debate on the Energy Nationalization Bill, which would reverse the decision to privatize energy which was passed as part of Bill R-1, he spoke on how socialist policies have left Hutori in an economic crisis.

"If we listened to the USPH and nationalized absolutely everything as they seem to want to do, we would have the worst economy on Terra and nobody would do business with us. For some reason, the USPH believes socialism will repair our broken economy, yet it was socialism that destroyed it in the first place. I ask all members in this house, including the other parties on the government side to please vote against this bill and send a message to Hutori and all of Terra that we are done with socialism as it has proved to be a cancer to this country."

Martin says he believes that the next election will be one of change, and that Hutorians will voice that they are tired of failed socialist policies of previous governments.

"Hutorians are tired of the same, worn out socialist policies that have made the Hutorian economy the laughing stock of Terra. The last Conservative government under the Rt Hon Aaron Scheer tried their best to fix the economy, but were shut down by socialist parties at every turn. Their own coalition partners in the New National Progress Party would not even support them on many issues. I believe that the next election will be one of change. I have spoken with people in every corner of Hutori, and all of them have told me the same thing, "Brett, we are tired of this. We need a government that will turn this around.". The Royalist Party is ready to be a part of that government. There are parties in Hutori that are committed to fixing our country. In the next election, you will see a new government that is ready to lead. It is time to take this country back."
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Sat May 12, 2018 2:28 am

Rousseau Slams Chancellor Stevens, Calls for Non-Confidence Vote

"Hutorians do not want a lazy chancellor."

Today, Royalist Leader Pascale Rousseau rose to introduce a non-confidence motion, seeking to dissolve the current government so that the people of Hutori could elect a new chancellor, as he feels that the NNPP have done nothing in their 2 years in power. This was Rousseau's statement on the floor of the house:

"Mr Speaker,

For the last 2 years, this government has had no leadership from its chancellor. The New National Progress Party has sat aside and done nothing except vote on bills while the New Liberal Party has done everything. We believe that as the largest party in the coalition, and the party whose leader is the chancellor of this country, the New National Progress Party should be at the forefront of the government coalition, bringing forward its own ideas while supporting the ideas of their government coalition partners. The NNPP has not done so. Hutorians do not want a lazy chancellor. They want a chancellor who will show true leadership. I hope all parties in this house will vote in favour of this non-confidence motion and call for an early election so that we can elect a chancellor who will show some real leadership."

Afterwards, Rousseau met with reporters and continued his verbal assault on the chancellor.


"I have sat in this house for the last 2 years, having to work with the chancellor's coalition allies to get anything done. The chancellor has done nothing but show up to vote on bills. This may just be the laziest chancellor in the history of this nation. Hutorians are sick of this, and I'm sure his coalition partners are not too happy with having to do all the work either."

Should the non-confidence vote pass, an early election will be held as soon as possible.
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New Liberals Nominate Okafor, Fresh Faces for Federal Office

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At their quadrennial conference at the Royal Alexander Hotel in Port Prosperity this week, the New Liberals vowed to create 'a fair, free and liberal Hutori’ and contest a Presidential election for the first time in party history. As the Royalist and Reform Parties push for a vote of no confidence, it came as no surprise that the conference felt more like a campaign nominating convention than a meeting on policy.

The meetings began with New Liberal rising star and Member of Parliament for Axminster South, Peter Knox, calling the meeting to order and listing the successes of the first ever government to include the New Liberal Party. “Regardless of who may be at the top of the ticket,” said Knox, “the New Liberals have taken on leadership roles in this government.” He went on to praise party leaders Pavel Jucewicz, Constance Okafor, and Russell Selwyn, saying “It was our Defense minister who increased military readiness with our allies, it was our foreign minister who hashed out trade deals left and right, it was my friend, our fearless Parliamentary leader who stood up to the racist bullies in the Reform party saying once and for all that a united Hutori is a great Hutori.”

Image: New Liberal MP Peter Knox opens the New Liberal conference

It was Selwyn, and his recent battles with Reform Party Justice Spokesperson Frederick Stanton, that were on the minds of many in attendance. “He has a record of speaking for the voiceless,” said Felicia McGinty a university student at Bishop University attending her first conference, “and I believe him when he says he has our backs!” “He’s had to make hard choices like raising taxes and the retirement age,” said Throne and Altar pensioner Miles Haddington, “but he’s the only one who is willing to do what he thinks is right, regardless of whether it is good for politics.” “[Selwyn arguing with Stanton] is the reason I joined the party,” said New Liberal Parliamentary candidate for St John’s Bay Laura Jennings, “I’ve never seen someone stand up to a bully like Stanton on behalf of the Mashacara before.”

Image: Party Leader Russell Selwyn walks the hallways of the Royal Alexander Hotel during the opening speech

Jennings, the 29-year-old daughter of the chief of the Ehnita Tribe and first-ever New Liberal Mashacara candidate is part of a new wave of young candidates from the party running in districts that traditionally support the Conservative Royalists or the Reform Party. Like Jennings, the majority of the New Liberal candidates for Federal office are under the age of 35. Many are not of Lutheran descent and see themselves as answering the party’s call for a more diverse pool of candidates in their ranks. “It is time for the Mashacara to get off the sidelines, and into the voting booth,” said Jennings, a native of Tremaine who went to St John to start a business after university and never left. Jennings is running to unseat Reform candidate Malcom Green, a long time MP who is rumored not to support the party’s current segregationist agenda. While the district leans to the right, the Reform Party has stopped raising campaign funds on Green’s behalf. Jennings clearly believes she can win, saying, “The people of St John are not racist, they just want low taxes and good governance - and you know what? So do I.”

Image: Laura Jennings is the first ever New Liberal Mashacara Candidate for Parliament

Jennings was not the only young candidate receiving the support of the party today. The 34-year-old Lord Mayor of Port Prosperity, Rebecca Doyle, gave a rousing keynote speech with notes in hand in which she called for a winner-take-all attitude and a nation-wide effort to win local, provincial, and federal elections:

‘There is nothing unprincipled or wrong with wanting to win. There is no noble victory in defeat. Losing robs you of a chance to make people’s lives better. I got into politics to make people’s lives better. What is the point of being right, if you can’t put policy into action? We should be proud of what we have achieved in government, and we must do what we can to get back there again. All of us here today must vow never to stop fighting for chance to build a fair, free, and liberal Hutori!'

Doyle, a candidate for Parliament for Prosperity Cove, is the hugely popular Lord Mayor of the conference host, Port Prosperity. Port Prosperity, of one of Hutori’s largest shipping and Naval cities, is also one of its most conservative. Yet, Doyle has won re-election twice as a centre-left Mayoral candidate in a right-wing stronghold. Many in the party believe she could challenge Selwyn for Parliamentary Leader should the New Liberals lose seats in the no-confidence election. Such a result could lead to a major policy shift within the Party. One of the few policy areas on which the New Liberals allow their MPs to vote their conscience relates to the status of the Crown. While many of the current leadership like McDonnell, Selwyn, and Jucewicz are staunch Republicans, candidates like Jennings and Doyle - who have to run in more conservative districts - espouse Monarchist views.

Image: Port Prosperity Lord Mayor Rebecca Doyle gives a rousing speech calling on the party to create 'a fair, free and liberal Hutori’

Perhaps the most surprising events of the night related to the nomination process for a Presidential Candidate. As the New Liberal Party was founded only a decade ago, the Party did not run candidates in either of the past two Presidential elections and, therefore, did not have a nominating process in place. However, as no-confidence elections are likely, the party scrambled to decide on a candidate. The Party began with five nominations - Foreign Minister Constance Okafor, Defense Minister Pavel Jucewicz, Parliamentary Leader Russell Selwyn, New Liberal Governor of Roccoto Sarah Selkirk, and retired Air Force captain and businessman Richard Sterling. Selwyn was deemed the front-runner, but after the first two rounds of voting eliminated Sterling and Jucewicz from contention, Selwyn - the party’s first elected official and first member of Parliament - shockingly withdrew his name from contention without explanation. In the end, Okafor emerged victorious with 67 percent of the final tally. Selkirk conceded the nomination to Okafor, saying “The world already knows the good work you’ve done on behalf of the Hutori people, now let us all work together to make sure you, dear Constance, become our next President!”

Image: Foreign Minister Constance Okafor accepts the nomination for President at the end of the New Liberals' quadrennial convention

Okafor, the university professor turned foreign minister, accepted the nomination saying,

“You all today have summoned me to the highest calling one can imagine. I could not be more humbled or grateful. I never imagined just 10 years ago when one of my former students, Russ, and best friends, Pavel came to me with a vision for a new Party, that I would ever become that party’s nominee for the Presidency. I have given my life to public service, and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve. I will always push for freedom and liberty for all people. I will not let the evils of racism and totalitarianism divide this great nation. I will continue to pursue an agenda of free trade and global cooperation abroad, and strength, stability, and equality at home. I will not let you down. God bless you all, and God bless the great nation of Hutori!”
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