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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RIS » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:03 pm

President Carmichael Blasts USPH and NLP

In a recent interview with Jennifer Warfield, President Carmichael had a few things to say about his political rivals.

President George Carmichael

Jennifer Warfield: What do you think of the current attempts of the opposition to block the coronation of the Crown Princess?

George Carmichael wrote:I think it’s counterproductive, they have taken a nonpartisan issue and turned it into leverage to advance their own particular agenda. They are acting in a childish and reprehensible manner unbefitting of any member of Parliament. Honestly, with regards to NLP I think this is the dying breath of a party that is desperate for a comeback as their electoral numbers have been dropping for years. As for the USHP they’ve always been a belligerent and destructive force in Hutorian politics and it is really no surprise that they’re acting in such a childish manner.

JW: Your party was once a republican party; do you have anything to say to these other parties that claim that republicanism is their driving force?

Carmichael wrote:Of course, we actually are a republic in all but name. We have a democratically elected executive; a democratically selected legislature and every aspect of our society runs on the principles of liberty and democracy. Our current system is actually the best of both worlds we maintain our cultural heritage, a deep sense of tradition and a national identity whilst we still have these republican mechanisms of change.

JW: What do you think of the NLP’s sudden shift in political aliment?

Carmichael wrote:Well as I’ve said I think it is a desperate attempt to reclaim some lost ground in the electorate. I also think it stems for what they see as a betrayal, as they were not apart of last term’s government. Though I do think that it wasn’t a betrayal at all; when someone offers a seat at the table and you don’t show up it’s kind of on you. Their MPs didn’t even show up to Parliament on the day of the cabinet confirmation, so really that’s on them. Though I do find this sudden shift in politics to be disconcerting, the NLP has almost wholeheartedly consumed the vitriolic dogma of the USHP to such a point that they have become little more than lapdogs. It’s sad really, the NLP used to think and act independently, that is until they sold their soul and will to the devil.

JW: Some have likened the USHP to Enitter, do you think that is a fair comparison?

Carmichael wrote:Not yet, they haven’t incited any riots or promoted any type of open rebellion yet. That being said I do think their ideology is very dangerous, taken to its logical conclusion it has a tendency to be very destructive. It tends to infringe upon the freedoms and rights of every man & woman, it degrades, and devalues them. They claim to represent “equality” but what they truly stand for is the equal worthlessness of everyone. Also, with the USHP’s dogmatic devotion to their philosophy it can be come disastrous quickly. It is incredibly similar to the build up to the Enitter crisis and the onus is upon us to ensure that this type of thing never happens again.

JW: What is the current status of the Presidency?

Carmichael wrote:Well as you know in our system of government the President is confirmed by the Monarch. This happens in a ceremony called the Oaths of Transfer; essentially the Emperor would lead myself in an oath of relinquishment then he would lead the president-elect in the oath of office. That’s the short version of it as there is quite a bit of additional pomp and circumstance. Though what that means politically is as the ceremony has not been performed due to the lack of an official monarch the president-elect is not actually the President. So until such a time as the ceremony can be performed that leaves myself as the de jure President.

JW: If in law you are the President, have you then continued performing the duties of the office?

Carmichael wrote:I have, and I haven’t; the President has a lot of duties that include both domestic and international duties. I have been performing the domestic duties of the Presidency just to maintain the nation so that we don’t have dramatic failures in our political system. However, I have allowed the governing coalition to undertake most of the international & political duties as I feel without a mandate it isn’t my place to affect foreign policy or political change. Though I have vacated the Presidential mansion as well as occupying it didn’t quite seem right.

JW: One final question, do you plan on running for President in 4417?

Carmichael wrote:I do plan on running in 4417, I hope to faithfully represent the people for Hutori and we will continue to run on the platform of fiscal responsibility and personal freedom.
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Constitutional Crisis Continues as Ultrackius Upends Norms

Postby Sovak111 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:50 pm

The constitutional crisis in Hutori continues. President-Elect Ultrackius asserted his status as the President of Hutori by introducing several treaty ratification bills - a constitutional duty reserved only for foreign ministers and Presidents. The bills were ruled allowed on the House floor, and now must be voted on. The bills cover a range of topics from cryptocurrencies to civil servant independence to LGBT rights and slavery. Furthermore, he introduced a new budget that increases taxes on high income earners and all but eliminates taxes for the poor.

Said Dr. Pietro Cassetti, a constitutional law scholar at Williams University:

"It is a brilliant move by Ultrackius. He's basically forcing all the other parties to either abstain from voting or tacitly accept his status as President. If they don't vote on the resolutions, they risk the wrath of voters who want to see results. If they vote yes, they de facto accept Ultrackius's position as President and supporting his agenda. If they vote no, they will be voting against very popular provisions such as codifying LGBTQI rights and the condemnation of slavery! There is no way for the government to win in this case."

Said Philip Stevens, Professor of Constitutional Law at Lexington University:
"What Ultrackius is doing is a direct affront to our system of government. It completely flouts all of our norms as a nation. Yet again, the USPH has trampled over the constitution and threatened to throw our nation into chaos. But is it illegal? I don't know that it is. If tomorrow the entire Monarchy died, leaving no one left, we wouldn't make Carmichael President for life! written Constitution says nothing about the Oath of Transfer. Ultrackius, while irresponsibly flouting the norms of this country, may actually be within the bounds of the law. And that terrifies me."

At the same time, New Liberal Leader Rebecca Doyle's crusade to demand concessions from the government in exchange for coronating her highness Mary III continued. Doyle proposed a 12 provision bill of which several of the provisions clearly aligned with the Federalist's policy platform. While voting is still open, the Federalists have voted against the bill - putting them on the record as having opposed devolution of decision-making around tobacco use, prostitution, selective schooling, and farm size to local authorities. With the Federalists voting against the bill, it will need all of the Royalist Party and all of the Scientians to vote for it to pass. As both parties oppose omnibus bills on principle, the so-called compromise is dead on arrival.

Professor Casetti explains Doyle's reasoning as follows:

"What Doyle is doing here is simple, she's made the calculus that the New Liberals are going to lose mightily in the next election. She knows she may not even be allowed in Parliament much longer due to her conduct. She's doing everything she can to make the other parties have to abstain from voting, or vote against their own policy interest. It is spiteful, and completely changes the game."

Doyle rival and New Liberal "Resistance" leader Peter Knox actually supported the compromise bill, saying:

"I fully expect that the government, if it passed the compromise, could easily just introduce an omnibus bill without constitutional changes that undid whatever Rebecca put forth - and I'd support them in it. In fact, I'd even introduce the 'return to the status quo' bill if there were enough votes to pass the compromise myself."

Casetti may be correct that Doyle may not be the leader of the New Liberal Party much longer. A bill has been put forward to examine her ethics and conduct as a member of Parliament. Should she be found guilty of misconduct, she would be barred from serving in the Parliament much longer. Even if she is exonerated, Knox and other key party figures have been developing plans to remove her as leader. Knox was seen boarding a plane to Davostag this morning - presumably to visit former leader and current Ambassador to St. Muron and Davostan, Russell Selwyn, who many in the party think is the only person able to end the crisis and heal the divisions between the Doylite and Knoxian wings of the party.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RIS » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:17 pm

Political Analysis: Ultrackius, President or No?
Interview with Dr. Roger Pearson

Jennifer Warfield: So according to Constitutional Law is Ultrackius President?

Dr. Pearson wrote:That's an excellent question. According to our laws no he is not for several reason. First and foremost in Hutori the President derives his or her power and legitimacy from the Monarch and since the Monarch has not been crowned he has no power. Secondly, President Carmichael was correct in pointing out the Transfer of Oaths. Which is the legal ceremony in which the President derives their power, without it Ultrackius isn't the President and Carmichael remains in office. Well at least according to the law, in practice it's a much stickier scenario, though in every legal respect Carmichael is the President until the ceremony can take place.

Jennifer Warfield: One of your colleagues says "If tomorrow the entire Monarchy died, leaving no one left, we wouldn't make Carmichael President for life!" using at justification for Ultrackius' legitimacy. Going so far as to say the oath of transfer isn't in the constitution. How do you respond to that?

Dr. Pearson wrote:Who said that? I have to say whoever said that obviously doesn't know their constitutional law nor do they know how to hold an academic discussion. If you'll allow me I'd like to take each point in turn.

Jennifer Warfield: Of Course.

Dr. Pearson wrote:To the first point, obviously no we wouldn't make Carmichael president for life. We have mechanisms for selecting a new monarch and after said selection was made then the new President would be confirmed by the Transfer of Oaths. Though, Carmichael very well might be in the running for the throne due to his blood connection to the royal family if such an event occurred. Also the type of argumentation used in this quote is one that doesn't meet academic rigor and is an example of a red herring fallacy.

As for the second point while the Transfer of Oaths is not recorded in our Constitution it is included in the Royal Charter. So since we constitutionally uphold the Royal Charter it is a nationally binding law, though I would expect any serious scholar to know that.

Jennifer Warfield: Do you think the introduction of treaties to parliament legitimizes president-elect Ultrackius?

Dr. Pearson wrote:Not really, technically anyone can propose a treaty to Parliament. It's only convention that says only the President or Foreign Affairs Ministry can do so. So it really doesn't do anything for his legitimacy. What I would say is far more telling, is the executive branch denying him access to the Presidential Mansion. That seems to be a better indicator of his legitimacy.

Jennifer Warfield: Have the Federalist voted for or against any of the President Elect's treaty proposals? And would a vote yay or nay provide him with legitimacy?

Dr. Pearson wrote: As far as I know the Federalists have abstained on all proposed treaties and since anyone can introduce them it really doesn't provide Ultrackius with any additional legitimacy.

Jennifer Warfield: Another one of your colleagues made the assertion that any way that the governing coalition votes would provide issues with their constituencies, is that true?

Dr. Pearson wrote: Not at all, Hutorians don't care about the enshrining of national laws into treaties. They care about what directly affects them and these would just be affirming what is already law. So I highly doubt an abstention would impact their electoral results.

Jennifer Warfield: Last question, how likely is it that Ms. Doyle gets removed from parliament?

Dr. Pearson wrote:I doubt that she will be removed there is little to no grounds for it. Though I do think she will be disciplined and possibly lose her position as the NLP leader as she has been burning bridges both within the party and among the NLP's former allies.

Dr. Pearson is the Dean of Leah Ross College of Political Science. He has published over fifty papers in peer-reviewed journals and oversees the University of Bekenial's political science doctoral program.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby colonelvesica » Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:38 pm

Cook Organizes Total Parliamentary Blockade

Royalist MP and Government Coalition House Leader Natalie Cook flanked by Federalist and Royalist MPs

The Governing Coalition's pointperson in Parliament, Natalie Cook, the Member of Parliament for Prosperity West, has thrown down the gaunlet for the Opposition USPH and NLP with a total Parliamentary Blockade against any Opposition Legislation.

If the Opposition want to play political games, and try playing on our court I think they'll find we play them far better! From this point out, we will shut down any and all Legislation brought forward by the Opposition until they cease holding the Coronation of Her Imperial Majesty the Empress hostage. If the USPH want their President confirmed, they'll cease with these games, and if the New Liberals expect to remain relevant and avoid being locked out from government and having anyone wish to work with them in the future they'll cease with the games, and get back to working for their Constituents, rather then forcing the worst Constitutional Crisis in our history since William Enitter, and I doubt Doyle wants to be remembered as the modern day William Enitter.

William Enitter was a Fascist President that was able to ride a wave of populism to the 24 Orange Avenue in the 3980s, before he revealed his colours as a Fascist and attempted to institute a police state and cracking down on political opposition, something that caused a full Senatoral revolt, and a rebellion by his own Vice President and Cabinet.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:39 am

Chancellor Won't Give in to USPH and New Liberal Demands

With the governing coalition implementing a legislative blockade on any and all bills put forward by the opposition New Liberals and Ultrackian Socialists, we sat down with Chancellor Brett Martin to discuss what exactly happened to the once strong alliance between his party and the New Liberals, and to get his take on the current constitutional crisis happening in our nation.


Q: For years, the New Liberal Party and the Royalist Party were the strongest of allies in the house and even worked together in cabinet multiple times. Where exactly did things begin to go wrong in your parties' relationship?

"Well, we always saw the New Liberals as our strongest allies in parliament, especially while the party was led by Ambassador Sewlyn. We even appointed Mr Selwyn as an ambassador to reward him for his years of service to the Hutorian people. However, some of his own party members turned their backs on him and did not show up to vote on a cabinet proposal in 4309 that would have kept our alliance going. After that, they elected Rebecca Doyle as their leader and she clearly had no intention of continuing the strong New Liberal-Royalist alliance. We are very disappointed that we have lost such great allies because of a group of people who decided it would be better for their party to just be lapdogs of the USPH."

Q: We know that the governing coalition does not recognize Ultrackius as the official President of the Commonwealth, and has prevented him from even moving into the President's official residence. Why does your coalition believe it is fair to stop the man, who was elected by the people to be their president, from taking his rightful place?

"Quite honestly, it is not our coalition stopping Ultrackius from taking office, it is actually his own party and their lapdogs in the NLP. A president-elect must take the Oath of Transfer in order to become president. Without a sitting monarch, that ceremony is not possible. As long as the USPH and NLP hold up the coronation of Empress Mary III, Ultrackius's reign as president will be illegitimate."

Q: It looks like the battle between the government and opposition has come to a stalemate. Are you willing to compromise with the NLP to secure their vote on the constitutional amendment that will allow for the coronation of Empress Mary III?

"Since the day I took office, more than 5 years ago, my door has always been open to every MP in the house, regardless of party stripe. I have always been willing to listen to suggestions from everyone in the house and work with them to build strong legislation. However, at this point, I have lost all respect for Rebecca Doyle and will not allow her to play partisan political games with the Hutorian throne. We are willing to wait this out for as long as required, as the opposition are just hurting their fake president by not allowing him to ever be on the record as a recognized president."

Q: One last question. Many say that your coalition's hard line stance that you will not support any legislation put forward by the opposition is unfair since elected MPs may have to vote against legislation that their constituents are in favour of. What do you say to those people?

"It is the government's official stance that we will not support any opposition legislation as long as they continue to delay Empress Mary's coronation. With that being said, each MP is free to make their own decision on each piece of legislation and vote with their conscience. I believe all of our MPs are on board with this blockade though."
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Martinulus » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:38 pm

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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RIS » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:56 pm

Doyle Removed From Parliament

In a 5-1-1 decision by the Parliamentary Ethics committee, New Liberal Party leader Rebecca Doyle has been found guilty of Breach of Parliamentary Procedure, Unethical use of Political Power, and Unlawful Censure of a Member of Parliament. The committee has also voted to remove her from her position in parliament and she has been prohibited from ever again holding a political office in Hutori.

Ms. Doyle's office was contacted for comment but, has declined to do so at this juncture though we have been assured that their will be a statement made in the coming days.

Sources also claim that the Ministry of Justice has been building a judicial case against Ms. Doyle including such charges as sedition, insurrection and treason. Though we can't confirm that with any degree of certain at this time.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby RileyHP » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:53 am

Monarchists Celebrate as Doyle Recieves Lifetime Parliamentary Ban

Monarchists celebrated in the streets today as news broke that the Parliamentary Ethics Committee had voted in favour of removing Rebecca Doyle, the leader of the New Liberal Party, from parliament. Ms Doyle is banned from serving in parliament for life. Monarchists across Hutori see this as a huge victory in the fight to have Empress Mary III take the Hutorian Throne. Chancellor Brett Martin spoke to the crowd of monarchists that had gathered outside parliament shortly after the news broke.

"Today, the Parliamentary Ethics Committee showed that they will not tolerate anyone disrespecting their parliamentary collegues. Rebecca Doyle was a disgrace and an embarassment to this parliament. Regardless of your status in that house, whether you are a party leader, or a backbencher, no form of abuse to other MPs will be tolerated. Parliament is a place for 405 people to come together, representing the nearly 100,000,000 people of this nation, and create legislation that will better the lives of all Hutorians. It is not a place to bully others and disrespect the Hutorian Throne. We hope now that the New Liberals will elect a better leader, who will respect the throne, and put a stop to Rebecca's political games, allowing Empress Mary III to be coronated!"

With Doyle out, it is heavily rumoured that Russell Sewlyn or Dr Constance Okafor may re-enter politics and run for the party leadership, although spokespersons for both deny any legitimacy in these rumours. The likely frontrunner if the party goes back to its monarchist ways, is MP Peter Knox. Knox vocalized his displeasure with Ms Doyle which resulted in the verbal thrashing that ultimately had her removed from parliament. When asked who he believed would become the next NLP leader, Chancellor Martin had this to say:

"Well, thats a tough one. It really depends because if a majority of the party stays loyal to Rebecca's ideology of being USPH lapdogs, then someone similar to Rebecca would win. If a majority of the membership still believes in Selwyn-era New Liberalism, then someone like Peter Knox could easily win the leadership if he put his name forward. Obviously, the governing coalition would prefer the later option, as they would be an easier party to work with. Obviously we would love nothing more than to have Mr Selwyn step back into politics, but it would not be fair to the Hutorians living abroad who have been helped greatly by his services as ambassador."

Monarchists across Hutori know that this is only the first step in getting Empress Mary III coronated. The New Liberals are going to have to elect a monarchist leader if Empress Mary is to take the throne before the next election. The government coalition parties have been rumoured to be actively helping potential leadership candidates that are openly monarchist. None of the governing parties would comment on this matter.
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Re: The Bekenial Dispatch

Postby Temu » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:36 am

New Leadership Team - National Reform Party

With the old leadership team of the National Reform Party standing down, a new team has emerged, one that could prove to reignite the fortunes of the NRP. A mixture of hardline conservatives and moderates within the party have mended their previous factional disagreements and united together to form a formidable force. The new leadership team as followed


Reginald Underhill

Tristan Adams - MP for Saint John South

Kate Hardwick - MP for Cartertown

Zach Colbert - MP for Dalry North

Jennifer Shelby - MP for Dalry Village


Gloria Woodward - MP for Brantley

Georgina Benn - MP for Union Springs


Mitchell Stevenson - MP for Midway

It is understood the party will no longer actively pursue a segregationist agenda. Many within the party were significantly unhappy with the extent at which Mr Parks and the previous leadership team put forward bills which stated Mashacara were inferior. While not condemning Mr Parks, Mr Adams has stated that those bills would not be acceptable to the NRP today. Mr Adams however did still state that the party would prefer segregation, however this was out of a belief of social cohesion (to the benefit of both races, recognised as equals) rather than one of superiority of one another.
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Lowell's Message to Hutori

Postby TheCollectivist » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:25 am

Norbert Lowell

Hutori is one year away from a national election and is presently in a midst of a constitutional crisis. Norbert Lowell, a Scientian economist and incumbent Ambassador of the Scientian Enclave, urges voters to make the right choice for the sake of the country. In a recent interview with the Bekenial, he made a direct statement to Hutorian voters:

Lowell wrote:Despite challenges, the present government with the help of our guidance has accomplished opening Hutori up to foreign investment. With a competitively zero corporate tax rate, Hutori is set to become a global economic powerhouse. This opening of the economy will benefit all Hutorians alike and for those displaced by free trade, we will propose a market-friendly solution for them too. Scientians offer not static methods, but a dynamic evidence-based approach that produces good results. Using pragmatic and sound fiscal policy we will rejuvenate the economy and create a healthy environment for job creation. With the power of genetic engineering, we will research and develop a new crop strain to help fight global hunger. The greatest and most powerful tool humanity has is science — and with it and it alone can we hope to improve our lives now and for future generations to come. This vision of technological and economic progress is a dream we can make a reality.

Unfortunately an obstacle remains in our way. There are those who would hold our country hostage in attempt to force our elected representatives to abide by their agenda. There are those who would threaten decades of peace between republicans and monarchists for the sake of their idealized view of governance. If at any moment these people wish to rejoin and assist us in achieving progress for all Hutorians, we would welcome them with open arms. I'm afraid they may not. So, as Hutorian voters, you have an important responsibility.

Come this election, make the right choice. Your vote could mean the difference between stagnation and unprecedented growth. With your support, the governing coalition will set our country back on track, for Scientians, for Hutorians, and for the betterment of mankind.

Presently the Scientian Enclave endorses the Federalist Party's candidate for presidency and has remained firm in its support of the present governing cabinet, which it holds two positions in.
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