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President Morris Announces Intention to End Presidency

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:49 pm
by Sovak111
President Sophia Morris today sent a letter to Parliament announcing her intention to combine the roles of Chancellor and President into one position - "First Minister." The first minister would carry the powers of both roles and serve as the sole Head of State and Government for the nation. Said Morris in her letter:

It is time for the Commonwealth to do away with the role I currently hold, and combine the roles of Chancellor and President. Doing so will streamline operations of the nation and make it clear to our partners and friends abroad who is actually in charge at any given time. Just today I received a message from our neighbors in Davostan that should have been received by the Chancellor and Foreign Minister...

President Morris, wearing New Liberal yellow, is a known monarchist and once considered joining the Royalist Party.

Morris, a known Monarchist, made it clear that the new "First Minister" position would serve in the name of the Royal Family of Hutori.

I want to stress that I do not believe that this a Monarchist-Republican issue. It is a good governance issue. Therefore, I propose that the First Minister - the name I believe best fits the combination of the Chancellor and President - carry the honorifics related to the Presidency until such a time in which we resolve the Republican/Royalist issue.

Sources suggest that Morris has struck a deal with Republican members of her party that would enable them to put forth a pro-Republican bill only after the vote on the status of the Head of State/Head of Government occurs. "I hope Parliament will vote for this Constitutional Amendment without haste," said Morris to media while welcoming the Consul General of Davostan to Sutton to a state dinner, "We have many issues to attend to, so sorting the role of the First Minister is of imperative importance."

The text of the bill to consolidate both offices can be found here:

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:19 pm
by RileyHP
Jourdain to Run For First Minister

Chancellor Dylan Jourdain announces his intention to run for the new position of First Minister in the next election.

Chancellor, and leader of the Royalist Party, Dylan Jourdain, held a press conference today where he announced he would run for the new role of First Minister in the next election. Jourdain is the first candidate to officially announce their intention to run, and it comes as no shock that the Royalists would seek the office with the future of the monarchy in serious jeopardy. The Royalists have grown increasingly frustrated with their coalition partners, who are not supporting their tax changes, and are in favour of republican reform.

"We founded this party in 4386, more than 60 years ago, to ensure the preservation of the monarchy. We were 2 separate parties who agreed on very little, except that a constitutional monarchy was the best form of government for this nation. But in those 60 plus years, the Royalist Party has become more than just that, we have become a family, we agree more and more everyday on policy, we realized that if we wanted to continue to lead Hutori, and hold enough of the house to preserve the monarchy, we would have to work as 1, not 2. Hutorians heard our plan 2 years ago and elected us, expecting real change. Unfortunately, the other parties in our coalition will not support us in making these changes and coming through on the promises we were elected on. We will serve out this term with our partners, but after this term, any party who supports a republican amendment, need not come knock on my door anymore, they need not call and ask for our partnership in a coalition, they will all be dead to us. We will not work with any party who does not support the form of government which has proven itself over the centuries to be the most politically stable."

President Morris Declines to Run for First Minister

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:42 pm
by Sovak111
President Morris has declined to run for First Minister, meaning the New Liberals will neither run nor endorse candidates in that election. Said Morris:

After several years at the top of Hutorian politics, it is time for new blood and new ideas.

Jim O'Neill, MP for Acton Gardens and leader of the New Liberal Party will serve as the party's electoral leader moving forward. Said O'Neill:

We've declined to run candidates for First Minister and focus entirely on regional elections. We hope to make gains, especially in Kenai and Adelia - two places that have been mainstays for the party in the past.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:11 pm
by RileyHP
Hutorians Say Final Goodbyes to Beloved Chancellor Martin

Thousands pay final respects to Rt. Hon. Brett Martin in Bekenial

Earlier this week, former Chancellor, the Rt. Hon. Brett Martin passed away at the age of 81. Thousands flocked to Bekenial for a state funeral and millions viewed it on TV. Martin was one of the most popular politicians in Hutori in the last century. He was also the longest serving leader in the Royalist Party's history having served for nearly 17 years.

Martin defends his Opening Hutori For Business Act

Martin served as Chancellor for 8 years from 4410-4418 and is credited with revitalizing the Hutorian economy. Under his government, Bills R-8: Opening Hutori For Business Act ( ... lid=573081), F-142: Private Industry Act ( ... lid=573883), and F-143: Denationalization & Economic Freedom Act ( ... lid=573884) were all passed. Those bills were credited with kick starting job growth and giving a much needed boost to the Hutorian economy. Before becoming Chancellor, Martin served as Minister of Finance under Chancellor Pascale Rousseau from 4393 until 4401. During that time, he passed a budget which finally addressed an auditor general's report which had been ignored for 9 years, lowered corporate taxes, and implemented a simplified tax code that lowered taxes on Hutorians.

After retiring from politics, Martin would go on to serve as Royalist Party Chairman from 4422 until his death, he also became CFO of Gold Lion Capital, Hutori's largest private equity firm. He also ran for president of the World Congress General Assembly, the first Hutorian to do so.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:28 pm
by RileyHP
Royalists Threaten to Call for Early Election

It has now been 2 years since the last election. In that time, there have been 2 failed Cabinet proposals, with 1 more having now sat on the docket for 3 months, which still hasn't passed, as well as 3 constitutional amendments which would reform Hutori into a republic, 1 of which failed, 1 is currently in the voting process and is expected to fail as well, and a third is in the debate phase. The Royalists feel Hutorian voters are not getting what they voted for and are threating to call for an election if a cabinet is not formed soon. It is also rumoured that Emperor William himself wrote to First Minister Ultrackius telling him to form a cabinet or have an election called. No representative of the House of Steuart-Charmichael was available for a statement on the issue but we did sit down with Royalist Party leader Dylan Jourdain.

Royalist Leader, and former Chancellor, Dylan Jourdain sits down for an interview with the Bekenial Dispatch

Q: Your party came out of the last election in a position where you had to have felt the Royalist cause had been defeated and that the Monarchy was dead. With what has transpired over the 2 years since, are you feeling more optimistic?

"Well, we have always believed that this cause is worth fighting for no matter how bad things look for us. While there were definitely avid Royalists who believed the Monarchy was dead when the election results came in, our caucus kept hope. Now, am I more optimistic now than I was 2 years ago, certainly. The republican parties cannot seem to agree on anything, even something as simple as forming a cabinet, so we are definitely optimistic that they will not be able to agree on the terms of any republican amendment."

Q: By now everyone has heard the rumours that Emperor William has threatened to call an election if First Minister Ultrackius does not soon form a cabinet. If these rumours are not in fact true, will your party be bringing forward a motion for an early election?

"Definitely, while we may not like it, Hutorians voted overwhelmingly in favour of republican parties forming the next government. These parties are not coming through on the mandate given to them by the people. If a cabinet is not formed in the coming months, the Royalist Party will table a motion to call for an early election."

Q: One last question. Should the monarchy fall, what does the future look like for your party? Do the Progressive and Conservative Caucuses split or will you remain as one?

"Well we are trying not to think about that right now. At the moment we are solely focused on preserving the monarchy. We are united in our loyalty to the crown."

O'Neill Announces the End of the New Liberal Party

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:03 am
by Sovak111
Today Jim O'Neill, Leader of the New Liberal Party, announced that party's disbandment. "The New Liberal Party is no more," stated O'Neill, "at least at the National level."

Many candidates for local and provincial office vowed to continue campaigning under the party banner, but the New Liberal Campaign committee has filed for bankruptcy and is unable to financially support any candidates this term. Said O'Neill:
"We spent all of our money campaigning for the Republic. A lot of good that did us. The Royalists attacked us from the right, the Liberal Nationals stabbed us in the back and the USPH can't govern. I'm ashamed it is all crumbling down on my watch. But I don't know what else I could have done!

The New Liberal Party was formed by Pavel Jucewicz, Constance Okafor, and Russell Selwyn several decades ago. Each went on to play important roles in the history of the Country. Okafor served 5 terms as President, and Selwyn served as Deputy Chancellor, NOCTO General Secretary, and Ambassador to Davoston. When the first generation of the party retired, a second generation led by Rebecca Doyle and Peter Knox took charge of the party. Doyle caused the greatest constitutional crisis in recent memory, it was Selwyn who mediated the dispute. His protege, Knox, would go on to be the Party's second President. Jack Hill, the party's beloved, youngest, and most effective Chancellor succeeded Knox as party leader. He was undoubtedly destined for greater things but was brutally murdered by the terrorist organization Article 17. His deputy, Sophia Morris, would go on to serve as Chancellor and then as the last President of Hutori. With the exception of Doyle, most of the Party's leaders were Royalists. Selwyn and Hill had a history of working very well with Royalist leaders, Brett Martin and Dylan Jourdain, respectively. Morris once considered running for office as a Royalist. It was only after the Republican Jim O'Neill became leader that the party splintered. As a Republican party it began to lose previously safe seats and never regained the electoral or financial support it once had. The party was known for straddling the line between the right and the left and attempting to create pragmatic public policy, but towards its end became wholly focused on establishing a Republic. History will show that Quixotic enterprise led to the end of the party.

Student Protests Erupt in Kincardine

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:03 am
by Sovak111
KINCARDINE - Around 200 students marched from Bishop University's Ross Hall past Sutton House and finally to Government House today with a list of demands. The students' demands include unionization for all graduate student workers and the establishment of a university in Sutton. "Why should I have to come across the Green Sea for college?" said Andrew Macalester, a Bishop University Economics Ph.D. candidate and president of the Student National Protest (SNP) - a student organization at the campus. "The fact that there is no major university in Sutton is a travesty. Look at all the economic development that Bishop and Uni-Roccato have brought to Kincardine! Suttonites deserve the same level of development and access to higher education as everyone else."

Andrew Macalester is the leader of the Student National Protest (SNP) and an Economics Ph.D. Candidate at Bishop University

A common theme of the protests was a growing discontentment with the government in Bekennial. "We're fed up with the national government," said Katie Cunningham, an MFA student in Drama at Bishop. "There is no reason the government shouldn't have been able to function over the past two years. The Republicans clearly aren't the answer to our woes." Macalester added, "Republicans can't get anything done, and the Royalists in Parliament are spending so much time defending the Monarchy that they've forgotten about real people like us. We have to focus our efforts on local and provincial government. We are thereby petitioning Premier Banfield for the creation of a new higher education institution in Sutton."

Premier Banfield meeting with student protesters at Government House.

The students, mostly Suttonites and other Roccatoans attending Kincardine-based universities, were surprised when Premier Banfield met them at the doors of Government House and offered an audience with them. The protesters presented him with the "Student National Protest (SNP)" Manifesto which included requests for the creation of a new Liberal Arts College or Research University in Sutton, Institutes of Ethics and Hutori Grand Strategy as part of that college or university, the right of students to unionize if employed by the new university. Banfield seemed impressed with the students and offered his support. "It is always a good day in Roccato when our youth stand up for their beliefs. I will take their full proposal under advisement, but I can tell you now that I already support the creation of a new higher education institution on Sutton."

Free Democrat Leader Loses Seat - New Leader Sworn In

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:46 am
by thepromulgator
BEKENIAL, 4452 - The Free Democrats suffered its biggest-ever loss since the 4442 elections, losing 7 seats overall and getting a reduced vote share of 12.49% from their record-high 15.29% share in 4450. 6 of the 7 seats were once held by high-ranking FD officials. More shockingly, however, was leader Alessandra Simmons losing her riding, Kincardine Flatrock. She was expected by pollsters and pundits to retain her seat, but she lost by a large margin, losing her seat to fresh-faced Progressive Royalist Martha McLean. After being defeated by McLean, she called a press conference to announce her immediate resignation as party leader.

Simmons speaking at a press conference

Said Simmons:
It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation as leader of the Free Democrats. We achieved our biggest-ever mandate in 4450 on a promise of a new, republican Hutori. However, we were not able to deliver on this promise due to inaction and intense gridlock, and we paid a price. For this I take full responsibility. I hope the next leader will be able to lead this party to greater heights, and perhaps even regain lost seats next election. Thank you and God bless.

She was later replaced by Deputy Leader and Simmons appointee Emilia Jackson, MP for Isle of Sutton Rankin Inlet.

Jackson at her office

At a young 35 years old, she is said to be one of the youngest party leaders in Hutori's history. She was elected to her riding in the 4442 elections, when the Free Democrats was still a relatively new, small party. She was one of the major proponents for the Revised Termination of Pregnancy Act, the Mayoral Reform Act, the Drug Policy Liberalization Act, and the abolition of the Monarchy, key policies of the Free Democrats in the past few years.

Asked whether she would continue pushing for republicanism in an ambush interview, she said:
No, I really don't have any plans at the moment. We were punished by the electorate for our failed attempt at republicanism; I think the Free Democrats have bigger issues to deal with right now.

Jackson later unveiled the Free Democrats' plans for this Parliament in a short speech given at a private function that evening
As members of the new Royalist government, we are committed to supporting their efforts to simplify taxation and the new budget. Aside from that, however, we will push for business-friendly policies, the continued protection of free speech, and devolution of certain powers to the provinces.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:56 am
by RileyHP
Royalists Earn Huge Electoral Victory, Monarchy Lives On

Royalist Leader Dylan Jourdain shakes the hands of supporters after giving his victory speech.

The monarchy lives on! At least for the time being anyway. After an early election, the Royalist Party came out as the largest party and sent their leader to the First Minister's office. With this victory, the Republican movement is all but dead as there are no longer enough votes to pass a constitutional amendment. Royalist Leader, and new First Minister, Dylan Jourdain called it a victory for not only Hutori, but for the commonwealth as a whole.

Royalist Parliamentary Leader Tristan Shaw makes his way into the House of Parliament to deliver First Minister Jourdain's cabinet proposal. It would pass quickly and give Hutori its first government in nearly 3 years.

Just days after the election, the House of Parliament reconvened and the Royalist Parliamentary Leader, Tristan Shaw brought forward the First Minister's cabinet proposal. The Royalists made an agreement with both the Liberal National Party and Free Democrats to form a cabinet on the condition that those parties would not support a republican amendment this term. They worked quickly and showed real leadership in electing a cabinet within a month of the election, something the Hutorian Parliament lacked for the last 3 years.

Student Protests Intensify

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:21 pm
by Sovak111
KINCARDINE - The Student National Protest movement today again marched from Bishop University to Sutton House to express support for the Roccato Premier's plan to build a new university in Sutton. "For far too long young Suttonites have had to spend money they don't have just to cross the Commonwealth Bridge to Kincardine for university," said Andrew Macalester, leader of the movement. "It would be one thing if there was affordable student housing in Kincardine, but there just isn't. We can't keep the status quo and expect anyone in Sutton to afford a decent higher education - That is why we support Premier Banfield's attempt to create a new university in Sutton."

The Student National Protest has been mostly located in Kincardine as many students from Sutton attend Bishop University and the University of Roccato. Students have also protested for a greater level of affordable housing, and a reduction in the essential goods tax. "We must lower taxes on food and clothing, and we must do that now," said Macalester. "Students are crumbling under the high cost of living. Many think it is best to drop out of college instead - any economist will tell you that is a bad idea for the student and a bad idea for the country. We must make higher education as attainable as possible."