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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Mon May 27, 2019 9:33 am

The Mount Tonante Tunnel inaugurated
The highest officials of the Istalian and Solentian Governments together to inaugurate the first of the three tunnels under the Nayar Range

25 July 4581

MOUNT TONANTE - In an atmosphere of celebration and joy, during a ceremony held under the rock of the almost 5000 meters of Mount Tonante, the highest authorities of the Governments of Istalia and Solentia together inaugurated the first of the three tunnels under the Nayar Range after almost twelve years of work.
With about 17 km in length the Tunnel of Mount Tonante is already among the longest tunnels of its kind in Majatra and in the World, built with the best techniques and technologies and obviously adopting the best safety systems. The two main tunnels dedicated to car traffic run alongside a central service and rescue tunnel, connected every 500 meters by passages equipped with fire doors.

The first Ministers of Istalia and Solentia 3 years ago had already met to celebrate the breaking of the diaphragm of rock between the tunnels dug by the istalian and solentian moles and since then the Istalian authorities made enormous pressures for the inauguration ceremony to end held before September 1 4581, thus before the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the Istalian Empire.
Despite the obvious technical difficulties and therefore the tensions generated between Istalia and the renegade presidents of Solentia McSane and Mump, who had put enormous pressure to block the works, the times were respected and the ceremony, as mentioned, saw the participation of all the highest officials of the Istalian and Solentian States, starting with Emperor Michele I and President Marcus Shireer, with their respective spouses, then Prime Minister Damiano Valenti, Ministers of Foreign Affairs Ted Crews and Jad Salameh, those of the Infrastructures Colin McArthur and Marco Marchetti and those of Commerce Alexander Washington and Bruno Catellani.

Istalian and Solentian technicians meet after the rocky diaphragm falls

By January 4582, after the completion of the necessary technical tests, finally the Mount Tonante Tunnel will be open to traffic and it is expected that over 2 million vehicles between cars and trucks will cross the tunnel each year, reducing average journey times between the two countries of about 3 hours. A result that both Istalia and Solentia Heads of State have described as the triumph of the desire for friendship and cooperation between the two countries and as the goal of a constant commitment to build a future of greater integration, peace and prosperity.
The two countries, therefore, make arrangements to rendezvous at the inauguration of the next tunnel, the Sarrentina Valley Railway Tunnel, which will instead be about 29 kilometers long, the longest tunnel of all Majatra and the second in the world, which will allow passenger trains to cover the distance between Milona and Metapontum in about 6 hours while the goods would break down the average journey time by about 3 or 4 hours.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

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The Empire celebrates its first 10 years!
Great celebrations and events of all kinds were organized throughout Istalia to celebrate the ascent to the throne of Michele I

1 Settembre 4581

The Nation is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the Istalian Empire and therefore the tenth anniversary of Michael I as Emperor of the Istalians.
Between challenges and successes, between criticism and praise, between denigration and exaltation, the Istalian Empire celebrates its first decade of existence with the Emperor firmly on the Throne and the mind behind the Imperial reform, Damiano Valenti, once again leading the Government.

Image Image

Celebrations and events of all kinds were organized throughout Istalia while the Government made the 1th September, ufficializing it through a State law, National Day of the Empire.
A large military parade was held in Romula in the presence of state leaders, while parades and events in the square such as concerts, rallies and parties involved large and small centers throughout the country.
In Romula, on the Government's initiative, the new cultural and financial district south of the city center was renamed "Imperial District" and dedicated to the Empire, Istalia and its history with several roads named like Avenue of the Empire, Square Michele I Emperor, Avenue of the Istalian Civilization, Democracy Road, etc...)

Image Image

For the Emperor, as well as for the other members of the Imperial Family, it was a very full day, starting with the aforementioned great military parade held in Romula, then the Gala Reception held at Quattroregni Palace, the inauguration of an obelisk dedicated to Michele I in the Imperial District, up to the concert held at the Romula Opera House where the city's Symphony Orchestra performed a triumphant piece commissioned by the Palace to the emerging composer Filippo Vetra.

The Ouverture from the Imperial Symhony by Filippo Vetra

At 8 pm, broadcast by the major national television stations, the Emperor gave a speech addressed to the whole nation, of which we report an extract:

My dear fellow citizens,
Allow me to begin by expressing to you the great honor that it is up to me to address all of you in this commemorative act of the 10th anniversary of Our Empire and of Our Imperial Constitution.
And I could only start this speech like the one I did ten years ago when you granted me your trust, thanking you all, People of Istalia. Despite the difficulties encountered along this path, despite the challenges we have faced against, we find ourselves here today to celebrate what we have built together.

On the occasion of this anniversary, I want to express, once again, my respect and commitment to our Constitution, to the Values ​​and Principles which it embodies, a Constitution whose celebration deserves the greatest recognition of all the institutions of the State. Thanks to it and its protection, Istalia has not only been able to continue to live in democracy and freedom, but will be able to do so even more firmly and solidly, and I assure you that I will watch constantly so that this always remains so.
An institutional, but also, undoubtedly, personal and moral commitment. A commitment that is not only a requirement of my responsibility, now as your Emperor, but it is also the expression of my esteem and duty of loyalty to the Istalian people.
This anniversary is a great opportunity to remember and recognize the historical dimension of the decision taken by the Istalians on 1th September 4571, and it is also, without a doubt, to enhance the scope and perspective it deserves in our day.

But celebrating historical events consists not only in evoking memories, but also in reflecting on the values ​​and principles that inspired previous generations to build the present and look to the future with confidence.
The commemoration of the glorious birth of the Empire is no exception to this rule, especially since it was a veritable epochal turning point for Istalia, a true revolution that is renewed today and whose witness is passed to future generations in the a sign of Freedom, Democracy, Tolerance and Solidarity, and today we need more than ever this spirit of Solidarity to be able to meet the common challenges that we will encounter in the future.
Let therefore aspire together to renew this commitment and this sincere solidarity that has always united the Istalian people, in order to continue to work together, with sincerity and good faith, to serve the common causes of the Istalians and to face the challenges that we will inevitably encounter, challenges that together we will be able to overcome, continuing to aspire for our country, for our future generations, for the Empire, for the 1000 years of Glory and Prosperity that the Fate has reserved and destined for our People.

Long life Istalia, Long life the Empire!
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Wed May 29, 2019 12:54 pm

Economic liberalization, growing trade and health care reform in sight
The Government is proceeding with its most important programs while trade to the continent continues to grow

ROMULA - Prime Minister Valenti presented himself before the National Assembly together with the Minister of Health Faten Al Marzouqi to present his ambitious public health care reform project, the most important reform in the field of national welfare in the last 60 years, as defined by the Prime Minister who had already made it one of his flagships before the previous election campaign.
The reform, specifically, follows the guidelines of one of the last major health care reforms of the last century, and will see the institution of compulsory health insurances, of which one is established and automatically covered by the state, delegating the provision of medical and health services to private actors. The State will take full charge of the health care expenses that will be deducted and/or reimbursed through the tax system while for those who will not have the possibility to face the expense to stipulate an insurance, indigent and very low incomes, a dedicatedsupplementary allowance will be granted.
Obviously the National Health care System will not be dismantled, but will remain fully in operation as a superior regulatory and control body, which will oversee compliance with health rules, will manage tax deductions and reimbursements in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, and of course the administration of the supplementary allowance, and of course will ensure that our citizens can adequately access medical care and are treated with the highest quality and professionalism. The strength of the reform, said the Prime Minister, is the absolute prohibition of placing conditions on access to health insurance, recognized as an inalienable right. The Prime Minister said that such a cooperation between public and private will ensure an increase in quality and efficiency and at the same time a reduction in costs for the State that will have additional resources to allocate in investments for growth and resources for education and search.


The reform should enter the final stages of voting within a few months, the official spokesman of the Government has already declared that it will wait the passage of the ample package of economic reforms aimed at stimulating business and entrepreneurship and devoted to greater deregulation and liberalization of the economic sector. The Minister of Industry and Commerce Bruno Catellani assured the journalists that such an intervention will give new confidence to entrepreneurs and investors and will give an enormous stimulus to the entire economy by guaranteeing, more important for the Government and for the entire nation, new jobs and new opportunities for everyone, as well as a great further boost for the expansive economic phase that is affecting the country.
Minister Catellani, however, also spoke of the surge in cross-border trade flows which, after just over a year after the opening of the Tonante Mount Tunnel, registered a 59% increase with a strong growth of the trade with the rest of the continent. The Minister said that with the opening of the railway tunnel, an enormously greater quantity of goods will be able to be transported than today, and furthermore he underlined that such infrastructures will further favor economic cooperation with Solentia, with many more companies focused on cross-border activities and active in both countries.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Fri May 31, 2019 1:43 pm

MediaTerra Studios ready to return at the top of international cinema
The istalian cinematographic tradition ready to make a whole series of historical films that are expected to be enormous blockbusters

2 December 4583

Growth is affecting all sectors of the economy, from international trade to the defensive industry, from luxury manufacturing to the services sector, first and foremost the insurance and health sector, but now it's the Istalian film industry ready to return to the international limelight, announcing an impressive series of large budget great historical films that is expected to be big blockbusters.

The TerraMedia Studios behind the big operation, whose CEO Pietro Bonaventura met the journalists explaining that during the next eight years around fifteen films will be made, of which ten will be part of three distinct sagas. The films will be dedicated to historical figures and legends from around the world, set in countless historical eras from antiquity to modern times.

Pietro Bonaventura also announced the first three titles: The Great Emir, Ineluctable Intelligence and The Call of Suffering.
The first will focus on the life of Karim Ibn Bener Al Qanzar, the great majatran leader who in the 15th century, towards the falling Ahmadi Caliphate and the divisions within the Faithful, brought together the tribes in the east of the continent, laying the foundations for what will be one of the great majatran empires.


The second one will instead focus on an "urban legend" rather than on proven historical events, a conspiracy theory that dates back to the first centuries of the contemporary era, the one of an artificial intelligence that tyrannized in Barmenia and which then would be behind one of the most enigmatic and long-lived figures of the darkest hours of the history of many nations, from Barmenia to Solentia, from Alduria to the distant Dranland, which will be the protagonists of as many films.


Finally the third will focus on the events that led the world to clash in the Great Terran War, the titanic effort of the free nations intervened at the cry of suffering of the slaves under the Deltarian yoke. Also this one will be the first in a trilogy that will cover the conflict from beginning to end.


TerraMedia has also announced that it will promote the organization of a major international film festival to the istalian institutions to be held in the capital which, assures Bonaventura, will bring prestige and luster to the Country by offering a spectacular showcase for the Istalian cinema and that will attract filmmakers and producers from all over the world.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:24 pm

Elections 4584: National Alliance is first party but the Socialists and the Nationalists have already agreed for a new government
Damiano Valenti, outgoing Prime Minister, declares that the ANI promises a fierce opposition to counter the socialist statist policies, new taxes, inefficient services and to protect the harassed business, while he does not hold back from teasing the Nationalists about the Monarchy that once again cannot be threatened

28 June 4584

ROMULA - Big celebrations at Viale della Vittoria for the National Alliance for the Empire, party of the outgoing Prime Minister Damiano Valenti who led the country in the last 5 years, which with the almost 24 million votes remained the first party of the Empire. But a certain bitterness soon followed the euphoria: ANI remained the first party but did not keep the majority in the National Assembly, which instead was conquered by the statist parties of the Socialists & Democrats, second largest party, and of the Nationalists, third party and which has lost over 155 seats with the arrival of the new left-wing party which has invested heavily in the electoral campaign, proposing vast reforms and extensive public programs. Furthermore, the Socialists & Democrats seem to have already taken advantage of the loss of the majority by the National Alliance to propose a new government in coalition with the Nationalists, who had already expressed their support for the Socialists' proposals in favor of more public services.

Soon the Government should receive the confidence of the National Assembly and the Socialists have already begun to work on the very vast reforms of both Welfare and Public Services, including the reduction of the retirement age, the Nationalization of a large part of the energy sector and therefore the counter-reform of health care, proposals already widely criticized by the whole Alliance and its leader Damiano Valenti, who thus commented on the programs announced by the Socialists in front of journalists who had come to Viale delle Vittorie:

Like many of my colleagues, I can only judge all this as socialist nonsense! They are ready to nullify the efforts and limit the possibilities of so many companies and entrepreneurs and to wipe out their presence from several key sectors of our economy in favor of public services that risk to be involved by political interests, tools at the service of the parties for vote buying and thus become victims of inefficiency and waste. Moreover, all these services will drain huge amounts of resources, as will the hundreds of thousands of new pensioners for which the future workers, our citizens and our companies will have to pay even more taxes, which will damage the economic growth even more and will decrease the confidence of entrepreneurs and investors.
From the opposition we will try to counter these reforms with every possible means and I assure the Nation that we will always support a freer Istalia, more money in the pockets of the citizens and less oppression of the business.
The Istalians will soon realize how much damage these reforms will cause, they will realize how much the state will take from them and how much we will all be poorer!

The journalists, on the sidelines of the press conference at the ANI headquarter, then urged Valenti regarding the new faces of the party presented during the elections and therefore asked for a comment regarding the stability of the Monarchy:

The new advancing! Personally, I am ready to continue to do my duty and serve the Empire, but it will not be long before I too will have to leave room for new forces and new faces. During this electoral campaign we presented numerous new candidates for a possible new government, men and women who after years among our parliamentarians and having cut their teeth in past governments, stood out for their skills and their passion. Among these I would like to mention Aisha Mercuri and Karim Qadarsi, respectively the outgoing Ministers of the Environment and Finance, and then Stefano Morandi and Carolina Strijdom, with three mandates behind them as members of the Assembly and who have distinguished themselves for their parliamentary activity. The experience of the National Alliance will certainly not end with me, the party has carved out a very specific role in the national political landscape, we are the only political force that wants an Istalia made up of entrepreneurs and companies capable of creating jobs, an Istalia of workers and professionals of all kinds with more money in their pockets ready to consume and even save more, an Istalia that gives confidence to those who want to invest in our country. A more free and dynamic Istalia! This has become our party, an alliance for Freedom and Progress, not just an alliance of political movements in favor of the monarchy and the Empire, also because, for the umpteenth time, for the umpteenth election, there is no possibility for any political movement to question the Emperor and the Monarchy.
Moreover, precisely on the subject I met personally with the leadership of the Socialists & Democrats who assured me that they do not consider the role of the Emperor an impediment to the expression of popular will and that an institutional reform is not among their intentions.
Therefore,I have nothing but tell the Nationalists to put their souls in peace, since by now the Istalians have understood how much malice and how much hatred there is behind their falsehoods and their shameful denigration campaign against the Emperor and the Monarchy and it is in the face of the bitterness of the Nationalists, who as far as I am concerned can continue eating their hearts, that with the biggest and largest smile I cry out proudlyI:

"Long live Istalia, Long live Michele I, long live the Empire!"
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

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Breaking News: PNI disbanded for serious actions against the Law and for attempts to destabilize the foreign Istalian relations!
Before to be ousted by their Institutional roles the PNI's ministers had the time to released the last falsehood damaging the international image of Istalia: the Prime Minister Tarso immediatly disowned their tracherous words

24 May 4585

ROMULA - The General Prosecutors of the Empire to the Supreme Tribunal of Cassation this morning announced that the Istalian Justice ordered the disbanding of the Istalian Nationalist Party due to severe violation of the Law of the State and also because the domestic intelligence discovered the PNI cooperating with, and probably puppeting (OOC: multiaccount violation), a party in Solentia, the Solentian Peoples Front, hypothesizing that this international activity could lead to damage the relations between Istalia and Solentia, a hypothesis supported by the fact that over the last ten years the PNI already put great efforts to largely discredite the Imperial Reform, the Monarchy and the Emperor and which generated tensions between Istalia and third nations, especially with Solentia, where the PNI, as said, was discovered to cooperate if not probably conspiring with a local party.

But before to be ousted by any political and institutional roles, the Nationalist Ministers, against the will and without the knowledge of the Prime Minister Paolo Tarso and thus of the Socialists & Democrats, their ally within the government coalition, government which just took office in December, released illegally a worldwide statement filled with lies and falsehoods. This is the PNI worldwide press release:

Greetings everyone
PNI is a democratic, progressive & nationalistic party working for betterment and progress of Istalia.We have always maintained our position of abolishing & abrogating Monarchy for which Our government is always supported by friendly nations of Solentia, Selucia and others. Our govt has been destabilized by the SO CALLED HEAD OF STATE BORROMEI'S POLITICAL PARTY "NATIONAL ALLIANCE". WE strongly CONDEMN its activities. It has never been successful in implementing true democratic norms in the country rather always tried to establish DICTATORSHIP. BORROMEI IS A POLITICAL PERSON AND IS RUNNING THE PARTY. ONCE AGAIN OUR GOVERNMENT IS BEING REMOVED DUE UNDUE AND FALSE ALLEGATIONS AND CONSPIRACIES. WE CATEGORICALLY REJECT THESE THINGS.

A statement which only apparently the PNI Ministrial exponents, profiting of their positions, released on behalf of the Istalian government and which was promptly refuted and denied by Prime Minister Paolo Tarso himself who in turn issued a worldwide press release in which he categorically disavowed and rejected the Nationalists' statements. This is the official press release of the Prime Minister Paolo Tarso:

As Head of Government of Istalia I release this worldwide message to totally deny all what the PNI declared through a recent worldwide message illegally released on behalf of the Istalian Government. The PNI was disbanded before the release of that message for its oil legal activity (OOC: illegal?). As Prime Minister I totally reject all the allegations by PNI and I ask to the nations of the world to not believe to such allegations. PNI acted against the law and for this reason it was punished. And as Head of Government, Me and my party were the one demaged by the PNI and its action. Without the seats of PNI now the Socialists and Democrats lost their right to govern Istalia. The Emperor or the ANI (National Alliance for the Empire) did not nothing to hinder the electoral process and did nothing to stop my party and the PNI to go to the government. It was not the Emperor that removed PNI from the power. The Justice do it because PNI went against the law. I can assure you that all what expressed by PNI are lies. And I say also that PNI asked me to wrote something against the Emperor or the ANI but I will not do such a things because the reality is not what PNI described.

Thank you for your attention

The worldwide press message released by the Prime Minister Tarso was then followed by the demand by the Socialists & Democrats to call as soon as possible to early elections, contacting immediatly also the National Alliance to approve a common motion.
However, it was the Emperor himself to anticipate everybody who in the evening issued a televised adress to the Nation, fully asserting his Institutional role as Guarantor of the Constitution and of the Democratic Order. These are his words:

People of Istalia,
it is with the greatest regret that I address you and the whole Nation up to its highest institutions to express all my sadness and dismay in becoming aware of the actions carried out by the Istalian Nationalist Party, a political party of the Empire whose political leaders have even served and were serving in the most important institutional roles of the nation.

Today, however, we have had full proof of the goodness of the laws adopted to protect the institutions and the democratic princes of the Nation and that allowed the State to act in the most adequate and quickly way to counter these regretable events.
Furthermore, I can only rejoice for the work of Justice and the Law Enforcement Forces which, with self-denial and dedication, have thwarted what has emerged as a conspiracy persue with a foreign political force clearly to hit, once again, the image of the Istalian Empire and of the Imperial Dignity, hoping to turn the political opinion of Solentia against the monarchy of Istalia and thus push a foreign nation to interfere in the internal affairs of our Nation.

These acts not only threw infamy on those who until a few hours ago were honorable representatives of the Nation, but also irremediably compromised the regular functioning of the current legislative and executive institutions of the State.
For this reason, I decided to consult as soon as possible with Prime Minister Tarso, with the President of the National Assembly and therefore also with the members of the parliamentary opposition to dissolve the Assembly and call new elections to give full legitimacy as soon as possible to the highest offices of state and to ensure their full democratic nature.


The statement made by the Prime Minister it seems that fully disproved the statement by the PNI but his press message and the televised adress by the Emperor ignited the National Alliance which took the floor to fully express its protests and its dismay. The former Prime Minister and leader of the ANI Damiano Valenti met the jorunalists before which he confuted points by points the treacherous press message by PNI:

I'm simply appalled by the behavior of the Nationalists, and really angry! But the liars never prosper while the truth at the end is alwyas manifested! And I want today to refute and confute every single word expressed by those treacherous and disloyal Nationalists!

First of all the PNI falsely declared that Our government is always supported by friendly nations of Solentia, Selucia and others: it is a falsehood! MY GOVERNMENT solved all the mess caused first of all by the falsehoods and the smear campaign by PNI against the Istalian Empire and the Emperor Michele I. The Government I had the honor to lead totally refuted all what said by the Nationalists and disproved all their lies showing just the truth, a truth already revealed under the last years of the Government led by Faisal Saeed and that pushed even the at the time Solentian President to express worldwide Official Apology to the Istalian Government with which he said that probably he had misunderstood the words of PNI, proving how the PNI has always and only disseminated falsehood, accusing my party of imperialism and even making to a foreign head of state believe that my Government and my party wanted to threaten his country of war. The Solentian President, at the time, spoke about "misunderstanding" but we are sure, as mentioned, that the President had simply been misled by the falsities of the Nationalists.
Another demonstration of the absence of thrue in the words of the PNI is that today ALL the Solentian parties have extremely good relations with Istalia and expressed several times their intention to maintain the best relations with us, like during the crisis caused as said first of all by PNI and that its solentian puppet tried to ignite even more against the Emperor, like during the crisis opened by Solentian Vice-President Mike Fence with his proposal to built fences on our borders or when they totally refused to follow Vice-President Fence in a war against Istalia.

Second falsehood: Our govt has been destabilized by the SO CALLED HEAD OF STATE BORROMEI'S POLITICAL PARTY "NATIONAL ALLIANCE". The National Alliance for the Empire did nothing to prevent the PNI to rule the country as well as the EMPEROR DID NOTHING to prevent PNI ruling the country. In fact, Faisal Saeed, leader of the Nationalists, led his own government between 4575 and 4580 while just after the most recent elections of 4584 the PNI joined a coalition with the Socialists & Democrats with whom they formed a new Government.
In the last 15 years we assisted to a perfect alternation of power between parties, between the ANI and the PNI first of all; an alternation which totally disproved the allegations of dictatorship by His Majesty Michele I, who, instead, ALWAYS respected the outcome of all the elections held during his reign and who welcome just few months ago Prime Minister Tarso appointing officially him as Head of Government who as per Consitution is the holder of the Executive Power.

Third Falsehood: It has never been successful in implementing true democratic norms in the country rather always tried to establish DICTATORSHIP. BORROMEI IS A POLITICAL PERSON AND IS RUNNING THE PARTY.. Also this clear falsity can be easily disproved for the same reason that disproved the second falsehood. If a dictatorship has been established in Istalia, how could the PNI be able to led the Government between 4575 and 4580? How could Faisal Saeed become Prime Minister of the Empire? How could the coalition of S&D+PNI became the new Government of Istalia while the ANI remaining at the opposition?
Furthermore, the statements about His Majesty the Emperor being a political person and that is running the National Alliance is simple ridicolous. I'm the political head of the National Assembly! His Majesty renounced to all political roles within the National Alliance and he resigned from his leadership and membership of the party when he was crowned Emperor of the Istalians and the fact that he never expressed any kind of statement or judgement against the PNI, or the S&D or against the laws enforced by Saeed's Government or by the Tarso's Goverment is a further proof of the fact that Michele I has never exerciting political influence in the role of Sovereign of the Istalian Empire.
This, like all the rest, are public falsehoods and in Istalia there are laws against the publication of false information and hate speech. For this reason we are ready to appeal the Justice so that the PNI will respond also for violating this Law.

Fourth Falsehood: ONCE AGAIN OUR GOVERNMENT IS BEING REMOVED DUE UNDUE AND FALSE ALLEGATIONS AND CONSPIRACIES. This is probably the most ridicolous statement of all this triumph of lies! The Istalian Nationalist Party was removed from any political and institutional office and was dissolved due to the violation of the Laws of the State of Istalian Empire and for having organized a conspiracy with the already mentioned solentian party to fuel anti-monarchist sentiments in Solentia, which, clearly, for the interests of PNI didn't want go against Istalia but just against the Monarchy here established, promoting interventions by the Solentian Government in the internal affairs of Istalia, like some comments made by the Solentian Peoples Front in the Solentian Senate confirmed. And finally, let me add that to me it seems that calling the cabinet led by Paolo Tarso as "OUR GOVERNMENT" they showed to be the only ones to have a verritable authoritarian and egocentric thirst for power.

The National Alliance for the Empire is really sick and exhausted by all this mud thrown against us! We are really sick and exhausted of all the falsities that PNI constantly produced against us and His Majesty the Emperor! We are really sick and exhausted to be insulted and accused to be warmongers, to promote a dictatorial regime and to have illegally removed PNI from power. The only one that PNI must blame is itself for its treacherous behavior and its continuous breaking of laws.
Now, after all what happened, we are not anymore disponible to suffer without reaction all this! Now we will be on the first line and will continue to appeal the Justice so that PNI will never harm anymore Istalia!
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:29 pm

Prince Alessandro proposes the foundation of an asset management group for the Imperial Family
The financial group will operate on investment funds, hedge funds and private equity investments and no less than half of the revenue will be invested in cultural and philanthropic activities
The Grand Prince Alessandro and his wife Valentina visiting Eristano

8 November 4585

ERISTANO - The Grand Prince of the Crown Alessandro was today visiting his hometown of Eristano where he and his wife (their children Nicola (15) and Eleonora (4) remained in Romula because both with a flu, were warmly welcomed by citizenship. Here the Grand Prince has dedicated himself to visiting the numerous artistic and cultural centers of the city as well as some of the most important companies and production plants, such as the Assembly Plant of Ajace Aeronautics and the Estal Plant which alone employs over 14 thousand people and is one of Majatra's most productive automobile factories.

the Estal Plant in the outskirts of Eristano

The Prince, of course, met the city authorities at the local City Hall where a banquet was organized in his honor, which was attended by representatives of the political, productive and cultural world of the city. These included representatives of financial companies in the city with which the Prince met at the local Chamber of Commerce. Here the Heir to the Throne attracted media attention when he presented his idea of providing the Imperial House with an asset management group through which to operate on investment funds, hedge funds and private equity investments with which to recover resources from dedicate massively to the cultural and philanthropic activities of the country.

Prince Alessandro with some exponents of financial societies of Eristano

Moreover, the Prince specified, this investment fund of the Crown will guarantee income to the Imperial House allowing it to weigh less on the State coffers but, above all, to provide the Crown with additional resources. In fact it is not a mystery that the resources dedicated to the Crown have been reduced under the Saeed government, without that the following government led by Damiano Valenti intervened on the matter. Prince Alexander did not hold back in declaring that the resources for the Crown, starting from those for institutional commitments and duties, are proving to be truly inadequate. Neither the Emperor nor the Crown Prince has engaged in official travel abroad recently and the Institutional ceremonies have been reduced to the minimum. Prince Alexander's own wedding was an event held privately and financially supported through the personal resources of the Imperial Family.
Prince Alexander judged this highly penalizing for the prestige, both at home and abroad, of the Istalian Imperial Crown, a non-decorous image that not only affects the Crown but the whole country. The Imperial Family, in fact, with the appropriate resources could become a very important promoter force for the country, for its culture, its economy, its productive excellences as well as artistic and technical ones.

The investment and financial management fund would guarantee the Crown revenues without having to increase the emoluments envisaged by the Government and would also allow, as already mentioned and strongly underlined by the Prince, to finance activities for the benefit of the whole community: museums, historical and archaeological sites, cultural centres, libraries, research centers, educational institutions and so on. The Prince stated that no less than half of the investment fund's revenues will be dedicated to these activities, demonstrating the great desire for dedication to the country beyond just institutional duties.
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Huge victory for the Socialists while the National Alliance experiences its all-time low
After an emergency meeting held in the night Damiano Valenti announced to resign from the leadership of the party and retires from politics: "time is come for new life and new face to lead the National Alliance and the Country"

19 February 4586

ROMULA - The early elections of 4586 finally came and the outcome was worse than any forecast for the National Alliance for the Empire while it went beyond all expectations for the Socialists & Democrats.
The National Alliance has thus touched its all-time low since it was founded and has experienced the most massive haemorrhage of votes ever seen over the past 25 years.
An extraordinary meeting was immediately called by the party leadership already on election night, when the disastrous result was fully manifesting itself in all its gravity.
The party leader and former Prime Minister of the Empire, the veritable mind behind the Imperial reform, the one who crowned Michael I as Emperor of the Istalians, Damiano Valenti, took full responsibility for the defeat and without even waiting for the reaction of his more bitter internal opponents, numerous emerged when a few months ago he had accepted without objection the Emperor's decision to dissolve the Assembly. He had in fact been warned against passively accepting such a decision by the party's hawks, but fully respecting the values ​​to which he dedicated his whole life, Valenti refused to present a motion against early dissolution as suggested.

Called a press conference, Damiano Valenti announced and commented on his resignation:

I announce to all of you today my decision to leave the leadership of the National Alliance of the Empire, taking full responsibility for what we have witnessed a few hours ago. I also intend to announce my official withdrawal from politics.
But... I will only reserve these few words at the end of my career, because I want to focus myself instead in thanking all the people of Istalia and all those who believed in me and all those who for all these years have supported me and helped me to face the many challenges that me and the country we faced and that together we managed to overcome.
What will be the judgment of history on me, this to posterity to say. But I want and can assure you all and all the People of Istalia that the Good, Glory and Prosperity of the Country have always been pursued by me without ever pulling me back and with the utmost self-sacrifice.
It was an honor, a real honor, to have been able to serve the Country, this great Country, this beautiful land of Freedom, Opportunity and Tolerance, this country that is the home of the bravest, proud and noble men and women that history have ever seen, that always with their heads held high they faced any difficulty, crisis and threat, aspiring and even fighting, even dying, for the Most High and Noble Values ​​and Principles that made great Istalia.
But moreover, it was really an honor for me to have been able to serve beside and then under our Emperor, our first Emperor, Michael I, who I can only pay homage to him and call him today as the Just, the Beloved, the Righteous but also the Patient, the Resistant, the Tolerant, him who has endured with extreme dignity and always respecting his role, his responsibilities and his duties, all the attacks, insults, ravages, calumnies and denigrations by those who have first and really betrayed the country's trust.
Now, time is come for new life and new face to lead the National Alliance and the Country, new young generations to pass the torch and continue keeping high the name of the Country, always promoting and defending the highest values of Tolerance, Freedom and Democracy on which our great Country is founded.

Thanks, thanks to everyone!

Long live Istalia! Long live the Empire!

The Alliance leadership was then temporarily taken by the group leader in the National Assembly Faten Al Marzouqi, former Minister of Health and Social Services, who released a brief statement announcing that in few months the first National Congress of the party will gather together the national and regional delegates of the Alliance to elect the new leadership.
Among the most prominent faces that emerged during the last years of Damiano Valenti's leadership, surely stand out Aisha Mercuri and Karim Qadarsi, respectively former Ministers of the Environment and Finance, and then Stefano Morandi and Carolina Strijdom, veteran ANI's parliamentarians who distinguished themselves for their commitment and the parliamentary activity carried out.

If the Alliance is ready, and forced, thus to turn the page and find a new leadership to recover its fortune and its fate, the country is now in the hands of the Socialists & Democrats, who have already announced that a new government will soon be installed, led once again by Paolo Tarso, releasing a televised message from their party headquarters:

The Socialists & Democrats wishes to express all their gratitude to the People of Istalia for the confidence recognized to our party. Our leader Paolo Tarso promises to the people that as soon as possible a new government will take office and soon we will respect all the promises made to the Istalians: more welfare, more services, more equity, more social justice, more dignity and well-being for all the People. Paolo Tarso will swear in the hands of the emperor but also in front of the Istalian People. Soon the whole People will be able to enjoy the richness of our country
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Emperor honors Damiano Valenti for the services rendered to the Empire by creating him first Duke of Ulbia
A cerimony was held in Quattroregni Palace in occasion of the first nobleman entitle since centuries

6 April 4586

ROMULA - Following the official retirement from the politic of the two times Prime Minister of the Empire and long lasting leader of the National Alliance for the Empire, Damiano Valenti, His Majesty the Emperor announced his decision to honor him for the long years of services rendered to the Empire and to the Crown.

For this reason, the Emperor signed and issued Patent Letters to confer on Valenti the noble title of first Duke of Ulbia, the hometown of the former Prime Minister.
A ceremony was therefore organized at Quattroregni Palace where, in the presence of the High Dignities of the Empire, some important institutional offices, including the Prime Minister Tarso, became friend of Valenti, and therefore of the Valenti family and the most important exponents of the National Alliance, the Emperor officially created Valenti Duke of Ulbia by delivering in his hands the Patent Letters screen-printed in golden ink and placing on his head a golden coronet with small embossed eagles and with a purple-violet cap surmounted by a white tassel, a physical honor created specifically for this occasion.

Heraldic coronet of Duke of the Istalian Empire as created for Damiano Valenti

The new Duke of Ulbia is the first nobleman created over centuries, the first ever in contemporary times created by an Istalian monarch.
The Title, as specified in the Patent Letters, is recognized exclusively to Damiano Valenti and, unless otherwise stated in the future, it is not hereditary and obviously doesn't confer any political power and must be intended only as having an honorific value.
In the same occasion, Damiano Valenti has been also awarded the title of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Istalian Star, the highest ranking honour for a citizens of the Istalian Empire which is awarded in recognition of eminent services in high military positions, to those who have distinguished themselves in senior positions in the civil service and to those who, as private citizens, have brought distinction upon Istalia as exemplary benefactors of the nation or of mankind or have rendered particularly noteworthy services to the Imperial House.
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