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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Fri May 22, 2020 11:03 pm

Economic news, Istalian and foreign news, stock exchange prices and finance in real time, regulations and taxes, funds and bonds, mortgages, loans and jobs

The Strategic Investment Found is on a shopping: 7.7 billion mainly on Majatran's companies shares although the purchaise of More Medicament Manufacture's shares stand out
The characteristics of the investment on the Endralonese company meet the provisions of the sovereign fund and probably it won't be the only istalian financial actor to invest in the pharmaceutical multinational
FSI's Headquarters in Romula

The Istalian Strategic Investment Fund, our Sovereign Wealth Fund, is moving towards the Majatran markets following the increase in stability and relations between the South Majatran nations and in fact the Fund has literally been shopping for shares of companies based in Majatra, especially in Jakania, Deltaria, Kalopia and Vanuku with investments for almost 7.7 billion.

But one of the investments which stand out among the exceptions it's certainly the purchase of shares of the endralonese pharmaceutical company "More Medicament Manufacture", also known as 3M, which in a few years has become a multinational with sharesholders from different various countries, which has received investments from both public and private actors and that manages the production and distribution of medicines in over ten different countries.

Our Strategic Fund also therefore welcomed the advertising campaign that 3M is conducting globally and the Steering Committee spokesman answered to questions from journalists on investments in the pharmaceutical company saying:

The FSI will buy 2% of the shares of 3M from Endralon and will therefore become one of the company's Shareholders. After careful evaluations, the Steering Committee has concluded that the characteristics of such an investment comply with the rules which the Fund must comply with. We consider investming in this company as a profitable project which will generate income on the long term, really suitable for the FSI.

Furthermore, we cannot deny the fact that we consider this type of investment as a contribution to an activity dedicated to the research and development of medicines that save and will save many human lives.

However, it seems that not only the FSI has decided to invest in 3M but rumors want that an additional 2% of the shares will be purchased within a few months by another Istalian financial actor, specifically the Appiano Foundation, the private foundation which manages almost all the property and assets of the Istalian Imperial House, which in recent months seems to have been quite active on international markets even if unlike the FSI the Appiano Foundation enjoys the right to privacy and having always cared a lot about its privacy we can just report what we learned on markets, where it seems that the trend has been the same as for FSI, a focus mainly on the national and Majatran markets.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Sat May 23, 2020 3:15 pm

Informal visit of the Crown Prince in Telamon evolves unexpectedly
Prince Nicola personally brought his father's regards to the High Queen Annalise I inviting her to pursue diplomatic path and avoid war but exponents of Intelligence left Istalia with the Prince and it seems furthermore that his attention was drawn to the young Princess Mellony
Queen Annalise and Prince Nicola conversing during a sport event

5 April 4760

Grand Prince of the Crown Nicola returned today from an informal trip to Telamon where he spent the last two weeks guest of Annalise I, of the House of Ashé-Rivières, former sovereign of Davostan and recently crowned High Queen of Telamon following the welcome by the local authorities and alliance with the Government-in-exile of Davostan, currently known as the Third Republic of Kivonia, a Stratocratic Republic, or a military dictatorship.

The Prince had left for Hvítursteinn on behalf of the family to personally bring the homages and regards of Emperor Alexander III Ghazi to the sovereign of the Makonese country with whom the Emperor had made close contacts for several months, distressed by the sad situation of the former queen of Davostan and obviously concerned about the escalation of tension on the continent laying between the Arctic and the Mad Dog Ocean.
The Emperor, impressed by the strength and the resoluteness of the Queen to free her people, guaranteed in fact the moral support of the Imperial House for the cause of the Queen and her government-in-exile, confirming the loyalty and closeness of the Imperial House to the principles and democratic ideals challenged by the Kivonian regime, where the Military apparatus came back to exercise supreme power through the National Salvation Military National Council.
However, with the regards by his father, the Prince presented to the Queen also a plea by the Emperor to avoid further escalation of the crisis and not to be led by passions on the path of a war which could cause even more sufference in both Telamon and Davostan-Kivonia.

To accompany Prince Nicola, however, as journalists have noted, there was not only his attaché and personal secretary, the frigate captain Haydar Sadr, but also the Air Force Colonel Francesco Rettondini and the Army Major Gabriella Mosquin, geopolitics and strategy experts from the Intelligence's analysis departments, the fromer from the SISDE (Imperial Service for External Security and Defence), the second from the DIMIF (Inter-Force Military Intelligence Department) of the Defense General Staff.
When questioned by the press the Imperial Household replied that the presence of the two Intelligence officers was necessary due to the worrying increase in tension between Telamon and Davostan-Kivonia and due to the will of the Defence Staff to evaluate the situation slowly involving several nations and powers in the area (from the continents of Artania, Makon, Seleya and Keris) and which could cause serious repercussions on the international scene, already somewhat in fibrillation following the recent events that have involved the nearby Anantonese Ocean.
An assessment, said the Defense, which could not but be done by one of the four permanent members of the Security Council of the World Congress such as Istalia which cannot fail to have a detailed picture of the events in order to be able to adequately act internationally and within the World Supreme Organization.

Image Image
Prince Nicola visiting a Museum and welcomed to a gala organized for him

Prince Nicola spent the two weeks in Telamon between the Royal Residence in the Capital and several sites of historical and cultural interest as well as natural sites in various parts of Telamon, made excursions accompanied by Princess Mellony, second daughter of Queen Annalise and thus sister of Raisa, the heir apparent of the Queen, who she also took the Prince to ski on the slopes of the Lironan Mountain Range during one of the two weekends of the trip.
The Prince, approached several times by the press, said he appreciated the country's artistic as well as natural beauties, especially the glaciers on the Lironan Mountains, but the gossip press for several days has been reporting the news according to which the greatest attention of the Prince fell back on her royal companion, the 21 year old Princess Mellony.
In fact, the nature of the Prince's philanderer is well known at home, who to date has never established solid and lasting relationships while the gossip newspapers have always been full of his adventures and short-lived relationships, and precisely for this somebody seems to have even said to be concerned that the Prince's behavior may cause some embarrassment.
Princess Mellony for her part, however, confirmed that she accompanied the Prince with great pleasure and said she was very happy to have known him and that she would have been delighted to be able to visit Istalia in turn, news later also confirmed by the Imperial Household after the return of Nicola at home who announced that the Princess will be in Romula already in October.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Ab3012 » Mon May 25, 2020 7:01 pm


4761 elections crowned the Socialists & Democrats as winners who with more than 12 million votes become the first party even surpassing the Left Bloc which for years had maintained the primacy in the left area. In reality the difference is not wide but rather a few tens of thousands of votes separate them from LB and in the national assembly the Social Democrats have only one more seat.
Giorgio Nunziatella in any case is ready to succeed LB's ally Leandro Bisso and to bring the Social Democrats back to the leadership of the government. In fact the leftist coalition and current government coalition has maintained the majority and continues to lead the National Assembly with 365 seats.
Giorgio Nunziatella was immediately joined by journalists at the headquarters of the Central Committee of Socialists & Democrats to whom he said:

We are obviously very satisfied with the results of this year's elections and it is a victory not only for us but also for the whole left. Istalia has rewarded the current majority because it has recognized the commitment that this government coalition has put into offering another Istalia: a fairer Istalia and a greener Istalia.
We have worked hard and well with our allies of the Left Bloc but this has never been a secret and what matters most is that we have managed to promote innovative and beneficial reforms and programs for the nation and for all our citizens.
We are building a fairer and more supportive country in order not to leave anyone behind but to move forward together as one community that promotes social justice; we are promoting a country that knows how to innovate and that always knows how to create new opportunities for its citizens; we are showing that the country is the same one that brought our astronauts to the Moon on Pegaso 5 and that our scientific poles are at the forefront and that contribute a lot to the well-being and progress of the country; we are helping to cope with the impact of man on our environment we must protect in order to pass it on to the generations that will follow us.
We are so committed to building a country that is more human and environment friendly starting where the impact is greatest: our cities. Our citizens deserve to live in a healthy and comfortable environment and we can do much to promote in them healthier and more sustainable habits.
We believe in all of this and we are ready to continue working for the good of the citizens and I assure you that a new government for the country will soon be presented and that it will continue to work as it has done to date.
I thank Prime Minister Bisso and the Left Bloc for working and promoting along us these projects and I can only hope to continue the excellent service that Leandro Bisso has rendered to the nation.

Journalists then moved on to questions about foreign policy due to an increasingly inflamed international stage:

The world is running too fast towards a cliff that represents pain and suffering for millions of people. Too many nations seem to prefer not to even try to exploit all diplomatic possibilities preferring instead immediately take up their rifle ready to unleash their arsenals.
I can only say that I am somewhat disappointed by the security council of the world congress: nothing has been said about what has happened in the Anantonese ocean and nothing has been said or proposed regarding the crisis in Macon between Telamon and Kivonia.
We sincerely hope to be able to urge the other members of the council to open a debate that tries at least to face the threat of war because this is the mandate of the Security council.
I am much more confident instead in bilateral relations and it is with pleasure that I announce that our relations with Yingdala have resumed as well as the dialogue on the treaty between our nations. I'm satisfied that the cordial relations with Yingdala have increased. We are actually ready to proceed to ratify the treaty with Yingdala and I'm confident that we will be able to work together also on an international level.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Wed May 27, 2020 5:44 pm

Economic news, Istalian and foreign news, stock exchange prices and finance in real time, regulations and taxes, funds and bonds, mortgages, loans and jobs

Grand Prince Nicola Nadir appointed as second member of the 3M-CEB
His Imperial Highness, Grand Prince Nicola Nadir of Istalia

More Medicament Manufacture, a well known endralonese pharmaceutical multinational corporation in which istalian financial actors recently began to invest, is appointing the members of its Chief Executive Body and it has recently announced the second member of the board will be Prince Nicola Nadir, brother of His Majesty Emperor Alessandro III Ghazi.

With these word the Chief Executive Officer of 3M, Boros Gréta, explained her choice:

His Imperial Highness is a very good manager and able to represents the monarchies in the 3M. I am convinced republican, but the monarchist people also need representation. If my perception is good, five states are monarchies in the 3M, so His Imperial Highness' membership is absolutely justifiable.

The choice of course depended primary by the fact Appiano Foundation, the private holding of the Imperial Family, recently purchaised 2% of the total shares of 3M and the choice for Prince Nicola was also driven by the fact that His Imperial Highness actually works full time into the Foundation as shareholders by right and as CEO, recently appointed by the Foundation's President, his brother the Emperor.

Appiano Foundation released this statement about the appointment:

Whole Appiano De Borromei Family would like express its best wishes to More Medicament Manufacture for its business and its mission.
The Imperial House really believe in the social importance of this kind of corporations, studying, developing, producing and distributing vital goods as the pharmaceutical products.
His Majesty expresses His congratulations to Grand Prince Nicola Nadir.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Thu May 28, 2020 11:08 am

Prince of the Crown Nicola ready for the official engagement with Mellony of Telamon
The Emperor has yet to give his consent and the Imperial Household explains this is due to the delicate situation in which Telamon currently is

28 October 4762

ROMULA - After days during which rumors and gossip abounded, Crown Prince Nicola (30) finally succumbed to the questions by the press confirming his intention to officially ask for the hand of Princess Mellony of Telamon (23).

The relationship between the two had started quite unexpectedly about two years ago, after their first meeting in Telamon where Prince Nicola had gone on an unofficial visit to the court of the recently proclaimed Queen Annalise I.
Although few had bet on the durability of the relationship, also insisting in talking about issues due to their age difference, 7 years, Nicola and Mellony continued to dating transforming what could have been a momentary infatuation into a solid relationship. A close-knit couple, as it has been described by their friends and relatives, even more since Princess Mellony regularly attends official and unofficial events alongside the Prince.

An official announcement has not yet been released by the Imperial Household but following the revelation made to the press by the Prince, the Palce Press Office has issued a short statement in which it was explained that the Emperor has yet to give his formal consent to the couple, because His Majesty needs time and long reflections due to the delicate situation Telamon is experiencing on the international stage.

In fact, for the imperial couple it was not always sunshine and roses and the relationship has been openly criticized by some part of the establishment and the Istalian's élite, rather divided on the Telamon-Kivonia crisis between those who take a decisive stance in favor of Telamon, who instead accused Telamon and his Queen of chauvinism, who instead prefers an exclusively diplomatic approach.
According to some rumors, it seems that the Imperial House itself initially tried to curb Prince Nicola's enthusiasm, mainly because it is not the intention of the Crown to spread an image of support for the warlike intentions of Telamon and the government in exile in Davostan.
In fact, Prince Nicola had also gone to Telamon to present to Queen Annalise the plea by Alexander III Ghazi not to get carried away by emotions and to give space to reason and diplomacy, in line with the foreign policy of the Istalian government which in several occasions recently has reiterated the need to take the diplomatic path and discourage military actions and demonstrations of force.

However, Prince Nicola was resolute in keeping up with the pressure and continued on his way, eventually fully accepted by the Family who, however, did not expect the official engagement with Mellony after just two years.
The Emperor was taken rather off guard and someone within the Imperial Family showed already signs of fibrillation for what could turn into a hard clash between father and son with not indifferent consequences, since if Prince Nicola should decide to proceed even in the absence of his father's consent, the marriage would be considered morganatic and he would immediately lose his rights to the throne being succeeded in the role of Grand Princess of the Crown and therefore heir to the throne by his sister the Grand Princess Aida.
Obviously this would be the worst case scenario but it will be difficult to get there: as said the Imperial House is in fact willing to respect the will of the couple and it seems that, even interfacing with the Royal Court of Telamon, it is engaged in compiling a detailed legal documentation in order to protect the Imperial House and the Couple from possible repercussions of events and situations that may involve Telamon in the future.

An official announcement should therefore shouldn't take long and by now many are expecting a new imperial wedding in less than eight months, so much so that some producers and sellers have already rolled up their sleeves for producing gadgets and souvenirs related to the event.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Liu Che/Zhuli » Thu May 28, 2020 12:16 pm

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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Aethan » Sun May 31, 2020 10:22 am

The two souls of the Left Bloc begin the battle to choose Leandro Bisso's successor
Given the predictability that these are the last elections for the current secretary general, members of the main factions of the party begin to choose their futuribles.

Members of the GioeB protesting against the election of the far-right leader Giovanni Carnavi as Prime Minister in 4755

It is an open secret that for Leandro Bisso these will be the last general elections. The secretary-general, who took office at the age of 44, will turn 74 on the year of elections, making him the oldest secretary-general to stand for election. After 30 years leading the party, and despite the fact that some did not bet on him from the beginning, he knew how to reorient the party and become one of the secretaries-general with more electoral support, thus managing to appease his critics and content his constituents with a politics farthest from the traditional blocist ideology and closer to the typical social democracy. Now, with his more than foreseeable departure from the front line of politics, the various souls that make up the Left Bloc's political project are awakening again, beginning to position their most powerful candidates as possible candidates for the general secretariat.

The first of these currents, the one made up of the GioeB (the youth of the party) and the majority of the regional federations of Trivendito, Padagna and Silicia, is committed to recovering the position that the party has largely occupied, returning to make more clearly visible the class struggle and an economic and social model more socialist than social democrat, as well as putting the republican conflict in the spotlight again. While there is no clear candidate from this group, many are betting on "rejuvenating" the party's image - for a century, only Piermarco Carabetta, the longest-serving secretary-general as Prime Minister of Istalia, has led the party before his fortieth birthday -, choosing their candidate from among the most prominent leaders of the GioeB, highly critical of the party's drift under Mr. Bisso's command towards policies that they consider "more liberal than socialist", and they accuse of "having forgotten social and political republicanism".

On the other side are those currents that are more comfortable with the current status quo of the party, such as the regional federations of Mezzodiurno and Sarregna, who believe that Leandro Bisso has followed the correct strategy to connect more with citizens and that these see the Left Bloc more as a state party than as what they consider "an anti-system party". This current, which in most of the party's history has been the minority, achieved its greatest victory with the election of Leandro Bisso as secretary general, the first of the seven that the party has had in coming from this faction, and now they want repeat that act using as data the electoral results obtained by Mr. Bisso. This current is also more open to pacts with the ANI and the Populists, acts that the first current rejects in its majority.

Although the key information does not transcend for the moment outside the party, the unofficial positions of the party's most prominent leaders do, being the President of the Senate Aristarco Azzara, the former President of the Assembly Carola Antonella, the Governor of Padagna Giogia Marsiglia, that of Silicia Annamaria Licari, and the ex-governor of Trivendito Amelia Pellino those who align themselves with the first current, while the second at the moment seems to have only the support of the regional leaders of Mezzodiurno, Erico Mango, and Sarregna Bruto Pitre - none of whom has managed to be governor of their respective regions - as well as the party's current spokesperson, Beatrice Nese.

We will have to wait for the next elections to pass to see the direction the party is taking, but the engines are already starting to heat up.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby XanderOne » Sun May 31, 2020 2:58 pm

Inperial wedding of Prince Nicola and Princess Mellony
After long debates and having received the consent of the Emperor the heir to the throne and his fiancée made their marriage vows to each other

28 April 4763

ROMULA - The long wait is over, the two spouses said "yes" in the Church of All Angels. The Prince of the Crown of Istalia married Princess Mellony of Telamon today. Perfect direction for the highly choreographic ceremony, started on time in a Romula besieged by the population crowded along the route where royals and guests paraded headed to the Church, 1,300 guests in all.

Despite considerable difficulties and even contrary voices, Prince Nicola and Princess Mellony formalized their union six months after the official announcement of the engagement by the Imperial Crown Household, came after the Emperor had given his consent to the marriage as well as at the end of the work of the lawyers of the Imperial House.

The Church was decorated for the events and organized to welcome all the guests, among which many crowned heads from all over the world, foreign dignitaries as well as, obviously, the highest officials of the Empire, guests from the state burocratic apparatus and the armed forces, from the business, exponents of the cultural world and of civil society, representatives of charitable and philantropic associations and so on.The benches closest to the Imperial couple, obviously, were occupied by the closest relatives and friends. The benches of the Istalian and Telamonese Imperial and Royal Dynasties, the House of Appiano De Borromei and the House of Ashé-Rivières, were placed at the two sides of the altar, from where both the families watched joyfully their pupils exchanging their vows.

Many responded to the invitation addressed to foreign heads of state and the arrival in the church was a real showcase of the world élites among Kings, Princes, Presidents and Ministers accompanied by wives and consorts: Queen Aimée I of Rildanor, King Wrntukai VIII of Vanuku and his son and heir the Archduke Juhn, Crown Prince Charles of Hutori on behalf of Queen Sarah VI, Queen Eleanor of Aloria, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Jan Vaughn-Rosta of Valruzia, President Aslan Demir of Jakania, Queen Anna Elizebete ll of Dolgava came with Karl VI of Hulstria, King Gaudino of Keymon with his heirs, Emperor Yu Li of Yingdala and his wife, ecc...

The cerimony was officed by the Bishop of Istalia with the blessing of the Patriarch of Istalia, Solentia and Quanzar while, after the Imperial couple moved to the City Hall of Romula, the Mayor of Romula officed the civil cerimony attended by just the closest relatives and friends.

Various shots of the wedding day

After the ceremony the newly married couple, now titled Their Imperial Highnesses The Grand Prince and Princess of the Crown, Duke and Duchess of Marsama, travelled in a horse-drawn carriage procession to Quattroregni Palace and were greeted along the streets by the public.
The Emperor hosted a Reception for the couple and their guests at Palace, offering a further private wedding balls in the evening, while on Palace Square celebrations and songs have graced from a large stage the people gather together there.

Photo of both the spouses' families with the most important guests, among whom foreign royals and heads of state

Quattroregni Palace announced that the bridal couple will leave tomorrow for the wedding trip which will bring them to visit archeological sites in Kalopia, spending time on the beaches on north Kalopia and Cildania and finally to Kanjor, where the couple will visit the ancestral lands of House of Ashé-Rivières.
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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby Mr.God » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:33 pm

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Re: Corriere d'Istalia

Postby LC73 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:20 pm

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