Lourenne Quotidien

Lourenne Quotidien

Postby Woxor » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:06 pm

((This thread is for all newspapers, news stations, etc. in Lourenne.))
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Postby Woxor » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:07 pm

The Valois Herald, Lourenne's Best Newspaper

Royal Federalists Seize Crown
Dorat Uses Massive Electoral Coup to Steamroll New Constitution
by Renée Flotard

VALOIS, New Kreshar, Royaume d'Or de Lourenne. (September 20, 2743) - For the past twelve years, the Parti de Fédéralisme Royal (PFR) has exploded from a disgruntled "loyal" opposition, founded around the innocuous notion that more power should be relegated from the monarch to the regional governments, into the uncontested national power of Lourenne. After a decade of political stagnation that saw the death of an old party and the steady decline of government proactivity, the elections of November, 2742 tipped the balance of power just far enough in the PFR's favor that the Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne (PML) had no substantial say in government. The PFR took advantage of this immediately, ejecting all political opponents from its cabinet and establishing a slew of constitutional changes before holding new elections in August to restructure the national government. Among the most dramatic changes -- the Conseil Royal du Peuples was pared down to a mere 75 members, and the queen who reigned for thirty-two years and six months was essentially dethroned. In her place, a crude combination of monarchy, democracy, and despotism has emerged under the quixotic rule of self-styled "Roi Grand de le Royaume d'Or de Lourenne" Sebastien Dorat.

Despite the dubious claim that the PFR manifests the centuries-old philosophies of the Redemption Party, Sebastien Dorat and his political juggernaut have not gained power gracefully, nor is the democratic backing behind the PFR likely to hold steadfast through the coming storm. While the PFR had included the PML in its cabinet despite the obvious chance to run a single-party cabinet after the dissolution of the Parti de Garde Royales, many speculated that this apparent olive branch for the PML had more in common with a carrot on stick, to be yanked away should the PML directly challenge the PFR on what were expected to be minor constitutional amendments. Until 2742, the PML still stood a chance of preventing constitutional change, and the party was arguably an effective barrier to the PFR's total domination of the government. Once the PFR's propaganda took hold, however, the PML's trump card was nullified, and over a mere nine months, the monarchy assumed the form of an "elected monarch," to be dethroned peacefully by a referrendum of the people every six years should his popularity flag. The monarchy is still ostensibly a continuation of that founded in 2704, but is now highly mutable due to the electoral process, but extremely powerful due to the oppressive new laws passed by the PFR.

Civil rights are likely to take further abuse over the next six years, since the "Establishment of Stability" Act is likely to pass. Free speech will be curtailed, and the government will be given further authority. To ensure the validity of his claim to the throne, Dorat is said to be seeking the hand of former Reine Renée d'Orléans-Vassar, despite the latter's fifteen-year-old marriage. This seems to give Dorat's administration a bizarre third nature: while the constitutional law is unquestionably democratic in nature, and the statutory laws Dorat has passed seem designed to maintain power through force rather than democracy, Dorat and his followers seem to believe that his power is still derived from the line of monarchial succession, wherein Dorat's name does not appear. Should he secure his desired marriage (which is sure to scandalize the Orthodox Church), he will have three claims to power, as well as three avenues through which his enemies could topple him: election, linneage, and brute power. It is unclear whether the PFR truly believes this to be the best form of government, which would explain the obvious weaknesses it leaves in its grip (the fact that it will be ousted in six years if its popularity doesn't hold, and the fact that Dorat's monarchial legitimacy is essentially nil), or whether the three-pronged approach is believed to be three times as effective as a simple electoral win. At any rate, Dorat's win was unanimous, and only time will tell whether voters will feel betrayed by the strange policies of the new government.

It's uncertain exactly where the former queen and her family are housed for the time being, but live video broadcasts periodically verify her safety. The capital has moved from Valois to Lac des Lumiéres, and the government buildings are boarded up; a "museum of the ancient government" is said to be in the works. It's quiet here in Valois, but it's the quiet of a people who must, having shouted from the mountains for change and revolution, take a breath before they scream still louder at the fate they were dealt. :::
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby Woxor » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:54 pm

St. Domitius Online

Rightful Monarch Escapes House Arrest
National Media Lock-Down Sparks Chaos in the Golden Kingdom
by Narcisse Chrétien

ST. DOMITIUS, Haboves, Le Royaume d'Or de Lourenne. (September 12, 2747) - The following is a copy-pasted transcript from a txt file on my laptop. I have to do my work on it there, since my reports can be critical of the government and the tendency now is for people to be imprisoned without trial if they're caught. They are often caught when working on desktop computers, which are usually only available in public places and are always monitored remotely. I can't update again for a while, because the Internal Affairs Ministry is about to cut the internet connections for the entire country. Here's why:

Local Disk (C:) wrote:One of the disappointed office-seekers in the Parti de Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral (formerly the Parti de Fédéralisme Royal) has been a valuable source of information on the mysterious matter of Queen Renée. It appears that she and her child Isabelle have been under house arrest in Valois, New Kreshar (the former capital) for the last three years, while Prince Andre Berr has been in prison somewhere in rural Kundir. While this was rumored to be true for some time, my source's reliability is higher than usual, and conveys a dramatic piece of additional news: the Queen has escaped, along with her daughter Isabelle, and is fleeing the country. This fact has caused riots in several major cities (Valois, Gaunteaume, Delaune), but the government has shut down newspapers, phone lines, and cable to prevent the spread of information, and the police have been brutal in their response to the riots. Satellite internet still works, but since most of the receivers are communal, that will likely be shut off soon for the most part.

The true impact of this revelation is yet to be seen, since the government will have to answer for the fact that the Queen has been a mere tool in the Dorat administration's attempt to secure power and has not been co-reigning as monarch with the current King. The elections in two years will determine whether the first elected monarch in Lourenne will serve more than one term, or whether the people prefer their queen.

The big question is what will happen to the Orléans-Vasser line now that the Queen is known to be alive and well but in exile. The populace awaits the action of Rildanor and other nations of the IML; conservatives are split between monarchists, who favor the Queen and Rildanor, and isolationists who feel that Lourenne's sovereignty supersedes the divinity of the foreign lineage. If I had access to the internet, or good libraries, like in the old days, I could provide more perspective. However, the government is doing a good job of keeping our perspective under control, so I submit the facts as best I know them to you, Terra, and leave you to sort out the right from the wrong. :::

Donations to the site are very much appreciated -- I have to destroy my hard drive every time I post, so it gets expensive. God bless.
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby Opakidabar » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:50 pm

La Morning de Tribals

Lourenne Tribal Builders Society enter politics
Man named Dancing Crow elected General Director of Lourenne Obshestroi
by Seven Snakes Crawling

New organization believes there should be no discrimination based on race and native population shall take active part in decision making. Of course general Obshestroi principles shall be implemented and followed after successful seizing of power by democratic or military means.
Dancing Crow is 34 years old farmer and philosopher from Lourenne's colonies.
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby Jessaveryja » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:06 pm

Lourenne Colonial Times
A production of the Royal Kafuri Company

Tsiyu Anilasdalv Udatligi enters politics
Uwetsi Alatsidohosgi (David Cohen) elected Chairman of the People's Tribal Movement of Lourenne
by Robert LeBeau

Movement believes there should be no discrimination based on race and native population shall take active part in decision making. They are pro-monarchist and they believe that the French Monarch can keep control over Lourenne proper.
Uwetsi Alatsidohosgi is 21 year old philosopher from Lourenne's colonies, working on becoming a tribal spiritual leader in the colonies between Lourenne Proper and Talmoria Proper.
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Lourenne Post

Postby Barnwood » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:57 pm

Editor- Harold Hardee

4th September 2776, the day that will go down in history as the day that the National Front emerged from the ashes of the previous fascist parties of Dovani. Thirty-three founding members put their signature to the proposed party constitution, and thus the new party was born. Rupert Poweskey, a former Tory Party MP who was sacked because of his radical views nine months before the collapse of the party, was elected as the first leader in a close election, Poweskey gaining 18 votes and his nearest rival Gideon Radebaugh gaining 15 votes. Radebaugh was appointed as Deputy Leader by Poweskey, some have suggested that it is to keep an eye on him incase he rebels and forces a leadership challenge, but as they are friends and have similar ideologies this seems unlikely.

New Shadow Cabinet

Leader- Rupert Poweskey
Deputy Leader- Gideon Radebaugh
Foreign Affairs- Hugh Aumiller
Internal Affairs- Christian Estey
Finance- Edgar Jervey
Defence- William Hannan
Justice: Geoffrey Leyland
Infrastructure and Transport: Frederick Congreve
Health and Social Services: John Gulliver
Education and Culture: David Reeder
Science and Technology: Charles Gambon
Food and Agriculture: Reginald Vamont
Environment and Tourism: Julian Ogilvy
Trade and Industry: Tobias Hotalen

One of the founding members, Oscar Cholmondeley, was selected as Party Chairman.
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby Pax » Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:01 am

Mixtec Revolution

The majority Mixtec population have risen in revolution, eager to shake the yoke of French dominance in Lourenne. After weeks of turmoil and violence, the Government of Lourenne enacts that the Mixtec language and culture will now be dominant. The monarchy, however, shall remain and will attempt to mix more with the Mixtec majority.
Action Kanjorienne
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Re: Rildanor Associated Press

Postby RDemocrat » Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:29 pm

Rift Forming in the PRRS
Labonne, Tirali
August 2822

After the break up of the centre-left coalition, a strong split in the Parti Radical et Radical-Socialiste (en: Radical and Radical Socialist Party, abbr: PRRS) appears to be forming. At the annual meeting of the Party Congress tension has been building between the party’s two main factions, the radicals and the radical-socialists (as expressed in the party’s name).

After the last election, in which the PRRS lost many seats and members in the liberal urban areas of the Tirali City, there has been a major demographic and ideological shift within the party. Now the left leaning radical-socialistes make up a majority of the party’s senators and the Congress’s delegates.

As a result much of the Party Congress is upset with the current party leadership over its decision to leave the coalition with the PT and join the current centre-right government with the ADR. Many feel betrayed by the establishment of the party.

Premier Ministre Duc Jean Français Rayon d'Alouise has responded to this criticism:

“What we did was in the best interests of the PRRS, and it more conforms to what the mainstream of the party believes.”

His most vocal critic has been his fourth cousin and Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Marquis Michael Rayon d'Alouise III, considered the de facto leader of the radical-socialistes.

“What Jean did was not in the best interests of the party or of the people of Rildanor. The only reason he joined the ADR’s coalition was to secure his own post as le Premier Ministre. Let it be known that I and the majority of the party supported the coalition with the PT.”

Both men are vying for to become the next Président of the Party, as their aunt, Duchesse Alexis d'Alouise de Tirali has announced that she is stepping down from that post do to old age (she is 89).

The PRRS headquarters in Labonne

To read more about the party congress you can go to its website: http://www.freewebs.com/prrs/thepartycongress.htm
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby lombas » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:28 am

Revue Diplomatique: Joint statement condemns Kanjorien colonial attitude

Official International Journal of the Société Libertine Lourennaise

Douder-Brimes: not "joking around" anymore now

Président of the République lourennaise Helena Jugany (SLL - 39) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mary Douder-Brimes (SLL - 47) have condemned in a joint statement for international press what they call the "Kanjorien colonial attitude". Douder-Brimes said: "This isn't a matter of joking around anymore. There are comrades out there who sincerely wish to wage war against our Republic." Jugany added: "Call it 'post-colonial', call it fashion, but it's not because we're ousting some pycho-monarchal family the good way that we have to subdue to absurd demands of foreign nations meddling in our internal political melting pot - no matter what relationship they have with us." The joint statement came after a politician of the Action Kanjorienne said that "Rildanor and Kanjor will not hesitate to lead a war against reactionary republicans if any member of the royal family is harmed."

Lourenne formally abolished the remnants of the monarchy in 2845 with the election of Helena Jugany as its president, thus ousting the former imperial d'Orléans-Vasser family - related to the crowns of Rildanor and Kanjor - from politics. Following her election, Jugany endorsed a Commission on the Settlement of the Case of the Imperial Family, asking the 'opposition' Union Nationale (who participate in Cabinet) to join. The text now waiting approval reads:

"Resolution regarding the settlement of the case of the monarchy"

Article I

The d'Orléans-Vassers, former royal and imperial family of Lourenne, are accepted by the Lourennais political community as a valuable family with deep historical-institutional roots in Lourennais society. They receive all rights and duties as any citizen.

Article II

Concerning the former Emperor, François I, and former Crown Prince, Immanuel, is decided upon passing of this resolution that they shall have to swear loyalty to the Republic. They would thus reject all claims to the throne. When doing so, they are allowed to run for public office.

Article III

All other d'Orléans-Vasser family members will be provided with aid to support their integration in Lourennais society. The Republic will do an extensive effort to make sure those who want receive living conditions (jobs, houses, &c.) proper to their former standing. They are given full political rights and do not have to swear loyalty to the Republic.

Article IV

All former royal and imperial possessions are to be confiscated by the Republic. This only applies to real estate, not to private possessions. The d'Orléans-Vasser family will receive a compensation of 10% of market value. The royal and imperial possessions will be given a public purpose (i.e. government administration, social club, museum &c).

Article V

The d'Orléans-Vasser family is allowed to retain all former titles. The government does not interfere with those trying to maintain an aristocratic status.

Article VI

When travelling abroad for political or economic purposes, d'Orléans-Vasser family members are granted a treatment as "Agent répresentatif de l'Etat" with diplomatic status. This does not apply however to cultural travel (holidays).

Douder-Brimes and Jugany continued and both stressed the need for the international Kanjorien scene to apologize for its rude behaviour.
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Re: Lourenne News Media

Postby lombas » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:10 pm

Revue Diplomatique: Van Kampsch is "fed up" with the imperial family

Official International Journal of the Société Libertine Lourennaise

Van Kampsch "means it this time"

Minister of Internal Affairs Saartje van Kampsch (SLL - 40) was seen furious this week as a decision in the Commission on the Settlement of the Case of the Imperial Family was again postponed. Members of the minority Union Nationale party, who have two seats in the five-seats commission, continued to stay away from discussion, thus making an agreement impossible. "This is just wasting valuable time. I was brought up (partly in Mordusia, where Kampsch' Mordusian Dutch parents come from) learning about respect and revolution, and I'm not seeing enough of it here. We should have the courage to tell the imperial family that we're fed up with them. Personally, I cannot defend our government's position anymore to police chiefs of staff. Protection for both the former emperor and the former crown prince cannot be guaranteed. I really mean it this time."

László de Hevesy (SLL - 42), Minister of Justice, agreed with his colleague: "It's ridiculous to further protect a family which has no official or legitimate purpose of stay in the Republic. We have a policy to ignore illegal aliens, I don't see the difference." But Helena Jugany (SLL - 40), President, tried to calm things down: "There might be people overreacting, though I think it's fair to do so. Nevertheless, this just shows how much a solution is needed."
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