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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:50 pm
by colonelvesica

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:34 pm
by Walker13
Democratic Reform Party to battle against traditional Mordusian Conservatism

Mordusians have always been a conservative folk. Throughout history, those parties that have pandered to more regressive views have tended to end up on top. But is this all set to change. The new Democratic Reform Party (DRP) seeks to convert Mordusians' views to libertarianism as they, and their founder - Chester Fayette - make their first steps into the crazy world of Mordusian politics.

The new party, aimed as much towards changing perceptions about small government and deregulation, as governing Mordusia, has promised to ascribe to a "more nuanced" political view of the world. Describing themselves as "neolibertarian" the DRP advocates for as little government regulation as possible, whilst maintaining free healthcare and education through subcontraction. Believing that government's role is to give people the opportunity to make their own decisions, the DRP is strongly against government oversight regardless of the consequences.

"Too often has political partisanship hidden the actual facts regarding the issues," says the 41-year-old corporate-lawyer-turned-politician, Chester Fayette, in an exclusive interview for the Chronicle. "We believe in proper pragmatic policies, based upon what works, and not upon ideology. For too long, government has overstepped in its duties, and infringed in our personal affairs. A person's life is about the choices they make in it, and it should be the government's duty to give the person as much choice as possible, no more."

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new party is its widespread demographics. In the interview, Fayette promised the DRP would be a party for all, and that is reflected in his choice of spokespeople to help him lead the party. A mixture of old and young; Luthorian and Canrillaise; men and women, make up what appears to be a party intent on reaching out to all ninety-nine million Mordusians. Whether they shall achieve this however, remains to be seen.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:32 pm
by Walker13
An in-depth guide to the 4 names fighting to be on the DRP ticket

Despite the general election being over a year away, campaigning has already begun within the Democratic Reform Party as four hopefuls begin the long, hard road to winning their party's nomination to run for President of Mordusia. Whilst we have all become accustomed to hearing the party leader, Chester Fayette's voice in Parliament as he attempts to build up the DRP's portfolio, the party's maiden set of potential presidential candidates are a group of political minnows. Here's all you need to know about the three men and woman fighting to be on the ticket come next year.

Jaxon Riley
Home City: Rechtenburg // Ethnicity: Mordusian

A pharmaceutical business leader, Riley worked his way up from the bottom as a junior scientist with a degree in biochemistry to a business giant. From small political forays in the past, Riley is known to be a huge advocate for complete deregulation and lower taxes, and would push this as his main priority were he to win the Presidency. More socially conservative than most within the party, he supports the current reintroduction of the death penalty, despite Chester Fayette pledging to abolish it were the DRP to gain power.

Finley Davis
Home City: Euphanea // Ethnicity: Mordusian

Davis is a young journalist for a small right-leaning newspaper. Describing himself as a "Fayettite" he is largely supportive of Fayette's agenda, believing in strong neolibertarian policies, and the liberalisation of the both social and economic issues. His main focus currently is justice and police reform, calling for a new police force independent from the Ministry of Justice, and the delegation of the running of the police to local governments and independent authorities.

Antoine Thomas
Home City: Port Saint-John // Ethnicity: Canrillaise

Formerly working in HR, Antoine Thomas joined the DRP upon its creation, and gained prominence amongst more socially liberal members - rising up to become the leader of the Social Libertarian Group - a faction of more left leaning members of the party. Thomas is more pro-regulation than his competitors. Agreeing with them that government oversight is wrong, he believes that it is still important to guarantee as many free services for citizens as possible, regardless of whether that compromises the complete removal of government from industry.

Chloe Jackson
Home City: Rechtenburg // Ethnicity: Mordusian

Jackson worked as an environmental activist until joining the DRP where she took up a researcher role under the Environment Spokesperson, Ameline Chaucer, soon becoming the personal adviser of Chaucer, and having a large say in the DRP's environmental policy. Perhaps the most politically ept candidate of the four, Jackson is, like Thomas, already a rather large figure within the party. Naturally focusing up environmental issues, Jackson says she wishes to implement a form environmental libertarianism.

Currently polling by the Chronicle suggests Chloe Jackson currently edges Jaxon Riley, with Thomas a few points behind the pair. However, this original polling data will change as the policies of these four President wannabes is discovered and scrupilised.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:07 pm
by Walker13
Influence of DRP Factions evident as former front-runner fails to win any of the three factions' support

Above: Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Sebastien Desjardins. His faction, the RLG, has given its support to Presidential hopeful Finley Davis, allowing the journalist to catch up in the polls to his rivals Thomas, and Riley.

Chloe Jackson fell drastically behind in polling for the Presidential nominee for the Democratic Reform Party following a failure to secure the endorsements of any of the three factions within the party. Despite being the initial front-runner, and found by party members to be the "safest pair of hands" out of the four candidates, the Real Libertarian Group (RLG), Social Libertarian Group (SLG), and Pragmatic Alliance (PA) all endorsed other candidates, removing a large base of support from her campaign.

Perhaps the most politically-savvy in this primary, Chloe Jackson has quickly risen up party ranks from her initial job as a party researcher for the environment. Now a close adviser to Environment Spokesperson, Ameline Chaucer, she is the only one of the candidates to have any say in party policy so far - influencing the Ecological Adjustment Act, which was passed through Parliament.

However, she now finds herself on 12 points, far adrift of Thomas, Riley, and Davis, and is contemplating withdrawing from the race, according to a source within the Jackson for President campaign team. This rumour has been so far denied by the Campaign itself, with a released statement saying that the candidate had "every intention to fight to the end," and that she believed the race was "still for the taking".

Meanwhile, the race at the front is hotting up with Finley Davis benefitting from support from the RLG faction, headed up by Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Sebastien Desjardins. This has allowed Davis to close the gap to Thomas, who has naturally earned the support of the faction he leads - the SLG - and Riley, who has been given the support of the more socially conservative Pragmatic Alliance, which is headed up by party member and lawyer, Sophie Bernard.

As of yet, the leader of the party, Chester Fayette, has refused to back any candidate, although political pundits agree that a Finley Davis presidency would best help him push through his own agenda in Parliament. Current polling has Riley in the lead with 29 points, Thomas on 27 points, and Davis on 26 points. With Jackson on 12 points, this leaves just 6% of the party membership undecided, meaning that the vote in January could come down to a knife edge.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:32 pm
by protijay

Yesterday at 5PM during a speech in Rechtenburg, Jayden O'Brien the second, a prominent journalist for socialist newspapers and minor politician under the Labor party, announced that he had officially created a new party.. Also announcing that "His supporters were tired of the constant struggle against backwards parties" and "Change will be brought by any means necessary."

Later while being questioned by media outlets, it became clear that Jayden was a social democrat advocating a violent overthrow of the government for more progressive policies.

His party is apparently named 'Soul and Spirit.' Reminiscent of the former party known as 'Spirit' that was eventually driven out of parliament by lack of votes under the leadership of Kein Sheppard.

In further speeches and posts on social media, he promises to bring progressive free education and healthcare while also leaving the market as unregulated as is practical. Also promising that he will implement progressive taxes to take heavily from the rich and redistribute to the poor. Saying in a post on Twitter "Do you know how much a billion dollars of personal wealth is? You could make a thousand dollars a day, work for seven days a week, for three hundred and sixty five days a year, and it would still take you THOUSANDS of years to make a billion dollars. Nobody needs that much money."

According to Jayden, any person who may fall under the label of socialist is welcome in his party. "It isn't about the specific politics, it's more about the violent overthrow of the government so that we may get out of the god damned middle ages."

We will keep you posted.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:43 pm
by Walker13
Fayette statement comes after DRP fury over "political scheming" by the Conservatives over the Healthcare Act

DRP leader, Chester Fayette was left fuming today as the Conservative Party produced an almost identical Healthcare bill just hours after rejecting a previous one produced by the Democratic Reform Party. Claiming that the Conservative's new act, which would see gender reassignment surgery banned, was nothing more than "political scheming", Fayette suggested that the DRP would be willing to prop up a Labour government to avoid the Conservatives regaining power come next years elections, with him saying that the PLP were more principled.

The main cause of anger amongst DRP party members is the introduction of the article regarding the banning of gender reassignment, something which the party is heavily against. They accuse the Conservatives of introducing the article in order to force the DRP to vote against a bill they would otherwise support, so to appear further towards the left in the eyes of the voters. "It is clear that the introduction of the gender reassignment article was clear political scheming," said an animated Fayette outside Parliament. "The Conservatives knowingly put that Article into their Healthcare Act in order to stab us in the back and force us to either abandon our principles or destroy our positions among voters."

However, the DRP leader dropped an even bigger bombshell, by suggesting that the DRP would rather support a PLP Ministry - which would be distinctly left-wing, and a complete contrast to the DRP's policies. "When it comes to princple, the PLP have a hell of a lot more of it than the Conservatives. The public were able to see democracy at work during our debate with the PLP in their PLP Legislatory Intervention. We may not agree with their policies, but I can say with certainty that a Labour government would be a lot more beneficial for Mordusia than another Conservative one."

The leader's comments have naturally been criticised by many in his party, with the leader of the PA faction declaring the idea of a PLP government propped up by the DRP as "simply ludicrous". However, Antoine Thomas supported his leader's statement on Tweeter, saying that the party would be sticking true to its original aim of overthrowing the socially conservative establishment by making such a move.


Party condemns Soul and Spirit for calling for a violent overthrow of the government

The Democratic Reform Party have deeply condemned the violent ambitions of the leader of the new Soul and Spirit Party, Jayden O'Brien. Soon after O'Brien's speech in Rechtenburg, the Party Office released a statement attacking any calls for violence, and a call for the Soul and Spirit Party to attempt to get their voice heard in a "proper civilised manner".

The DRP statement said that all political violence was deeply incorrect, and led to division and polarisation within the country, not to mention a catastrophic risk to life. It praised the strong democracy that Mordusia had developed since becoming a Republic, although did say that there were several more steps in needed to take to become truly free. The statement ended saying, "as much as we would too like to take the Conservatives out of power, we would hope that the Soul and Spirit would, as we intend to do, attempt to achieve this means through peaceful methods."

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:56 pm
by Walker13
Grassroots members decide centre-left Thomas is best fit for a PLP partnership

Antoine Thomas in his acceptance speech for the DRP nomination for President.

The leader of the Social Libertarian Group, Antoine Thomas, has won his party's nomination for candidacy of the President of Mordusia. Helped undeniably by the fury of the DRP over the Conservative's actions within Parliament, he was selected without the need of a second ballot as he saw of competition from three other strong competitors.

His election has come following Chester Fayette's remark that he would rather support a left wing PLP government than a Conservative one, due to the Conservative's introduction of an almost identical bill which has been dubbed as "political scheming" by the DRP. Followed up by a PLP statement suggesting some mutual support for the idea of a PLP-DRP coalition, it is apparent that there is strong political consensus to push the Conservatives out of power.

Thomas, who is one of the most left leaning members of the Democratic Reform Party, will be the best placed candidate to unite the two parties, with the candidate supporting extensive subsidisation programmes and subcontraction in order to provide free and quality services to citizens. This differs significantly from some of the most extreme right wing members, who disagree with any governmental oversight at all.

Following his victory, in which he received 52.6% of the vote, Thomas reminded those on the right of the party that he still believed in the "overthrowing of the socially conservative establishment," and that he wanted the same thing as they did for Mordusia:

To begin with, can I thank my opponents, Jaxon Riley, Finley Davis, and Chloe Jackson for making this a clean, open, and competitive race. Some people say that to be coronated and unchallenged in a party primary leaves you in the best position to push on into the presidential election. However, this party is made of individuals with unique opinions, and it is natural that even we won't agree on everything. These primaries help us to challenge our own beliefs, and prepare ourselves for the real race for the Presidency.

I understand that there are many people here who didn't vote for me. But I am not here to be the Candidate for a small portion of the party. I am here to be the candidate of the party as a whole, and I promise that I shall do all in my power to achieve that. We must now take the next step together in order to create the future that we want for our children, and rid ourselves of the tyrants leading our government.

And for those worried about my policies, I can assure you now, that I have the same aims as you. I want the fall of the socially conservative establishment, and a strong liberal society where businesses, workers, and consumers all have freedom from regulation. However, this is not what the current government wants. The current government resorts to political scheming, and archaic policies that infringe upon the rights of individuals. This is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated under any country I were to lead.

There is a large political consensus in this country. That consensus says that people are sick and tired of the unprincipled, and power-hungry Conservatives leading our country. I am honoured that you have chosen me to help lead that fight and try and claim back Mordusia for all of our sakes. Change is ours for the taking. We must clasp it now whilst we can. Thank you very much!

Members on the right of the party are split over how to take Thomas' nomination. Most seem prepared to support him, and unite under a redefined party position in order to get the Conservatives out of power. However, some extreme libertarians and members of the Patriotic Alliance have warned that Thomas signifies a step too far to the left, and that he doesn't represent the core beliefs of the party.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:55 pm
by protijay

After the election of July 4437, the party known as Soul and Spirit gained the most seats out of any party, winning 210/750 seats. The party, headed by social democrat Jayden O'Brien has been widely condemned by the rest of the nation for it's clear violent intentions. This condemnation has resulted in S&S being left out of cabinet considerations with the DRP.

Upon hearing this, Jayden O'Brien commented that "The Democratic Reform Party would rather support the enemy than their fellow socialists." Several media outlets now aligning themselves with the party agreed with this statement. But it is widely agreed upon, even by the supporters of Soul and Spirit, that this is not the case, and the violent intentions of the party are the cause of the DRP decision.

In further news, Soul and Spirit publicly announced they would not run a candidate for president months before the election. Instead, Jayden O'Brien said "I do not see the need to waste time campaigning for a useless and symbolic position reminiscent of our former oppression under the conservatives."

However, Soul and Spirit is now in a great position to influence the politics of Mordusia in their favour.

We will keep you updated.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:25 am
by CJB
-----------------------------------------FREE DEMOCRATS DECIDE ON CABINET---------------------------------------------

The Free Democrats of Mordusia have officially decided on whether to back a cabinet excluding the Soul & Spirit Party, after some clashes with S&S it has decided to vote in favor of the cabinet.

Although The Free Democrats are in the Proposed Cabinet they have made a call for Early election to clear up split Parliament.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:00 am
by protijay

Despite the fact there is no upcoming election and there doesn't appear to be much sense attached to specifically campaigning in Canrillaise territory when there are much greater population centers that have yet to be visited, Soul and Spirit leader Jayden O'Brien has expressed an intent towards focusing future campaign efforts on specifically Canrillaise, Saridani, and Aldegarian regions.

In a post on social media, O'Brien said "I feel as if the minorities in our countries have been ignored for quite some time. Ever since the disbanding of the Union of Canrillaise, there has never been any political parties that have paid attention to them. I would like them to know they have a voice."

Critics of the Soul and Spirit party have stated they believe this is a move to capitalize on the reform bill to give larger representation to smaller regions of the country that they have since voted for. Also saying that he was campaigning to a demographic that tended to be far more left leaning and sick of the current government than other demographics.

Following several speeches held in Canrillaise territory, O'Brien made an effort to visit several army bases on his way to ethnically Saridani territory that tended to be on the north side of the country.

This appears to have instigated fear in several notable opponents of Soul and Spirit. One even privately stating that the arrest of O'Brien would be warranted. And that he is trying to gain sympathy in the armed forces. Several cabinet candidates of the party and supporters call this needless fear mongering.

We will keep you posted.