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Postby toro42 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:55 pm

ALDURIE -- Linnea De Villiers won the first Amalienborg Cup today, with the following scores:
Rank Participant Match W-L-T
(wins +1.0, ties +0.5) Byes
(+1.0) Score TB Buchholz Pts Diff
1 Linnea De Villiers 7 - 0 - 3 0 8.5 0 41.0 14
2 Renee-Gwenaelle Chaney 5 - 1 - 4 0 7.0 0 44.0 8
3 Evelyne Quinn 4 - 2 - 4 0 6.0 2 45.5 4
4 Nisma Nouri 5 - 3 - 2 0 6.0 1 39.5 4
5 Gwenaëlle Corriveau-Bettencourt 4 - 2 - 4 0 6.0 0 44.0 4
6 Kameela Hakeem 3 - 1 - 6 0 6.0 0 42.5 4
7 Hrne Wrnkaidrsme Grakkrt 4 - 2 - 4 0 6.0 0 36.5 4
8 Wajeeha Masih 4 - 3 - 3 0 5.5 0 45.0 2
9 Frjmye Krsyijkaidrsme Akedjrka 5 - 5 - 0 0 5.0 3 43.0 0
10 Vatím Mubákdrsme Hlatshlajkai 2 - 2 - 6 0 5.0 1 36.5 0
11 Senhatris Manēoou 3 - 3 - 4 0 5.0 0 34.0 0
12 Waleeda Sahli 3 - 3 - 4 0 5.0 0 33.5 0
13 Majeeda Abdou 3 - 4 - 3 0 4.5 0 42.0 -2
14 Shafee'a Vaziri 3 - 4 - 3 0 4.5 0 36.0 -2
15 Amaani Salama 4 - 6 - 0 0 4.0 0 40.5 -4
16 Chloe Jocelinn-Vivien 1 - 4 - 5 0 3.5 1 41.0 -6
17 Jesmín Hamddrsme Hlatshlajkai 1 - 4 - 5 0 3.5 1 34.5 -6
18 Korala Atleto 2 - 5 - 3 0 3.5 0 40.5 -6
19 Jebrala Omrdrsme Knzujoj 2 - 5 - 3 0 3.5 0 40.0 -6
20 Kathōlike Refmeħ 1 - 7 - 2 0 2.0 0 35.0 -12
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Postby MarkWill » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:40 am

Parti Populaire Aldurien Enters Political Arena
PPA Leader Alban Fournier Proposes Ambitious Manifesto Ahead of Next Year's Elections
La Terre
September 4129

PPA Leader Alban Fournier takes a lunch break at a cafe in the capital city of Aldur. (OOC: Time to use Francois Fillon again...)

After years of mundane politics in the Republic of Alduria, a new party hopes to shake the system and amplify the voices of a minority who have been suppressed for far too long. Alban Fournier, a banker-turned-political activist launched the beginning of a new party, the Parti Populaire Aldurien (Aldurian People's Party), last month in mid-August with great fanfare in the capital city of Aldur. Fournier derided the "Aldur establishment who ignores the strong and hard-working Hosians in the rest of the country who want a strong government for them, the people!"

Though political analysts have labeled the party a far-right machination by a man who clearly is suffering form nationalist nostalgia, Fournier says otherwise. "Our country has suffered for far too long: economically and morally. Our government has always had a big presence in our lives, but when it becomes inefficient and corrupt, then there must be a change." He also lamented the deterioration of what he called, "Hosian values, family values, conservative and normal values."

Perhaps the manifesto submitted as legislation before the Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly), which is unlikely to pass, serves as the best indicator thus far of what kind of movement Fournier intends to lead. The manifesto calls for openly rooting out homosexuals in the military, reserves Alduria's right to develop biological and chemical weapons, reinstates military conscription, and prohibits abortion funding, contraceptives, and medicinal cannabis, among other issues. It is yet to be seen whether the PPA will be able to get its message out in time to make a legitimate showing in the upcoming March 4130 elections.
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Postby elliot4392 » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:41 am

Avance Aldurie!
The New Party Ready to Shake Things Up.
March 4131
Christian Vannier makes his first statement as party leader.

Our politics have become stale. The odour of mediocrity and backhanded deals has dogged our system long enough and it's time for something new.

The 34 year old, exclaimed at a press conference in Aldur. The former university lecturer has resigned from his post in order to undertake a political career.
I know what it's like to live in the real world. I know that Aldurie isn't working for its citizens. The time is right for the people to reject the age-old politics of left and right and vote for real change away from the extremes. Change that works for everyone. Together we can advance towards a better future for all.

A comprehensive manifesto is expected in due course.
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Postby Gates » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:40 pm

After several years of political inactivity and inaction, The Now United Kingdom Of Alduria's House of Commons is debating whether to intervene in the continuous barbaric activities that the Republic of Vorona is maintaining when it voted against an act which totally eliminate slavery in the minds of Vorona's people.
The Prime Minister hopes that this motion will pass before the next election.
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Elections February 4248

Postby Gates » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:51 am

After the Bloc Aldurien's proposal for an early election, elections were held in February 4248, two months before the initial election. It shall be noted that turnout was at 85%.

    Les Conservateur: 43
    Bloc Aldurien: 22
    Les Conservateurs: 65
    Les Conservateurs: 58
    Parti Liberal de Bon Sens: 7
    Nouvelle Orange
    Front Gauche: 49
    Les Conservateurs: 16
    Vallee Zanyal
    Les Conservateurs: 54
    Front Gauche: 11

    Les Conservateurs: 263
    Front Gauche: 124
    Libereaux Ouvriers et Parti Vert: 91
    Parti Liberal de Bon Sense: 68
    Feodal Party: 24
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FG Party Congress 4248

Postby Papa_Meme » Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:09 am

Front Gauche holds Party Congress

Today in the city of New Loire in the Nouvelle-Orange state, the FG's stronghold, the Party's leader of 14 years, Simon Joubert, announced that after his success in elevating the Front to the status of leader of the opposition, he feels that now is the time to democratize the Front and give factions of the now very diverse front of political groups, a chance to create a unified party policy and give mandate to a leader of the party.

FG Rally

Joubert made it very clear that he was not resigning, but rather he was "stabilizing" the very fast growing Front, that has, after their surprise results in the 4248 elections, been "divided" with how to proceed.

Simon Joubert

The Party congress will primarily be a leadership election where there are 3 main contenders for leadership, Roméo Micheaux of the Hardline communist faction of the front, who advocate for no coalitions with capitalist parties and citizen gun ownership. Micheaux is a powerful speaker and is very well liked by radical factions of the trade union movement and activist groups.


Next is Zoé Bourdon of the Idéaliste faction, a Libertarian socialist who says that the party is increasingly losing it's connections with it's ideals, she advocates a no compromise with the PLBS, but says that the Front should be open to working with the BA and LOP, if they "compromise", she is open to gun ownership and feels that the rights of regions are "important, if not fundamental to democracy". Bourdon is fully backed by the anarchiste, idealiste and syndicalist factions and trade unions in the front, she also has the support and endorsement of the WRCA (Women's Rights Council of Aldurie) a major left-wing women's advocacy and fundraising group.


the last major contender is of course Joubert, who has said he looks forward to "winning a mandate from the front" in the upcoming congress, although some analysts are skeptical of Joubert retaining the party's leadership, his "Realiste" policy of building a "Grande Coalition" to stop LC has alienated many of the grassroots of the front so much so that Joubert has been forced into this position where if he doesn't swim, he might lose the front he realized 14 years ago.

other, more minor, candidates include Diane Carrell, a radical eco-communist and animal activist, Rémy Marchand a revolutionary anarchist who feels the front should move towards direct action and Pierre Galopin, a social democrat who wants the Front to merge with the LOP.

The congress will be the first major party assembly in the FG's history, will the front survive it's division? and if it does then can it dethrone LC?

Only Time will tell...
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FG Party Congress 4248 - Results

Postby Papa_Meme » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:34 pm

Front Gauche Party Congress upset, Idealiste Zoé Bourdon elected leader

In a shocking turn of events in the FG party congress, which was thought to be an easy win for Front leader of 14 years and founder Simon Joubert, Zoé Bourdon of the Idealiste faction has won the leadership vote on the final ballot with a close 52% majority.

Here's how the ballots played out:

First Ballot
Simon Joubert 36.7%
Zoé Bourdon 19.4%
Roméo Micheaux 20.1%
Diane Carrell 8.3%
Rémy Marchand 5%
Pierre Galopin 10.5%

Members of the media were shocked at Joubert's low results in what many expected to be a 1st ballot victory. Marchand walked up to the podium moments after the first ballot results were shown and told his supporters to vote for Carrell. After the first ballot the leader of the group Lutte-retour (fightback), Louis Gigot, endorsed Bourdon saying she was the "strong solution", taking support from Joubert. Simultaneously Joubert surrogates were rushing across the delegate floor to Galopin supporters, convincing many that in the name of pragmatism they needed to vote Joubert.

Second Ballot
Simon Joubert 38.2%
Zoé Bourdon 24.9%
Roméo Micheaux 20.6%
Diane Carrell 12.3%
Pierre Galopin 4%

On the second ballot, Galopin, who many thought could make a strong showing, completely collapsed in his delegate support, with most of his supporters fleeing to strengthen Joubert. Galopin quietly endorsed Joubert in a social media statement before going home with his family, disgraced by the results.

Third Ballot
Simon Joubert 41.6%
Zoé Bourdon 25.4%
Roméo Micheaux 21%
Diane Carrell 12%

After the third ballot it was seemingly clear that, if the voting were to continue for 3 more rounds, support would slowly drift towards Joubert as he was the centre of the pary and seen as the sensible, experienced option. However, 20 minutes after the third ballot was announced Micheaux and Carrell both walked up to the podium and announced their support for Bourdon, in a statement that rocked the congress floor, Carrell stated "We are a party of fighters and Bourdon will fight for the proletariat and against the self-defeating pragmatism that Joubert professes, She is strong and we will support her, as should you". with only 20 minutes left until the, now, final round of voting Joubert's surrogates went into overtime with his family even joining in on convincing delegates to support him. The results were going to be close...

Fourth Ballot
Simon Joubert 48.6%
Zoé Bourdon 51.4%

In a shocking last minute rush, Zoé Bourdon was able to collect enough delegate votes for a slim majority of 51.4%.

Joubert solemnly took the stage, stating "I look forward to helping and supporting this party for the rest of my life. Thank you all for your kindness over the last 14 years" He then turned to Bourdon and said "Thank you Ms. Bourdon, for having the courage to lead this front forward, you have my utmost respect and I wish you good luck in taking on the technocrats in government and giving power to the people of this great nation!!"

Bourdon than took the podium triumphantly, declaring "Today is a new beginning for this Front, we will have no deals with technocrats, no tolerance for injustice and we will fight for our principles tooth and nail in the capitol, thank you Mr. Joubert for leading this front for 14 years and holding this party congress, a new tradition, which, going forward, will be held every 5 years, uniting our Front behind it's leader. Thank you and together we will lead this party to victory in 4253!!!" The crowd cheered and Bourdon has created excitement in her party, but will she be able to lead the Front to victory in 4253?
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PLBS Withdraws from coalition government.

Postby Papa_Meme » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:42 am

BREAKING: Parti Liberal de Bon Sens has withdrawn from Les Conservatuer government, government's future unclear

Today in a brief statement to the Chambre des Communes, PLBS leader Alan MS Parr stated:
The PLBS ministers will be resigning from this coalition immediately. We cannot be partners with a party which undermines and votes against the progressive educational policies put forward by the Ministry of Education without requesting amendments.

The announcement comes off the back of LC's decision to vote against the Loi sur l'égalité d'opportunité education reform bill brought forward by the PLBS.

The decision leaves many wondering if Primeministre Nicolas Jauffret will be able to maintain his government until the next election cycle. Jauffret gave a statement shortly after the announcement by the PLBS stating:
We are all astonished by the sudden resignation of the PLBS from the Government. It is not stranger that the LC would have voted against a bill which does not get along with our ideology. The Prime Minister will attempt to gain back his majority by making an alliance with the Bloc Aldurien and hope that we will be able to continue with the business of the House as soon as possible. If the Prime Minister Fails to form a coalition, we will attempt to form a minority government like we allow the BA to do in 4237.

The BA has yet to comment on a potential government, although some analysts are skeptical of if the BA will go forward after their withdrawal from the Tomas government in 4242.

If the LC fails to form government with the BA there is a great likelihood that early elections will be called, for what would be the 4th time in 20 years.

FG and opposition leader Zoé Bourdon also put out a statement saying:
We are very glad to see the PLBS finally come to their senses about propping up this government, although we are confused as to why PLBS entered into such a coalition in the first place with a party that so obviously will disagree with reforms that the PLBS wants. We urge the BA and all other opposition parties to refuse any potential government with the LC, and move forward with us in our push for early elections.

This resignation has left Aldurie full of questions, will there be early elections? Will the BA enter a coalition? Will there be a minority government? Will this be the final missile that sinks LC's decade long ship of government?

Only time will tell...
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Bloc Aldurien Joins government

Postby Papa_Meme » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:54 pm

BREAKING: Bloc Aldurien Joins Government with Les Conservatuers, Jauffret Government Saved

In a statement to the House today Jeanne Saint-Laurent, leader of the Bloc Aldurien stated that his party will be joining into a coalition with Les Conservatuers because, as he stated:
Now is a moment for stability, not the polls.

The leader of the opposition, Zoe Bourdon of the FG stated:
We are disappointed with the Bloc's decision, however we will push on until 4253 and the elections and continue our opposition of this governments atrocious policies.

This decision has saved the Jauffret administration from the threat of an early election, however some analysts have expressed skepticism in Jauffrets ability to be reelected, as this crisis combined with the constant opposition of the FG and LOP has weakened the government, but will it sink it?
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Jauffret Government moves to fill Supreme Courts

Postby Papa_Meme » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:24 pm

Jauffret Government moves to fill Supreme Courts

In a statement yesterday, embattled Priministre Nicolas Jauffret announced that his government will move to fill the recently created supreme courts on both the state and national levels. The move came with protest from some activists, as the courts had existed for several years prior, but the Jauffret government has only decided to fill them now, when they have a majority in 4 of the 5 state legislatures.

Nicolas Jauffret

Jauffret dismissed such concerns as "unfounded and partisan", saying that the government is filling these positions now because the country is "stable", Jauffret further said that it didn't matter who appoints the Judges as they are supposed to be "non-partisan".

Many on the Aldurian left are worried about the lifelong appointments, they feel that no matter if LC is out of government in a year, they will still control the judicial branch of government. FG leader Zoe Bourdon, attempted to dismiss such concerns, saying that:
While there is large room for reform and improvement, as with all Conservatuer legislation, the judges are non-partisan, and the FG will do everything in it's power to ensure this.

As the appointment process proceeds, 4 of the 5 states (Bendiri, Harkonie, Mondalat and Vallee Zanyal) will have their state supreme justices appointed by LC and only 1 state (Nouvelle Orange) will have nominations from a opposition party, the FG.

On the National Level, 6 of the 9 appointments will go to LC and 3 will go to the BA. However, shortly after Jauffret announced his process to fill the seats, BA leader, Jeanne Saint-Laurent, stated he would be giving one of his party's appointments to the FG, citing a need for more "representation".

National Supreme Court Appointments (Blue = LC, Yellow = BA, Red = FG)

With these appointments, even if Jauffret does not secure a second mandate, he will have left a mark on Aldurie forever with the establishment of the Judicial Branch. The question now is, will this lead to more stability, or simply more partisan opportunism?
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