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May 4422
"The May Secession"- Reconstruire l'ancien Deputies walk out of Convention nationale
Dimont now free to pursue legislative programme
The tensions over fundamental questions over Alduria's future have finally reached an historic juncture- With deputies in the RA walking out of parliament, sick of the perceived anti-monarchism and unpatriotic behaviour of Henri Dimont. The Deputies behind what has been dubbed the "May Secession" have now formed their own parliament which they say "Truly represents Alduria, holding patriotic views with a devout loyalty to the monarch". This assembly does not appear to carry the respect of ordinary people as the true representative body of Alduria- With a majority of deputies still sitting in the Convention nationale. The Secessionists may indeed find their actions to be counter-productive with Dimont now having a majority in Parliament to implement his agenda.

Canrillaise Federation back on the table?
This is of course the latest event in the debate over the Federation de Canrillaise Treaty which Monsieur Dimont has fervently defended his support for a Canrillaise Federation after an historic meeting last year with Lourennais officials. This resulted in an embarrassing defeat for the Premier last year when the National Convention voted against ratification of the Federation Treaty which required two-thirds of votes in support- With many of those now opposed to the treaty refusing to attend parliament, its debates or votes, opposition to the treaty is now neutered within Parliament, and Monsieur Dimont has a free hand to implement his ambitions

What next?
Monsieur Dimont has already tabled a debate on the questions of the treaty, and more radically- the monarch, something he had previously shied away from... Obviously Monsieur Dimont now believes that with the opposition out of the way, he can also pursue his policies on the monarch without worry of fighting on 2 fronts. It is likely he will succeed in this manner, but only time can tell where the next few months will take us...

(OOC: The RA became inactive, wanted to roleplay that, the above doesn't necessarily represent their views as they never actually clarified their position on the Federation/voted on it. They did appear to be monarchist though.)
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