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Postby ReformedEndralon » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:58 am

Peace Deal Reached

May 4383

Congress has ratified the negotiated ceasefire which bring to an end the Egelion Civil War. The deal reached between the government and opposition parties was ratified with 112 votes in favour and 8 abstentions. The League and Communists were able to ensure that all of their elected Congressman backed the deal despite opposition from hardliners in both parties.

The deal bring about a general ceasefire, established the criteria for a government consisting of representatives from all parties with representatives in Congress, works to civilianise the police, disbands the pro-government Civil Guard and disarms the various Communist militia groups. The deal is believed to be supported by most Egelion citizens, although pro and anti-government hardliners talk of a “sell out” with members of the pro-Government Civil Guard believing they’ve been punished for supporting the Rule of Law, while Communists groups believe the Communist leadership have accepted the creation of a pro-capitalist, pro-fascist state in Egelion.


Congressional leaders signing the ceasefire agreement.

The full costs of the conflict have not yet been assessed. Even the casualty count differs wildly between government estimates of 150,000 and Communists estimates of up to a million “killed or disappeared”. The fighting has solidified the country into extremes with the Communists and the League continuing to be the two most popular parties in the country, with the League dominating government for the last seven years.
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Communist League of Egelion. the left is reborn

Postby MarcGM » Tue May 15, 2018 10:48 pm

Yesterday at 3:30 pm arrived at the capital of our country by plane, Mr. Pedro Gómez. This public personality is the great-grandchild of the founder of the Communist Party of Egelion, leader Marcos Gómez. Pedro just returned from his exile practically 3 years after the end of the civil conflict between the right and the left of the republic. It has been welcomed in the recently founded Soviet Republic of Trigunia. from there organized his return. As he said very well at a press conference, he has great plans for the defeated working class: I fought and killed by the humble people of this country. I have seen how the fascists that now govern us have committed terrible crimes. And after the war we were cruelly repressed, illegalizing the PCE, the party protecting the people. Now they try to set up a one-party system: for it is clear that from the LCE we will do whatever it takes to prevent this and we will restore the free Socialist Republic! Glory to the RFSE and our dead! "The first central committee of the new party has announced that it plans to organize a series of general strikes in the following weeks to increase the morale of the workers.


the first secretary general of the LCE to a welcome meeting after exile in front of the party's headquarters, before the PCE
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Sobrevenir Newsletter: Friendship With an Ideological Foe

Postby Mulartto » Wed May 16, 2018 11:55 pm

We Are Vigilant, Always.
Friendship With an Ideological Foe

As a small movement, we did not foresee a growth in numbers. Our movement has garnered the attention of the League for Salvation and the Reconquest, who saw past our ideological differences in order to unify what is now, a powerful force in the country. It is, however, a bitter relationship, as many of our policies are not concurrent to that of the League for Salvation and Reconquest. But as a movement who's sole purpose is to defend and preserve the culture of our people, we are willing to put differences aside to expedite the process of national unity. Recent talks with leaders of the League for Salvation and the Reconquest has made great progress, and soon, our numbers will be growing tenfold. It is only a matter of time before our movement mobilizes, armed, to rid the country of its pest. We are patient, and we are persistent.

We have recently noticed a resurgence in communist groups in Egelion, the same groups who instigated a long and devastating civil war in our very own soil. They have audaciously came back to the country. We have also been informed on the return of Pedro Gómez, the leader of the Communist League of Egelion. These recent events have made great concern for members within our movement. We have inordinate and legitimate suspicions that the communists may be asking support from Trigunian Soviets to substantiate the Communist League's assets. Due to these suspicions, our movement has decided to justifiably arm ourselves. This decision was not agreed upon with underlying maleficence, but was agreed upon as a necessary compromise to protect the citizens of our communities. We are vigilant, always.

Sobrevenir membership will convene in Fálfoz to discuss the matters in the first Saturday of June. It will mark the movement's first convocation.

Estamos Atentos, Siempre.
La Amistad con un Enemigo Ideológico

Como un pequeño movimiento, no podemos prever un aumento en los números. Nuestro Movimiento ha atraído la atención de la Liga para la salvación y la Reconquista, que veía por encima de nuestras diferencias ideológicas para unificar lo que es ahora, una fuerza poderosa en el país. Sin embargo, es una amarga relación, como muchas de nuestras políticas no son concurrentes a la Liga para la salvación y la Reconquista. Pero como movimiento que la única finalidad es defender y preservar la cultura de nuestro pueblo, estamos dispuestos a poner de lado las diferencias para acelerar el proceso de la unidad nacional. Las recientes conversaciones con dirigentes de la Liga para la salvación y la Reconquista ha hecho grandes progresos, y pronto nuestros números se multiplicaría por diez. Es sólo una cuestión de tiempo antes de que nuestro movimiento moviliza, armados, para librar al país de la plaga. Somos pacientes, y somos constantes.

Recientemente hemos observado un resurgimiento de los grupos comunistas en Egelion, los mismos grupos que instigaron una larga y devastadora guerra civil en nuestro propio suelo. Tienen audazmente regresó al país. También se nos ha informado sobre el regreso de Pedro Gómez, el líder de la Liga de los comunistas de Egelion. Estos acontecimientos recientes han hecho de gran preocupación para los miembros de nuestro movimiento. Tenemos desmesurada y fundadas sospechas de que los comunistas pueden estar pidiendo el apoyo de Trigunian soviéticos para sustanciar los activos de la Liga de los comunistas. Debido a estas sospechas, nuestro movimiento ha decidido justificadamente armarnos. Esta decisión no fue acordada con maleficencia subyacente, pero fue acordado como un compromiso necesario para proteger a los ciudadanos de nuestras comunidades. Estamos vigilantes, siempre.

Pertenencia a sobrevenir convocará en Fálfoz para discutir las cuestiones planteadas en el primer sábado del mes de junio. Será la primera convocatoria del movimiento.
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