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'Dankuk Must Stand Down' from conflict with Kazulia says Defence Minister

  • Addressing a press avail following a troop review at naval bases in Aqak today, Minister of Defence Wilburn Battersby Hamšemesses was asked about the Hawu Mumenhes government's stance on rising tensions in northwest Dovani. 'We never want to see war if it can be avoided, but we obviously have interests in the region' replied Minister Battersby. 'You've got Hawu companies and nationals residing in Kazulia including in Hent and Agatha provinces right on the Dankuk border. This new government in Dankuk has taken rash and disproportionate actions. It's using some pretty reckless rhetoric too. They don't inspire alot of confidence and I don't think they're the type that can be reasoned with. So we've got to do what's necessary to protect our people,' Minister Battersby continued. Asked if Hawu Mumenhes forces might engage if conflict breaks out, the minister replied, 'oh we've already deployed. Things are moving too quickly to wait. It's a long trip from Aqak to Hent.'

    Separate media reports have suggested that Imperial assets activated for Talmo-Hawu war games in the Sea of Vorona may be redeployed to the north Anantonese Ocean to secure Hawu interests and aid the Kingdom of Kazulia if hostilities should break out. Trade with Kazulia was estimated to exceed LOD 50 Billion in fiscal year 4368 according to a recent Ministry of Trade and Industry assessment. Disruption to Hawu companies and exports in the region could negatively impact the domestic economy by as much as 15%, potentially causing an economic recession of catastrophic proportions according to the report. (Summer 4369, contemporary with The Sørvestland Insurgency)
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Foreign Affairs Ministry Sends Observer Mission to Kurageri, Announces Blockade of Dorvish Security Forces

  • The Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Good Governance Support announced today the appointment of an observer mission to review voting processes during upcoming elections in Kurageri. Deputy Minister Jocelyn SankhAjōrē noted that while Hawu Mumenhes welcomes the Kuga government's precautions ahead of the vote, allowing foreign actors like the Dorvik government to intervene in the count draws the election's integrity into question. 'Our practice in election observation missions is to do just that: observe. We don't 'supervise,' we don't 'oversee,' we don't count ballots directly, and we don't provide polling place security. Those are all jobs for the sovereign government's own elections and security officials. Our job as observers is to ascertain what information can be independently verified by the public and then to report that information to the host government and the international community along with recommendations for future improvement. Anything other than that would be to tamper with the election itself,' Mrs. SankhAjōrē told reporters. The Deputy Minister's statements come amidst widespread media criticism of election observation plans announced by the Dorvik government which some commentators say smack of ulterior motives. Asked if the Morrison Administration intended to condemn the Dorvik government's plans, Deputy Minister SankhAjōrē said, 'we're not quite at the condemnation stage yet. We will give the Dorvik government a chance to explain itself. But under no circumstances do we intend to allow armed personnel from any foreign power to enter Kurageri air or sea ports unless explicitly asked to do so by the Executive Council of Kurageri. Hawu Mumenhes will be urging the Kurageri government to make the right decision for the sake of their people and democracy,' the Deputy Minister concluded. The Hawu international affairs press has been rife with denunciations of both the Dorvik and Hawu Mumenhes Foreign Ministers following the Dorvish Foreign Minister's announcement of plans to 'oversee natives' and the Hawu Foreign Minister Jibril Turner's failure to condemn the annoucnement. (Early 4370, contemporary with the Kurageri elections)
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Halts Travel to Kazulia in Wake of Terrorist Attack

  • The Hawu Mumenhes Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued travel advisories today to Hawu nationals planning inbound trips to Dankuk, Kazulia, and Sørvestland following reports of a series of terrorist attacks in the region. Air Traffic Control regulators also grounded flights scheduled to fly in-bound to the three North Dovani countries. Officials said they expected risks to remain high in the region for the foreseeable future and could not yet predict when the travel bans might be lifted. The Ministry of Trade and Industry placed on hold plans to resume commercial activity for Hawu corporations operating in Kazulia. (Late 4371ish, contemporary with the Sørvestland Terror Attacks)
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Morrison Administration Welcomes Haldor Overtures

  • Following a troop review at military bases near the Hawu-Rutanian border today, Minister of Defence Wilburn Battersby Hamšemesses delivered short remarks to the press. Regarding recent diplomatic exchanges with the Federal Republic of Dorvik, Minister Battersby characterized interventions by Dorvik President Bernard Kilburg as positive developments. 'President Kilburg stepping in reinserted some rationality back into this thing, and that's what we've been wanting to see,' the Minster said. Asked if the Administration planned to aqcuieace to Kilburg's request for an apology to the Dorvish media, Minister Battersby replied, 'no, no, no, no, no. Our issue was never with the Dorish media. As far as we know, they have a free press over there, and we understand that with a free press comes all sorts of leanings and allegiances and preferences for this or that political view. You folks in the media are all well-acquainted with the rambunctiousness of our own free press environment here in Hawu Mumenhes. So no, our goal was never to draw into question the independence of Dorvish media, and we fully understand why Kilburg felt the need to step in and defend those standards and his country's democratic reputation,' the Minister insisted. Asked if President Morrison had accepted Bernard Kilburg's apology for 'neglect of Hawu Mumenhes by Artanian countries,' Minister Battersby said no apology was necessary. 'No, no one's neglected The Free Kingdom, that's not what I meant there. Look, the issue's been on both sides of the border and not without good reason. Governments have to look after their countries' strategic position in the world, and fortunately or unfortunately, our strategic position has required that we focus our attentions outside while Dorvik and other countries' positions have required that they ask themselves hard questions about the integrity and security of their positions given that an emergent power with such divergent priorities at times like the Free Kingdom is right next door. So it's not Dorvik's fault, it's not the Free Kingdom's fault, it's not anyone's fault. It's just a delicate situation and the inertia of tradition and the slow-moving nature of bureaucracy has created a situation where it's easier to keep our heads focused on traditional alignments rather than directly confront new developments, and that's something that we're gonna have to address,' the Minister said. Asked if that view was a indication that President Morrison would be accepting Bernard Kilburg's offer to visit Aqqak, the Minister was forthright. 'Yeah, we definitely wanna move ahead with that. It came up in a recent ministerial meeting and the decision was that unfortunately we can't make it a full formal state visit simply because an official state visit would require the presence of Her Imperial Majesty or another Imperial Family member. The Empress is still settling in in Neuhaus and no one really wants to disturb Her Imperial Majesty as she builds a relationship with her new home. The President also made it clear that he wants this visit to happen quickly so that we can capitalize on momentum and he wants it to be a working visit in order to take advantage of some of the important developments being reported in Dorvik and elsewhere.' Asked what developments he was referring to, the Minister of Defence mentioned the war in Kazulia and the expansion of the Dorvish naval fleet. 'We've had plans on the shelf for a couple centuries in fact looking at the implications and possibilities of putting a super-carrier on the water and abandoning the multi-carrier fleet structure especially since our two carriers are very old now and really no longer fit to sail. So this news that Dorvik has gone ahead with it is something that we really welcome because it's gonna provide an opportunity for the first time in world history as far we know to test this new kind of vessel in action. I don't like discussing in public the advice I give to the President, but I don't mind telling you all that in this case I have strongly urged the President to explore a naval observation and study partnership with Kilburg and to take his measure as far as building defense trade and technology exchange relationships are concerned. Now the other thing business has really been pushing for is to find new consumer markets for Hawu Companies along with new importers in some key industries. The uncertainty in Kazulia is really causing some business leaders to fret about the sustainability of the Hawu-Kazulian relationship and many major Hawu corporations have been pushing us for guidance and assistance on entering new markets. Frankly, with the high-cost goods that so many Hawu companies export, there just aren't many economies that can be fruitful structural trading partners, and Dorvik may be one of those few. So we want to begin exploring that possibility immediately because who knows how long it'll be before the worst happens in Kazulia,' the Minister intimated. Asked when a visit might take place, Minister Battersby answered 'immediately. The Foreign Affairs Ministry is setting it up as we speak.' The Minister responded with laughter when asked if he had any final words to say in his tit-for-tat with Esther Fischer, Dorvik's Foreign Minister. 'Look, she's playing for the cheap seats. That's her bread and butter. That's where she comes from, that's where she's most at home, the cheap seats. But international affairs isn't grievance and scapegoating. It's not for amateurs. It's serious business meant to be conducted by professionals. We're happy professionals like President Kilburg and Minister Kayser have finally stepped up in Dorvik and we hope that's something Dorvish voters keep in mind next year when they go to the polls.' (4371ish, contemporary with the Hawu-Dorvish Diplomatic Dispute Regarding the Kurageri Elections)
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