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Coburan prime minister Diamo Tesfaye has called for a “strong, united and resolute” reaction from the international community to the Zardic airstrikes in the Jelbanian tribal area of Yamtékstan. Tesfaye said Sharba’s response to the attack – currently being decided – would define Cobura as a nation. “The use of these weapons against civilians is not neutral; it says things about the government of Zardugal and our reaction to the use of these weapons will say things about who we are,” he told the House of Representatives.

The Coburan former Governor-General Samira Zwazi Mehjad, has repeatedly promised that proven weapons use against innocent civilians is a “red line” that would demand clarification from the offensing party. Tesfaye added: “If air strikes against civilians are used and we know how to find out their provenance, Cobura will take measures to protect its borders from raining with rockets”, alluding to the Zardic Army.

The Esinsundu allies of Cobura have provided Tesfaye with his red line moment. His electorate has always seen his most positive quality as his perceived strength on the international stage. On the home front he is facing difficult strikes over a reshaping of the pension system and reintroducing the civilian/military service, on both which the government has vowed to stand firm. Internationally, as he has often said, Cobura cannot show weakness.

A Coburan undertaking of measures would depend on its intelligence proving both the use of deadly air strikes by the Zardic government, and civil fatalities. Although Cobura would be prepared to militarise its border – which is probably what the government means with ‘’taking measures’’ – With recently defence sources said it was logistically possible, it is much more likely to act alongside the Esinsundu Empire and other international partners. Tesfaye has previously said Cobura would be “perfectly aligned with the Empire” on this issue and he has spoken to the Hawu president by phone every day recently.

On the issue of lacking clarification, the Coburan PM stated that ‘’Zardugal has the perfect opportunity to clarify itself during the upcoming Majatran Alliance Summit in Romula’’, referring to the MA Summit in the end of the year, hosted by the Istalian president Sante Vespa-Baldassare.

Coburan public opinion is already sensitive to militarisation, due to rising tensions in the Meshtikistan independence conflict, in which Meshtikistani civilians fight for independence from Cobura. Even though the conflict has been relatively peaceful, a video of an executed Coburan police officer was sent to the Cabinet with the message: ‘the result of opression’’. As a result, Coburan minister of Defence Aedan Huranizado has already given an an ultimatum to the ‘’Meshtikistani terrorists’, claiming that if the Meshtikistani citizens in the region had not given up all their arms in 3 months, the government would be forced to intervene in the region to ‘’protect the Coburan unity’’.

The Coburan PM will attend the Majatran Alliance Summit in Romula later this year, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Trade and Industry. With situations becoming more and more interesting, the summit will be more and more loaded and thus could become of significant importance in the future.
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Postby EDominus » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:43 pm

Cezario: "Farkas Jakab had the right idea."
By Konstantina Rivero

As the Presidential elections approach, Asterio Cezario has revealed more of his plans for the nation. But this vision is not of a democratic state, but of Augustan nation.


During a meeting in Limestoi, Cezario was said asked about the current tensions between Zardugal and its neighbors the Esinsundu Empire & Vanuku. He said this:

Zardugal has long been held back by the idea that different ethnic groups should live coexistence, but that wasn't always the case. Before the Confederacy, Zardugal saw greater national pride but the nation now we have been reduced to Communist controlled government. There is only one way to take back what we have lost, through internal cleansing. Farkas Jakab had the right idea, we must reevaluate our stance on the various peoples of West Majatra. We cannot make progress with our neighbors if we are weak internally. We must eradicate the diseases if we are to stand strong against the nefarious actions of the Vanuku government. We must eradicate the diseases if we are to stand strong against the political posturing of Cobura. And that will be my first action on day one, eradicating the diseases that plague our nation.
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Postby EDominus » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:20 pm

February 20th, 4408
Zardic Military Occupys Areas of Yamt​ékstan

Following several border incidences between Zardugal & Yamt​ékstan. On February 12th, President Cezario declared Yamt​ékstan a threat to national security under ZODMA ( ... lid=571634). Yesterday five regiments launched an offensive on the eastern part of the territory, taking control of villages along the way. They have begun the arresting any suspected terrorists (any person holding anti-Augustan, anti-Deltarian, anti-Katonid ideology).


The Zardic Air Force also re-escalated strikes on areas controlled by the Jeztri Khagan. The regime has been labelled as a threat according to Kuzmano Makedonido, the Zardic Minister of Defense: "Pretenders, they are all pretenders!"

On these events, President Cezario said this during yesterday's National Address:
Yamt​ékstan is officially declared a threat to national security. An unstable state, without central control is a danger that cannot...should not be on our borders. We have sent our men to capture the to simply protect our borders, our people, our nation! These fundamental things cannot be striped from us, and that is what these savage clans are trying to accomplish. The wish the for the destruction of our nation, they have killed our people along our borders! We cannot allow this to continue! We will not allow this to continue! God bless the people of Zardugal!

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