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Ezoko Xenakis Officially Dissolves the Holy Party

President Xenakis making a speech at LIBRO Political Center

After existing for 96 years, President Xenakis and several notable members of the Holy Party dissolve the political party.
Founded in 4275 as the political wing of the Fenikso's Holy Order, the Holy Party has had a great impact within the Republic during the late 4200s and throughout the 4300s.
Why end it? Three reasons: inside, outside, and money.

During a speech in 4355, President Martio Delokante was famously quoted in saying "The Holy Party has a good ideas, but so does the voter."
During an interview in 4363, Party Leader Genethlio Kolera said "The Holy Party is compared to a Phoenix, but right now it looks like a dead horse that the Orderists keep beating."
And the 75th Convention last year, former party member Chudari Zanta said "The Holy Party is honestly not Holy and not a Party, it's a circle jerk of the rich and the so-called nobility."

These are the statements are on the internal affairs of the SPR, which has been in a state of decline since the late 4350s. The party has lacked leadership ever since Ludoviko Rozakora left office in 4352, the party fractured as various factions within the party began to isolate themselves. Martio Delokante and his followers wanted the party to move in a more moderate direction, supporting progressive ideas and democratic values. But this contrasted the view held by Dedius Fenikso and his followers, they wished for the Holy Party to become more radical, supporting imperialist ideas and supporting the noble class. This struggle harmed the party from the internally, and lead to the creation of splinter groups such as the Nacia Unio-Partio and the Zardio Nova Patrioto Partio.

President Rozakora (left) and President Delokante (right)

Outside the party voters began to feel alienated. The duopoly of government lead to slight decrease in turnout during the 4360 election. People in the state of Ingomo felt betrayed as the SPR watered down its message of restoration. This caused support for independent parties to increase throughout Zardugal. During the 4364 election, the party had failed at finding a supporting base and lost many seats within the assembly. This has discouraged many members of the party, having many leave after the lose.

Voters protesting the passing of "Law Concerning Cults and Religious Activity"

Lastly, the Party has faced numerous financial issues in resent years. Will a sharp fall in popularity, the Party has found it difficult to raise grassroots donations, which has made up 1/3 of the party's finances since it's inception. Also the Holy Party's corporate donations have also fallen. Companies like Maksimuma and Visocia have cut funding to party as corporate lobbyists have been arrested for collusion with known Orderist terrorists, as well as bribery of members of the SPR.

So what does this mean for current members of the Holy Party?
Xenakis has annouced the formation of an new moderate party called the "Independent Republic Party" but many former SPR members are upset with the change. This lead to a major walk out during in the Assembly as 16 members of the Holy Party left. It seems that the party has died before it can even truly form.
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Foreign Minister Abraam Vakhvakhishvili's convoy being escorted in Cildania
In a sign of a renewed Zardic foreign interest, the Foreign Minister Abraam Vakhvakhishvili conducted a bold five nation tour, a mix of historic Zardic allies with new diplomatic outreach. The five nation tour included Cildania, Aldegar, Dankuk, Lodamun, and Klavia, with the trip called a solid success for the government and foreign policy establishment. The trip started in Cildania with a push to reingiorate the historic friendship between the two countries. In bilateral discussions with Cildanian Foreign Minister Robert Langefort and other members of the government the Foreign Minister Vakhakhishvili and his team agreed to keep relations strong and both sides made firm their commitment to a solid international partnership. After concluding discussions the the Foreign Minster, the Zardic delegation met with President Guzeppi Vella in proceedings which were called productive. He too reaffirmed the importance of Cildanian-Zardic relations and both sides agreed to deepen the relationship.
Zardic delegations convoy in Aldegar
After completing the visit in Cildania, the Foreign Minister proceeded to a ground breaking visit in Aldegar, where met with senior leadership over 2 days of talks and meetings. The hosts were more than receptive, with exceptional courtesy noted from Aldegarian Foreign Minister Jamshid Amanpour. Both foreign ministers met and agreed on the historic nature of the visit and pledged to further develop the relationship in a positive and respectful manner. This is to date the highest level visit and contact between the governments of the two countries and it went off without a hitch. The future looks absolutely promising between the countries.
Dankuk police escort the Zardic delegation to a meeting with the Foreign Minister
Keeping up with the groundbreaking nature of the trip, the Foreign Minister proceeded from Aldegar to Dankuk, a nation not usually accorded high priority, in a region long neglected by Zardic diplomacy. But it is the view of the Foreign Ministry to change this and give Dankuk, and Northern Dovani more attention. The Foreign Minister was warmly received by the Foreign Minister of Dankuk, David Evans in excellent fashion and the subsequent days of meetings and exchanges showcased a drive by both sides to improve relations. Of note, discussions were reportedly underway to author a treaty to specifically improve bilateral relations between the two. The trip was surrounded in an aura of goodwill and positive feelings.
Zardic delegation being escorted to a meeting with Lodamese Officials
In perhaps one of the most striking visits, the Foreign Minister had a truly groundbreaking trip to Lodamun, a long time historical antagonist to the Zards. However with changes in both governments, and a new, more positive atmosphere, both sides are making a push to better relations. Both foreign ministers met each other and held productive meetings and talks about a variety of issues relating to a new era of positive bilateral relations. Progress and a firm groundwork were laid in bringing the two nations closer together.
The Zardic delegation lands in Klavia
To cap off the impressive five nation diplomatic tour, the Foreign Minister visited Klavia (formerly Keymon) for several days and talks about reinvigorating the bilateral relationship that Zardugal deeply values. The island country has long played an outsized roll in Zardic strategic planning and thinking, and the extra attention given to the government underscores the value the Zards have in seeing this relationship succeed. Unconfirmed reports indicate the Zards slowly pushed reopening their former Naval Station on the island and possibly basing strategic and intelligence aircraft their for a forward deployed presence in central and north Terra. Other aspects of the trip included strengthening economic and cultural ties with promises of more exchanges of students for education and other groups.
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Postby EDominus » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:17 pm

Construction of Fenikso City Nears Completion
By LIBRO Center of News and Reports


After 4 years of work, Fenikso City begins completion.
With the help of several companies, the Orderist Church began the construction of a new city on the delta of the Corious River in March of 4375.
Plans were made to end the project after the Confederate Party took control of government, but the project continued undisturbed.

This city will be Zardugal's center of culture. The city will invest in the arts, music, theater, and will bring millions of dollars into our nation! Although I doubt the reps in Beleco will see its potential, I believe our citizens do.

--- Representative Antono Kampo (Former member of People's Party)

--- Official flag of Fenikso City
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