Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Mr.God » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:45 pm

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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby PaleRider » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:41 am

Aerial of newly re-established Fleet Station Keymon
As part of the Resurgence Campaign to re-establish a global Zardic presence, the Government has successfully and quickly negotiated a new agreements to strengthen ties with historical allies Keymon and Cobura. Both agreements are expected to pass given the 2/3 majority being held by the ZFP in the Federal Parliament and will give Zardic leaders new options and flexibility with strategically placed assets. The Combined Defense Staff has notified Parliament that it intends to thoroughly develop and invest in Keymon in particular as a major strategic forward deployment and supply hub. 15,000 service-members will be stationed there per the agreement along with at least one fighter squadron, a support squadron, two destroyers, two frigates, and two support vessels. No submarines will are expected to be stationed there a but could likely make future port calls. Future deployments of amphibious readiness groups to the area also cannot be ruled out.

An even more expansive security agreement was reached with traditional ally Cobura to the south. A sweeping military integration effort is underway to produce true joint operations between the two nations and three new Zardic bases are being constructed in the country. Two naval facilities on the southern coast will enhance regional security and defense while an airbase close to Lake Majatra will likely give new options for rapid response contingencies in Majatra.

What is not lost in this effort is the larger international environment. As Deltaria grows in power and Malivia stirs up trouble with Selucia, with overt Dundorfian support the Zardic strategic moves are clearly meant to position for future contingencies.

Parliament debates a resolution condemning Malivian aggression
As tensions mount over blatant Malivian aggression against Selucia the Zardic Federation has stepped up to defend the sovereignty of the country and stand for the principle of non-interference in Majatran affairs. The threatened annexation has drawn sharp criticism from around the world but also has notable backers. Deltaria and Dundorf, rising powers are supporting Malivian endeavors and throwing their military might into the picture. Such reckless and ill-guided moves will likely spark a strategic competition in Terra, Majatra and Artania specifically as other nations look to balance the rising powers.
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Rilescarla18 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:41 pm

PM Joĉjo Denounces Pontesi, Kazulia, Kivonia

FORTRESO— Prime Minister Aleksandro Georgo Joĉjo, in a press release, announced that His Imperial Majesty’s Government will be ending ties with Pontesi, Kazulia, and Kivonia as their governments’ policies are deemed contrary to the internationally accepted standards.

Prime Minister Joĉjo stated:
“His Imperial Majesty’s Government denounces the unfriendly, inhumane, undemocratic practices and opportunistic actions for personal benefits implemented by the governments of Pontesi, Kazulia, and the Kivonian Republic.

This Government extremely condemns the actions and policies by the Kivonian Republic such as granting the military a de-facto police force status with power of arrest to which these soldiers abuse their powers and arrest those who disagrees with the policies of their dictatorship, unwarranted execution of prisoners of war which does not adhere to the internationally-accepted standards, separatism, unfriendliness to foreigners and foreign investors, totalitarian justice system as their Head of State, the Dictator, serves as the judicial body himself, invading and disrespecting their citizens’ right to privacy as their government records all the citizens’ DNAs, again violating their citizens’ rights to assemble as a group as their tyrannical government grants the abusive police to disperse these groups, religious discrimination, excessive control of the media, and disrespecting the freedom of speech which is a basic right of the citizens.

Therefore, this Government resolves to cut all forms of our ties with Pontesi, Kazulia, and Kivonian Republic and shall be sanctioned. They shall be deemed enemies of La Granda Imperio de Zardugal unless they bring back democracy and free their people from oppression”.
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Rilescarla18 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:45 am


FORTRESO— Prime Minister Jocjo slams the Restoration Party, one of the oppositions in an exchange of statements regarding the policies of the country.

It has been reported that Houses of Eggsworth and Carlamona have made their houses parties which is a violation to the constitution of the country and trying to bring back feudalism in Zardugal.

“We would like to remind you that our parties shall be political ones, not self-proclaimed noble houses. This country is democratic by principle so please rename your parties as one. Feudalism will never happen in this Empire,” says Prime Minister Jocjo.

Recent policies proposed by the Houses of Eggsworth and Carlamona as well as the Workers Revolutionary Party of Zardugal have also been deemed by parliamentarians as socialist, communist, and will undermine democracy if passed.

“This country is Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, and Anti-Dictatorship. The Government shall not resort to such types of regime,” stresses Prime Minister Jocjo.

The argument suddenly heats after the Restoration Party throws allegations and insult to the Prime Minister and to the current government, even calling the present system “flawed”.

“All things are bound and change. Your one party state is the embodiment of corruption and idealism. Your system is flawed. For our country to prosper change is crucial. You cannot stop change, the people strive for change. Your dictatorship cannot holdback the will of the people, we shall rise from the ashes and drive this country to victory,” the Restoration Party states.

Prime Minister Jocjo becomes furious and defends his party and the present government, rebutting to the allegations thrown by the opposition and gains massive applause from the Parliament.

“Our party does believe that all things are bound to undergo changes, a very usual thing. However, we cannot digest your slandering against us and against the will of this magnanimous nation. One party state? Zardugal is NOT A ONE PARTY STATE, it just so happened that ONLY ONE PARTY WAS ACTIVE at the time the elections happened, only one party who was responsible for the awakening of this once dormant nation, one party who was responsible for bringing back democracy and securing the diplomatic relations of Zardugal to many countries as well as Zardugal’s standing as a regional superpower in Seleya and an emerging global superpower in Terra, one party who championed human rights and freedoms in the country and is still fighting for it against opportunists, one party who was responsible for the economic booming of this country and making Zardugal one of the wealthiest nations, from a GDP of 957 Billion ZAR to the current GDP of 2.7 Trillion ZAR as a result of increased investments and upgraded status of people (rising from poverty, increasing consumption) due to efficient and successful legislations passed by our party, the same party who has made drastic positive changes to this country which gave Zardugal recognition. We cannot digest and apprehend your statements, such as “You cannot stop change, the people strive for change.” We do know that the people strive for change, same as our party. And we are not stopping the change, we have championed the change and will continue pushing for it. But then, calling the present government a dictatorship is definitely the most humorous and brutish thing we ever heard of. The people are praising the current government for upholding democratic procedures, a contrast to your party which recently passed legislations that are socialistic and too authoritarian. We can never support such legislations that would undermine the rights and freedoms of the people as well the ideals esteemed by this nation. And besides, the current government is not a dictatorship but a FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY. We are governed by a Prime Minister voted by the people from the only party active at the time of the election and reigned over by a constitutional monarch, the Emperor, which assures that democracy rings on every corner of this Empire. You focus on rising from ashes; we focus on upholding the will of this nation, protecting our people, and revolutionizing the economy and welfare of the citizens through efficient and humane legislations.”
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Mr. Hanks » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:58 am

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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby colonelvesica » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:22 am



FORTRESO — After 100 years, the Empire rejoices again as His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Felipe I, was enthroned as King of Kafuristan, Shah of Barmenistan, and King of Kizenia after these countries have signed the Treaty of Sathea, a treaty about the making of the new Zardugalian Empire as a form of union between nations, making Emperor Felipe I the monarch of the signatories and head of this union but was not given direct authority as each sovereign constituent country is independent from each other.

Promised of economic aid and security as well as political independence, Kafuristan, Barmenistan, and Kizenia had passed legislations certifying the official admission of these countries to the Zardugalian Empire as sovereign constituent countries and inter-related partners in economic affairs. The treaty, however, was criticized by many nationalist movements in the said countries, calling it a sugarcoated form of colonialism.

“Oh please, this is just a pure sugarcoating of colonializing other countries and abusing our people. We cannot agree with this ambitious plan. Our countries shall not be treated like a haven of abuse and slaves. We cannot be a member of this so-called union, it will crush our economy,” said by Ali Mohammed Khan, leader of the Kafuristani for Kafuristan Movement.

Strong supporters of the treaty defended the plan, referring to it as a form of securing strengthened ties, social solidarity, and interconnectivity between their countries. The Kafuristani Transitional Commission blasted the remarks of the said movement, saying that anarchism is what this group wants and it badly affected the country.


“This Kafuristani for Kafuristan Movement is an epitome of hypocrisy. When our people supported their cause, Kafuristan fell into disarray and anarchism. Anarchism damaged our economy, this movement’s existence alone has become detrimental to the state of the country. When they rallied in front of the Government building before, they assaulted several people who are their fellow Kafuristani. They are hypocrites, they claim to be helping their fellow countrymen yet here they are, assaulting them. This treaty is our last resort in revitalizing our economy after we suffered from immense dropping of our currency’s value, financial crises and inflation, and destruction of our cities. We see this as our hope for saving the country. And it is not a form of colonizing us, we are very independent on our own in this Empire than what our country is before we admitted to this union. Other countries were exploiting our resources before as a result of bad leadership by our previous leaders but now, in this union, we are assured that our resources are for Kafuristanis and are used for the good of our people. We have our own government that is not influenced or controlled by any country nor even Zardugal, they are just our partners. Emperor Felipe I is our Head of State to serve as inspiration and embodiment that after our struggles, we can find means to bring back our glory. Besides, we will have our own Governor-General chosen by our people and our own Head of Government. Countries which are sovereign constituent nations under the Empire are very independent on their own,” exclaimed by Fat'hi al-Baluch, Kafuristan’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

There were referendums done in the said countries prior to signing the treaty. These served as basis for their respective governments to ratify the document. The polls showed a massive approval to the treaty which forced these countries to authorize the transition of government and revision to their constitutions.

“I think that it is wise for our government to sign the treaty. I suffered from the recessions Barmenistan had before. I lost my business and even my house as a result of it. Now that we are having the support of Zardugal, I have high hopes and faith that they can help us recover. Barmenistan was supposed to be the land of the rising sun but became the land of void and darkness when incompetent people took over the government. Now, I believe that glory is already dawning in Barmenistan and our people are waking up with great determination,” said Bazît Yekta, a local fish vendor in the City of Kale, Sisle Governorate.

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Felipe I, will be crowned on December, 4613 in Venetio Grand Cathedral, with an estimated television viewers of 4.8 billion people around the world and attendance of many leaders, royalties, and government officials. The Grand Banquet will be held in Palacio Imperial de Bourbon, the official residence of the Imperial family.

This is Being Declared Non-Canon.
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Rilescarla18 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:46 am

NACIA TRIBUNO DE AUGUSTINA | The Voice of the Empire


FORTRESO—Emperor Felipe I addressed the nation as he mourned the death of the late Emperor Alessandro, monarch of Istalia, who died due to pulmonary complications. In the address, His Imperial Majesty recalled his relation with the late monarch and expressed his greetings to the bereaved royal family.

His Imperial Majesty has also expressed his regards and best wishes to the new emperor, Nicola I, as he starts to fulfill the role as Head of State of the country and continue the legacy of his late father.

“The sudden unfortunate and painful news has come to us that Istalia’s monarch, my dear friend, Emperor Alessandro, has passed away already. It is with great sadness that I inform you, my people, of this saddening news. I therefore wish to send my heartfelt condolences to the Istalian Imperial Family and to the Istalian people. Emperor Alessandro was a great colleague and his death is a great loss for the world. I also wish to extend my best wishes and felicitations to Nicola I, the new Emperor of Istalia. May he be blessed with good health and reign long,” Emperor Felipe said.

The late Emperor's coffin will move via train from the Hunting Residence of Terracche Lakes to Romula where the body will lie for four days in the Throne Hall of Quattroregni Palace which will be open to the public while the State Funeral is planned to be held the on November 23 in the Basilica of All Angels of Romula.
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Rilescarla18 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:02 pm

NACIA TRIBUNO DE AUGUSTINA | The Voice of the Empire


FORTRESO — Outgoing Prime Minister Aleksandro Jocjo broke his silence and clarified all issues concerning Zardugal and striking back at accusations thrown by a few Majatran nations against the Empire.

In a conference, PM Jocjo slammed Vanuku for “playing the helper card” in the recent events and putting the blame in Zardugal, as well as stressed out clarifications against the “humorous” claims of the Free Barmenistani Brigades on their coup.

“First of all, I cannot believe that nations would be having their tirades on us when we, in fact, had no intervention done in these issues. The nations of Barmenistan and Kafuristan became sovereign constituent nations under the Empire but they have their own functioning governments which are, at all aspects, not linked, related, or influenced by Zardugal. We do not interfere with how their respective governments work while they are subjects to the Empire. We did not invade those nations, we did not occupied them, we did not assert military forces or any sort to those nations, unlike Vanuku who played the helper card and assure helping those nations bring back democracy. But the thing is, democracy is evidently existent in those nations during their time as sovereign constituent nations of the Empire. However, the contradictory thing happened. As usual, whenever Vanuku interferes and acts like Majatra’s Police, things they thought would happen did not happen and the worst opposite thing happened which has been detrimental not only to the security of those nations but to the livelihood of the people. What I find the most humorous among these Zardugal-related issues is that of Free Barmenian Brigades who claimed to have driven away Zardic forces from their nation. The thing is, we never sent nor deployed any of our forces in Barmenistan nor in Kafuristan. None at all. How could that “driving away” thing happen if we have no forces in those nations sent there to start with? Indeed, a propaganda to ruin Zardugal’s image. What a shame,” PM Jocjo said.

His Imperial Majesty’s government kept its silence on Majatran matters after the secession of Kafuristan and Barmenistan from the Empire and focused on domestic issues, thus gaining negative feedbacks and reactions from citizens and leading to the dissolution of the ruling party of the nation, the Liberal Party.

“I have already done my last PMQs in the Parliament and will be offering my resignation to His Imperial Majesty. The snap election has been held and two parties formed a coalition to form a cabinet. Now that Liberal Party is dissolving, I want to say that we did our best to push for better economic agenda, better education policies and programs, better market policies to welcome foreign investors and help our businesses, and more. The matter on foreign issues, we thought, are already not of importance to us as we believe we should focus on domestic matters rather. Since those nations have no direct relations to us except being a fellow sovereign constituent country of the Empire and have their own governments, we did not interfere with everything. We did not really kept our silence on the matter, it’s just that we only focused more on matters that concern the Zardugalian people. But I guess, these issues concern our people since Emperor Felipe I was a monarch of those countries as well. I do see that lack of government response to the issues is our fault here, and I ask for forgiveness. Our party, after several discussions, decided that it’s better we dissolve it. Almost all of our politicians have already formed and joined to new parties. As the end approaches, I and my cabinet members are proud of our achievements and contributions to the nation, may it be in socio-cultural or economical aspects. We are very proud to say that under our leadership, Zardugal’s stock market has boomed and our Human Development Index is beyond excellent. That indeed tells us how our nation’s quality of education and healthcare have improved. And as a new party leads the nation under His Imperial Majesty’s name, may they continue pushing for policies that are less pro-party and more pro-people,” Jocjo added.

Prime Minister Aleksandro Jocjo is expected to be succeeded by Agusto Pedro Justo, MP for the constituency of Violeta and leader of the Radical Civil Union Party, the new ruling party of the House together with their coalesced party, the Nova Grandfesto de Zardugal.
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Re: Nacia Tribuno de Augustina (Zardugal)

Postby Rilescarla18 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:32 pm

NACIA TRIBUNO DE AUGUSTINA | The Voice of the Empire
The Submarine Is Capable Of Carrying Nuclear-Armed Drones


In this video grab from ZBS in March 2018, a computer simulation shows nuclear-powered underwater drone being released by a submarine.

FORTRESO — Emperor Felipe I, together with the new Prime Minister Agusto Pedro Justo and Defense Minister Jesus de Guzman launched a special-purpose, nuclear-powered submarine named HIMS Emperor Felipe I that is capable of carrying nuclear-tipped underwater drones built for His Imperial Majesty’s Navy.

Touted as the world's largest and most technologically advanced fast submarine, the HIMS Emperor Felipe I is set to join His Imperial Majesty’s Navy fleet, measuring 350 meters long submarine and a submerged displacement of 79,000 tons, having a speed of 35 knots(64.82 kph).

“This is indeed a manifestation of our nation’s innovation and advancement in the field, a showcase of our own people’s great skills, a product of everyone’s hard work especially our workers who invested their time in making it, a reason for us to rejoice and be proud of being Zardugalians,” said Emperor Felipe I in his speech.

The development work on the HMS Emperor Felipe I will continue and tests will begin next year with a goal of deploying the vessel by the end of 4622, capable of carrying nine underwater drones.

“The drones themselves are expected to be ready for service by 4622,” said Defense Minister de Guzman.

HMS Emperor Felipe I will carry deep-water rescue vehicles and autonomous underwater drones as shown last November in the state television channel Zardugal Broadcasting Station (ZBS), with a document revealing drawings and details of a planned, nuclear-capable, submarine-launched drone.

"Its inherent stealth, endurance, mobility and firepower directly enable them to support five of the six maritime strategy core capabilities — sea control, power projection, forward presence, maritime security and deterrence," Prime Minister Justo said.

According to Navy spokesperson Lt. Mariano Ponce, lessons learned from HIMS Emperor Felipe I will be incorporated into later Bourvonne-class submarines, "increasing the undersea domain advantage, ensuring our dominance through the midcentury and beyond”.

“Incorporating acoustic superiority that is expected to provide unparalleled stealth capability, this submarine will be used as a demonstrator to prove out advanced technologies,” Lt. Ponce added.

Everyone in the event, as well as citizens witnessing the ceremony, proudly paid homage to the Emperor, singing “God Save the Emperor” as the submarine makes its way to the sea.
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