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Postby LegolasRedbard » Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:31 pm

Jac Campbell "Disappointing Night for Labour" Vows To Stay In Her Position Until New Coalition Negotiated

As election results began to trickle in, Jac Campbell and Labour were dissapointed to discover that the surge of support they had hoped for failed to materialise. The party was left with 32 seats, a net loss of two seats from the previous election. In a speech outside party headquarters, Jac Campbell vowed to stay on as leader through coalition negotiations.

It is obvious that this has been a disappointing night for the Labour Party. We have lost seats, which obviously was not the outcome we hoped for. It appears quite often that the smaller parties in coalitions suffer electorally, whether that was a factor here, who knows. All I will say at this time is that I will remain in my position as leader until the end of coalition negotiations, depending on the outcome, I may consider my futures in this position.

The three Labour ministers in the government resigned the morning after the election, with Justice Minister and Deputy Labour Leader Olivia Walker expressing regret that the coalition failed to pass any meaningful legislation during it's term, and pointing to the rise of anti-establishment parties

I mean, the two biggest parties of each side of the political spectrum lost 120 seats between them. The biggest party was only founded last year. It's clear that the people of Luthori want quicker and more radical change, which the coalition, if we're being honest, did not provide
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Postby TUSCLeader » Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:24 pm

Ben Sullivan makes 4430 election night speech

Thank you everyone. We have fought a strong, independent campaign based on the issues we care about, and it is a campaign we can be proud of. What is clear tonight is that after a long time in Government, the voters wanted a change, without allowing the right to cannibalise our welfare state. The journey for Mr Otenio from his hospital bed to the Chancellor's residence is one of the most extraordinary in Luthori history. We have remained the third largest Party in the Imperial Diet, and we have ensured that we remain a major force in Luthori politics. I pledge to you today that I will continue on as Leader, and will seek to use this opportunity, with the rise of the Left that we have seen tonight, to push for the reforms we dream of. I said before the election and I say it again, we will not enter any Coaltion arrangement that doesn't scrap the spiritual resurgence act as soon as it takes office. Keep up the fight and we will win.
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Postby truthvibrations » Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:28 pm

A Look Back On The Year 4430
December 30th 4430

Many significant events happened in the year 4430. Here's a brief look back on them all:

The TLVA Riot In Fort William Following Progress Party's Results In Election
The Traditional Luthori Values Association initiated riots in the streets of Fort William following an election in which the Luthori Progress Party won 82 seats in the Imperial Diet. Fort William General Hospital in particular was targeted in the riot. The riot lasted 8 and a half hours and led to 12 injuries and 1 death. Paul Mason was arrested and detained for several days, but was ultimately released without charge.

George Otieno Makes Tear Jerking Speech As He Returns To His Now Successful Political Party
George Otieno made a now iconic 15 minute speech, many quotes from which are now appearing on T Shirts, after he emerged from his half-year absence on the 7th of August 4430.

I will not falter. I will not fail. I will confront these newly emerging tyrants. With individuals like myself and Mister Ben Sullivan in the Imperial Diet, we will vanquish Luthori of religious authoritarianism. We will usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and love for all the citizens of Luthori. This I promise to you. It is for all that we fight for. For the common man. For gentlemen like mister Earl Harmon or Mister Paul Mason. For my son, Jay. I hold all in equally high regard. We do not discriminate. - (An excerpt from George Otieno's Speech)

Former Labour Shadow Justice Minister Sarah Olney Joins Luthori Progress Party
In a shocking turn of events, the Labour Party's former Shadow Justice Minister Sarah Olney joined the Luthori Progress Party as the spokeswoman for infrastructure and transport.
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Postby LegolasRedbard » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:10 pm

Jac Campbell Resigns - 2nd May 4431

Labour Party Leader Jac Campbell, who promised to remain as leader until a coalition had been negotiated, has been missing from the public eye in recent weeks, with Deputy Leader Olivia Walker leading the public charge to install a left-wing cabinet. After it became apparent that the SDP would not enter into a new coalition government with the left, Campbell called a press conference at Labour Party HQ in Fort William

I would like to thank you all for coming. You have, I assume, noticed my absence from the Imperial Diet, and from coalition negotiations in recent weeks. I have recently undergone treatment in hospital for what I assumed was a stomach complaint. As events progressed, it became apparent that something more serious was occurring. Just earlier this week, my doctor diagnosed me with stomach cancer. We have managed to catch the tumour early, and I will be beginning treatment as soon as I can. I hope to recover, God, obviously, but due to this, I will tender my resignation as leader to the Chairman...

The voting period for the election is from September until Party Conference in November. Until then, Deputy Leader Olivia Walker, who is widely expected to run for leader, will take up the responsibilities of leadership. However, it is not expected to be a coronation for Miss Walker, who is not popular amongst "Clan Campbell", the name given a group made up of many Members of the Imperial Diet who gained their seats in 4426. Their most likely challenger to the 28 year old progressive is 59-year old John Peterson. The Internal Affairs Spokesman may not be the most charismatic candidate, but this may be a two horse race, which he could stand a good chance in

Hypothetical Polling

O. Walker - 43%
J. Peterson - 41%
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Postby Dino9932 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:12 pm

Edward Underwood Steps Down
Holy Luthori Empire Daily News Archive Est July 4429.


The Liberal Republican Party Chairman, former Foreign Affairs Minister, Education and Culture Minster and Health and Social Services Minister. After 26 years as party chairman and in politics, has step down after a long and successful career and the death of his eldest son William in a fertilizer plant explosion. Underwood said goodbye today after 26 years, in a powerful and emotional speech that he ended by recasting his campaign credo - 'Yes we can, yes we did'.

Newly elected party chairman of the LRP George Carter commented on the resignation.
Edward Underwood was nothing less then a true liberal icon.His massive accomplishments of legislative acts reflect his savvy political skills, pragmatic vision, and ability to reach across party lines,consistently proved that he was a formidable force in Luthori politics—and one that left a legacy of public service to be studied, admired, and emulated.
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Postby Zeek15 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:08 pm

Amanda Hall Resigns
October, 4431 - Fort William, Orange
Article from the Luthori Daily Register

Amanda Hall talking to journalists as she announces her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party.

After a crushing defeat for the Conservative Party in the last two elections, Conservative leader Amanda Hall has decided to step down as leader of the party after more than twenty years in the position. After the election, she said that she was surprised with the results, though she was happy that Luthori has chosen to reject the values of the Social Democrats and the economic plans of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. In the August election, the Conservatives lost more than half of their seat share, moving from 69 to 26 seats in the Diet, losing many top party members in an election that saw three new parties pick up seats, increasing the number of parties with seats in the Diet to ten. After this election, Hall had planned to resign as her party’s lead figure, though the emergency snap election required here to serve an additional year as leader. This election also saw a disastrous result for the Conservatives, dropping to 25 seats.

With her resignation, Hall has stated that she hopes the Conservative Party will continue its legacy of promoting personal freedom and individual responsibility, and she plead with the party to select a new leader that will encompass the values all Luthori conservatives hold dear. The person that will protect these values yet is unclear, as a handful of party members have announced their intention to run in the leadership election, which begins next year. As candidate declaration closed yesterday, we do know that there will be five individuals contesting for leader of the Conservatives. Those who are include Finance Critic and Chief Party Whip Henry Khan, businessperson and known libertarian Jack Thompson, Luthori diplomat and NGO executive Katie Newton, engineer Mason Lu, and criminal lawyer Vanessa Porter. With only a month away before the first round of leadership elections, candidates are campaigning to attain the votes of the roughly 150,000 Conservative Party members across Luthori.

Currently, the race between the candidates has been hard to poll and seems to be a tossup. This is because the Conservatives elect their leaders by first-past-the-post. Each archduchy is split into electoral zones based on the amount of Conservative Party members in the area. Thus, Geharon has 35 zones, Utagia has 8, Tinako has 23, Orange has 23, and Yodukan has 11. For a candidate to win the leadership election, they must carry at least half of the electoral zones.

With regards to the candidates, ideological separation seems to be a somewhat foreign element of the campaign, as the various political parties currently in Luthori have eroded factionalism within parliamentary groups and party executives. With this fact taken into consideration, Conservative leadership candidates still encompass different principles on certain policy issues. For instance, candidates Henry Khan and Jack Thompson seem to be more libertarian than the others, while Mason Lu and Katie Newton have focused their campaign on partisanship by working with all parties in the Diet to ensure sensible and efficient government. Despite these differences, it is clear that all Conservative leadership candidates want to roll back government spending, decrease taxes, and ease government restrictions on all realms of society.

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Postby LegolasRedbard » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:21 am

Olivia Walker wins Labour Leadership Election - 9th November 4431

Olivia Walker was narrowly elected Labour Leader last night, after an unexpectedly close campaign. While Walker was the clear favorite to win the election since Jac Campbell's resignation in May, she faced an unexpectedly fierce challenge from former Technology Minister Reg Adams. She also faced John Peterson and fellow progressive Maxine Callan, who many feared would split the progressive vote

First Round Results

Olivia S. Walker - 32%

Reginald Adams - 30%

Maxine F. Callan - 23%

John B.N. Peterson - 15%

Second Round Results

Olivia S. Walker - 46%

Reginald Adams - 45%

Maxine F. Callan - 9%

Third Round Results

Olivia Walker - 56%

Reginald Adams - 44%

Olivia Walker pledged to heal division in the party and to enact "radical change" in the next government term.

The people of Luthori were failed in our previous government. I will be the first to admit that I did not achieve my aims as Justice Minister at all, due to internal divisions within our coalition. I make this promise to you now, I will not enter into a coalition without a pre-arranged agreement that we will work together, not separately

The Conference also passed a motion to have the position of Deputy Leader to be elected. However, this will take effect at the next election, and until then the role will be filled by Walker's appointee Leanne Booth
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Postby Zeek15 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 8:52 pm

First Round of Conservative Leadership Election Paves the Way for Two Candidates
October 4432 - Shippington, Geharon
Article from the Luthori Daily Register

Balloons drop signifying the end of the 4432 Conservative National Congress.

After the first round of voting in the Conservative leadership election at the annual Conservative National Congress, three out of the five candidates vying for the position have been eliminated. After several months of campaigning, two main candidates seemed to be the favourites among Conservative Party members, Henry Khan, who has campaigned for a united right and a libertarian party, and Katie Newton, who has vowed to oppose radicalism in Luthori. Jack Thompson, the current CEO of the Luthori Liberty Bank, the largest private financial firm in Luthori, also gained a large amount of the Conservative vote in the election through his stand-out tactics, gaining attention from various local and national media outlets. The months of campaigning and hard work by the candidates resulted in a stunning membership turnout of almost 94 per cent, and the outcome of the election is below,

1. Henry Khan – 49/100 Zones Won (Geharon: 19, Tinako: 14, Orange: 9, Yodukan: 6, Utagia: 1) [ADVANCED]
2. Katie Newton – 25/100 Zones Won (Geharon: 4, Tinako: 6, Orange: 9, Yodukan: 1, Utagia: 5) [ADVANCED]

3. Jack Thompson – 17/100 Zones Won (Geharon: 7, Tinako: 3, Orange: 4, Yodukan: 1, Utagia: 2) [ELIMINATED]
4. Mason Lu – 8/100 Zones Won (Geharon:4, Tinako: 0, Orange: 1, Yodukan: 3, Utagia: 0) [ELIMINATED]
5. Vanessa Porter – 1/100 Zones Won (Geharon: 1, Tinako: 0, Orange: 0, Yodukan: 0, Utagia: 0) [ELIMINATED]

Since it is Conservative Party policy to have a runoff between the top two candidates if neither achieves 50 or more zones won, both Henry Khan and Katie Newton have advanced to a final round, which will be taking place next year. From the outcome of this election, it is unclear who will become the leader. Many believe that Henry Khan will take the position swiftly, as he only needs to add two additional electoral zones to prevent Katie Newton from attaining leadership. Others believe the inverse is true, and that the increased radicalism within right-wing parties in Luthori will make Conservative members concerned and lead to a close victory for Katie Newton, who is projected to pick up most of Mason Lu’s and Vanessa Porter’s soft-right voting members.

Another aspect of the Conservative National Congress which initiated the election was the selection of a new chairman of the Conservative National Committee. The party chairman is not only responsible for conducting the management aspects of the party, but they are also responsible for overseeing a plethora of job portfolios within the Conservative National Committee. After much deliberation between committee members and the prior chairman, Kenneth Addamson, Peter Carson was selected as the new chairman. Carson, who is a businessman and part-time university professor from Utagia, said he was excited to begin serving for the party in his new role. Where all of these internal restructurings will take the Conservative Party is currently unknown, though there will be several updates to come.

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Postby LegolasRedbard » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:12 pm

Olivia Walker Resigns - 16th March 4433

As a tense Labour Party HQ waited for the polls to close, Labour Leader Olivia Walker was "less than quietly" confident in a surge of support following her election as leader. However, as soon as the exit poll was announced, it was very clear that Labour had had a serious drop in support. By 5 AM, when Ms. Walker departed from Northminster by train for Fort William, at least half of her remaining colleagues had handed in their letters of no confidence to the Party Chairman. At her departure, party sources reveal, Ms. Walker fully believed that the elected representatives and the general membership would back her leadership, despite the result. However, by the time she arrived in Fort William she had come to the decision to resign. Walker's leadership, only two years in length, is the shortest of any Labour leader. The leadership election is scheduled to run from May until September, with the results announced in November. In her resignation speech, Walker said that it had been a "dire night for progressive politics", but promised to support the new government and hinted at perhaps returning to the role of Justice Secretary
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Postby TUSCLeader » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:24 pm

Sullivan responds to election results

TUSC Leader Ben Sullivan made a triumphant speech to party workers following what he described as “an incredible victory" in the election.

Thank you all for your hard work. It's been an incredible campaign. We have achieved a stunning result that will go down in history. We will return to the Imperial Diet with more than double the number we had at dissolution. The poor result for the Labour Party and the folding of the Progress Party means that it's unlikely we will be in Government when a Coaltion is formed. But with our strength in the Imperial Diet, we will be a strong voice for the working class people that voted for us
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