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Postby Luthori Moderate » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:52 am

Luthori Announces 4360 Olympic Delegation, Hopes for Big Medal Count

Luthori has announced its 4360 olympic delegation in Victoria. 391 Athletes will be sent to Victoria in 4360. Luthori hopes for a big medal count, possibly contending for the biggest medal count in Terra. The Delegation is shown here,

Archery: 18 Athletes (9 Male, 9 Female)
Soccer: 2 Teams (One Mens, One Womens Team), 44 Athletes
Badminton: 4 Teams, 8 Athletes (Two Mens, Two Womens Team)
Baseball: 1 Team, 25 Athletes
Rugby: 2 Teams (One Male, One Female Team), 44 Athletes
Fencing: 8 Athletes (4 Male, 4 Female)
Basketball: 2 Team, 30 Athletes (One Male, One Female Team)
Canoeing/kayaking: 4 3 Person Teams (Two Male, Two Female Teams), 2 6 Person Team (One Male, One Female Team), 24 Athletes
Swimming: 48 Athletes (24 Male, 24 Female)
Lacrosse: 2 Teams,36 Athletes (One Male, One Female Team)
Boxing: 10 Athletes (5 Male, 5 Female)
Tennis: 4 Teams, 8 Athletes (2 Male Teams, 2 Female Teams)
Table tennis: 4 Teams, 8 Athletes (2 Male Teams, 2 Female Teams)
Cycling: 48 Athletes (24 Males, 24 Females)
Field Hockey: 2 Teams (One Mens, One Womens Team), 32 Athletes

Headline Luthori Athletes include Nicholas Lloyd who is a a 4 time olympic swimmer gold medalist and is the flag bearer of the Luthori delegation, Caitlin James who is the star of the Luthori girls basketball team and is hoping to win gold, and Nathan Chapman a star archer who is confident that he will win gold, possibly a little too confident to be exact. But many Luthorians are excited and can´t wait to see Luthori´s performance in the 4360 Olympics including many political figures. Foreign Minister Prince Aldred,

The Funny part is that in the recent meetings with other nations, a lot of their foreign ministers were jokingly talking about their nation will beat Luthori in this sport,
or they will get more medals than Luthori, and I think it shows that not only is Luthori excited for the 4360 Olympics, but a lot of other nations are as well.
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Postby Uhtred » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:48 pm

A Diet Divided
Hung Chamber as support for the Left surges
July 4259

The Luthori Workers' Committee heralded a decisive change in politics after victories in last night's elections saw them take 3 Duchies and 223 seats in the Imperial Diet, coming within 2 seats of becoming the largest single party. The movement which had promised a political earthquake had to settle for a tremor however, as a strong performance in their heartlands of Utagia and Yodukan saw White Rose (IA)- R top the poll overall with 225 seats.


The Royalist Council on Classical Liberalism came third with 123 seats and the White Rose (IA)- M faction came fourth with 94 seats.

The result means that, including their Moderate faction, the White Rose movement holds 48% of seats in the Diet. So far it is unclear whether the two opposition parties can agree a deal to end the the government's 11 year rule or whether White Rose will continue as a minority administration.
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:29 am

Luthori to join International Development and Stability Bank

Luthori announced today that they have joined the International Development and Stability Bank (IDSB). The primary purpose of the International Development and Stability Bank was the formation and oversight of monetary policy of banks throughout the world. It was founded in the wake of the 4200's economic collapse. The 4200's economic collaspe was reported to be caused by reckless lending and assurance that loans could be paid back. The IDSB seeks to oversee and attempt to regulate monetary policy of all banks throughout the world it also seeks to develop a special reserve currency to combat the varying influence of different currencies throughout the world.

It was also announced that Luthori would send $10.2 Billion LOD as contributions into the The International Development and Stability Bank's Fund in which the interest and dividends paid by the fund will go to invest and stabilize countries throughout the world.

Finance Representative Bruce Chapman
We are happy to join the International Development and Stability Bank. We felt it was a no brainer. We agree with its mission, and hopefully we never see a economic collapse again like we did in the 4200s.
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:51 am

Luthori 4360 Census results announcement

June 4361

The 4360 Luthori Census has been announced. The Results are shown here.

Nation Population: 112,292,218 (Up 4.4% from 4350)
4350 Population: 107,321,464

Region Population: (Geheron) 19,529,302
Region Population: (Orange) 31,302,304
Region Population: (Tinako) 15,803,204
Region Population: (Utagia) 11,923,204
Region Population: (Yodukan) 33,734,204

Top 20 Cities by Population
City Population: Fort William (Orange): 12,364,256
City Population: Richbrough (Yodukan) 5,024,204
City Population: Agathion (Orange) 4,132,234
City Population: Clamfwydd (Geheron) 3,820,203
City Population: Youk (Yodukan) 3,602,203
City Population: Horncastle (Tinako) 3,233,203
City Population: Northminister (Yodukan) 2,929,322
City Population: Shippington (Geheron) 2,902,103
City Population: Sandulka (Geheron) 2,703,203
City Population: Laloquon (Yodukan) 2,420,204
City Population: Louth (Tinako) 2,120,302
City Population: Oalapo(Utagia) 1,990,012
City Population: Oakthwaite (Geheron) 1,924,243
City Population: Liore (Orange) 1,893,203
City Population: Alderberg (Utagia) 1,803,402
City Population: Aldwyke (Utagia) 1,751,204
City Population: New Salem (Orange) 1,703,203
City Population: Middenhall (Tinako) 1,602,203
City Population: Trehaven (Utagia) 1,312,102
City Population: Randamar (Tinako) 1,202,012

GDP: 621,200,549,976 LPD
GDP per Capita: 5,532 LPD
Median Age 38.9
Average Household Size 2.62
Percent of Population Age 0-18 21.68%
Percent of Population Age 19-25 14.21%
Percent of Population Age 25-54 38.59%
Percent of Population Age 55-64 11.58%
Percent of Population Age 65+ 13.94%

Percent of Population Male 49.77
Percent of Population Female 50.23

Average Household Mean Income: 8,463 LPD
Percent of Population Income 0-1000 LPD: 10.62%
Percent of Population Income 1001-5000 LPD: 23.65%
Percent of Population Income 5001-10000 LPD: 28.83%
Percent of Population Income 10001-20000 LPD: 18.54%
Percent of Population Income 20001-35000 LPD: 15.85%
Percent of Population Income 35001+ LPD: 2.51%

Unemployment Rate 4.82%
Percent of People under the Poverty Line (1,000 LPD) 10.62%
House Owner 68.34%
Rent Owner 31.66%
Average Housing Price 4,853 LPD
Average Rent Price 476 LPD

Percent of Population Car: 61.23%
Percent of Population Bike: 11.63%
Percent of Population Bus/Trolley: 14.96%
Percent of Population Walk: 3.65%
Percent of Population Other: 8.53%

Experts say that the Luthori Census is a big step for the government to know more about their Citizens. Environment and Tourism representative Alex Henderson

The Census is good for a lot of reasons. To know our population, who is coming into the country and who, their economic status, and many other useful facts are shown to the government for different uses. I am excited that this was able to happen and be executed so well also. It really helps the government more than people think
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:57 pm

Luthori Stock Market has Historic Day


October 10, 4362

The Luthori Stock Market had a historic day on Friday with the average stock gain of 12%. Financial experts state that the growth of stocks has been significantly lower than the growth of the economy for the past couple of months and with the economy starting to grow faster, they say that a big day was destined to happen. They also state that the growth is expected to continue to growth for at least the next few months, possibly few years. Historians will dub this day as Black Friday. Finance Representative Bruce Chapman

This is a very encouraging sign. Our Economy had been growing around 5%, which is huge for a country but the stock market was lagging a bit only growing 2% for a few months. Now with Black Friday, the stocks are properly reflecting the growth of the economy, and Luthori's Economy with the stock market should continue to grow a lot, things are looking really good for us.
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:19 pm

White Rose dominates 4363 Elections, Moderates get huge gains

June 7th, 4363

After losing a majority in government, White Rose dominated the election, gaining 381 of the 665 Seats in the imperial diet. The Moderates were the gain of note though. They collected 181 seats, 27.22% of the seats in the imperial diet, after getting under 100 seats the past two elections. The Moderates has always stated that they have underperformed in elections as they have been the leaders in the Luthori Government and a big contributor in the effort of the making Luthori a great power again. With this election The Moderate Party is in striking distance of their goal of winning the head of state with 43% of the vote in an all White Rose 2nd round of voting. Jade Kent comments

We had a great election. I think we finally had an election that we could be happy with after many underperforming elections. The Moderate Party and its supporters should party tonight, this is a huge step towards accomplishing our goals.
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Postby Uhtred » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:26 pm

Hands Across Artania
Artanian Workers' International launched to push for freedom, justice and social equality across the continent.
Fort William, June 4365


Minor technical hitches did nothing to dampen the mood at the launch of the Artanian Workers' International in Fort William today. General Secretary Helen Jackson-Owen opened the event by presenting her assessment of the current state of Artania.
Our time is defined by rapid changes and historic economic and political shifts, but these changes have established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones. Working class men and women across Artania, through great courage and great sacrifice, have achieved great things, however we too often fight our struggles alone. These new conditions of oppression require a new international solution, a new organisation through which like minded parties and movements can work together, in the spirit of international solidarity.

Jackson-Owen's passion carried her message across the assembled crowd in spite of a number of microphone failures.

The small event, held at The People's Library in Fort William, gathered together Luthori's most notable left wing activists, journalists and Trade Unionists. Spearheaded by the Luthori Workers' Committee, the Artanian Workers' International aims to provide a forum for discussion, cooperation and action by parties from across the continent who are committed to the improvement of social and economic conditions for the working class.

The People's Library, Fort William, Luthori

The People's Library served as a fitting venue for the gathering, charting the works and progress of Luthori's labour movement from the twenty second century to the present day.

Helen Jackson-Owen declined to name the political parties which have applied for membership of the organisation, only stating that the body already had a strong presence in 4 major nations across the continent.

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, this grouping will have on Artanian politics.
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:53 pm

Experts try to predict when Jade Kent will step down

Experts say that Jade Kent has been considering retirement for the last couple of months. They say the 61 year old could retire early to let her 30 year old son Brandon Kent become the Luthori Moderate Party leader. People have said that Brandon is the perfect successor of Jade Kent and well prepared to lead the Moderate Party. Because of this some of the experts have been pointing to Jade Kent retiring very soon. There is a whole other side of experts that say though that Jade Kent will stay the Moderate Leader for 5-10 years at the least possibly more. Either way expect the moderate party to be in good hands as both Jade and Cameron Kent are great people to run the Luthori Moderate party.
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Postby menkiller755 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:37 pm

NAL Created
Nationalists and Liberals came to an agreement which resulted in the creation of the NAL

In the Holy Luthori Empire a new party has emerged. The Nationalist Alliance of Liberals or NAL has been formed.
Following a encounter between a nationalist activist and a liberal one the two started to talk. They found out the mutual concern over the future of the nation and decided to act.

A convention between Nationalists and Liberals accros the empire was held. After many hours of negotiating the two sides came to an agreement. A political party would be created with a National Liberalist ideology. The two sides believed that by joining forces they would make a better chance at the next elections.
The party wants as much individual freedom for its citizens as possible thanks to the liberal side while also wanting to protect the culture, history and sovereignty of Luthori by creating laws that achieve that thans to the nationalist side.

While first there was some confusion on the main goal of the party the intentions are now clear. The NAL wants to remove the monarchy and reform the empire into a Presidential Republic with a strong president having many authority and being the executive for the nation. This is what the party leader said:

First of all i want to underline the fact that our two sides have overcome many differences to create our party and we are very gratefull for finally achieving the formation of the party. The main reason for our creation is the dissatisfaction with the current political landscape. The Empire and the monarchy with it have brought us immense wealth, prestige and accomplishments in the past and we are eternally gratefull for that. But in recent decades Luthori has slowly been declining and this is in our opinion largely due to the fact that the system hasnt changed and is still the same as decades ago which is causing a stalemate on both the military as the economic aspect but also decreases our international prestige and influence.

We advocate for the creation of a presidential Republic with major powers for the president as head of state and government. This way we create a universally elected leader that is supported by the people upon the start of his term and has the authority to change the country for the better. In addition to this we want to pass reform to change everything of our "Empire" to become a Republic. We are proud of our nation and feel greatly for it but the Empire must end in order for Luthori to become prominent again

Said party leader (Chairman) Paul Knight

Chairman Knight in front of his house addressing the press on the creation of his party

The new party has already proposed their first bills and is preparing to set up local departments accros the country to build up support and hear what the people want and think.
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Postby Luthori Moderate » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:58 am

Luthori historians find Rontin remains

Luthori historians have found many remains from the Rontin empire which lasted from 478 BCE to around 783 CE. The Rontin Empire was known for controlling all of Artania and at its peak owned the northern part of Majatra in modern day Beiteynu, Pontesia, and Barmenistan. The Rontin Empire was exceptional in battle with the best generals and the biggest army by far but its navy especially after its peak wasn't Rontin's strongsuit as it failed multiple times in conquering modern day Selucia, and up north in modern day Davostan. Its cultural was similar to modern day Luthori, and its culture and influence inspired the modern Luthori empire whos goal was to become the Rontin Empire. The Rontin empire started to crumble as it expanded and over the 500s to 700s CE, various areas on the outside part of Rontin started to secede from the Rontin Empire. This was due to these areas being too far away for the government to be able to react swiftly making it easy for those areas. Also a line of "weak and stupid" kings from the Roth family weakened the central government in the capital Fort William in modern day Luthori to where the army and navy was very weakened and separated, which helped to weaken it even more. Eventually the Rontin empire broke into smaller kingdoms in 783 like the Dukedoms (Northern part of Modern Day Luthori) and Baronies (Southern part of Modern Day Luthori).

Historians found the most paintings/Rontin art ever in a vault that was thought to be buried with John II a famous king of Rontin who ruled from 50-89 CE. It was thought to be the first ever Time Capsule. It is a huge discovery for historians especially after the Luthori Government put 10 Billion Pounds into a history research funds to fund historical research so it can lead to discoveries like this one.
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