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Postby phonexia » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:57 pm

Cooper Has Small Gain in Polls After SLP Primary Debate
Candidate Karl Cooper at the debate in Port Halpenberg, Bailon
June 24th, 4134- With just over a week until the SLP's Bailon primary, the two major SLP candidates, Karl Cooper and Ed Dawson, held a debate in Port Halpenberg, Bailon yesterday. The debate was described by those there as passionate and heated. The two candidates tried to slam the other's ideology seemingly more than clarifying their positions on the various issues that came up. At the center of the night, devolution. Dawson attacked Cooper's seemingly increased pivot towards more devolution. Here is part of the transcript from when that topic got the most intense it would be in the night.
Moderator: Mr. Dawson, throughout the campaign you have often criticized Mr. Cooper for "taking the party down the road of the BCCP". With that being such a bold claim, can you elaborate on how you used that?

D(awson): Well I'll tell you this, I was being explicit there. Many in the party as well in addition to myself feel that we have been going down the path of radical devolution and federalization under Mr. Cooper. He has taken control of this party and indeed has started to turn this party into the BCCP. He claims it's the devolution of infrastructure, but the progressive wing of the party and I know that Mr. Cooper won't stop there. This party has already gone beyond infrastructure and is abandoning the grassroots progressive base..

C(ooper): I'm sorry I cannot let this man compare us to a party that promoted violent dissent and revolt to get it's agenda passed. Let me tell you, devolution is not the same as confederation. I'm no confederate Mr. Dawson and you know that, so stop using a talking point that implies the pro-devolution are nothing but a bunch of radicals.

D: Mr. Cooper, with all do respect I feel that you have misinterpreted what I have said. I only said that we are on their road. I never implied that you were a terrorist.

C: There he goes again, backtracking on his word. He must have known that comparing anybody to the old confederates was bound to get that kind of an interpretation. What we advocate for is a local economic revolution that allows local assemblies to shape their own economies.

D: And just like every other devolution movement I'm sure your's will fail. What I advocate for is an economic plan that will work and help us lead to a national economic boom.

The rest of the debate never reached that moment, but it featured a strong performance from both candidates. It is looking like Mr. Cooper has gotten the slightly larger bounce from the debate as shown by recent polling nationally and in Bailon. With Bailon being the second largest delegate prize, it'll be a key win for both campaigns.

Cooper 49%%
Dawson 46%
Undecided 5%

Cooper 50%
Dawson 48%
Undecided 2%
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Postby phonexia » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:35 am

SLP Primary; Cooper Wins Bailon
An enthusiastic Mr. Cooper at a celebratory rally in Port Bailon, Bailon
July 1st, 4134- Presidential hopeful Karl Cooper has won the SLP's Bailon Primary in a tight race. Mr. Cooper managed to pull out a four point lead over Ed Dawson. This is a key win for the presidential hopeful, since Bailon has the second highest delegate count out of the 5 states. Despite this, polls show that the remaining races will be just as tight as Bailon, bringing up the possibility that, for the first time in the party's history, the unbound delegates may decide the outcome of the first ballot. However for now, Mr. Cooper has said that they will "take Iker Ado, then Negunia, then Iliathar, then Parlos Decina, and finally, we will take the presidency!"

Bailon Primary Results
Cooper: 52% (85 delegates)
Dawson: 48%(78 delegates)

Dawson Seen Meeting With SLP Progressives
Mr. Dawson was seen leaving a meeting with the old David shadow cabinet

July 2, 4134- Ed Dawson, SLP presidential hopeful, was seen in a meeting with key party progressives following his loss in Bailon. He was visibly in some rough shape as he went to meet with members of the former Devin David shadow cabinet as well as the former presidential candidate himself. It became clear that the party leaders were meeting about the party's campaign and Dawson's slipping poll numbers. It has become clear to progressives that Parlos Decina is a must win state for Dawson. Post-Bailon polls showed a slight lead for Dawson in the state, but he is either behind or practically tied in the remaining states. With his campaign in trouble, it seems that Mr. Dawson is asking for help and unity among the progressive wing of the party.

About an hour after television news started reporting on the meeting, Dawson laid out a new, unified progressive campaign plan
I have indeed met with key progressives in the party as I'm sure some of you have heard. We are now launching a unified campaign effort to save this party and its progressive roots. This will be a new grassroots support and advertising organization. It will start with the party ranks and move on to our traditional base. Let me tell you this, we will win.

This has prompted backlash in the current shadow cabinet. Assemblyman and Shadow PM Roland Hawkins has said that the party leaders are "interfering with the electoral process". He then proceed to endorse Cooper and start his own campaign organization with the shadow cabinet.
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Postby phonexia » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:46 am

Social Liberal Party-Libertarian Alliance is Formed
First Chairman of the Alliance, Jay Duncan, announcing the formation of an electoral coalition with the new Libertarian Party after a majority vote of the 25th SLP National Convention

January 11th, 4140- The first chairman of the newly formed SLP-Libertarian Alliance, Jay Duncan of the SLP, has announced that all SLP party operations are now to be done in cooperation with the Libertarian Party of Beluzia. The move, which would have been impossible a decade ago, seems to be the final incarnation of the move to the center by Karl Cooper. The delegates of the reconvened 25th National Convention accepted the proposal 60%-40% The new Alliance is now in the position of a big tent ranging from the center to the center left. Mr. Duncan had this to say on the matter

Both of our parties share the ideals of civil liberty and the power of local government. This move is a natural move to make, and we in the SLP leadership thought it was the right move. With this new alliance, we hope that we can get the message of local government to more voters and ultimately implement those ideals.

I'd also like to say that, in exchange for us providing campaign resources to the Libertarians, they have made concessions on the platform when it comes to the core values of the SLP. We will still be the party of worker's rights and a party that supports universal, socialized healthcare. The SLP has also broadened its policy when it comes to the economy to allow for the Libertarians to come in. The Alliance will have a slightly softer stance on expanding the budget and corporate taxes then it did before. These moves were necessary and I feel that we in the SLP got a good deal.

The Libertarians were founded in 4138 and, over the course of two years, began to gain momentum in the nation's universities. The party's chairwoman, Stephanie Byers, said that the SLP's leadership approached the growing Libertarian movement. She said that when the party was approached, she was "astonished that the SLP would approach [them] and excited about the chance to truly get into the national stage". When asked about the platform concessions, she said that they were "reasonable and a necessary sacrifice." The Alliance will hold the first Alliance National Convention in July, 4134.

7 Old Progressives Leave the SLP
Assemblyman Ed Dawson address the progressive caucus of the SLP

January 11th 4140- After their failed attempt to stop the formation of the Alliance, 7 progressive assemblymen of the SLP, led by former presidential candidate and Assemblyman Ed Dawson, announced that they would not run again under the SLP banner. For mainstream progressives like Mr. Dawson, the formation of the Alliance was the last straw. More of the dwindling progressive wing of the party is expected to follow the Assemblymen out the door. To these Assemblymen and other progressives, the party has abandoned their base and pushed too far to the center. Mr. Dawson addressed a group of disgruntled progressives
The party has decided to sell out its traditional voters in favor of moving to the center. What transpired today is nothing short of a betrayal to the core values of this party. The party has sold us out, for Mr. Duncan and Mr. Cooper don't want us in this party anymore. All they wish to do is keep moving center, alienating more and more voters in the name of their local revolution. In they wish to see us progressives again, they need to stop this madness.

So far, the Alliance has not put out an official response to the progressives.
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Postby phonexia » Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:41 am

Alliance Nominates Michael May as Presidential Candidate
Mr. May at a rally in Bailon before the primary there

July 22nd, 4141- In a conclusion to a 3 way primary race, the voters of the SLP-Libertarian Alliance have chosen Assemblyman Micheal May to represent the parties in the presidential election. He won 351 of the 689 pledged and super delegates of the first ballot of the 1st Alliance National Convention. He beat out Mr. Cooper and Libertarian Sebastian Waller in the first primary operating under a combined rule-set, where members of both parties got to vote. The first ballot came out as follows. It is important to note that 46 of Cooper's delegates came from the 57 SLP Assemblymen making up the superdelegates at the convention.
May- 351
Waller- 250
Cooper- 88

Here is an excerpt from Mr. May's acceptance speech.

Today we have made history friends. I am glad to accept the nomination of the Social Liberal Party and Libertarian Party of Beluzia.

The Alliance is now ready to take this nation by storm. We are ready to bring the ideals of local government and center-left politics to the mainstream. It is time for us to bring local government to the center of our politics. It is time for reasonable reform of labor. It is time to bring in liberty to our lives. Today, we will begin our plan to live equal and live free.

I am proposing a moderate tax reform to allow business to grow. I am proposing a return of certain regulations to local control because a tyrannical central government only hurts Beluzians' abilities to grow and prosper. Local governments should manage their environments and infrastructure. It is time for the federal bureaucracy to make way for the rights of states.

Mr. May is considered more of a middle ground man in the Alliance. He is a member of the SLP and represents Bailon in the National Assembly. He was one of the key proponents of the Alliance in the SLP and was an active campaigner for the vote to form the Alliance. While he leans more libertarian than the Cooper wing of the SLP, he is still more of a progressive than former candidate Sebastian Waller. He is an avid devolutionist and was a supporter of President Cooper's Local Power National Prosperity program. He campaigned on taking LPNP further than what Cooper's SLP planned to do, as well as being a unifying force for the new Alliance; an electoral plan that worked in the primary. Now he is working on positioning the Alliance as a pro-devolution, center-left party. Whether or not this strategy will work in November is up to the voters to decide.
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Postby phonexia » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:00 am

Election 4141: FSP Presidency; Alliance and Worker's Party Make Massive Gains
SLP-Libertarian Alliance Election Night watch-party, Port Halpenberg, Bailon
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November 4141- Last night saw two parties in triumph, a party crushed, and the reelection of a president. First, president Douglas Coutinho of the Freedom Socialist Party has secured reelection with the endorsement of the BRRP. He defeated Afonso Goulart of the Worker's Party in the second round 65%-35%. The first round saw a close race for second between Afonso Goulart and Micheal May of the Alliance, with about 700,000 votes separating the two candidates. The first ballot race was one of the last races to be called on election night. It was this and the crushing victory for the president in the second round that led to some Alliance assemblymen saying that the BRRP "stole the presidency" from May by not running a candidate. Mr. May responded with this
[The BRRP] did what they felt was best for them and for the country. We have to remember, it's about the people, not this party or that party. The voters chose and we have to respect that. Am I disappointed I didn't win, yes. However, in the broader picture, we are the second largest party in the Assembly and only 4 seats behind first. I think we had a great night.

The legislative elections were full of drama as well. The new Worker's party was able to become the largest party and the SLP-Libertarian Alliance doubled their representation. The BPP also had some decent gains. Alliance Shadow PM Roland Hawkins called the result a "victory of great caliber" for the Alliance. They had broken their goal of breaking 100 seats, with the doubling of Alliance seats being an ornate candle on top of the cake. Mr. Hawkins said that the election result "legitimized the idea of the Alliance in the voter base".

However, the night wasn't good for everyone. First, the traditional left-wing parties, the Beluz Radical Revolutionary Party and the Freedom Socialist Party, took minor casualties. The disbanding of the BTP nay have softened the blow to the left. However, The blow to the Green Democrats was anything but soft. They lost 60 of the 129 seats they had, a bad enough result without considering the fact that 149 BTP seats were vacant going into the election. The party now has to analyze the results and do some soul-searching if they wish to recover the damage done to the party.

With the night's conclusion, the nation now stands in a new era. Some annalists think this could go back to the era of the NLP, where center to center-left politics dominated. Others question the stability of the Alliance. Many agree the traditional left and the greens are at a crossroads and that their fortunes may go up or down from here. While these concerns will have to be addressed with many more to come, for now, the victors celebrate.
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Postby Aquinas » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:35 pm

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Postby phonexia » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:22 am

Alliance Convention "Foreign Ministry Is Failing to Protect the Rights of Citizens"; Bashes Handling of Sandeep Cheema Affair
Alliance presidential candidate Micheal May at the ANC. His speech was part of a sustained assault against the lack of results from the foreign ministry with Sandeep Cheema.

August 2nd, 4144- With an unopposed renomination, SLP-Libertarian Alliance presidential candidate Micheal May, with the leadership of the SLP and Libertarian Party, made a foreign policy storm at the 2nd Alliance National Convention. A common theme emerged, where's Sandeep Cheema and why is he not back in Beluzia? Most of the keynote speakers delivered a criticism of the handling of the situation. Common complaints from the Alliance included the lack of public results from the administration and what appears to be radio silence from President Coutinho. Shadow Foreign Minister for the Alliance Lester Britt criticized the lack of action from nations that normally stand up for the rights of citizens. Part of his speech featured this
As a nation and an international community that stands up for the rights of citizens everywhere, the silence is a shame on all of us. It has been so long and we don't even know if negotiations are taking place or even the location of Sandeep Cheema. The lack of any kind of information, negotiation, or response to the situation is an insult to our democracy and our values. As a force in the Assembly, the Alliance hopes for the swift return of a Beluzian citizen to Beluzia and I know a President May would do just that.

This became the unofficial secondary theme of the convention, behind "Live Free, Live Equal". Through the convention, the Alliance has given its view on the situation, Sandeep Cheema must be returned to Beluzia. This culminated in Mr. May's convention speech, where he laid out his view on the subject.

Recently, Sandeep Cheema was taken and pressed into military service by the government of Pontesi. Let me lay down this, the actions taken by the Pontesian military are unlawful and immoral. As a Beluzian citizen, Mr. Cheema has the right to be in Beluzia and to continue his life here. We Beluzians give ourselves the freedom of choice, the freedom to choose to serve the nation, the freedom of speech, and the freedom to do what we want with our lives, and those freedoms which we hold sacred are being taken away from a citizen of this great nation by a foreign power. The lack of any response from home and abroad, when both have stood up for human rights in the past, is a disgrace. Let me tell you this, an Alliance administration would have solved this by now and an Alliance administration will bring him home, for it is the moral and it is the just path of action.

Mr. May "Economic Uncertainty Plagues the Nation"

In his speech at the Alliance convention, Mr. May talked about the economy. He has expressed that there is some uncertainty with investors over the rapidly changing industrial policy of the nation. He then went on to lay the groundwork of the economic policy for the Alliance.
This past term, we've gone from a hybrid economy, to full public sector control, to, thankfully, a hybrid economy. We feel that the hybrid economy established by the Alliance and the Greens before is the best way to run our economy for the moment. However, certain political forces insist on the full scale public economy, proposing and changing the system basically annually. This is no way to promote economic growth. All the hard left is doing is driving away the private sector, making them worried that their entire investments and livelihoods can be taken away by a simple vote in the Assembly. This has created a system of fear in the economy, and if we continue this fear, disaster will loom on the horizon.

What we in the Alliance propose is a real economy. We want to cut the corporate taxes to 25%, lower the sales taxes, and stop the culture of inflating the budgets of certain departments that already have more than enough. We want to restore and protect the surplus, invest in infrastructure, and promote local business. The economy will work when we give our power to the states to promote positive economic policy through investment in infrastructure and appropriate funds to the departments that need them.

Some sections of his economic plans were vague, likely on purpose. Some pundits agree that he wants to divert funds from the education department and use that to fund the proposed tax cuts as well as redirect funds to the "departments that need them". However, one aspect of his economic speech is important, investors are uncertain. The country's economy has been fully nationalized in the last term by the BRRP, only to be reintroduced to a public-private mix by the Alliance. There is certainly a palpable fear among investors to move into Beluzian industry. While it is still relatively minor, the far left's performance and manifesto in November may expand the fears of industrialists. While many feel that an industrial exodus at this point is unlikely, if the current uncertainty continues, it may become the reality.
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Postby phonexia » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:07 pm

Election 4144; Alliance Largest Parties in Assembly, BRRP Takes Presidenicy
Votes being counted in rural Negunia on election night

November 4144- It's the day after the election and what a night it has been. First, President Coutinho has not been on the ballot for reelection, instead, his party has endorsed the BRRP. The BRRP also received the endorsement of the Workers' Party for the presidential election, allowing them to win the first and second round of the presidential election. They beat Alliance candidate Micheal May 54-46% in the second round, a decently close result considering the endorsement of two parties was present for the BRRP. The Alliance's campaigners were a little disappointed, but others were satisfied with their performance. "We took on a broad left wing coalition and got within 8 points. The president had the backing of 2 parties and could not lead by double digits. The results tonight prove that people want the Alliance, and the traditional left is desperate to hold on to their broken system" said one volunteer organizer for the May campaign. May, aged 60, is still pretty popular within the party and is expected to take on the president in 3 years time.

For the legislative elections, turnout hit a low that has not been seen in a while in Beluzia, 72%. This is down 13 points from 4141 and is an unusual sight in Beluzian elections. Despite this, the night made for some excitement. With around 60 open seats, the Alliance has emerged as the largest group in Beluzia, taking 163 seats. The Workers' Party took 156, while the BRRP came third with 121. The FSP and BPP both lost seats in the election, both emerging with less than 100 seats. This creates an interesting position for the cabinet positions, where the BRRP continues to support everyone in the cabinet.
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Postby phonexia » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:15 am

6th SLP-Libertarian Alliance Convention Held, Bill Fletcher Officially Nominated
Mr. Fletcher address the Alliance convention after a relatively uncontested primary

25th January, 4156- With the Alliance's convention coming to a close, the era of Micheal may for the Alliance is over. After an unprecedented 5 presidential runs, May announced that he would not run again back in March, endorsing Bill Fletcher, a legislator from Iker Ado. Mr. Fletcher lies similarly on policy to Mr. May, supporting moderate regulation and the hybrid economy introduced by liberals in the Assembly since the 4040s. However, his main difference is on defense, with him taking a bit more moderate of a position on the military.

The Alliance used the convention to push through a new agenda to the voter base, calling it the "Contract with Beluzia". It was centered on two things, education and infrastructure. On education, the Alliance wants to reintroduce private schooling, fund charter schools, localize the curriculum, and "divert the bloated education budget to other programs". They want to do this to "bring choice and freedom to our education system". Part of the funds from the education budget would be moved to infrastructure in order to spur economic growth, and an attempt will be made to localize public works. Part of this plan also includes protecting the energy industry in it's hybridized state and, if possible, moving to further privatization in the energy industry.

On foreign affairs, Mr. Fletcher laid out how he wants to handle the crisis in Rutania, Beluzia's northern neighbor.
The situation in Rutania is at an unacceptable level of violence which needs to stop. However, we must respect the democratic rights of the Ardinians. The Alliance will support any effort for a cease fire to be called and a democratic referendum to be held.

On other areas of foreign affairs, the Alliance came out in support of free trade and free immigration.

With the election in a few months, the Alliance has its target set and a platform it hopes will speak to the people. With fresh blood at the head of the ticket, the Alliance hopes to end its streak of disappointing results and come back on top.
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Postby phonexia » Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:49 am

Beluz News; Briefing for the Month, January 4159

Alliance's "Contract with Beluzia" is Defeated by Assembly
Alliance Shadow PM Tony York giving a press briefing after the proposed education reform failed.
January 5th 4159- In what is a major setback for Alliance lawmakers, their chief program, "Contract with Beluzia", failed in the legislature. The first casualty was a proposed budget, which only got support from the Liberal Party and failed 114-435. The proposed budget would have increased the surplus by about 8 billion BEL and diverted funds from the education department, as well as several smaller departments, to infrastructure and healthcare. It faced criticism from the right, since part of the plan slightly cut defense and interior spending, while the left opposed it without a publicly stated reason.

The next causalities were 2 education bills, the Curriculum Reform Act and Contract with Our Children Act. The bills proposed to introduce private schools with case by case funding, introduce regulated private nurseries, and abolish the national curriculum. The only party backing the Curriculum Reform Act was the Alliance, while the Contract with Our Children Act found only slightly more support.

Tony York, the Alliance's Shadow PM, the effective Assembly leader for the Alliance, said he was "disappointed" with the results. "But, in April, the voters will decide on the future of these ideas, for we feel that these are what the voters want. We will show this far-left establishment that the people of this nation want a prosperous nation and that we deserve better"

Alliance Primaries, Fletcher Renominated With No Competition
Mr. Fletcher addressing the convention

January 4th, 4159- In what can only be described as an era of unity for the Alliance, another primary goes by where the previous candidate sweeps the primaries with little opposition. Bill Fletcher is, once again, the Alliance's presidential nominee. Campaigning on the center-left platform the Alliance traditionally employed, he hopes to improve his numbers now that the surge for the New Left and NSWP could be slowing down. After the Alliance took minimal losses in a terrible election for the establishment in 4156, the Alliance hopes it can capitalize on momentum it's proposals may have brought.

However, there are two key additions to the Alliance platform from Mr. Fletcher. First, he promised to not cut the military, citing "a growing international stability, both in Artania and across the globe. The Alliance sees it necessary to keep defense spending where it is to insure that we are safe". The second is a pledge to keep the nation's current tuition loan policy, established in 4140s. Other than that, it was the normal Alliance affair, moderate corporate taxes, hybrid economy, and introduction of private schools. The party also wants to reintroduce some federalism with libraries and other small programs.

The party now turns to the general election. With hopes high for a possible comeback, many delegates shouted 1/6th or bust, a slogan originating from 100/600 seats before the legislature voted to expand the seat count to 750. Many in the hall that evening felt that it was a reachable goal this time around.

Debate Gets Heated Over Same-Sex Adoption Ban
Assemblywoman Stephanie Perkins, Alliance, debating Assemblyman John Kenway, NSWP, over the Purity Act's ban on same sex adoption

Jan 3rd, 4159- Debate in the Assembly got heated today, as Assemblywoman Stephanie Perkins got into a passionate debate with Assemblyman John Kenway on the Assembly floor. The controversy, a provision of the NSWP's Purity Act which would restrict adoption to heterosexuals only. The NSWP defended the provision as "[protecting] the pschycological well being of our children". Once debate began, tension boiled over in the Alliance Assemblywoman after a comment from Mr. Kenway

K(enway): Two MEN being able to adopt a child and act as mother and father isnt going to affect them negatively ?

P(erkins): Mr. Speaker I'm sorry but I cannot listen to this homophobic nonsense coming from the nationalists. We have plenty of evidence pointing towards there being no effect on children when they are raised by same sex parents. Just because their family is different than yours, it doesn't make it any worse of a family.

K: You may argue with facts just so it can fit in your little bubble of social justice warrior lies,but National Socialism is above such rubbish

P: From what I got from that incoherent drivel, Mr. Speaker, is that the National Socialists are either denying facts to fit their agenda, or they're in their own bubble of "facts" that conform to their homophobia. I'll tell you what is fact, children living under same sex parents have no negative consequences resulting from them being under same sex-parents. I also have to ask the gentleman, Mr. Speaker, is it better for a child to have a home and be cared for by parents that love them, rather than be abandoned in a foster home? Clearly, the answer to that question is yes.

After the incident, LGBT rights groups began to fall in love with Mrs. Perkins. To them, it marked the first time in while that someone in the legislature actually stood up to an anti-LGBT bill, rather than the normal vote-downs. The incident has also garnered some attention to Mrs. Perkins, who was already invited to speak at an LGBT rally in March as a "keynote ally".

However, the Assemblywoman did warn the community to not get too optimistic.
While this bill looks set to fail, there are deeper trends at work. A major right-wing force is now encroaching on your rights as LGBT citizens, and that force is the largest party in the assembly. Your rights are on a tower of blocks, and the NSWP is at the base, trying to take out the bottom block. You may have those rights, but be warned, for they rest on a foundation of cloth held up by twigs. Both the LGBT community and its straight supporters must keep fighting for a future where we no longer have to worry about reactionaries and bigots taking away your rights.

With the bill facing opposition from most parties, it looks like it will not pass. However, for LGBT people, the fight drags on, even though the offense has morphed into the defense.
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