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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:01 pm
by Garrmactad
National Progressive Convention 4194
Former Minister Lexi Cunningham giving her speech.
Lastweek the NPP held it's National Convention, and it also held it's 17th Chairmanship Election (Usually held every 3 Years) where Utamuro won re-election soundly. Before the Party voted for it's nominee, multiple members of the party spoke including,
    Former Minister Lexi Cunningham
    Former Minister Aldo Pratt
    Deputy Chair Jay Newton
    Congressional Leader James Nye
    MC James von Bondeu
    MC Alexander Charles

After that the convention voted for it's candidate, and in a surprise to many Radicals, the BRRP once again won the support of the Party.
    Round 1: Hiroto Utamuro: 29% BRRP: 28% Marko Skandel: 23% Others: 20%
    Round 2: Hiroto Utamuro: 38% BRRP: 37% Marko Skandel: 25%
    Round 3: BRRP: 55% Hiroto Utamuro: 45%
After the voting, Party Chair Utamuro gave a speech,
The nomination of my Party, while not the best result, shall be accepted by the NPP, out of the 46 years our party has existed we have somewhat remained along the same ideals of Progressivism. One of the biggest priorities of the party will be to support actual progressives into the Presidency, and we hope many of them to be of our party. Our party's future lies to the Voters, and hopefully they'll vote for us and our fellow Leftists.

The NPP later announced it would hold it's main election night 'rally' at it's headquarters in Fort Bailon, Bailon.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:03 am
by Jordan9980_
Former President Jordan Fennessy announced his retirement in a speech directed at the nation following an unexpected loss in the last election. He had this to say about his successor, Rylan Thomas.

Rylan Thomas is a great man. He has done many great things within the party and for the people of Beluzia. He is worthy of this position, and the people of Beluzia love him. He started as a mayor in a small town in Ikar Ado and rose through the ranks. He's done it all. He is the man for the job and he is the man this nation needs.

Soon after, Rylan Thomas assumed his position as Chairman of the Beluzian Freedom Party, and renamed it "Freedom Party".

Rylan Thomas has promised 'unprecedented growth' in the economic sector as a result of what he calls 'revolutionary ideas'. He did not specify what these ideas are, promising instead to reveal them on the floor of the Beluzian National Congress.

Chairman Thomas also pledged support for the Republican Party in the elections being held this year, and 'hope[s] to crush the Radical Bloc'. He defined the Radical Bloc as any party which supports the National Progressive Party or which the National Progressive Party supports.

Thomas claims that there is an obvious divide forming in the nation today between the allied parties of the United Front and what he calls a 'clear alliance between the BRRP and NPP'; the aforementioned 'Radical Bloc', he says.

Co-Leader of the United Front, Chairman Rylan Thomas promises to fight the Radical Bloc at every chance, and hinted at further objectives which he plans to announce later this year.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:17 pm
by ManagerDan
Election Review: June 4194
By: John Williams IV
The results are in. The votes have been counted, tallied, and recorded, so ends another election cycle. Beluzia has a new president, and a new congress and we will be going over the results right now.
We will start with the Beluzian National Congress. The congress over the last few years as been in a power struggle between the United Front and the BRRP, NPP alliance. Out of the 2 the United Front ended up on top, the Republican, Liberal, and Freedom parties who make up the front hold a combined total of 313 seats while the BRRP, and NPP only secured 182 seats, unaffiliated parties, the UPB, Labour Party, and Stanton house, held the other 255 seats. The separate party results can be seen below:
Totals:Republican(Pink):138, Liberal(Dark Blue):127, UPB(gold):123, NPP(bright blue):107, Labour(Light Red): 91, BRRP(Redish-brown):75, Freedom(purple):48, Stanton House(light blue):41.
End Result: Republican majority.

Next up is the states. This has no major government effect but it is still interesting to look at. Here is the map of Beluzia with each state colored based on party.
Result: Republican Majority.

Lastly the Presidency. There were only 5 candidates for president in the first round. Sylvester Palmer(Republican)(Endorsed by: Liberal, and Freedom parties), Dame Irene Luise Ó Seanáin(BRRP)(Incumbent)(Endorsed by: NPP), Steve Lawrence(UPB), Brian Proctor(Labour), and Andrew Stanton(Stanton House). The first round results were as follows: Palmer: 19,904,607(33.41%), Seanáin: 13,631,553(22.88%), Lawrence: 11,395,474(19.13%), Proctor: 8,709,381(14.62%), Stanton: 5,812,185(9.76%). In the second round the remaining candidates were, Sylvester Palmer(Republican)(Endorsed by: Liberal, and Freedom parties), Dame Irene Luise Ó Seanáin(BRRP)(Incumbent)(Endorsed by: NPP, Stanton House). The final round of votes were as follows: Palmer: 29,895,941(62.77%), Seanáin: 17,593,082(36.94). Congratulations to Sylvester Palmer for winning the election, may his presidency bring glory to Beluzia.

This election was all in all a major victory for the Republicans, and the United Front, maybe this time we wont have to wait too long to get a cabinet. Well good luck to the newly elected congressmen, and women, and to President Palmer see you next election.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:44 pm
by Garrmactad
4194: The Progressive Reaction
Yesterday Beluzia held yet another National election, and this is the Progressive Reaction.
As the Results came in many at the NPP's Headquarters grew more distasteful of the BRRP and the United-Front, even more so than before. The NPP lost 4 seats, not much change from 4 years ago. After the Results came in, Prominent Radical Hiram Webster said,
The BRRP has failed. They have once again proven they cannot win consecutively, and the Front gained seats. The voters have proven they prefer us over the BRRP, and enough is enough! We are the 4th Largest Party, yet we are constantly denied positions in the government. No longer shall we be ignored, and to prove our independence, I announce my candidacy for the Progressive Nomination for the 4198 Election, no longer shall we be 2nd hand to another party!

After that statement was made, Party Chair Hiroto Utamuro did not comment, but did hint at a possible announcement in the coming months.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:20 pm
by Jordan9980_
Shortly after the election of Republican President Sylvester Palmer, Chairman of the Freedom Party Rylan Thomas approached Congress with a request for a Declaration of War in the War of Coalitions in Rutania. In his address, he stressed the need to pick a side, and encouraged the parties of Beluzia to side with the Republican coalition which is fighting to abolish the Monarchy in the nation. After the speech, Thomas answered several questions and clarified that he was not personally requesting that Congress officially declare war, but that he was calling on President Sylvester Palmer to do so.

Perhaps I was not clear in my speech. No, it is not the duty of Congressional leaders to request a Declaration of War from themselves. I was merely announcing my own desire for war and calling on the President to officially request a Declaration.

We asked him to clarify his position in the conflict, and he responded by claiming that the Royalist cause was 'disgusting' and 'must be stamped out.'

Chairman Thomas maintains that there are no options off the table yet, and he warns that conflict may be in our future.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:02 am
by Garrmactad
NPP Primaries: Mid-4195 Update
Last year after the election Hiram Webster announced his candidacy in June, months later in November Former Deputy Chair Marko Skandel announced his candidacy for the NPP nomination,
I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the party I served as Deputy Chair for 42 Years. I hope to win the Nomination, and prove our party's place as a Respectable National Party.

The race remained mostly unchanged until last week where Alexander Charles announced his candidacy,
I announce my candidacy for my party's nomination, and I intend to represent my party if I get the nomination, and to bring our message to the government.

Earlier this week when a poll was taken among party members, Skandel and Webster were separated by 2 Points and Charles trailing by 11. Whoever wins will be challenged with a hard election trail in 2 years.
    Skandel: 33% Webster 31% Charles: 20% Undecided: 16%

From top to bottom: Hiram Webster, Marko Skandel, Alexander Charles

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:00 pm
by ManagerDan
UPB National Convention: 4196
By: Sally Naughton
Union Hill-On June 23rd, at UPB headquarters, the United Party of Beluzia(UPB) held their national convention. Last year the convention was filled with drama including a Chaimanship election, but this year, although congressman Tibby Evrill called for a election, no other MCs voted in favor ending the attempt. Several speakers including, congressional leader, Jess Young, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Phill Chapman, and last year's presidential nominee, Steve Lawerence, spoke about the UPB's performance in the last election and their hopes for Beluzia in the future.
After the speeches the delegates voted for the party's presidential canidate. Here are the results:
First Round: John Fredrickson(Write-In):184(37%), Susan Florence:134(27%), Jess Young:120(24%), Steve Lawerence:62(12%)
Second Round:John Fredrickson(Write-In):204(41%), Susan Florence:171(34%), Jess Young: 125(25%)
Final Round:John Fredrickson(Write-In):298(60%), Susan Florence:202(40%).
Surprisingly, John Fredrickson was selected as the UPB's presidential canidate despite not having run directly, making him the first write-in canidate who get even a single delegate vote, let alone win. Despite the fact that Chairman Fredrickson had said we wouldn't run for president before the convention, he accepted the vote, and agreed to accept the candidacy.
This is surprising to me, when I arrived at this convention I thought I would only need to make a speech and manage the proceedings of the convention. However, the people of this party wanted me to run so bad that they even took the time to write down my name, instead of choosing one of the candidates listed on the ballot. I hope to be able to become president of Beluzia, and help this nation become greater than it already is. God bless you all, god bless Beluzia, and good night to you all I'll see you here in June, where hopefully we will celebrate my election to the presidency.

Following the Chaiman's speech the delegates voted for the parties nominees to the congrsssional seats, and announced that like last year, the UPB would be hosting an election celebration.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:26 am
by Garrmactad
National Progressive Convention 4198
MC James von Bondeu giving a speech.
Last week the NPP held it's national convention in Port Karav, Iker Ado after it held primaries in November, which resulted in no candidate receiving a Majority (251):
    Marko Skandel: 216
    Hiram Webster: 161
    Alexander Charles: 85
    BRRP: 38

In the lead-up to the convention supporters of the candidates argued over whom to support, and upon the 1st day of the convention the delegates voted as pledged, and a second round ensued and the BRRP was ruled out, and Skandel was just short of the nomination. Many supporters tried drumming up support for their candidate, and Skandel and Charles supposedly met in private and made a deal, and then in the 3rd round Skandel got the Nomination.
    Round 2: Skandel: 246 Webster: 163 Charles: 91
    Round 3: Skandel: 325 Webster: 175

This marks the 1st time in 22 years where the NPP would not endorse the BRRP's candidate. During the next 2 days of the convention multiple speakers gave speeches, and the party outlined it's agenda for the next 4 years, and the state parties decided on their candidates, and one again the party announced it would hold it's election night rally at it's headquarters once again. And yet again, it's all up to the voters to decide the fate of the party, this June.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:41 pm
by Garrmactad
4198: The Progressive Reaction
Last Week at the NPP's election night rally many cheered, even though they lost 6 seats, and as Marko Skandel puts it,
We may have lost tonight, but we sure showed them! We beat a combined BRRP and UBP by 9 points in the 1st round! This shows we're preferred, this shows we're strong! and the people selected us to represent the True Left!

Many follow his remarks as the NPP preformed well in the election, and later Party Chair Hiroto Utamuro announced that the NPP would most likely continue to run candidates, which shows a major change from the past 22 years.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:27 am
by thatcherarch
The Liberal Party Claims Victory

The air at the Liberal Party Headquarters was ecstatic on election night. The Liberal Party gained 13 seats, enough to reclaim the title of largest party. Congressional Leader Catherine Schuyler-Hamilton said...
We had our best electoral showing since 4176. It's good to see that the people are beginning to support the Liberal Party. The leadership has made the necessary changes to be competitive in Beluzia again.

The election to fill the position of Deputy Chair of the Party was held on election night. Vice President Quintana announced in January that he would step down as Deputy Chair, "after 39 years of faithfully serving on the National Executive Committee." A series of primaries were held across the country but no one candidate was able to receive a simple majority...

Round 1
Claudia Brightman: 294 (42%)
Josiah Lyman: 206 (29.4%)
Isabella Miguel: 105 (15%)
Elizabeth Thatcher: 95 (13.6%)

Round 2
Claudia Brightman: 442 (63%)
Josiah Lyman: 258 (37%)

Claudia Brightman quickly became the front runner during the primaries and received Fmr. Prime Minister Thatcher's endorsement for the second round of voting. Frm. Minister Miguel freed her delegates to vote for what ever candidate they wanted.