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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 5:39 pm
by EasyPeasy
The Beluzian Stock Market closed higher today in reaction to news from Finance Minister Vic Carter that the PPM-Liberty government seeks to implement economic liberalisation reforms in Beluzia. Private energy companies like BelEnergy have weighed in to the optimism by quickly preparing expressions of interest for the privatisation of energy in Beluzia. The bill is expected to sail through parliament in the coming weeks. Corporations were also buoyed by the news that corporation tax will see a sharp decline. "We are delighted" said CEO Terrence Ficsher. "We had thought of leaving Beluzia altogether as the taxes were becoming unbearable to our company, now we can afford to invest the money we make and hire more people". Hiring policies are also due for an overhaul under Carter's economic reform package with companies now able to hire who they like without interference from the state. Mining company Digger has expressed relief at the news saying "It's great to see government stepping out of the way and letting us get on with the business of running our company". Finance Minister Carter said "Prime Minister Nakajima is a businessman. He knows the value of enterprise and the importance of it on the national economy. Which is why he had absolutely no hesitation in getting behind these proposals." Carter also said this is just the beginning of the proposed economic restructuring.

Simone Morgan
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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 9:21 am
by EasyPeasy
Environment and Tourism Minister Barry Delaney today announced plans to construct a new international airport in Beluzia. "We are looking at a number of sites and a number of proposals so far but we want companies around the world to enter this process too". Preliminary plans obtained by Beluzia Finance Today have suggested the project would be one of the largest ever attempted in Beluzia's history. Delaney admitted the cost would be high but went on to stress the importance of this project saying "We think this is incredibly important for Beluzia. It is the gateway to the rest of the world. Our present airport is simply not up to standard to meet the needs of the thousands of visitors we should be attracting." Delaney also promised to reduce the taxpayers burden on this project saying he hoped to enter a number of agreements with investors to finance a huge percentage of the project. Minister Delaney also announced plans to begin marketing Beluzia to the world. "Our beaches are some of the most picturesque in the world. Why do we not have a booming tourism industry?" An organisation called "Destination Beluzia" has also been established by Minister Delaney's department in order to coordinate governmental tourism promotion efforts. Advertising campaigns are already in the works but he was quick to stress he wanted the private sector to have a major say in driving this push. Present government policy on airports in Beluzia leans toward governmental ownership but that could all be about to change.

John Gratin
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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2018 1:20 pm
by EasyPeasy
Beluzia Finance Today (BfT) spent time with Environment and Tourism minister Barry Delaney in Union Bay. Minister Delaney played tour guide while we walked along the main promenade closely followed by his very alert bullet headed and sunglass wearing bodyguards who refused to smile. Along the way we discussed key rejuvenation projects for key Beluzian cities such as Union Bay. He pointed to a row of shops which had recently been redeveloped "investment like this is coming back to cities all across Beluzia thanks to this governments tax cuts and pro business outlook". Indeed all around us construction noise was prominent; the hammering of nails, the clank of metal poles and the buzz of machinery along with the hum of people going about their day. We walked on a little way before Delaney interrupted. "The Bay is an amazing location and could be so much more" he said as he gazed out at the sea. "Indeed this is where I proposed to my wife many moons ago" he beamed. A little further on Delaney pointed to a large building "that is going to be a brand new luxury hotel. One of the best in Union Bay. I know the owner, he shares our ambition for making Beluzia great again."

Later BfT asked Minister Delaney how plans for the new international airport were progressing. "Very well indeed, we have received a great deal of interest in this project. Developers have all said it looks to be a five year build, perhaps a little more, but the sooner we start the better." When asked where this airport would likely be located he said "just between you and me but it looks like Karavshire will be the location." We were interrupted by the loud buzz of a motorbike making its way down the street before I asked him about any protests toward his plans. "There have been a few and they seem to be gathering steam. Mostly regarding noise pollution and nobody wanting a major airport in their backyard. Other developmental problems we face concern the provision of the external infrastructure to service the airport. We don't envisage any of these problems becoming insurmountable however." Karavshire was proposed of it's location and growth ability.

"As soon as we get the airport underway we will turn our attention to Port Maylord" Minister Delaney intimated. "That area used to be a national and regional hub for goods in and out of Beluzia. Nowadays, not as much. Jobs are scarce and unemployment high. People are turning to crime and our police forces can't cope. Of course this produces a massive burden on the taxpayer. So we would like to restore that sector to it's former busy glory entertaining ships from all over Terra. I have spoken to a number of private companies, some even from overseas, who have expressed a desire to get involved but the idea is a little bit harder to sell than the airport."

Our party suddenly stopped outside a busy bakery where Minister Delaney insisted on meeting the owner who was a portly man in his late fifties. His friendly wife was serving customers nearby and was delighted to see Delaney. The warmth between the three was genuine. "I went to school with Ullone not far from here." Delaney told us "and i am still trying to get him to vote for Liberty and not the NPD!" We asked Ullone what he felt about the rejuvenation efforts in Union Bay. "It's good to see, it's long overdue but I worry about my bakery and over development not to mention increase in crime but we shall see. I don't hate it." Our party bought a number of famous Beluzian pastries which Ullone attempted unsuccessfully to refuse payment. "They are good people here." Delaney said proudly of his home town folk. "They deserve so much better."

We finished our brief tour by asking Minister Delaney about the state of Terra and how Beluzia sees itself on the world stage. "While other countries busy themselves in pointless war, Beluzia is busying itself in a much needed rebuilding effort after years of neglectful big government Socialist rule. War is not good for business or for the people who just want to get on with life and provide for families." He urged warring factions to follow Beluzia's path and put energy into nation building instead. "As we say in Beluzia how can we see the sunshine when we have umbrellas up all the time?". We thanked Minister Delaney for his time soon after and parted company having felt impressed by the ambition and energy of this key Liberty Party figure. It remains uncertain however if Beluzian politics will allow him to achieve all his goals.

Simone Morgan
Beluzia Finance Today
August 4391

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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 2:38 pm
by EasyPeasy
The Beluzian Government today began rolling out a series of advertising spots aimed at promoting the country to the world. Entitled "Destination Beluzia: Let's Go!" The series of ads feature prominent Beluzian celebrities enjoying a number of activities including surfing, yoga, walking on the dunes at sunset, enjoying pina coladas and champagne, sampling the various cafes and resturants and exploring the history, sports and culture of Beluzia. The production cost Beluzia just north of 500,000 but Tourism Minister Barry Delaney told BT the cost was worth it. "Absoutely, without a doubt. We have a slick production and the boost Beluzia will get when people next want a holiday is priceless. The local economy is going to really benefit". In an election year the money spent on such a campaign is bound to be an issue but a recent poll indictated that a majority of people are behind the campaign.

George Senmore
Beluzia Today

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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 3:28 pm
by EasyPeasy
The Foreign Minister of Beluzia, Tom McKenny, has today sent out a heartfelt message of sympathy for the people of Dankuk following news
of a tornado which ripped though their country causing widespread damage and possibly very high casualties. Speaking in Congress Mr
McKenny said "our country stands by the people of Dankuk at this unfortunate time. We offer our assistance also. Our military is on
standby to deliver much needed aid and help with evacuations if necessary. Relief workers are being prepared as we speak. We have sent
out an urgent appeal via the airwaves for items required for affected citizens to survive such as drinking water, food, blankets and
medinces." BT understands that no further tornadoes are expected to batter the beleagured people of Jiangdao in the coming weeks and this
was indeed a freak storm but that situation could change in an instant. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dankuk people.

Roger Freeman
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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 9:32 am
by EasyPeasy
Liberty Party Election Advertisement

Uplifting, rallying music beings in the background.

"We've gone far together".

The female narrator talks matter-of-factly as footage of numerous industry charts showing an upward swing and tax charts showing a downward swing flash on screen.

"But we've got so much further to go".

Footage of architecutral plans and clever graphics of a rejuvenated Beluzia overlay the voice.

"It's about transport."

Footage of a bus driver helping a grateful elderly customer on to a bus. Another of someone who got to work with plenty of time to spare."

"It's about jobs."

Footage of people selling fruit and shopkeepers looking satisfied. Happy, smiling people driving their taxis, working in
factories, working in restuarants and of busy people in offices with big smiles enjoying being productive at their job.

"It's about family."

Footage of people mowing their lawns and waving to their children as they leave for school. Footage of grandparents reading to smaller children.

"It's about education."

Footage of teachers smiling while pointing to children who raise their hands enthusiastically. One leaves an apple on the teachers desk at lunch time.

The music reaches a cresendo.

"It's about you. "Vote Liberty this August to put Beluzia firmly on the map."

A big group shot of the same people featured in the footage comes on screen and says "we're voting Liberty!" all together.

A row of Beluzian flags flutter on screen as a picture of the smiling Liberty leader fades in.

"Hi, I am Neil Taylor and I endorse this message".

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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 4:10 pm
by EasyPeasy
At a press meeting outside his residence today 65 year old Neil Taylor announced he would be stepping down as leader of the Liberty Party. Flanked by his wife Harriet and two children, Isabella and Michael, he read out a statement saying "I am deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to lead Liberty for ten years. I was fortunate to have a strong team behind me. But things have to keep moving forward. It's time for a fresh approach. I want to give my successor the best possible run for the critical elections next February."

Mr Taylor announced he was very proud of the achievements Liberty have made under his leadership citing the tax cuts, infrastructure proposals and a forward thinking vision for business and families across Beluzia. When asked by a journalist what he intends to do with his time out of politics he said with a smirk "Catch up with the hockey!" Journalists laughed as they appreciated the reference to his Ice Hockey gaffe seven years ago which almost derailed his election campaign and his leadership. Mr Taylor also paid tribute to Mr Duncan Pigg who resigned as President recently, and also praised the entire Pigg family who felt he had a very good relationship with. Taylor also gave thanks to Liberty's BCP allies in general saying "their support was crucial in pushing key legislation through." Liberty insiders have said the red hot favorite for leader is current Foreign

Minister Tom McKenny, 45. His relative youth and enthusiastic embrace of Liberty's "glasnost" policy is said to have endeared him to Taylor's supporters. Vic Carter, 49, is said to be mulling a run. Barry Delaney, 56 has ruled himself out of a run completely while Amanda Herring, 50 could be considered a dark horse for her organizational ability le as Leader of Liberty Party business in Congress. Liberty stalwarts and current Ministers Les Bright, 70 and Leo Williams, 68 are said to be considering retirement. Taylor's leadership could be considered steady but unspectacular. The former accountant used his mild mannered temperament to move legislation forward and was the calm head required to rebuild Liberty after Scott Robinson's turbulent leadership. Early troubles and talk of another leadership challenge were overcome as Taylor fought two elections as leader in 4389 and 4392 and steadily increased voter share in each.

Anna Leopold
Beluzia Today
September 4395

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2018 9:57 am
by EasyPeasy
New Liberty Party leader and current Foreign Minister Tom McKenny has announced that the first soil has been turned in Karavshire as building of the new international airport begins following official signing of important documents with the Beluzian Airport Corporation, the private consortium of investors who successfully bid to bring this project to reality, last month. The construction is expected to take six years and is expected to be completed in 4402. Overall cost is said to be about b20 billion.

Mr McKenny thanked the Congress of Beluzia for supporting the Beluzian International Airport Act (Sep 4395) saying "Congress has shown a bold resolve in supporting this ambitious project. It had cross party support which just shows how, despite ideological differences, we can come together when necessary to do what is best for the Beluzia people". He also thanked the myriad of people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. "These people took the first step many years ago to bring make this a reality. Years of hard work, investigation, proposal, counter proposal." Mr McKenny also talked about the future saying. "This is a major airport upgrade for our nation. It is going to open up Beluzia to the world. More tourists and visitors means more revenue thus our economy will grow stronger. In return we get to show case Beluzian history and culture to the world."

There were a few concerns raised about noise pollution and other environmental impact of the large airport however these were overcome quickly due to the necessity of the project. Other such infrastructure projects are planned for Beluzia in the near future as it seeks to modernize to accommodate the influx of visitors.

Georgie Ventis
Beluzia Today
Jan 4396

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 8:30 pm
by EasyPeasy
The political impasse in Beluzia rumbles on with attempts by the Beluzian Prosperity Front (BPF) to form government proving to be futile. Prosperity came from the electoral wilderness to claim the presidency through the election of televangelist Dr Wewecho Pantafloja Junior who won by 0.38% beating the Kaminskiist Workers Reform Front (KWRF). They also claimed a fragile minority control over the Congress. Claims of widespread voter fraud have even been raised to explain this stunning resurgence. While others have blamed Luthori influence on this election. Popular Radio host Barnard Vargave has slammed the result saying "it's a sham. The system is rigged against the people. They think you are fools." Prosperity supporters have called this sour grapes. "Junior won. Just accept it." said one man in Iker Ado. "Long live Junior. He is a good man!" said one old woman who kissed a picture of the president while surrounded by dancing supporters who wore dark blue.

KWRF, having come agonizingly close in the presidential election and finishing 46 seats behind Prosperity are the next likeliest to form government however experts have said this will be an uphill task. Morris Meckaw, professor of politics at the University of Fort Thorne said "they would need the support of all the leftist parties and either Liberty or the Conservatives. This is not impossible, but highly unlikely. Or they could go into a coalition with their arch nemesis Prosperity which, let's face is a real long shot. There is more chance of me getting hit by lightning, twice, while holding the winning Beluzian Lottery ticket." he chuckled. When asked about other options Meckaw said "there aren't many. The only other solution is to call a fresh election."

Liberty Party leader Tom McKenny, still Foreign Minister despite his party suffering a bad reversal in the polls has said "this has to end. Either the Congress continues to recognize Conservative-Liberty as the government or we go back to the people. This can't continue for the next four years." When asked about the possibility of voter fraud McKenny said "We are looking in to this possibility. Prosperity have history when it comes to this but I don't want to speculate at this time." Mr McKenny also said he was alarmed at the way Prosperity used the military to impose a curfew so easily during the inauguration and ramped up the political rhetoric. "Not sure the president has the power to do that. In fact, i know he doesn't under the Sovereignty Clause of Article 1 of the constitution. Frankly he could be impeached for this." When asked if the newly elected president should resign McKenny responded by saying "Yes. That option would be acceptable to Liberty."

We are not sure how or when this will end but it seems that events are escalating quickly. Already angry crowds of "Junior" supporters have begun to gather in Neguina and Iliathar, key Prosperity strongholds at the last election, as it looks likely the other parties will keep Prosperity from forming government. "Where is the Prime Minister?" said one concerned resident of Negunia where the pro-Junior crowds had swelled to their largest. "He hasn't said a word" she continued. Counter protests are also taking shape across the country. These are very tough times for Beluzia. Stay tuned.

Anna Leopold
Beluzia Today
October 4396

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 3:26 pm
by EasyPeasy
Incredible demonstrations have sprung up all over Beluzia as hundreds of thousands of Reform Front, Liberty, Conservative and United Front party and many National Democratic supporters took to the streets in protest at president Dr Wewecho Pantafloja Junior's over zealous governmental style. Pantafloja is seen as a trouble-maker by many in Beluzia and this surge of opposition shows that people are fed up with the situation.

"This isn't about party politics" said Interior Minister and Conservative Party member Lamarcus Edwards as he struggled to be heard over the chanting and whistling crowd. "we all have ideological differences but this is about taking our nation back from an ultra aggressive party with a history of fraud and corruption". One United Front supporter standing next to Edwards added "we won't be turned into a militaristic police state. Never" as the crowd chanted "No Dictatorship! No BPF!". "They should be disbanded and never allowed to contest another election" one KWRF supporter wearing red said while holding a homemade "Junior Must Go" banner. Massive cheers and celebration went up around the crowd as dubious and unconfirmed reports filtered through that Junior had fled the country. Others though were angry at the news. "He needs to face the wrath of the people" said one man as he burned an effigy of Pantafloja. He needs to hang for what he has done!"

Clashes with "Junior" supporters who have staged angry demonstrations have been reported everywhere. In Negunia police have had plenty to do as Prosperity supporters have damaged cars and property. "Shops are being destroyed as masked Prosperity thugs ransack the cities" said one angry resident. Beluzia Police Chief Owen Drenger has urged everyone to stay indoors while the police mobilise to control the situation. "We have additional regular police units being deployed as well as riot police ready to retake control of the streets. Arrests will be made." he said grimly.

Prime Minister Joel Nakajima, leading a tiny minority government, has also appeared on television to appeal for calm from everyone. "Today I have met with my cabinet and police and military. This is a serious moment for Beluzia. But we need cool heads. Contrary to reports by the president Pantafloja the military is not being deployed against Beluzian citizens. There is no legal right for the president to order the military out. Only the Prime Minister can do this and we again reassure everyone that the military remain in their barracks but alert. In discussion with the Police Chief we will move quickly to round up those rogue entities who have sought to impersonate military officials and cause harm to citizens. The Beluzian National Guard are on standby to be deployed to restore order, on my order."

Liberty have called for early elections and have encouraged people to vote for the KWRF candidate as they stand the best chance of defeating Prosperity at the next election. Liberty Party spokesman Amanda Herring has said "Junior needs to step down and this election needs to happen to end the political impasse. We will see what happens from that point on. We are not handing a blank cheque to KWRF either."

The world watches and waits to see how this political plot that has citizens glued to their tv and radio sets plays out.

George Ventis
Beluzia Today
Mar 4397