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თავისუფლების პამფლეტი
The Freedom Pamphlet

Republic! Win 2/3 Majority as Future of Hobrazia Looks Up!

Republic! have stormed to success in the first fully democratic elections for a decade, taking the Presidency and the National People’s Council with over a 2/3 majority. In a night that saw Republic! take all five regions in Hobrazia, the Muscat regimes has finally come toppling down after over a decade of oppression.

The ingoing Prime Minister, Konstantine Tsintsadve, hailed the electoral result, saying that the people had demanded the return of an open and honest politics, and had mandated the Republic! party to achieve that. He said that this would begin by a full criminal investigation into the oppressive regime of Muscat and Steiner. He also talked about the need to remove power from the role of President, making sure the Head of State was purely ceremonial.

The new President echoed these words, telling the Freedom Pamphlet, “Although I understand my role is to merely be ceremonial, I am the figurehead of the free people of Hobrazia; the embodiment of the return to democracy in our wonderful country. I hope I can live up to the voters’ expectations.” Yet these comments have already been met with scorn from some Legislativists from within the Republic! party, with Internal Affairs Minister, Gogolidze stating: “Embodiment indeed. The Head of State must be abolished from our political system as it grants to much power to a single individual. These election results are amazing, but there is still a lot of work to go.”

So as Hobrazia looks forward to its first government change in over a decade, we are greeted with a time of fresh optimism and hope. It is now up to the Republic! party to deliver what the voters so desperately demanded: A free Hobrazia.
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Hobrazia Broadcasting Corporation
Shoshan warns of 'extreme' policies of Republic! Party after DNP Election Defeat

Leader of the opposition Andrew Shoshan has expressed concern about the intentions and abilities of his successor Konstantine Tsintsadve, who recently became prime minister after the DNPs humiliating election defeat. Shoshan stated that the Republic! party is potentially hazardous to Hobrazian unity and stability. The former Prime Minister pledged to hold the new government fully to account and stated that DNP cabinet ministers will only ever act to support national interests and not for the interests of the new coalition.


Although I congratulate the new prime minister on his successful election campaign, I must stress my concerns of whether his party truly represents the national interests. The Republic! party hold fanatical factions which must be diminished or dealt with, in order for unity and stability to prevail. The people can be rest assured, that the opposition will endeavour to hold the prime minister to account and will ensure the matters that the people care for are addressed by the national council.
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