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Postby SavelyYuriev » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:00 pm

Long live the Resistance!
A large group of armed civilians in Northern Pine have stood up arms against the oppression against women and other political parties.
The group, known as the Free Conservative Movement, has stood up arms with help from outside sources and will fight for their freedom and liberties to the last man.
The rebels and protestors have also clashed with the police chanting the NSDAP slogan of "Deus Le Vult!"
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Postby Govenor12 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:22 am

Pine population gets up: Proof of the danger of the NSDAP presented to the world
Solentian government answers to Istalian critizism

In the last election in Pine more than 53% of the population voted for the Vereinigte Rechte, the current party in government in Solentia and just 18% for the NSDAP. As a response to the ongoing civil unrest the huge majority of citizens in Pine who voted for the VR also started protesting against the minority which sets itself as a majority. In many occassions the supporters of the NSDAP were encircled by the far greater number of VR supporters and the police and military had to seperate both groups.
In a statement local officials in Pine asked for military and police support. Recently the Solentian parliament united the police and military with the support and by suggestion of the NSDAP and now the NSDAP is feeling the full force of their own law.
The district court of Pine also ruled that "armed groups of citizens under one party banner" constitute a paramilitary, which is illegal within Solentia. As a result all bank accounts of the NSDAP were frozen and all party offices closed by the police as 50,000 soldiers, mostly conscirpts, are being delopeyed into Pine to safeguard law and order. For now 5 people have been shot as the military and police are using tear gas and rubber bullets to contain the situation but as the protesters also used life bullets the military fired back and contained the protests to a small area in Northern Pine. However most experts doubt that the guns are coming from outside as all Solentian borders are highly fortified and the gun laws in Solentia are extremly liberal.
Police officials said that the think the violent part of the protests can be contained within the next two weeks while stressing the right of protesters to protest peacefully.

Police officers on the streets in Pine

Menawhile in parliament the First Soldier presented various evidence for the anti-democratic character peace-threatening of the NSDAP and the Konservative nasjonalister av Solentia. Both parties will be affected by a new law, which forbids them to use or aquiere government information. The First Soldier moved on
All of the following laws were proposed by the NSDAP and the Konservative nasjonalister av Solentia:

http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583823
http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583810
http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583732
http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583847
http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583654

As you can see, ladies and gentelmen, both parties want to develop nuclear capabilities and special conventional capabilities which esepcially threaten Istalia at an unprecedented scale. Furthermore the
Konservative nasjonalister av Solentia abstained on the friendship agreement with Istalia (http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=583634), and threfore it is our sincere believe that they want to use these new capabilities against Istalia. But we will not allow this. We have made promises to Istalia and will keep them regardless of dangerous radicals.We have also numerous statements from within both parties that they want a far less closer relationship with Istalia and world domination for Solentia.

The secretary of the First Soldier giving a speech before the Senat to emphasize the points of the First Soldier before the parliament

However, as the tension grows the silent second coup of the military after the last election becomes evident and is seemingly threatning the newly aquiered arms supply by numerous Istalian companies. So far new contract of more than 200 billion Solenar have been placed with Istalian arms companies over the aquisition of new state of the art equipment.
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Postby SavelyYuriev » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:53 pm

Alban Bahr II, Leader of the NSDAP, Condemns the Rioteers
Due to the fact that we want a peaceful compromise with the ruling party; we do not support the rioteers.
We want a peaceful resolution between our parties and we are trying that.
But, if the Vereinigte Rechte continues on their path this will not be possible.
To the accusations from the Vereinigte Rechte; we want friendly relations with Istalia. We voted yes to the Istalia agreement. WE are not radicals; we just want the people to have more freedoms and equality between men and women.
We will fight the VR peacefully and with our words. There may only be five of us in Senate; but, we will get the other parties to join us. We encourage the rioteers to go to more peaceful methods of protest; such as boycotts, strikes, and walkouts. For, Deus Le Vult!
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Postby Govenor12 » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:25 pm

The empire strikes back: First Soldier announces sweeping reform

Within three weeks most parts of Pine were liberated from a number of violent protesters and civil-war like situation resulting in more than 2000 arrests for breach of the peace, arson, intimidation, and estimated death toll of 367 people in Pine alone, mostly among members of the NSDAP. Even during the general election, which under close guard of the military resulted in a resounding victory for the VR, the fights continued in 4 munipalities across Pine.
Experst agree that the civil unrest is expected to end fairly soon as the First Soldier is ordering the use of artillery and strong-air support. Alhtough the most conventional systems of the Solentian army are still outdated the outnumbered and completly surrounded rebels are crumbling.

Image Image
Air strikes by the Solentian air force

Menawhile police and army arrested numerous members of the NSDAP across the nation while the Konservative nasjonalister av Solentia and the First Conservative League quickly crumbeled under the arrest of their leading members.

The number of arrests are unclear but experts estimate the number to around 4000 but this number might easily double as the First Soldier also announced that the military, administration and justice system as well as the border troops shall receive a clean sweep to find those who allowed the supply of weapons to the NSDAP with a first wave of arrests in state organs and military being estimated at around 1700 people while making it mandantory for civil servants to become member of the VR within a period of time.

Some of the leading members escaped to the Dolgavian Socialist People's Councils and the justice minister already presented a formal request for extradition for Alban Bahr, Thomas Motte, Wolfgang Riemenschneider the Third,Thomas Cooke for their suspected involvement in the supply of weapons to rebels of the NSDAP. Most of the arrest warrents nationwide were issued under close watch by the military which not only put the president under house arrest but also closely guards important government buildings with the help of the police and conscipts which have been called up in support. Those warrents are being mostly aimed towards former members of the three parties.
This third silent coup within a few years also seems to hurt the VR as it is now being seen only as an agent for the military and security establishment.

One of the many mass arrest by the Solentian Security Forces

The necessary laws shall be quickly reaffirmed by the Senat to allow the First Soldier to declare a state of emergency and to reaffirm the actions by the administration and military while the mandantory concentration of gays, lesbians, transgenders and non-heterosexual persons into work camps is to be abolished and a select committe began with its work on a citizens rights charta and sorces close to the First Soldier confirm that he is thinking about a general amnesty for all as he made clear that simple, normal former party members of the three parties in question shall not be prosecuted. He seems to simply aiming at the top, however some experts believe that a second wave of arrest might be around the corner might be around the corner if the First Soldier will soon become President and Prime Minister and party leader and head of all forces.

It is our intention that all the suspects receive a fair trail.
commented the justice minister
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Postby Axxell » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:57 pm

Alleanza Radicale (Radical Alliance) - Istalia (Active)
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Postby Govenor12 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:32 pm

State of emergency declared: First trails begin: Bahr and Motte arrive in Solentia

After the recent civil upraising the First Soldier declared a state of emergency across the region of Pine and 24 towns across Solentia to reestablish law and order across the nation and fight continuing squabbles between the last remainders of the fled opposition and government units.Most of the country is continuing normally.

Since the end of the fighting in Pine the military and police arrested an additional 3000 people across Solentia and an additional 4500 people in the civil service, mostly judges who were quickly exchanged by loyal party members of the VR as the rest of the civil service was. According to the new law every civil servant and member of the judical branch of government must be member of the VR and as it seen as the political face of the army this has wide implications.

The first soldier, Martin Freiherr zu Rosstein-Pine, was elected as party leader of the VR to strengthen the FS further with a record 100% of all delegates.
The First Soldier is nevertheless cautious to prevent further sudden movements in the Solentian currency which has devalued by more than 13% since the depature of the opposition and makes it even harder for the government and companies to import necessary goods. As a result the government intends to link the Solentean with the Istalian national currency and to increase the interest rates.

Independent human rights watchdogs estimate that up until now more than 24,000 people have been arrested and 5000 court cases already finished (the majority of them ended with death penalty for the accused) and are held under the state of emergency regulations in work camps or prisons where they are used towards the extension of the Solentian motorway project. The new influx of cheap labour has been welcomed by the minister for infrastucture and he was optimistic that all deadlines can be met.

First works already have begun for the under-capital tunnel which lets pass the Trans-Majatran motorway system under the capital

The two main accused Alban Bahr I and Thomas Motte ( former opposition leaders) arriving in Metopantum for their trail: Both went straight to the magistrate to determine whether further custody before the official hearing would be necessary: The court confirmed that. The official hearing is set to start in a month.

Dear ladies and gentelman,

let me just respond to the latest ideas of our Istalian friends: We have a constitutional court, codified opposition rights and a bank secrecy which protects the rights of the people. We are also in the process of discussing the introduction of codified law for every citizen. Most countries in the world do not enjoy these codified institutions and if I remember rightly the Istalian side also used measures to fight terrorism in their country. We were faced with armed rioters. Again: Armed rioters. What should I have odered my soldiers to do?
That's why the state of emergency is necessary until law and order can be safeguarded with normal measures again but I am confident that as the court processings across the country continue we will gradualy see less need for a state of emergency and evetually military prescence in the streets.
However we are deeply disturbed that the Istalian government claims on the one hand to support mediation and peace between the groups in Solentia but on the other hand supports the newly elected government of Dolgava with a free trade agreement and military coopertation while exactyl the same Dolgavan government advocates for a new civil war in Solentia: http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=584064
In my view this makes our emergency measures even more sensable and necessary while we also thank the Istalian opposition for their clear words: It was and will never be the intention of Solentia to be on the other side than Istalia and that's what this coup was all about: To protect Istalia from a nuclarized Solentia. And finally most of the laws which Istalia crizises were passed fifty years ago: What exactly has changed that the Istalian side now suddenly discoveres these critical laws.
Let me also reassure the world: We will simply not allow that this country ever becomes a communist refuge again nor will I allow this country to be dragged down the path to anarchy.

Military rearmement and reform continue: White paper praised: Arms procurement under threat

While the first 30 modern Istalian fighter jets arrived in Solentia the Istalian government vetoed any further and new armement contracts between Solentia and Istalia. This amounts to a gigantic blow to the military establishment which desperatly needs new equipment for its land army. The general feeling in Solentia is now that Istalia must be seen as a non-reliable partner for arms procurement and therefore alternative suppliers and own capabilities must be developed to ensure a constant supply of modern weapons to the army.

The Sol : First successful rocket test

Some also believe that the solution for Solentia lies in the deployment of foreign soldiers in Solentia with the construction military bases while some believe that the existing chemical and biological capabilities are enough. At the moment the Solentian army posesses 16,000 gas shells and more than 1200 biological attacking devices while the development of the first long range chemical and biological carrier system seems to show its first successes. The first 3000km long range rocket was successfully tested as the development continues.
The newly stuctured army now just has around 250,000 soldiers while building heavily upon well-trained conscripts. The real bottleneck however remain the technology and equipment.
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Postby Govenor12 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:06 am

Bahr and Motte sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labour: Reorientation of the Solentian foreign policy considered
Despite the latest win of the Istalian opposition: Solentia might sets sails into other directions

The sudden stop of the weapons export from Istalia into Solentia has provoked an enomours outcry among the military leadership and general administration. The feeling is that Solentia quickly needs new allies as Istalia is building up alternative routes of sea transport of transport depriving Solentia of its position as an important transit country.

In two strong worded notes of protests and the summoning of the Istalian ambassador the First Soldier and Foreign minister made it clear that the possible stationing of Dolgavan troops in Istalia will not be tolerated and constitutes a serious breach of the friendly relationships. The second hotly-debated issue was the question of the new sea terminals. Additionally it is rumored that the government prepares a total cosing down all of transport into Istalia should the project commence as planned.

We are open towards the project of the Istalian government gives us a 50% share on the Autostrade del Mare S.p.A company. Furthermore I asked my minister for infratsucture to check the possibilities of construction a channel between the two seas of Solentia and two new ports, capable of handling all necessary goods and services. All these initatives of the Istalians come at the time when our relationship is already constrained. I hope that the new government can give us signals of some kind of detente.
My first signal was the passage of the Human Rights Charta and I intend to hand over the administration into the hands of politicans during the next five years.

First Soldier watches his soldiers

As the state of emergency is being extended to the whole of Solentia the number of arrestes declined as the number of officiall announced death sentences jumps to 13,000 with 4700 cases still being stuck in the courts. Human Rights Experts estimate that three or four times that amount of people has been killed during night raids or through general abusive behaviour.

First protests against Military government commence: 30,000 people participate despite SoE regulation
Police and soldier respond with deesclation tactics

Despite clear odereds by the First Soldier more than 30,000 people participated in protests against the government in the region of Nord, a majority left-wing province. The protests as for now is completly peaceful and the demans are very simple:

We demand the end of this military dictatorship. We demand free and fair elections and we demand that the state of emergency ends now! We demand that the chemical and biological weapons programm must end now and we have to orientate ourselves at the shining light of freedom: Istalia!
Down with this government, down with opression.

The police and military summoned 50,000 additional men in the province and disarmed all communication facilities across the province. Additional blood reserves and bandage material has been ordered for the hospitals in the province in case of civil unrest. The government emphasies that the protest must remain peaceful.
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Postby Govenor12 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:56 pm

Government reaches out to Istalian government: Uncertainty remains
While the First Soldier prepares everything for escalation: An open hand remains

Soldiers and conscripts of the Solentian army finished preperations to close down all traffic and rail routes into Istalia and the general border. The plans are ready and all necessary infratsucture is on stand by to execute the border closure: In a first step goods and people destined for Istalia would be cleared by costums and immigration only two hours a day while construction material would not be cleared by costums at all. In a second phase, the border would be closed down entirely.

The expected traffic disruptions are to be massive and Solentian authorities are organizing food and drinks and sleeping accomdations for drivers. For now the border officers are only expected to go slow. The Istalian ambassador was again summoned by the First Soldier to talk about the three main points of critizism towards Istalia:
The maritime highway, the Istalian-Dolgavan treaty of friendship which would allow the arch-enemy of Solentia Dolgava to station troops in Istalia and finally the stoppage of arms exports by Istalia.
The first soldier made it clear that Istalia still being regarded as main friend but not under the present conditions and offered deepened cooperation like a joint electricity grid and a joint motorway system.

Today, we have published a 300 billion SOL weapons tender for new standard equipment for our army and asking all countries to participate. This 300 billion tender over the next five years intend to buy 3000 modern tanks and 100 fighters and 50 bombers as well as 3000 new artillery and rocket launchers, capable of launching biological and chemical weapons.
commented the spokesman of the First Soldier while the government also invites many nations to build their military bases in Solentia.

Army ends riots in Nord
400 dead: many thousands injured

Solentian soldiers acted strongly and without mercy towards the demonstrators under the SoE regulations. More than 400 unarmed protesters died when soldiers opened fires into the crowd and used teargas as well as rubber bullets to contain the protests. More than 12,000 people were arrested i hastily build prison camps within a week across the region. More than 3,000 people were hospitalized with a high dark figure. Opposition leaders strongly critizsed the ongoing violence and demanded to end the SoE immidiately.

Solentian soldiers taking positions near the newly errected prison center for the demonstrators
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