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Postby Govenor12 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:19 pm

Borders closed: use of lethal weapons authorized: voltage doubled
The iron fist of the military is determind to maintain order: thousands are expected to be in hospital and 1200 dead

In accordance with the state of emergency the army together with the border forces and the police sealed off the all transit points between the Solentian republic and Istalia to ensure no illegal immigrants may enter Istalia. The transit of all goods is also stopped until the situation can be calmed and to allow the authorities to check every vehicle and train for illegal scum, causing massive traffic disruptions and chaos along the border. According to some refugees the authorities were being supported by Miltia from another county. Rumors claim this to be Kazulian citizens.

In doing so the three branches of the state used extensive violence in the form of machine guns, teasers and gas (tear and mustard) to stop the human migration while calling up an additional 20,000 conscipts to hold the line. Despite the best efforts a group of at least 200 people broke through a southern smaller checkpoint at the border. The checkpoint was quickly bombed by modern Istalian made airplanes to make the checkpoint impassable. Along the border sections were covered in gas which the wind also carried into Istalian territory.
The voltage of the errected border fence was doubled and is now being considered deadly even for grown men causing some power outages in the border regions. All self-shooting devices along the border also seem to work causing deaths in the hundreds. The police is estimated to hold at least 3200 alleged illegal migrants in custody.

A hastily improvised refugee prison on Solentian side

This is the moment we have prepared our border for for so long. We will wash away these elements at the border and we will show that we have the safest border in terra.
commented the section commander of the Istalian border.

State of emergency lifted in Pine, Nord and Winterhold: Fear of Highest Court looms
The military announced its intention to make the transformation away from military administration to civil administration by the beginning of 4480

Under intense pressure from even within the VR and from international investors (the SOL devalued by 12% during the last year) and the looming Highest Court of Justice ruling on the legitimacy of the state of emergency the First Soldier announced the end of the SoE in all parts of the country except a 100-kilometer zone inland across the Istalian border and confirmed his intention to reshuffle the cabinet to give civil politicans a place as well while stepping down as head of state.

The current ongoing refugee crisis will be my last act as president. One last time I will show the Solentian public that order will be safeguarded anywhere in this country but I will remain head of government and will reappoint myself again as First Soldier shortly before the next election. The state of emergency will be ended as soon as the migrant crisis is being finished and the border can be retransfered back to a normal siuation.
The situation is very simple: The military will never accept a communist or socialist revolution. We demand and represent order and therefore we will hold the next election without a state of emergency because we can and our country is stable.
For that purpose we will stop everyone trying to exit Solentia without the proper permissions by the authorities any I maself will visit the border to support my men in their hard duty.
First Soldier

Meanwhile the Highest Court is expected to hear a case about the ongoing state of emergency. The plaintiff argued that the state of emergency is not necessary and should be ended by the courts decision. As yet is not clear how the judges decide but it could go either way according to some experts.

Terras greatest aiport to be build: Environmental concerns seem to count nothing: Metopantum First Soldier Int. Airport
In an attempt to balance out Istalians latest transport initative parliament provided money for a gigantic aiport project

The specifications of the new airport are gigantic:

six runways (4100m*45m)
a capacity of 250 million passangers per year and
1,500,000 m2 (16,000,000 sq ft) indoor area
185 aircraft jet bridges
5 terminal buildings, with rail access between terminals
4 technical blocks
1 air traffic control tower
9 ramp control towers
A 6,500,000 m2 (70,000,000 sq ft) apron with 600 aircraft parking capacity
VIP Lounges
Cargo and general aviation terminals
State palace
Indoor and outdoor parking with a capacity of approx. 70,000 cars
Aviation medical center
Aircraft rescue and firefighting stations
Garage buildings
Convention centers
Power plants
Water treatment and waste facilities
an own cargo city with a total cargo handling capacity of around 7 million tons per year (300,000 square meters)

The new airport is planned to be finished by 4490 together with the upgraded rail and road network.
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Postby Govenor12 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:51 pm

State of emergency ruled to an end: use of force continues: border reopened
Despite the ongoing violence along the border traffic between Istalia and Solentia moves again

In a sensational ruling the Highest Court of Justice ruled that the State of Emergency has to end everyhwere in Solentia except a 50 kilometer zone inland along the border with Istalia. The court also emphasized that using the SoE as instrument against political opponents was against the original intention of the constitutional amendment. The judges also underlined that ordinary measures are suifficent to safeguard law and order in most parts of the country.

As a result the military and police prescence was reduced across the country and the cabinet summoned following the big reshuffle which only leaves the First Soldier at the top of the government and the defence minister as the only minister coming from the military establishment.
The First Soldier intends to stand again before the voters at the the next election saying
I am still loved by the majority of the people.
under a renamed and repackaged party: Bündnis der Vereinigten Konservativen. The repacked and revamped VR will be full legal predecessor of the old VR

The border situation caused an additional 200 deaths among the refugees as well as 2500 arrests and many more injured people which were deported back to internal Solentia. The traffic slowly begins to move again while there is still heavy congestion.

Traffic situation at the Istalian-Solentian border
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Postby Vanderpool » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:23 am

Social Democrats claim huge success

As the election night comes to an end, the Social Democrats are enjoying their comeback into Solentian Senate.

After years of abscence, Social Democrats gained over 21% of the popular vote resulting in 16 seats.
Matthew Sinclaire, leader of SD, thanked all the voters and congratulated all the new Senate members.

My fellow Solentians
Before the elections we created an exceptional momentum and today this momentum paid off.
I am happy to announce that Social Democrats are back in the Senate!
By working everyday we persuaded over 21% of voters and gained 16 seats!
We are going to fight for prosperity and economy that works for all.
Thank you and good night!

Experts say that this result could be a game-changer.
Together with Solentian Democratic Socialist Party they now control over 50% of the Senate. They cannot amend the constitution but definitely can change a lot of policies.

Social Democrats celebrating their electoral success.
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Postby Govenor12 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:26 am

First victory for the new BDL: Counter-attack starts
BDL lost the majority but refuses to give in

The BDL won a case before the Highest Court of Justice when the SD tried to pass a self-proposed budget, while the constitution clearly states that only the finance minister can propose a budget. Many more SD- bills did not find the majority approval of the Senat and were voted against by a clear margin. A parliamentarian select committe is being discussed to find out where the money for the SD comes from and whether laws were broken.
On the other hand proposal for a new treaty with Istalia are being discussed. The under secretary for foreign affairs confirmed that the suggestion by the Istalian side are being discussed and reviewed.

For the time being I do not see the need for another military coup. Things seem to level out.
commented the First Soldier and head of government and leader of the BDL.

The election result is widely seen as evidence for a deep rift in the Solentian society. The only region where the left parties were clearly ahead was Nord
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Postby Govenor12 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:34 pm

Army takes defensive positions around the capital: Transfer of power to be resisted
In the wake of a change in government in Solentia the Solentian army quickly act to ensure its positions

After decades of BDL-rule, in which all members of the civil service had to become members of the BDL and the BDL infiltrated army and police and intelligence agencies. These networks now seem to pay out as loads of weapons, also weapons of mass destructions end up in the BDL loyal province of Pine with thel help of the military infrastucture. Many members of the military and police establishment fear for their influence and positions should the current government press ahead with their proposed changes.
The proposed huge cuts into the military establishment seem to worry most members of the military leadership and although a coup is not on the table most documents are in the process of being destroyed and they prepare themselves for a civil war starting from Pine.

Together with the cuts in the army and the police by more than 20% we see this government as explicit enemy of the people and will ensure that this country continues to function. To achieve that I have ordered in my last hours as head of the military and police to build up the province of Pine as our retreat against this criminal government. Last time this government achieved 68% of the vote in Pine and is therefore confident to keep that province. I therefore called a state of emergency in the whole country and in the region of Pine. We call upon all countries in the world to help us in the fight against this government full of madness.

First Soldier (Position due for abolishment)

Widespread strikes in the police and military are being reported and developments are happening.

First Soldier loyal soldiers taking position along the border of Pine. Mass-arrests are bieng reported in Pine by the army and police against central-government loyal officials.
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Postby Uhtred » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:33 pm

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Conservatives Ousted Leftist Infiltrators

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Wed May 08, 2019 4:42 pm

Metapontum Solentia,


Heidi Fjelstad the current president (as of 4571) announced that the only 1-month regime of the Leftists as over and she claimed that the Conservative Coalition, Right Wing Nationalist Party, Order Party and Military Nationalist Party had beaten them back sending them out of the country. The Socialists while in power attempted to bypass laws, create a Socialist State and they supported Communism. The Conservatives didn't like this at all and so they fought tooth and nail to stop them. It worked!!! Hiedi said, "Let us hope for peace in our time, A time where Socialism and Communism have no place".
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