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Postby Yolo04 » Mon May 14, 2018 9:14 pm

Republican Readers Newspaper
Democracy Destroys Dictators
April 3rd,4393
Party Secretary Vists Lourenne
Bonifaco Manuelo Limcuando speaking to millions over the air
Today Party Secretary, Bonifaco Manuelo Limcuando,travelled to the Republic of Lourenne and met with several important men including the Minister of Defense for Lourenne, Josef-Henry De Lisle, and Minister of Foreign Affairs for Lourenne, Madeline LaCroix. He then went to the capital of Lourenne, Eroncourt and gave a speech on national television in part due to government requests. He proclaimed the following:
People of Lourenne I encourage you too look upon Dankuk more often than I’m sure many of you do. Many of you forget we exist and when you do remember, you remember it as a aggressive nation. Although I am not denying that Dankuk has historically been aggressive,we are so much more than that. We are a place of learning and culture. However I believe that we are being held down from joining with other nations in Dovani and becoming great,such as Lourenne and Kazulia. It is due to our government. Our government is a monarchy built upon “the will of god”. Well I believe that god did not choose the empress. I don’t believe he did anything with Dankuk. I believe they lie about there “god wills it” claim and instead have been using it to remain in power. I think it is time we remove the dictator of Yoon Jin and instead push for a republic. A place governed by the people. However there is one issue with this. Yoon Jin has the military and police in her pocket. They’ve already arrested many members of our party for “treason”. There is nothing treasonous about wishing for self rule. It is tyranny in Dankuk and the people suffer. Not only that but the people who haven’t been arrested or killed by police in our party have been harassed and threatened with arrest or death. I ask the people of Lourenne to help us in our time if need and assist the Republican Party in making the land of Dankuk glorious and Republican again! God bless Lourenne and god bless you!

Even though he required the use of a translator the people in the audience were moved to tears,anger or both. He was then met with a wave of cheers and applause. He has stated he will remain in Lourenne to continue talking to the Lourenne government.
We will continue to update you.
Republican Party to Hire Multiple Private Military Contractors
Picture of Private Contractors in there equipment
Today the Republican Party Board of Defense of the People have announced it will employ several private military contractors. These contractors have been tasked with three things according to the Board of Defense of the People:
1)Defend members of the Republican Party and the People’s Socialist Party,an ally of the Republican Party.
2)Defend the Interests of the Republican Party
3)Fight against any unauthorized arrests or corrupt arrests
This has sparked multiple reactions within Dankuk
The Conservative Party has stated that this:
This hiring of private defense contractors is a paramilitary which the Inperial Senate Denied the Republican Party to form. This breaks the law and we will arrest all who participate with the Republican Party

However the Republican Party has stated that:
This purchasing of military contractors is necessary and does not require approval from the government. Any attempt to arrest our members illegally will be stopped by our private soldiers

We will continue to update you
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Re: Dranian News (단국뉴스)

Postby Nasania » Thu May 17, 2018 11:41 pm

Republican(Gonggeugdang) plot foiled| Plotters exiled by Empress Yoon-Jin
(OOC:Backdated to January 20, 4394)
Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi

Empress Taeyang Yoon-Jin

It has been a Turbulent past 3 years, but today we are glad to announce that the crisis is over as Coup plotters associated with the Gonggeugdang were exiled by Empress Yoon-Jin for treason. Shortly, afterwards the Gonggeugdang itself disbanded. In the subsequent days the Imperial-Conservative Coalition proceeded to re-establish the Lese Majeste Law formally declaring the Head of State an apolitical office and defining assault against the Empress and her family as assaults against Dankuk. A new Cabinet was also formed with The Conservatives' Melanie Park becoming the new Yeonguijeong replacing Hwangje Min-ah. Immediately the new cabinet has begun a plan to reinvigorate Dankuk's Diplomatic edge.

Plans for new Cathedral and temples to be built | Plans for Imperial Centennial Drawn up
November 2, 4394 Sinsudo, Ulbrach

Sketch of a cathedral design proposed

In a surprise move the Imperial Tradition Party has announced plans to build a Hosian cathedral dedicated to Hananim in Sinsudo and has asked the nation to give thanks for the defeat of the coup. In addition many Temples are to be built in Taeyangsudo, Sudowon, Seongtaek and other cities throughout the Empire. It has also been revealed that this initiative is due to the fact that a member of the Royal Family is of the Hosian Faith, but it is at this time a state secret who is the member in question.

Also ongoing are plans to begin construction on the project to celebrate the Imperial Centennial. It is uncertain what will be featured during the festivities but it is expected it will be attended by many Foreign Dignitaries, particularly Sekowo.
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Re: Dranian News (단국뉴스)

Postby Nasania » Mon May 21, 2018 3:21 am

Lady Elizabeth Kong awarded title | Order of the Chrysanthemum formed
November 1, 4394 Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi
(OOC: Written with input from Operator of Conservative Party-dharr001)

Elizabeth Kong greeted by a Daenist attendee

The Imperial Palace has awarded the title "Lady Protector of the throne" upon former Prime Minister Elizabeth Kong, for her great service through the decades to the Empire. Elizabeth Kong has been a close aide to the Empress through the years and first entered politics as Taeyang the Great was gradually relinquishing power to her daughter Empress Yoon-Jin, and Lady Kong served as Yeonguijeong 4344 to 4363. She led major efforts to root out corruption and improve quality of life of the citizenry and reigning in rouge members of the bureaucracy. Lady Kong would later enter service of Empress Yoon-Jin as her Personal Aide and continues in that post to this day.
She has also been granted entry into the esteemed Order of Chrysanthemum for her years of dedicated service.

Dankuk invests in Geothermal Energy
October 11, 4395 Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi

Dankuk has launched a new initiative to build up Dankuk's energy sector by investing in Geothermal energy.

According to Trade Ministry, the country is increasing its investment into Geothermal by at least 5 Billion DRA and plans to raise renewed energy portfolio by 5% by the 45th century.

One Company in Particular-The Taeyang Electric Power Company founded by Hwangje Jun-So, is cashing in on the opportunity and has unveiled plans of Geothermal cars, ships, trains etc. The CEO of the company had this to say on the matter:
The geothermal power industry is entering a new era of growth with the push toward clean, reliable energy sources and game-changing technologies that may allow for the extraction of important minerals. Today we will capture the citizens of Dankuk, Tomorrow,
The world!

Officials said regions in Eljang were found to have the optimal conditions for generating geothermal electricity, with some reaching 180 degrees Celsius at a depth of three li.

Example of a prototype Geothermal Car, The Sinyi, Spirit 1.

Imperial Senate passes Law mandating State Approval for all Foreign Business Contracts
October 11, 4395, Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi

Recently, The Imperial Senate has voted 187 yea to 68 nay in favor of regulating foreign investments in National Companies. From now on Foreign Multinationals will have to obtain written permission from the either the Office of the Yeonguijeong and/or the Foreign Ministry. This move is seen as a necessary measure to improve Security of the Empire.

Scientists discover ancient "Supervolcano"
December 25, 4395 Seongtaek, Hyonggi

Scientific Team led By Dr. Lee

Dankuk is certainly home to many beautiful natural features, one has alarmed residents of Hyonggi more than usual and that is presence of what scientists call a Supervolcano which is defined as a volcano that erupts more than 1000 cubic li and is level 7 on Volcano explosivity index. Jungang Mountain which is one of the most picturesque mountains in the world is also a dormant Volcano and has erupted millenia ago in the past. Some in the country believe the volcano could pose a threat if it ever erupted, though it is unlikely the volcano will erupt anytime soon.

Others, in some odd train of thought, think its explosivity can be used for defense purposes. In his landmark paper, eccentric scientist Dr. Lee Yeon outlined possibility of using well placed explosives, hydraulic fracturing, and a massive Pressure Engine(OOC:Sterling Engine) to produce an eruption in the volcano. Most accredited Scientists dismiss idea citing that "Volcano has to be primed first before making it ready to fire and that's not even accounting for the amount of energy to make it 'go boom', and the destruction to our own homeland notwithstanding. This is taking Scorched Earth a bit far. He is clearly Mad."

However, despite the criticism, 'Mad' Dr. Lee is determined to realize his dream of "enlisting the sacred volcano in the Imperial Army" and is working to solve the problem of how to set the volcano off and has built an independent research facility on the side of volcano to study it in person. General Park of Imperial Armed Forces, has no desires of entertaining such ideas of "blowing up our natural and sacred scenery" and says its better to ask Taeyang the Great to set it off if needed as she's a kami and "has the appropriate authorization to look into such matters".
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Postby dharr001 » Tue May 22, 2018 6:40 pm

100 Years Since the Start of a New Era for Dankuk

Today the empress addressed her citizens and the world on a remarkable day for our country

Dear Citizens of Dankuk,

This year we celebrate 100 years of the since the new dynasty of Dankuk. The new dynasty marked a start of an era of hope and joy after removing the tyrant.

My mother shaped Dankuk in many ways and I hope I have managed to the same

This is a time to celebrate the achievements of Dankuk in all its glory. Many foreign countries such as Sekowo have been invited to these celebrations as without them we would not be in such a great place as we are now

As well as this, I will be offering residents to families involved in the success of freeing Dankuk for their bravery

I hope you enjoy these celebrations and take time to remember those who got us to this position

Long live Dankuk!

Yoon Jin
Empress of Dankuk

We hope to see the good time continue for as long as possible
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Re: Dranian News (단국뉴스)

Postby Nasania » Sun May 27, 2018 2:02 am

Dankuk Celebrates the Imperial Centenary
(OOC:Backdated as Real life was busy)
Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi
November 5, 4397

Monarchists gather in Taeyangsudo to celebrate Centenary

Celebrations in the capital of Taeyangsudo were underway, with a grand ceremony involving 770 men being ordained as Sindo Priests outside the Shining Sun Palace as Dankuk celebrates 100 years of Taeyang Dynasty.

Empress Yoon-Jin

The celebrations commenced with a speech and rare appearance by Empress Yoon-Jin who awarded residence to certain families for heroism and honour for their services to the Empire.

People holding candles and sing a song honoring Empress Yoon-Jin during a ceremony in Taeyangsudo

The Grand Imperial Union of Dankuk(alernatively Dankuk Daejeguk, Great Empire of Dankuk) was established by Empress' mother in 4297 after 7 years of tyranny under God-Emperor Hong Seon-Ki. Her Imperial Majesty Empress Yoon-Jin was born in 4305 and began her reign in 4350.

Sekowan President Aki Muso and Sekowan Dignitaries

Tens of thousands, including dignitaries and extended family from Sekowo, came to pay respect and get a rare chance to see the Empress. Supporters wore yellow representing the light of the Sun Kami, from whom the Empresses are said to be matrilineally descended. The Empress' power is limited by Lese Majeste Law to being a symbolic figurehead, but commanding much respect and reverence of the Empire and above slander and derisive commentary.

Yellowshirt Jeontongdang Supporters in front of Shining Sun Palace

Imperial Procession in the Capital

Palace rests serenely before Festivities begin

Investiture of the Kami becomes a National Epic
Wolgwangsudo, Eljang
March, 4398

The Taeyang Motion Pictures have released a new film-Investiture of the Kami-that has become a great hit within Dankuk, making many actors and actresses who portray the characters household names.

According to legend. Great Kami of the Sun(HaeShinnim 해신님) decided to send down her children to bring order to the world and establish first Empire. However, not all of them completed their mission for a variety of reasons and the grandchild of the Kami had to take it upon her own initiative to fulfill her sacred duty. Enjoy this thrilling modern adaptation of an adventure of Love, heroism, and power!

Actor Wang Jeon portrays Legendary Prince Yi Jeonsa of Pyeonghae

Shin Yoon-ah portrays great Shaman-queen MuDang Nyeo

Ji Min-ho plays Veteran warrior Choego
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Re: Dranian News (단국뉴스)

Postby Nasania » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:12 pm

Grand Cathedral of Hananim completed in Dankuk
Sinsudo, Ulbrach
April 19, 4403

Interior of the New Cathedral

After several years of Construction, the Imperial Government is proud to announce that the Grand Cathedral of Hananim is finished and will be ready for service soon and will open its doors on Easter Sunday.

The Project has been an ambitious one, taking up sizable portions of the Budget as the Cathedral has been furnished with the Finest Accoutrement, with Gold from places as far away as Luthori itself.

Sunlight attending the Cathedral

The decision by the government to build the Cathedral is a strange one, considering the religion of most of the Royal Family has traditionally been Sindo(Empress Yoon-Jin being head of Dankukin Branch of Sindo by virtue of descent from Sun Kami), this move has come as a surprise to many Sindo, and Hosian practitioners.

It has long been rumored that one of the royals is secretly a Hosian, the identity of whom is a closely guarded secret privy only to upper echelons of the State, and is rumored that this is part of reason for the greenlighting of a Hosian Cathedral by a Predominantly Sindo state apparatus.

Kunihito Priest praying

Others suspect this is part of a "pro-foreigner" public relations campaign and some Sindo practitioners express suspicion about promoting a "Migaeham-in"(Foreign Barbarian) religion, and prefer it be heavily regulated on suspicion of espionage by certain foreign states.

Nevertheless, there doesn't seem to be too much of Doctrinal Conflict at the moment as both Hosians and Sindo emphasize that Cleanliness is Godliness, and Kami of Sindo are defined as "any being whatsoever which possesses some eminent quality out of the ordinary, and is awe-inspiring, is called kami." However, Priests from both religions caution against "mixing medicine".

Grand Cathedral ready to serve
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Postby CCP » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:16 pm

Failure of Dankuk-Kazulian negotiations could lead to war says Kazulian analyst

This is the 2nd Segment of Terran Global Newswire Live!'s Politics Anonymous. The full broadcast can be found here.
Global Roleplay Committee Chair(until March 2019)
Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdt, Hawu Mumenhes
Movement for Radical Libertarianism, Talmoria
Enarekh Koinonia, Cobura
Sizwe Esintsundu Amandla Inhlangano, Ibutho
Christian Communalist Party, Rildanor
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Postby Nasania » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:30 am

Happy Birthday Magnificent Leader! 생신 축가 합니다
Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi
April 13, 4405

Pyeonghae Band Performing Birthday Music for Empressl

Spontaneous Celebrations across the nation our beloved Empress Taeyang Yoon-Jin has reached her hundredth birthday. Concert halls released dedicated to the Magnificent Leader. Among the songs are "We are the best!", Old Classic "We cannot live apart from your Bosom Great Sun Yoon-Jin"and two new hits "Song in Praise of Yoon-Jin" with lyrics such as"The Empress is spirit of Strong Dankuk! Empress is beating heart of Dankuk!"

In addition to the above songs was one privately written "Peace Song", that featured a Peace Dove. This song was not sponsored by the government, officials have said, and it is uncertain why it was included. It is possible this was written by the new Cultural minister as a response to a foreign radio program.

Music Courtesy of the Pyeonghae band.

Nyeowang Manse! Dankuk Manse!

Dr. Lee travels to Jelbania to study volcanism
Taeyangsudo, Myeoggi
May 1, 4406

Dr. Lee and his assistant discuss Volcano Physics

The eccentric Dr. Lee, together with his assistant, has left his "Lion Lair Research Facility" to study volcanic activity in Jelbania of all places. While it is no secret that he harbours dreams of weaponizing Volcanoes, The visit to Jelbania is an odd one.

The Billionaire Scientist is travelling on his own private funds that he has amassed via contracts with Taeyang Electric Company when he briefly served as part of its Research and Development team.

While he is travelling the wilds of the steppe, he has left his "Lair" in care of his Only Daughter, Lee Eun, who is taking care of many of the exotic animals he keeps as pets, including a rare Dankukin Tiger, a couple of bears, and a Shark Tank.

Dr. Lee taking fellow scientists and military personnel on a tour of his shark tank
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Postby Martinulus » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:35 am

Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund - Hulstria and Gao-Soto

Notable previous parties:
Folkepartiet (People's Party) - Kazulia
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Re: Dranian News (단국뉴스)

Postby dharr001 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:27 am

Death of Prince Tae Kyo

Empress addresses her citizens:

"Dear Citizens

Today is a sad day for us all. My dearest brother and our loving former prime minister has died. Brother, you did so much for our nation fighting off foreign opposition and helping to get rid of the party which tried to get rid of me. Without you, our dynasty would not be proud of you. Today is the day you go and join our mother and I hope she is proud of all your achievements

Your death has deeply touched me and I will be giving the citizens of Dankuk 5 days off for mourning purposes

Whilst you may physically be dead, you still live on in the hearts of many people and will never be forgotten

Yoon Jin
Empress of Dankuk"
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