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Dranian News (단국뉴스)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:11 pm
by Bufmuck
January 2840

A selections of news cuttings from the most northerly nation in Terra.

Dranian Government On The Verge of Collapse

Dranland continues it slide towards chaos as the governing National Party fail to get a grip on a series of crises gripping the nation. Statsminister Katelijn Christiansen and her cabinet are ill equipped to face the severe challenges that have confronted the government. Their lack of experience is beginning to tell, and it is thought that the Statsminister may announce her resignation within the month, possibly leading to the creation of a new government, or early elections.


The look of stress on the Statsministers face is clear for all to see

The Dranian National Party unexpectedly stormed to victory at the last national elections, however most of its members had never sat in the Riksdag before, let alone held real power. Thus they have struggled to deal with the problems of moving the nation from an anarchy lacking any form of central government to a nation with some form of governing infrastructure.

Allegations of Corruption Within the National Party

The National Party has been further hit today with the revelations that the Minister for Internal Affairs Karolina Heinrichsdag accepted bribes in order to push for lucrative government contracts to be awarded to foreign companies. If she is forced to resign that will bring to three the number of government ministers who have had to resign in the last six months due to corruption. The electorate are rapidly losing trust and confidence in the ability of the National Party to govern effectively.

Trade Union Congress Declares National Strike

The Trade Union Congress has called on all member unions to participate in a series of rolling strikes aimed to hit the government hard and bring about economic and social reforms to “help the working men of Dranland”. The strikes follow the government’s rejection of calls to implement the creation of a welfare state in Dranland. For many years Dranland has lacked any form of government role in education and health, and although the Nationals have begun to increase the role of the government in these areas, the Trade Union have pushed for more investment. Although the strikes are not expected to last for long, if every union in the TUC follows the call for action, then the country will be brought to a terrifying standstill.

Twelve Policemen Killed In Attack by Elbian Seperatists


Members of the Elbian Liberation Army

Elbian separatists have attacked a police barracks in the Canton, killing at least twelve policemen, and wounding many more. Members of the Elbian Liberation Army have increased their attacks on the police in recent months, leading to the deployment of the Special Police in the Canton. The ELA consists of an alliance between various Catholic, ethnic Kazulian and leftist groups intent on detaching the province from the rest of Dranland. Elbian has always stood out a sbeing slightly different from the rest of the country, due to its majority Catholic population, and its substantial number of ethnic Kazulians and Welsh. Backbench MP’s have called for the army to be deployed in an attempt to quell the growing instability in the province, as it is feared that all out conflict could break out between the authorities and ethnic Dranish on one hand, and the ELA on the other.

Middle Class Protests Against Tax Rises

The implementation of the governments spending and tax raising plans has caused widespread discontent amongst Dranlands middle classes who for years have been used to not having to pay income tax. Protests, and refusals to pay tax have significantly hampered the government in many wealthier areas. Such open hostility towards the government from the middle classes is unusual and can only increase the sense of desperation amongst members of the National Party who do not see how their government can survive until the next election.

Oil Prices Drop, Hitting Dranish Exports

The Dranian economy experienced another blow as the price of oil dropped globally. Although good for consumers across the world, oil is an ever-increasing export commodity in this nation, pumping billions of Drans into the government exchequer. The loss of this revenue and the possible loss of jobs in the drilling fields along the northern coast adds further pressure to the Statsminster. The governments increasing reliance upon natural resources


Could we see more derelict oil sites of production drops?

Religious Extremists Form Opposition Party

The collapse of the ‘Sons of Liberty’ who had governed Dranland for the last four decades left the Dranian National Party without any opposition within the Riksdag. However the newly formed ‘Party of the Light’ will attempt to challenge this at the next legislative and Head of State elections, due to be held in 2842. The PoL however is hard to place on the political spectrum as their core ideology consists of a desire to establish the ‘Universal Church of Terra’ as the principle authority of power within the nation, with legislation set according to its holy documents, know collectively as the ‘Book of Light’. Their fanaticism adds to the fear mongering of many Christian groups within Dranland who are predicting the end of times, given all of the problems currently facing the Dranish people.

Discontent Amongst the Officer Corps

General Jakov Wolfseye, head of the army, has openly stated his dismay at the government, and the Statsminister in particular. The army has been reformed and is undergoing expansion under the nex National Party budget, but it appears that the army, or at least its officers aren’t entirely happy with the direction the country is going in.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:19 pm
by Bufmuck
February 2840

Coup D'état in Dranland

Soldiers surrounded the government quarter of the capital city in Clearwater in the early hours of this morning as senior officers within the armed forces announced their intention to set up a new government in Dranland. Statsminster Katelijn Christiansen was bundled out of the luxurious Palace that has provided residence to various Dranish Heads of State through the centuries. News reports filtered in from throughout the nation indicating that this wasn’t an isolated attack upon the civilian government in the capital, and that the country had essentially been transferred peacefully to military control. The police and armed forces are co-operating to ensure stability and prevent the outbreak of violence.


Soldiers patrolling the streets of Clearwater

Most citizens appear to be in a state of shock, as nothing like this has happened before, Dranland being a relatively stable nonentity tucked away in the cold north. However the rule of law has been essentially undermined in recent months as the governing National Party failed to cope with the tasks of government, and lurched from one crisis to another.

The leader of the coup, Chief of Defence Staff General Jakov Wolfseye issued the short following address in the Riksdag (soon to be renamed Senate).

“We in the army, along with our comrades in the Navy and Air Force propose that Dranland is placed under military rule, until the various problems afflicting our nation are solved. The Dranish National Party has let the people down. However I extend an open hand to those elements of the DNP who have shown competence and a resistance to corrupt practices, and invite them to join the armed forces and provide a civilian element to the new government as we struggle to secure a prosperous future for our nation. Under the firm guidance of the armed forces we shall restore faith in the institutions of governance, and we will ensure the continued territorial integrity of Dranland by combating and defeating separatists in Elbian.

We propose that the new government be granted a period of seven years to solve this nations problems. At that point we shall return to civilian governance and call for new democratic elections. However it is clear in our view that the ‘democratically’ elected governments of the last half-century have provided one failure after another, and betrayed the people they have supposed to represent. The Armed Forces love Dranland, and make a vow to serve her. I, along with my colleagues, now believe that in order to serve her we must remove the cancer that has been destroying her.

The government shall be brought together under the banner of the Fatherland – Anti Revolutionary Party, combining the civilian elements of the DNP who have been invited to serve, and the senior officers from the armed forces who have been brought into the Senate and Cabinet. The new political party shall serve as an element for internal democracy within the government.

Martial law shall be enacted until further notice.”

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:26 pm
by Captain-Socialist
Kindly Broadcasted by way of the Sekowo News Network (SNN)
Long Live Dorantochi! The Gao Syowa Minjogjuui Raises the Banner of the Empire in Northern Dovani!

The leaders of the Kō Shōwa Kokumintō (Gao-Showa Nationalist Party) wrote:The Gao-Showa people of Dorantochi (Dranland) have been too long oppresed and denied their rights by the supposed Dranian majority within the borders of the nation. For centuries one corrupt government after another has falsified the records of population within the five regions, refusing to admit that the true people of Dorantochi are not of the bastardized Egelian sub-ethnicity, but of the Gao-Showan culture. Rise proud members of the Gao-Showan race and stand against the injustices that have been committed against your people.

The Most High and Great Emperor, Yukio Ishida the Great, has returned to His righteous power. He shall unite all the Gao-Showan people, spread across the continent of Dovani, under one mighty Empire. We as the Gao-Showan people of Dorantochi must show Our God Supreme that we are worthy of His rule. Once we defeat the Dranian threat, and send every last man, woman, and child of their filth into the ocean from whence they came, then we shall be able to present Dorantochi to the Emperor, and give ourselves to His judgement.

For Honor!
For Righteousness!
For the Emperor!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:13 pm
by Captain-Socialist
Pro-Empire Parties Victorious in Elections

Supporters of the Party of the Light celebrate their victory over the Blackrose Corporation, a sinister combination of corrupt vested interests which dominated Drani politics before the pact between the Gao Syowa Minjogjuui and the Party of the Light .

Regional chart.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:23 pm
by Polites
New Zen Socialist Party in Drania
The Gao-Syowa Jegug Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon again raises the banner of Gao-Showa liberation in Deulatoji

This year's October saw the creation of a new party that claims affiliation with the International Zen Socialist Party. The Gao-Syowa Jegug Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon (Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Party) was created as a party representing Dranland's often neglected Kyo population, and inspires itself from the principles of Zen Socialism, an ideology founded at the begining of the last century in Indrala. The new party actively promotes the inclusion of Drania (Deulatoji) in the Eternal Harmony and Empire Magnificent of Sekowo, and wishes to support Sekowo against the IML invasion.

Gao-Syowa Jegug Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon wrote:We are a party that fights for the liberation of the Gao-Showa people in Deulatoji (Drania). We shall do all that is possible to end Oeguk-in (Gaijin) rule in this country and on the entire continent of Dovani.
The ideology of our movement is Dan-il Jihyang Seon-ui Minjogjuui Sahoejuuijiman, or Single Minded Zen Nationalist Socialism Thought; Zen Socialism for short. We believe that true enlightenment can be brought about only by the abolition of individuality, and the abolition of transitory and impermanent illusions of private property and capitalist profit.
For us Zen Socialists, any being is a potential Buddha, and has the duty to strive to achieve enlightenment. Attachment to impermanent things hinders one's path towards enlightenment, and thus the illusion of individuality, the desire to accumulate riches and capital, and private property, are all obstacles in the path to Buddhahood. The founding principle of our beliefs is Hageugsang, the many against the few.
We believe that only a Zen Socialist revolution can put an end to Western imperialism, and to the destructive and divisive Oeguk-in influence in this country. For us, the principles of Zen are best embodied in the person of the Emperor or Empress, the strong and visible symbol of the universal unity of all there is.
For this end we promote the inclusion of Deulatoji in the Eternal Harmony and Empire Magnificent of Sekowo, so that we may find ourselves free and united in the great family of nations that is the Sekowan Empire.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:42 am
by Polites
Zen Socialist Revolution begins in Deulatoji

Gongmangdo, Eljang, March 14th 2964
After a massive gathering of Zen collective meditation in the Deulatoji city of Gongmangdo (still known after its Oeguk-in name of Comares) was brutally repressed by the Party of the Light religious police, the Gao-Showans of Eljang have taken to arms for their liberation. The oppressive policies of the Oeguk-in elites of this country, and their inability to react to the many problems facing Deulatoji, have brought the Kyo people to exasperation. Now is the time to strike at the heart of Capitalist and imperialist power in Dovani's northernmost country! Now is the time to truly free and bring to mass enlightenment the Gao-Showa of this nation for the first time in history. Now Sekowo will not be alone in her struggle against the Gaijin imperialists, as Gao-Showans throughout the continent are rising in revolution.
Deulatoji, Manse!


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:55 am
by Polites
Revolution Liberates Gongmangdo

The teocracy's religious police tried to stop the revolutionaries from reaching the center of the city with road blocks, but to no success

7th September 2964
The uprising of the Kyo in Eljang successfully established Gao-Showa rule over its capital city and most of the other towns of the region. The corrupt and dictatorial rule of the Oeguk-in over this country is coming to an end, as the revolution begins to spead to the rest of Deulatoji. The corrupt theocratic government called martial law and instituted military rule in many parts of the country, but guns and bullets cannot silence the voice of the many, and cannot stop the rise of those whose very existence has been denied.
Freedom for the Gao-Showa!
Deulatoji, Manse!


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:51 pm
by Polites
Victory! Revolution succeeds!

On the historical day of December 13th 2967, the tyrant ruling this nation under the protection of the Universal Church of Terra,seeing the massive outburst of popular support that the Zen Revolution fostered, abdicated his throne. Ex-King Rodrigo and his family have been stripped of all their titles and of Dranian citizenship and sent into exile. In the meantime, the revolutionary government, seated in the historical capital of the Kyo Kingdom, Gongmangdo, is dealing with the last pockets of counterrevolutionary resistence. The power of capitalist exploiters and of Oeguk-in imperialists in Deulatoji has been terminated, as all industries have passed in the hands of the state, all large farms have been expropriated, and land distributed to the rural proletariat. The people's government, under the wise leadership of Royal Secretary Dong Young Sung and with the guidance of Her Imperial Majesty, Yeowang of the Holy Kingdom of Deulatoji, Kumiko Ishida, can now focus on making this nation strong and capable of standing proud in front of the world.

Military-First now official Military Policy

Songun (Military First) is now the guiding principle of our military and economic policies. The Western imperialists will stop at nothing to achieve global domination and to exploit the people of Dovani under their oppressive rule. Sekowo is only one step in their wicked plan to conquer this continent. The imperialists cannot stand to see that another country in the Far East is now independent and does not obey their every commnand. We must not fool ourselves: after Sekowo, it is the turn of Deulatoji to be invaded. We need a powerful military to defend ourselves against Oeguk-in aggression, and to drive out the imperialists from this continent.
Our wise leader, Royal Secretary Dong Young Sung, under the guidance of Her Imperial Majesty, Yeowang of the Holy Kingdom of Deulatoji, Kumiko Ishida, is aware of this threat. The people's government has begun the creation of the Imperial People's Army, and mandatory conscription is now in force for all. The largest part of our new budget for 2968 is dedicated to defence. These policies will secure the peace on this continent, as no nation will dare attack our brave and undefeatable forces. We won in Deulatoji, we can now win in Dovani!

Deulatoji, Manse!
Kumiko Ishida, Manse!
Dong Young Sung, Manse!

Our brave soldiers stand defiant to the Western Imperialist and Capitalist governments

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:29 pm
by Brydog
Enough is Enough
May 2983

Today, in a surprised news, a new party has been formed in Drania. The Plaid Genedlaethol Rhyddfrydol (Liberal Nationalist Party) announced it shall run in the next elections. Conway Broderick, the party leader announced the current government has threaten the security of our nation with its support of the criminal former regime. He has stated the party was formed by members of Welsh and other group fed up with the current government. A spokesman stated that the party wishes to bring more freedoms and a responsible government to the nation. Little is know what the current government response to the new group in the nation.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:56 am
by Polites
News from the 20th Congress of Our Glorious Party
Gongmangdo, September 15th 2985, 19th year of the Zen Era


The 20th Congress of our beloved Imperial Revolutionary Front was held this September in the capital city of Gongmangdo. The party decided to take the heroic action of removing the tyrant Dong Young Sung from the leadership of the party and of the country. Comrade Dong, by his decision to pay the imperialist powers that invaded Sekowo the full cost of the missiles they fired upon our ships, has disgraced the warrior spirit of our nation and the ideals of the Zen Revolution. His personality cult and dictatorial regime have come to an end.

The 20th Congress also responded to the development of several Welsh political organizations in our country. The People's Government and our glorious party have decided to support such political developments. As such, our party decided to return to its historical name during the Revolution, the Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front, by becoming the primary political association of the Kyo of Deulatoji.

Gao-Syowa Jegug-ui Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon wrote:The former leader Dong Young Sung has disgraced himself by involving our country in the insuccessful Sekowan war, and by promoting a most disgusting and megalomaniacal personality cult. He shall be tried for his crimes and executed. The People's Government shall now recognize the People's Assembly to be the supreme governing body of our nation, by directly electing the country's President (Daetonglyeong).

The People's Government shall also distance itself from the radically nationalist policies of the Dong regime, and it shall thus allow for self-government for the constituent nationalities of Deulatoji, the Kyo, the Welsh, and the Dranians. Any of these nationalities may set up a political association and participate in policy making. Political associations and parties not formed exclussively by one of the constituent nationalities, especially when their principles dirrectly oppose the Zen Revolution, are strictly prohibited.

The People's Government also engages itself to create a new constitution for our nation, seing that our former constitution as a subject colony of Sekowo is no longer in place.