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Postby November » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:52 pm

SHARBA — Since the pro-Esinsundu government of Prime Minister Tesfaye in Cobura has been installed, relations between the nation and its Esinsundu family have flourished. As a result of this, Her Imperial Majesty Aminatu Saksoure IX has officially visited Sharba and the Prime Minister today. Her Majesty has even found time to stop deliver a speech in the Coburan House of Representatives. Her Imperial Majesty arrived in Cezareo on Sunday morning for a state visit to what was previously regarded as almost ‘enemy territory’. However, since the election of the League of Coronists into the Cabinet, relations have warmed up. Upon arrival at the airport, Her Majesty was welcomed by the Coburan Prime Minister Diamo Tesfaye. He spoke: “Our prosperity is not built on isolation, quite the opposite. Cobura thrives because we welcome allies, family and innovators from across the globe.”

Her Majesty was flown into Sharba, where she attended a conference with representatives of the Coburan Government, before speaking to Coburan spectators at the nearby Mashate Square. From there, she headed to the capital for a high-roller Esinsundu fund-raiser, after which she flew back to Hawu Mumenhes on Saturday morning. It is the first time a head of the House of Saksoure has come to the country since the monarchy was impeached nearly 250 years ago. The historical value of the visit is regarded by historians as ‘legendary’ and ‘a milestone in Coburan history’.
Sharba was already flooded with over 150,000 spectators on the early hours of Tuesday’s afternoon, when her Imperial Majesty attended the first Coburan-Esinsundu Summit. Her arrival was the end of a 2-hour tour through the Coburan capital. During the CSE, Her Majesty officially invited the Coburan Government to set up a treaty, establishing the official re-entry of Cobura into the Esinsundu Empire. The representatives of the government, led by the Prime Minster, responded positively.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cobura spoke:
The historic value of this day is yet to be known. But what we do know is that this day marks the beginning of Coburan revival on the international stage.

On the last day, Her Majesty visited the House of Representatives, where she addressed the representatives with a message of hope. In her speech, she addressed the significance of Cobura in the Esinsundu Empire, but also reminded the parliament of its duty to uphold the democratic status of the nation and be loyal to its Esinsundu allies. Her speech was welcomed with a standing ovation.
Also the financial sector has looked profited of the state visit. Since the announcement last October, the Coburan Cobur has raised 17%, and with the confirmation of re-entry during the visit by both Her Majesty and the Prime Minister, economic growth is not expected to stagnate. Large multinational companies from Istalia and Kazulia have already reached out to Coburan business partners, hoping to set foot on the Coburan economy, which is slowly attracting more and more migrants into the nation.
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Postby Maxington » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:20 am

"The future of the Nation is in the children's school bags" ~ Dr. Eric Williams
President of the Trond Henrichsen Institute for International Affairs.
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Postby Maxington » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:56 pm

"The future of the Nation is in the children's school bags" ~ Dr. Eric Williams
President of the Trond Henrichsen Institute for International Affairs.
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Postby Allvince » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:48 am

May 4407 Nekhatw, Nekhatw Palace

Earlier this evening at a small formal ceremony at Nekhatw Palace, now former President Lemarcus Morrison received a unprecedented honor from HM King Setepen sa Mumenhes Nkosinathi. Morrison has received the non hereditary noble title of Companion Peer; a title which has not been conferred in recent history and one which makes Morrison a member of His Majesty, the Kings personal advisory council. Below is an excerpt from a letter penned by His Majesty the King, which he read at this evening's ceremony.

My Beloved People,

I greet you all with the greatest affection. Today our Nation is strong. It is strong because of a
continuing legacy of strength. Our great ancestors have given us this, among many other treasured
gifts. None no greater than the love we all share for our beloved homeland. It is on that matter
that i write this missive to you. For years now former President Morrison has served our people,
our Nation and our government. With tireless service has he on many occassion shown forth his
love for the Hawu People and our Nation. I have known the former President for many
years and have been pleased to call him a loyal, trusted and faithful friend. Such selfless love,
service and faithfulness demand reward, and so earlier this evening, in a small ceremony at
Nekhatw Palace, I Setepen sa Mumenhes Nkosinathi, King of the Free
Kingdom of Hawu Mumenhes did confer upon former President Morrison the
honored title of Companion Peer; a title which shall bring our honored friend,
Morrison into our personal service, as a member of my private advisory council.
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Postby CCP » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:40 pm

Seeking Legitimacy and Official Recognition, Cildanian 'Prince' Rubs Soldiers with Hawu High Society

Arriving with high hopes, Alessandro Laviéra shunned by Hawu officials

AQQAK -- The brother of a prominent Cildanian political activist arrived in Hawu Mumenhes this week hoping to buttress his family's quixotic claim to a throne that doesn't exist.

Alessandro Laviéra is the younger brother of Aiden Laviéra, an activist with the newly-founded Federal Monarchist Party. Nicknamed PMF for short, the fledgling political organization is pushing for radical reforms of Cildanian society, including the creation of a complex form of government headed by a monarch. Unfortunately, there are no cclaimants for the throne of PMF's fanstyland because no such 'federal monarchy' has ever existed in Cildania. But further afield, distant and long-forgotten countries alike once employed such uncommon constitutional arrangements. Artanian regimes in particular have shown unique fascination with putting hereditary nobles at the head of local governments all beneath the throne of a national monarch. The Holy Luthori Empire in earlier centuries went so far as to ban commoners from serving in cabinet, and the country's five provinces to this day proclaim themselves 'Archduchies,' an empty pretense since Luthori politics long ago abandoned the experiment of aristocrats who both reign and rule. Centuries after Luthori tossed out its 'federation of nobles,' its former neighbor to the north, Ibutho, employed similar arrangements. Ibutho Kings were under-girded by a dizzying array of 'IzinDuna', 'uNkosikazi iPini izinDuna', and 'izinumNtwana' (dukes, countesses, and princes that is), all of whom shared the load of administering the ancient civilization's many provinces, cities, and towns, and passed on the jobs to generation-after-generation of their descendants.

Though long ago stripped of governing and political power, some of those descendants still stalk the byways of the lands their great-great-great-grands once lorded over. Nefertari Shabangu-Saksoure, a Royal University at Nekhatw professor who studies the historical curiosity of federal monarchies is in fact herself a 'princess' of sorts. 'Princess du Sang de Rildanor is the technical pronunciation,' she tells me in her workmanlike campus office, cluttered with what seem to be thousands of thick tomes with indecipherable titles like 'twe neehojnef mytpune tayfe himu vipwy twe eate idenay zas iatu iny aiopa uimo tayi aiutu irinef.' 'It's just about a son asking the king of his country for permission to inherit the rulership of the city his father had run,' she explains to me on seeing the look of abject confusion on my face. 'If you go far enough back in history, most countries can be described as federal monarchies at one time or another.' The professor has actually heard of this Aiden Laviéra. 'I met his brother last week. He came to learn about how federal monarchy could work in contemporary times.'

She did more than meet Alessandro Laviéra apparently. After being refused for meetings by Hawu Mumenhes government officials, a well-connected operative in the country's ruling party set up a dinner meeting between the professor and the wannabe 'prince.' Though they weren't alone (the dinner was attended by a mildly secret but powerful clutch of the 'formerly ennobled' so to speak), the pair apparently hit it off, huddling in corners whispering about the esoteria of ensuring your 3rd great-grandnephew inherits all the land in your city and the citizens to go with it.

After a night cap, the professor even invited Laviéra to attend a royal ceremony held by the government to mark the Hawu Mumenhes King's appointment of a new President for the country. 'It was extraordinarily moving,' Laviéra told me soon after attending. 'I felt such a sense of admiration for the way His Majesty and this amazing system of government unifies 100 million of Hawu Mumenhes's citizens of every creed and origin. My friends in Hawu explained to me that it's one of the most diverse countries in Terra. You'd never know it because everyone there exhibits such common purpose and like-mindedness.' And that's because of their monarchy, I ask. 'Yes, and the deep way the citizens have been included in the system. The Hawu Mumenhes King for example was elected to the throne by the people. Literally anyone can aspire to be monarch in their country and take part in an incredible project of self-government. I was enormously grateful to be able to witness it,' Laviéra mused. Besides inspiration, the aspiring bigwig also took home with him a real title of sorts for him and his older brother, both of whose 'princely' titles were fabricated by their political party. In exchange for growing its membership and helping its cause, an obscure organization called Order of Nobles knighted Laviéra during his visit, creating both him and his brother Knights Grand Cross of The Most Preeminent Order of Princes and Nobles with permission to pass the titles on to their eldest sons.

Now back in the Cildanian capitol, Alessandro Laviéra is said to be busy with round-the-clock glad-handing following his party's unexpectedly strong showing in recent elections there. But his new friends here in Hawu Mumenhes say they think he'll be back soon. 'He's a bit infatuated with the place. And the lady,' one dinner party guest observed cheekily.

-Yannick Pirera, October 4407
for Cildanian Broadcasting Corporation in partnership with The Daily Scribe
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