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Postby TheCaliph » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:31 pm

Jakania continues path to Reform
December 4354

After a 5-year presidential reign and around a decade of governmental rule by the HEP,Jakania has been moving steadily in the Direction of Reform and Modernism at the helm of the MCP,Spanning from massive reform to Healthcare,Infrastructure,Millitary Policy even amending the Constitution,The Secular Nationalists have been moving steadily towards what they percieve to be the "Perfect"Jakania.They have brought massive reform to the Countries Economic policy aswell,introducing a new Progressive Tax Plan and Increasing Spending by 30% to 60% to all the Departments and Ministries of Government.They have enjoyed the Presidency of the Republic for 10 years now as Mustafa Atsiz has won 3 times straight in the Elections although in his first re-election he was un-opposed and even was endorsed by the Main Opposition CDP for his Fair and Succesful Presidential Performance.The MCP has also been enjoying a lack of Coalitions as they managed to muster enough votes in the 4352 elections to have a Stable Majority for a one-party Government,which according to Mr.Atsiz who has also next to his presidency been the Chairman of the MCP for over 13 Years:"Has achieved everything they set out to do"
President of Jakania and Chairman of MCP Mustafa Atsiz
The MCP although supported the Jakanian conflict with the Kalopians during their Coalition with the HEP has begun Negotiations to renew and start-over relations with Kalopia and aims to sign a friendship pact in the Foreseeable future should the New Government of Kalopia see it fit.
To summarise the current single-party government reign of the MCP,They have practiced a Hard-line Secular Nationalist policy which supports a social-democratic welfare state for its people but doesnt not shy away from discrimination when it comes to other ethnicities living in Jakania other then the Turjaks,they have also increased Millitary Spending and have expressed their ideas of Millitarism.Critics have pointed out simillarities of the MCP with Fascist Dictatorships,to which the Prime Minister Baybars Kağan responded:They should examine our Progressive policies which allowed free speech and allowed freedom of expression in our Country,after years of Religious Rule by the HEP before slandering us with such labels as "Fascist",we have but one ideology and that is "Turjakism"".One of the reporters present at the Press Conference asked the Prime Minister to elaborate on his words and what he ment with "Turjakism" to which the PM responded:Love and Admiration for our Race,The Turjak Race!."
Prime Minister of Jakania Baybars Kağan
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Postby Tuzc » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:29 am

Jakania prepares for the 1st post-SHP election

The Sosyaldemokrat Halkçı Parti collapsed after nationwide protests started after the Government jailed opposition leaders. The pro-democracy protesters accused SHP of governing the country in a semi-authoritarian fashion, along with allegations of cronyism and undermining the judicial independence of the Supreme Court and the Jakanya Seçim Komisyonu (JSK), the Election Commission. The government while somewhat tolerated opposition parties, never let these grow to threaten it. International media dubbed these parties as token opposition. The SHP introduced these parties in a bid to convince the Terran community that Jakania is a democracy.

Another grievance, the people had with the Government was the increasing unemployment and religious intolerance that the SHP's leftist policies ruined the economy. The ochlocracy of the majority led to the acrimonious battle between the religious fanatics and the secularist factions of the SHP.

The untimely collapse of the SHP led to the rise of new movements each with different ways to bring Jakania forward. One of these, the Muhafazakar Milliyetçi Partisi (MMP), an alliance of conservatives and nationalists that have registered with the JSK as a political party. The MMP supports a Jakanian-first policy which intends to place interests of the citizenry first.
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Postby Friedrich » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:26 pm


Dokuz (Haftiye), February 4517.

Today, the newly elect President of the Republic of Jakania, said that the nation is on the brink of a new furure. "For the past decades several governments brought instability to you, Jakanians, the economy and to the nation as a whole. You all elected me as your leader to do whatevert is needed to let you see a new bright future. My Government will allow much more personal freedom, stimulate entrepreneurship, fight crime and corruption and give ou r Republic a more international profile". The July 4516 election was a landslide victory for the President's party, Birlik Birliği Partisi (Freedom Unity Party). A spokesman for the Government added later on that this cabinet also will strengthen and modernise the Jakanian defensive capabilities. An element that might be controversial in the BBP.
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Postby hasanizmit » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:00 pm


Dokuz (Haftiye), January 4529

After great public disobediance and violent protests (which were caused by economic and military policies of BBP) caused major BBP politicans and government ministers to resign, country went to early elections resulted in both Emekçi Dayanışma Partisi (EDP) and Progresif Anarşist Platform (PAP) winning approximately equal amount of seats. President of the Republic was elected Alper Hemşinli, the Chairman of EDP.

It is thought that left-wing influence from two neighboring countries combined with the insufficiency of liberal economic reforms and EDP and PAP's activities in the Democratic Worker's Councils determined the outcome of the elections.

EDP and PAP criticize the BBP government of causing ethnic conflict because of it's "uniting the nation policy", their insufficient liberal economic programs and increased budget on the military. The new government also stated that they will focus on "reversing the damage done to nature by the humandkind by implementing new green policies".
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Postby hasanizmit » Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:04 pm

Socialist Reforms Pass From the Parliament

August 4530

After two socialist organizations, EDP and PAP, became the new government, they are starting to implement socialist and progressive reforms. After a lot of important sectors -such as the energy sector- were nationalized, a sufferage was started to raise the living standards of the worker's of Jakania. While consolidating important economic and political reforms, they also changed the flag of the country to make the flag a "...newer and progressive symbol for the Jakanian peoples".

Recently the government also left the International Agreement on Foreign Investments (IAFI) to carry out more important economic reforms. EDP announced that they are going to hold a joint congress to explain the content of these reforms to the people.
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Postby SheikhOlorin » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:34 pm

Latest Elections Show Major Satisfaction With Socialist Parties

January 4533

In previous elections, public acceptance for Socialist parties EDP and PAP was still "uncertain" as Cüneyt Özyılmaz, famous political consultant, phrases it.

"Even though BBP proved itself to be a massive failure, Jakanian politics have been right-centrist leaning for some time now" Mr. Özyılmaz says "That, combined with country's economic status caused political apathy to reach the heighest it ever had since a long time."

In previous elections only 15 million people voted, which is quite a low number compared to the total population of over 70 million Jakanians with suffrage. But the situation has changed according to the famous political philosopher and the Minister of Justice from PAP, Professor Necmi Nadir.

"In the last electoral term people have seen the direct effects of the political reforms implemented by the Socialist parties." said Professor Nadir in the interview he gave to us after the elections "People that became poor, people that lost their jobs, people that lost their houses, saw that PAP and EDP are much more efficient at solving those problems than liberals."

Professor Nadir believes that this is proven by the latest elections "Almost 40 million people voted in this elections, which is more than the twice as much as people that voted in the previous elections." he says.

However he also has concerns "...this still means almost half the population didn't feel themselves represented in the existing political structure, which is understandable as following the dissolution of the BBP, many centrists cut themselves off from the politics."

"By all means though, we want to create a land that they too can feel themselves at home in, but this does not imply we have any intention to slow down Socialist reforms."

Economic Overhaul Act, which will transform the state into a completely Sosialistic structure, aroused a furious opposition amongst the more right leaning populace while the majority seems convinced after the success of the last electoral term. The bill is intended to pass in October 4533.
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Postby Mr.God » Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:30 pm

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Postby SheikhOlorin » Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:08 pm


What Has Been Going On In The Land Of Jakania

After being under 17 years of Socialist leadership, the old Jakanian Republic, now the United Communes of Jakania has gone through a lot of changes.

Healing the damages left by the Liberal governments that came before it through Socialist policies like the Economic Overhaul Act, the government led by the EDP and PAP gained massive success. Under their leadership Jakanian economy developed to a point that it was not just no longer considered one of the weakest economies but also became an average economy with one of the highest potentials of growth.

Due to this era of high prosperity in comparison to the previous eras, the left in Jakania decided to unify under the Progressive Anarchist Platform. EDP being no longer an external and different party but one of the sides inside PAP.

Not everyone agreed with the government. Not everyone from the EDP even agreed with the unification. But opposition was very scattered and people content (not necessarily with the ideas but) with (the governance of) the government. And this is still the case. Therefore after 17 years under the same government there is only one party, the ambitious Aga NP Party, that's in the opposition.

However, as the latest elections showed, their ambitions were to no avail.

Now, as a member state of CARSS, Jakania is even more prosperous than ever. Using the help funds from CARSS, Jakania is made a modern land with good infrastructure that respects the nature.

However pacifist policies of the Socialist government are unfortunately a thing of the past. Jakania swore to never use nuclear weapons and it's keeping it's word, yet the other aspects of our military is developed and modernized along with the other CARSS countries. As times they are a changing and there are dangers appearing everywhere. Our country shall have the military might to protect it's people and the oppressed from all around the world!
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Postby SheikhOlorin » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:34 pm

The Sentinel Act Passed But... Is It Good?
The Sentinel Act is a very controversial act, it caused many protests around Jakania especially by the old BBP supporters and was opposed by some politicians within the government. It is rumoured that, Necmi Nadir, the minister of Justice, called the bill "...very disappointing..." and "...almost heartbreaking..." but he refused to comment saying he would "rather not harm the Party's integrity".

Famous right-wing leader (her movement now forcefully disbanded) Sevinç Namoğlu had this to say on the issue before the act passed (and she was arrested due to her remarks you will now read):

"With all due respect, I don't think the right-minded [a phrase she uses to refer to the right-wing] movements of our country are unable to understand the complete dreadfulness of this act. This act is not just a ban on the so-called Fascists, and need I remind you that we've been called Fascists several times by the Anarchists after remarking our reasonable concerns regarding the issue of race and immigration, but no, this act is not just about them, this act will illegalize all of us. All of us who want this country's market to be liberated from under the control of this horrible tyrants.

What truly terrorizes me however is not what these Internationalist Progressive Commies are planning to do, no, their aims were clear from the start. What truly horrifies me is infact how I see so many amongst our ranks defending their tyranny and even defending this act. But, it is now too late to try and use democratical methods, not just because they put our poor people into a trance, but also because we no longer have any time.

What I am going to propose may sound unreasonable to many pussies [sounds of gaping arises from the audience] amongst you. But I say we take our guns to our hands, I say it's no longer the time to talk, I say we show those Commies what we're really made o... [moderator and security intervenes]"

Miss Namoğlu's take is not the only one of course. There were more peaceful sounds heard from the Right, but we're unable to report them mainly to respect their own personal wishes.

How the Prime Minister Dimitri Konstantinoğlu portrays the events is completely different on the other hand. He explained it this way:
"The Sentinel Act is simply the next step Jakania takes on the path of becoming a modern, prosperous and powerful country. We saw the effects of neo-liberal economics, we suffered from them, many people starved because of them. Neo-liberalism is not merely another perspective to understand the economics, it's an outdated machine that aims to make a small percentage of people live in complete luxury while the others suffer. We, as Jakanians, should know this better than any other nation, there is no another conclusion to neo-liberalism, it always leads to suffering, it always leads to death. And in the last 17 years our people worked really hard to reverse the harm done on our country by this 'ideology'. Allowing this to be reversed would be to trash their hard work, to trash their hopes, to trash our country. This is not democracy, this is barbarism.
Regardless of what someone may think about neo-liberalism, we think not that we need to even explain the Sentinel Act's attitude towards monstrous 'ideologies' such as nationalism, conservatism, monarchism and Fascism.
The natural conclusion of adhering to these ideologies would be acts that the United Communes of Jakania considers to be illegal nonetheless. So it's obvious, we think, why these 'political standpoints' are illegalized."

What about what this system will mean to the average citizen? Well, you can find all the articles of the new law here:

Effective immediately, all nationalist, monarchist, conservative, capitalist, and fascist movements shall be stripped of their allowance to form a political association or party within the national legislature.


In accordance with Article I, subscribers to said ideologies are hereby forbidden to organize public campaigns, even if they are campaigning independently.


Upon the passage of this law, provisions will be made available to the nation's law enforcement to better apprehend such matters in the nature of any of the above articles being violated. Such provisions include, but are not limited to:

-Whether a local, state, or federal law enforcement institution, has probable cause that either a politician or private citizen has expressed such views in public or on social media, a warrant must be obtained before further action.

-Upon acquisition of said warrant, and probable cause has been confirmed, the person(s) in question can be apprehended and subject to questioning, with penalties being given with the full extent of said articles outlined above.


Varying degrees of penalties shall be issued for the severity of the extent of extremism subscribed to or perpetrated by said person(s), with a maximum being 2 years in a federal penitentiary, depending on said aforementioned severity
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Postby SheikhOlorin » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:38 pm

Modernising Our Military, How and Why?
When the Socialist government first came into the scheme of politics both of the parties (EDP and PAP) were strong Pacifism supporters. They were the ones that stopped Jakania from developing nuclear weapons and made it into the law so that Jakania never uses any. They were also the ones that illegalized the development and use of chemical weapons.

From their very beginning they had a very antimilitarist standpoint. What changed now?

The world did, according to the famous military analyst Avram Kohen. "In order to judge the Party's actions we must understand the global context they are reacting to" he says "Jakania became a part of the CARSS not because 'it wants conflict' but because conflict is already there". He points out to far-right led countries like Keymon and Telamon "They certainly don't want Socialism to 'spread', they don't even want us to exist". "It is simply not expectable that the Party does nothing while it's threatened by far-right governments, it is simply not exceptable that Jakania does nothing while it's very existence is threatened by these terrorist states."

This shows us that a more aggressive world forced the Party to go on a more aggressive direction. But how will Jakania go on about this? Are we economically capable of doing that? After all those years of crisis?

Answer is "Yes" according to Devlet Çalı, a popular member of the Party and famous economist. "Under Socialist leadership Jakania left most of it's economical problems behind" he adds "And it kinda makes me sad how our people still can't trust in our country's economy even though they see that our prosperity is at a long time high and by a long time, I mean a very long time". He says that "'s not only limited to being barely capable of that" and insists that Jakanian economy can take much more than that "People often underestimate what 17 years of this government did to the country, obviously we weren't perfect and there are still some problems that we didn't manage to solve but Jakania became so much more after the Economic Overhaul Act and the smaller reforms that came before and after that. It is also good to note that we didn't have some of the challenges that previous Socialist governments had, we instead had advantages, we were surrounded by strong Socialist allies after all and that really boosted our economy."

It's not only related to Jakania's economy to finally be able to create a stronger military, but also to CARSS. Some individual help from other member countries and getting funds from CAES allows Jakania to heal and improve it's military in previously unthinkable ways.

According to the official statement from the Ministry of Defence Jakania will especially focus on it's navy at the beginning. Details yet unknown.
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