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Sekowan National Newspaper
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April 21st,4394
Sekowo Places Sanctions on Dundorf
Today the Grand Senate of Sekowo has passed a bill that placed economic sanctions on Dundorf due to there dictatorial grip on politics
The following were the terms of the sanctions:
1.Sekowo shall cut off all imports and exports going to and from Dundorf. There will be no trade or business between the two nations.

2. Sekowo shall fund anti-communist political parties and any resistance groups.

Multiple reactions have occurred since then:
One Dundorf politician stated the following:
These sanctions continue an attack against the democratic lands of Dundorf and have forced us to take more drastic measures when dealing with foreign powers. These sanctions will not be forgotten and we will get revenge on those nations who sanction us

However these sanctions have been generally seen as a good move by most international experts.
We will continue to update you
Two New Companies Have Been Opened in Sekowo
Today two new companies have announced there existence. One being the Kiyonori Motors Company and the other being the Jigoku Electronics Company. The Kiyonori Motors Company is located in the capital,Ishinawa. They’ve been founded by a team of Ex-Explorator engineers in Sekowo. The team,known as the Kiyonori Team have announced they will begin producing a new car in Sekowo,known as the Sumātokā.
Above is a display model of the Sumātokā car
It will be a cheaper alternative to Explorator cars and still have around the same level of comfort and stability says the Kiyonori team.
The second company,the Jigoku Electronics Company is located In the capital,Ishinawa as well however the company is made up of developers and engineers. This company is a game developing company that is developing both video games for foreign consoles and for the local populous. However they have stated there urge to expand the video game industry within not only Sekowo but also Dovani.
We will continue to update you
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