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Postby LesRouges » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:56 am

New amendment makes abolishing the monarchy without its explicit consent illegal


A constitutional amendment has been put to a vote in the estates-general by the representatives of the Parti Socialiste Kanjorienne. This amendment, vast in its scope, enshrines the monarchy as a protected institution in the kingdom.

The language of the amendment makes it illegal for any political party to abolish the monarchy through legislative means, unless the monarchy itself has explicitely consented to its role being abolished. Thus, on this matter, it renders the monarchy as the highest institution of the land.

This amendment, which is planned to pass with unanimous approval by the estates-general, is the culmination of almost two decades of intensive domestic and international work by the PSK to restore the monarchy and enshrine it as the highest power in the land; albeit held in check by a powerful legislative and judicial branch.

Many observers see this amendment as prime minister Dorian's swan song. His last, great accomplishment before his scheduled retirement next year.

La Constitution du Royaume de Kanjor
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Re: La Gazette Royale (Kanjor)

Postby LesRouges » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:10 am

Elections scheduled for April 4542


The Parti Socialiste Kanjorienne has kicked off its first election campaign under the leadership of the new chairman, the Marquis de Sens and minister of defense Patrick Fournier today in an ostentatious gathering of party-members both high and low in the local party office of Mousillon.

In the past, election campaigns of the PSK have been muted affairs due to the lack of organized opposition in the country, however in recent months the conservative elements of society have coalesced into a new political party, namely the Parti Conservateur Royaliste. This new political party represents the first threat to PSK power and dominance in almost two decades, and it's all hands on deck to make sure the PSK can continue implementing its policies as leaders of the kingdom.

The marquis' speech at the gathering was loaded with words of praise for retiring prime minister and party chairman, as well as two-decades-long prime minister, Dorian and was marked by a commitment to the core values of the party. The PSK will continue to work towards social justice, democracy and sustainable economic growth.

At the close of the speech, the marquis unveiled the PSK's election slogan:
"Un pays uni, rien ne lui résiste" (A united country, nothing resists it)

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Re: La Gazette Royale (Kanjor)

Postby Cirith » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:40 pm

Parti Conservateur Royaliste Win Supermajority

Backdated - April 4542

Florian and François Cirith

The Parti Conservateur Royaliste, recently reformed by the Cirith Family of Martois, have won a supermajority in the April election, ending Parti Socialiste Kanjorienne rule after 16 years. The PCR took 72% of the vote and 303 seats in the 400 seat États Généraux du Royaume.

The Party have immediately proposed a majority Cabinet, with François Cirith being proposed as Premier Ministre, and his brother Florian Cirith becoming Foreign Ministre. They have promised widespread reform, including the end of Kanjor neutrality as they move to take a place at the forefront of Seleyan international affairs.

The incoming Government have also promised to immediately rectify the budget deficit created over 16 years of Socialiste rule. They have said they will do this whilst increasing overall Government spending, which most take to hint at tax rises to come.
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