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Postby Doc » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:27 pm

Reprinted from
The Kalistani Republic

Telamonese-Kalistani Joint venture brings healthy food, Telamonese Nutritional Supplements to Suldanor, 1750 people to be permanently employed.
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Postby Occam » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:04 am

Fleet Rebuilding Completed

April 4447

The rebuilding of Telamon's fleet started in 4418 has been completed as 4 destroyers, 12 frigates, and 6 submarines have been replaced by new vessels. While the new vessels' specs are kept secret, military experts believe that thanks to Telamon's strong shipbuilding tradition the new vessels will be top of the line. Their armament however will most likely not measure up to those of Terra's leading navies.
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Postby Occam » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:14 pm

Announcement from the Government of the Lýðveldið Tælmörk (Republic of Telamon)
To the People and Nations of Terra

The so-called “World Congress” is supposed to be an organisation dedicated to international dialogue, conflict resolution, and cooperation. Yet from its inceptions it was dominated by a select few nations assembled in the “Security Council”. While at first holding elections to determine these nations, some powerful nations soon realised that they are so universally despised that even through bullying and corruption they could not hold on to their seats. So they created permanent seats, proving once and for all that the true purpose of this so-called “World Congress” is to give the bullying of smaller nations by a few warmongering superpowers the appearance of legitimacy.

For this reason the Lýðveldið Tælmörk (Republic of Telamon) followed the example of the Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi and disacknowledged this abomination called “World Congress”. For this reason we have so far taken no interest in the corrupt dealings in and around this so-called “World Congress”.

Now the nations of Terra have been called upon to “elect” a “President” of the “General Assembly” of this so-called “World Congress”. And as soon as we see a candidate who is opposed to the all-encompassing corruption of this cesspool, he is disqualified without so much as a pretense of legality. The decision was apparently made by an anonymous bureaucrat whose source of authority is completely obscure and who has given no explanation as to the legal reasons for the disqualification.

The people of Terra can no longer close their eyes. Any nation supporting the so-called “World Congress” must by now be aware of the corrupt nature of this institution. Therefore we call on all free nations of Terra to join the Nations of Pontesi and Telamon and to disacknowledge this so-called “World Congress”. As to those nations who are not free to stand up against the warmongering superpowers whose instrument the so-called “World Congress” is, we call upon you to support King Julien XIII in these sham “elections”.

Christine Leonhardsdottir, Forsætisráðherra of Telamon
Ylja Viktorsdottir, Forseti of Telamon
Floki Bryntyrsson, Foreign Minister of Telamon
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Postby bee777 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:40 pm

The government has announced an extensive investment in agriculture.
After the state's economy has improved considerably, Telamon wants to invest in agriculture.
July, 4468

Agriculture Minister Arnbjörg Tómasdóttir last week spoke on the possibility of investing in agriculture at a government meeting in Vesturburg. She declared that the state would be almost self-sufficient in production of food after the investment. The government then discussed this proposal, and the government spokesman, Halfdan Ragnarsson, spoke tonight in front of the television cameras. He said the government had passed the proposal and the budget change should be made by the end of the year. Currently, the government invests 7 billion TPD per year in agriculture, after the budget change it should be up to one trillion TPD per year. A spokesman of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Fannar Isaksson further said how modernization of agriculture should look like.

In fertile areas, especially in the south of Suðureya or in the southwest of Vesturland, new fields and agricultural cooperatives should grow with modernized agricultural machinery. These fields will mainly be grown wheat or potatoes, which will be stored in new barns and warehouses. In the Norðurland region, new greenhouses will be grown for thermophilic fruit and vegetables such as lemons, melons or olives. These greenhouses will use geothermal energies from Norðurlandian geysers. We also assume that this investment will reduce unemployment throughout Telamon.

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Postby OrangeCrusader » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:58 pm

The Libertarian Party of Telamon is Founded

This morning, 500 men and women gathered in Fiskimennhöfn in order to establish a successor organization to SEA (The Society of Individualist Anarchists), with the intention of abolishing the state in its entirety in the hope of creating a free and just society uncorrupted by wretched politicians in power. It was agreed upon by all that the new organization should be known as The Libertarian Party of Telamon or FFT for short. The organization is due to hold a rally sometime next month and even a bookfair to promote their ideological beliefs.
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Postby Wobach » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:46 pm

The Jafnaðarmenn (Social Democrats) take the role of the official opposition


Since only a few months ago when the party was founded, our membership has surged in numbers and since the election of the party council actively participated in the political process.

The party has vowed to fight the authocratic kleptocracy of the Þórirssons, to protect civil liberties and to expand worker's rights and participation in government. Equality is very important to ensure freedom, but of course what we are fighting for first of all is freedom.

Our party wanted to cooperate for the better of the people, but instead we received this letter:
We do not believe our country needs another party, we serve Telamon truthfully and faithfully and political bickering is the least of our concerns. Our efforts to maintain law, order and tradition in our country are better off without you.
With outmost respect,
Freyja Gulikssdotir-Þórirsson
Head of Government

The "icecream government" has repeatedly shown to be ineffective, inmature and incapable of dealing with normal parliamentary politics. Their empty threats and lawsuits only prove their wrong approach to governance. We believe that the Prime Minister is unfit to serve as the head of government and demand change,


The government has been exposed by news outlets to for its corruption. Scandals include the president, who was involved in handing in money to private individuals and using public funds for personal advantages, including a vacation trip to Hutori. The Prime Minister, Freyja, was exposed for lying about governmental facts. The interior's minister has been caught not knowing how to correctly give orders and many members of the cabinet have been acused of ties with businesses. The government also illegitemately arrested several opposition bloggers and fired workers on strike, that were not conservative.

We want to put an end to this, and the best way of doing so is to vote for Freedom and Equality,

Vote for the SD!
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Postby Wobach » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:44 am

Protests and stikes against the government are mounting

The government is becoming increasingly kleptocratic and I am not happy with the working conditions.

-Angry protester

This government is giving fines to people, who dare to criticise its stupidity and shady dealings. I am here for my freedom.

-Angry protester


There are almost everyday protests nowadays in Fiskimennhöfn. Protesters and strikes are a result of mass firing after the strike in Karstenden sawplants. Most worker were fired, but along political lines. The government did not fire conservatives. As such this fueled anger and a lot of protests. The largest one was yesterday, lead by 10 000 people and organised by the SD.
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Postby Wobach » Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:33 am



Fordi Lukasson, member of the SD council and the prime-minister elect with tears.


Knessþ Watiirsson, member of the SD council and a working class man that shows that anything can be achieved with determination.


Election results have given the Social Democrats a two-thirds majority

The social democrats are in tears as their dream has come true. The corrupt, kleptocratic, every day more authoritarian and highly conservative government headed by the Þórirssons who often misused their powers was marvelously ousted. Workers, labour unions, open-source programmers, intellectuals, poor people, small entrepreneurs and businessmen who were not in the governing party, cooperatives, young people, innovators, strong women, the LGBT community, immigrants and devoted travellers and readers alongside a whole bunch of international support hailed the victory as a new chapter in Telamon's history.

The government-elect had promised to immediately tackle the issues facing this nations with sweeping new reforms. The SD also wanted to include the Gray party in its cabinet, but the party refused to cooperate, as such we will have two centre to centre-right independents in our cabinet, whilst the rest is social democratic.

Reforms to expect in the future:

-More welfare and state assistance
-Higher taxes, but mostly for wealthier people
-Deregulation on the investment market and lowering taxes for small companies
-Foster foreign investments
-Foster crypto and blockchain infrastructure
-Constitutional reform (more power to local governments and councils)
-Higher minimum wage and more worker's rights, while also making switching jobs easier
-Information freedom and privacy, supporting internet pirates and not imprisoning them
-Legalising all natural drugs, regulating and taxing them plus providing support to addcits
-Freedom of speech and supporting independent media
-State broadcaster will be independent and represent all sides
-Changing bureocratic staff - to remove corrupt Gray party loyalists
-Civil rights for everyone
-Opporutnity for everyone and success based on merit, not party loyalty
-Adopt an anti-thallerist foreign policy

Askatla Hallbjoernsdottir, the new president of our country and member of the SD promised the following:
I will try to be an impartial and moderate head of state that will not interevene in politics and make sure that everyone feels like their nation is on the right path. I will ensure stability and promise open governance.

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Postby Darkylightytwo » Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:27 am

Ministers killed in bombings, the prime minister say the citizen of Telamon deserve True Real Pure freedom.

A shocking news for Telamon, as soon as they were elected, members of the true real pure libertarian tried to form a government, by nominating a few minister who would carry out executive. however a bomb exploded and all minister where killed by it. Rudolf Edvaldsson was not caught by the explosion, Rudolf Edvaldsson accepted to talk with us about the recent events in Telamon, he was questioned by the journalist Mario Adersson

Journalist Mario Adersson : thank you for being with us today and congrats on your electoral victory Mr. Edvaldsson

Rudolf Edvaldsson : all the pleasure is for me, and our great nation of Telamon, Finally, our nation will become a light of true real pure freedom in world. And you count on us, Big L libertarian to protect the people rights.

Journalist Mario Adersson : Don't you think that electoral victory is one of the few to be mark by terrorism, your ministers where killed by a bomb.

Rudolf Edvaldsson : I'm the one who set it up, so they deserved it.

Journalist Mario Adersson : What are you saying ??

Rudolf Edvaldsson : I killed them. They have decided to become statists and I told them that I would not tolerate any statist in my kind of government. My government is one that give TRUE, REAL, PURE, Freedom to the citizen, the state shall not be involved in the citizen lifes.

Journalist Mario Adersson : I mean, they tried to become minister to defend the values of the party.

Rudolf Edvaldsson : The party say that the state is evil, and so all thoses who wanted to be a ministers where communists traitors. they are death and I can say that a same situation may fall to any communist traitors.

Journalist Mario Adersson : But, what kind of agenda would you advance without minister

Rudolf Edvaldsson : True Real Pure freedom. that's what I am proposing to this great nation. The government shall no longer take any taxes from people, it will not longer take money from people to give it to others. for to long, decents citizen where force to feed the lives of inferior beings, this is not the case.

Journalist Mario Adersson : inferior beings ???

Rudolf Edvaldsson : Socialist, animals, communists, liberals, small l libertarian, statists. Anyone who need the state to defend himself. Today, people shall be given the ability to defend themselves. long live to true real pure freedom.

Journalist Mario Adersson : What about the minister

Rudolf Edvaldsson : As long as I am president, there will no minister, no executive government and no regulation on people. And bye, I hate you.

Rudolf Edvaldsson left the interview....
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Postby Darkylightytwo » Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:03 pm

August 4516

Telamon to Legalize Slavery

The president Rudolf Edvaldsson made the announce this morning, Slavery is going to become legal in Telamon. In his explaination, the president said that inferior being as only free when they live as slave and let intelligent people decide for themselves. He presented the project of law in a omnibus bill this morning. Along with Slavery, the president alos lowered the adult age to 12. Critics say it is because the president is hoping touse his autority to force young girls to have sexual relations with him, accusing to bea pedophile.

There is nothing wrong with slavery, those who are going to be enslaved, will be people who will make perfectly clear decision on their future, they will agree to become slave because they are inferior beings and that is nothing then their destiny. We must not punish the great people who are willing to grant the inferior being their desire. Also, there is nothing wrong with 13 years girl having sexual relations, theses women should be treated as they are, adults. I am not evil, I amsimply aman who values true real freedom, I am a true real libertarian.
Rudolf Edvaldsson
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