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Postby Misscolombia » Sat May 19, 2018 2:53 pm

SL leader's statement on last election


Kaitlyn Warren, leader of SL and now member of the People's Assembly, said that the last election was really shocked for everyone. "Our very young party was able to impose his vision over the others. Nobody was expected such a huge and incredible results and, despite our narrow loss for the Presidency, we expect to get the HoG spot and the most important positions on the future cabinet."
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Postby rep » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:07 pm

Rutania Elitist Party re-established: "we want full inquiry into the loss of our colony"

August 4403, Bozarburg, Commonwealth of Rutania- After more than a century of political exile, the offsprings of the old political dynasties of the party have returned to Rutania and decided to re-establish the Rutanian Elitist Party, the leading force in Rutanian politics between the 28th and 33rd centuries. The party of the Klausenburgs, Bozarburgs, Bruckenthals and Vandermarks has elected Sylvia Hinter-Vandermark (a descendant of the Vandermark-dyanasty which played an important role not only in the REP, but in the once great Orange party, and also gave the monarchs of the shortly-lived Kingdom of Rutania and East Dovani) at the helm of the re-founded party.


Ms. Hinter-Vandermark declared that she is planning to give back the old glory of the Party, and has many plans for the Commonwealth as well. The newly elected leader is looking forward to the elections of September 4407, which she believes to be a landmark in Rutanian history. Until the elections the REP is rolling out many proposals that would define the political edge of the party.

One of the first actions of the REP was to introduce legislation re-establishing the position of Rutanian nobility. "We know that the modern times are believed to be hostile to the nobility, but we will defy the expectations", declared Ms. Hinter-Vandermark. According to her the descendants of the Rutanian nobility do not want new titles, do not want lands or money, their only wish is to be able to use the titles of their forefathers, and to be able to share with the people of Rutania all the knowledge, expertise and moral standing they have accumulated throughout the centuries.

The REP is also introducing legislation for a more decentralized Rutanian economy, and is proposing to amend the Constitution. "The President has a direct popular manadate which in our view supercedes the shady negotiations in parliament. Hence we propose that the President be appointing a cabinet after consulting all the parties in with seats in the Parliament. The cabinet will need the majority support of the MPs, but the Presidential assent as well. We believe, this will facilitate a more consensual, more democratic decision-making process" - declared Arsenius Meckler, Vice-President of REP.

The party also want to set up a select committee on the colonial past of Rutania. "We want to uncover how the irresponsible politicians played away Rutanian holdings in the Carina Neck, formerly known as Rutanian East Dovani" - shared his anger the Shadow Foreign Secretary of REP, Oliver Vandermark VI.
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Postby Dlw4489 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:12 pm

Paul Wolfe RNPP President Criticizes Peoples Assembly


Today at RNPP Headquarters, Paul Wolfe broadcasted via the RNPP News network in Delvar an attacking message to the government body. Quoted during his speech:

"I am not only appalled, but insulted that the peoples assembly has shown so much disreguard for our peoples health, welfare, and morality. Every bill the RNPP Has proposed has been shot down purposefully
and we often receive no response when we inquire of their reasonings to our fellow parties votes. we can only assume they are either corrupt, or voting upon the interests of corruption, rest assured
the RNPP works for the Rutanian people, and we will not be intimidated, and a dawn is coming my fellow Rutanian, when you will have a party that represents our nation truly!."

Paul Wolfe awaits the governments response

September 4420
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Postby Dlw4489 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:10 pm

RNPP Thanks Rutanian People

Today from RNPP Headquarters Party leader Paul Wolfe has thanked the Rutanian populace as part of his electoral speech in which the RNPP received a surprising 14.8 million votes

"My fellow Rutanians, today marked a day in our history when the beginning of our reclamation began. We thank you for your votes, and your voice has been heard, come next election we Will hold a majority, and reform will begin! we need only defeat the traitorous parties that remain."

His speech was met with a very good crowd, with experts speculating around 80,000 attending.
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